Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 11


Todays episode starts with Sam smiles winking at Rads.Sam sees Arjun gone in and runs towards his car.Neil and Rads just sees her confused.Neil asks “I think Sam will create a mess today!!”.Rads smirks and says “Leave her yaar!! Lets see what she is upto!!”.Sam sits near the tyres and stands cleaning her hand.Neil sees the flat tyres and gets shocked.Sam comes to them and says “How is it guys!!??”.Rads bends and sees the tyre and smiles “Wow!! Sam you are really superb!! Now lets see how he will go!!”.Arjun comes whirling the keys and whistling.Sam and Rads sees him and they to whistles like him.Arjun stops seeimg them and crosses silently but his Mr.Attitude face still remains.Sam and Rads gives hifi to each other and laughs.Neil stands worried and looks at Arjun.Arjun starts his car and gets surprised as its not moving.He comes out and sees the tyre and gets irritated.He sees Both Sam and Rads laughing and gets thinking.He is about to go but he hears Rads dad voice.He asks “What happened Arjun?? Seems you are tensed”.

Arjun hesitates and sees the tyre.Rads sees his dad with Arjun and alerts Them silently”Sam!! Neil!! We have to run now!!”.Neil asks “What?why??”.Sam laughs and says “Hey!! Come on chashni!! Lets see what he will do now!!”.Rads sees her father worried and drags both of them from her father’s sight.They hides near a plant.Sam gets uncomfortable and asks “Chashni!! Why we are hiding?”.Rads still watching her father says “Because he is talking with my dad!! If my dad sees us…we will be caught!!”.Neil asks “How chashni?? He does not even know we done that ..right??”.Rads realises it and relaxes “Oh…actually I totally forgot that!!”.Sam laughs saying “So?? You are scared seeing your father!!”.Rads father asks Arjun to take his car.Arjun thinks to deny but says he has some important meeting today.Rads hears her fathers call for her and runs to him without thinking anything.Arjun looks her stunned as she is looking full of fear in her face.He thinks “Is any Terrorist called her?? Why she is scares to the core??”.Her dad says “Radhu…bring our car key to Arjun!! His car is flat tyred..”

.Radhika sees Arjun and his car tyre.She goes immediately and comes in few secs and gives the key.Arjun sees her restless and thinks “Is she really like this always?? No..I just then found her good..but what happened now? Complete contro…”.He sees her father and thinks “Uncle too is not looking like Hitler…then whats her problem??”.Arjun goes from there and turns while walking and expects she too will turn.To his great disappointment she walked with her father not even looking at her father.She just went bowed her head down and nodding her head ..nothing more!!.

While Radsasks her dad hesitantly “Dad…”.He asks “Tell me Radhu..”.She hesitantly says “You know Piyali Mam…sje..”.He stops her says “Hmm yes…”.She says “She sent her daughter here to….”.He says “For what??”.She says “She too my batch Dad…so she ..wants me to help her daught….”.He surprisingly says “Oh..thats good…Go head Radhu!!”.He then walks in.Radhika still in that surprise shock as she really didn’t expected his immediate approval.(Yeah…she is right…her dad never allowed her to talk with anyone that easily…but he too knew that she was in bad mood as she didnt wrote her previous exam well…so he doesnt want her to tensed about it….however..its about studies…he has big belief on her in studies…so he agreed easily!!).

Rads still in great shock walks to Sam and Neil and hugs them saying”Oh my God!! Is thus true?? Dad said ok!!”.Sam and Neil puzzled abd asks “Ok?? for what??”.Radhika says “For what?? Stupids for your tuition!!”.Neil asks “isnt he your father?? “.Radhika looks at him and samiles nodding.He continues “Then why he wants to permit our tuition?”.Sam beats him saying “Stop it Stupid!! He is the owner…so he has to decide..right na chashni??”.Rads sees them poor and holds her ears .Both Neil and Sam sees each other.Radhika apologise “Sorry Sam..Neil…I lied to you..”.Neil stops her and says “Hey..just stop this funny thing..and what you lied about!!”.Radhika leaves her hands from ears and looks both of them and says “About the tuitor…

Its not Arjun..”.Neil in happiness cries “Thank god chashni!!! You saved me!! I thought today is our first and last day!!”.Sam asks interrupting Neil “Then why you said its him??”.Radhika says “I told you na…he always tries to mock me…and makes fun of me…”.Sam askz “Ok…then who is that tuitor then?? Is he really nice?? Or like your Arjun…,?”.Radhika smiles and asks “Do you like me??”.Neil says “Come on Rads!! Just tell me who is that tuitor?? Is he good or bad?? Say naaaa…”.Radhika sees both of them smilingly…….

Hi friends !! I am really sorry for my late update!! I really missed you guys …
And Please forgive me if its boring…But let me know how you sure will helps me to think more!! And how was todays epi?..
Hope you not hated it!!

Love you all guys!!

Credit to: Hateera

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