Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 13


Hi friends!! I am really sorry..I know it is not enough!! But I will try my best my dears!!

Our epi starts with Arjun standing closer to her and asks “Are you really that brave?? To stand against me??”.Radhika with little courage says “Why??Are you any King to bow my head down??”.He smiles little and asks “ wanna argue with me..”.Radhika looks at him as “Yes”.He opens the door smirking at her and goes inside.She in great anger now goes behind him and tries to stop him.Arjun starts looking carefully but keeping his face very normal.Radhika asks “Just tell me what do you want??And…What you are looking for??”.Arjun just makes sure he sees the room clearly.She now holds his hand and asks “Stop it!!”.His another hand holding a cupboard door.He tries to pull it but its locked.She gets alerted and asks “Just get out from here!!”.Arjun looks at her anger and asks “Why you are tensed??”.She realises she is sweating and stammers “It…its ..nothi…nothing…you just get out from here!!”.Arjun wonders “Why she started stammering?? Is she really scared??”.He again looks at the locked cupboard and asks “Are you hiding something??” And watches her eyes intensely…He could see her nervousness…tension..anxiety..everything changed her face!! He got his answer!! “Yes…you are hiding something!!”.She looks at him stunned and both hears horn sound.Radhika starts panicking and cries “Dad!!! Came!!??”.She immediately pulls him and closes his mouth and warns him “Don’t come out!!”.He looks weird as she thought she controlled him.He laughs under his breath but still he liked she is standing close to him.She turns to go but he locks her waist and says “Then too should not go ..”.She in complete fear says “Just stop this nonsense!! I have to go!!”.She warns him with her eyes which said “Just leave me and get lost!!”.He says “Are you crazy?? You still threatening me..wait I will meet your father!!”.She immediately hugs him screaming “No!! Please!!”.He stood as an idol…and he frozen.He prays to God “Let this sec stops at this moment!!”.She frees herself from him using this opportunity and locks him inside the room.He realises her sudden move and again stunned.He says in confusion”What are you Radhika??Still I cant figure out!!”.He looks at the cupboard and searches for the keys…But he didn’t find any keys in.Radhika runs out and checks if Her dad came!! She gets happy as she didn’t find her dad!! But to her great surprise Neil came again.He comes smilingly and says “Hi chashni!!”.Radhika gets nervous and waves her hand.He says “I forgot my phone chashni!!”.Radhika gets alerted and says “Wait here!! I will get for you!!”.Neil says “Its ok Chashni! I will take myself..”.She stops him shouting”No!! You be here Neil! I will come..”.She runs in a great hurry and opens the door.She gets shocked as she doesn’t find Arjun there.She sees Neils phone on table and takes it.She stops thinking “Where did he gone??”.She then runs out to send Neil first.Neil sees her worried and asks “Are u okay??why you are looking horrible!! Have you seen any ghost??”.Radhik a looks at here house and says “Yeah!! Kinda ghost is here!!”.Neil asks “What??”.She manages and sends him.She goes and stands near her room and hesitates to go in.Suddenly she hears car horn sound and goes out.She really gets scared but receives them with small smile.After she goes to her room and starts searching him seriously.She sits on her bed and says “Thank God!! He is gone !!”.She smiles and rests over the bed.She rounds and hugs a pillow and gets suspicious.
Next our scene shifts to Sam who is waiting for Neil.She sees her watch and starts cursing “This Neil na..always like this!! There ma will be waiting!!Why he is late??he should have reached by now!!”.She plays rolling a glass to and fro on the table.She sees some goons crossing her and Neil too approaching her.She looks at the goons and really not felt scary but funny.She thinks ” Oh Neil!!What you gonna do now!! I am sorry but this will have great fun!!.

Ha ha…hi friends!! Hope u not hate it!! And m really sorry again for my late updates…..please bear with me?

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Nice yaar super hateera . I really loved the ardhika scene. Radhika is hiding something whats that ?? Reveal it soon .

  2. Really good hateera I really like it a lot

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  6. Wowew awesome arjun

  7. luved the episode.

  8. Awesome episode, what is Radhika hiding and why is she scared of her father? Please update soon. 🙂

  9. nice yaar……ardhika scene super…tc

  10. nice one dear 🙂

  11. Awesome dear…

  12. Awesome episode hateera dearyyy you’re superbbbb. …loved this story. …love you loads

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