Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 10


Hi guys!!! I will go staright to our episode without wasting your time.Our episode starts with Neil stops car near a house and looks at Sam.Sam gets out of the car and stands.Neil gets surprised “Why aunty gave me house address?? I will confrm with her”.He calls piyali andasks “Aunty are you sure with that address??”.Piyali says”Ofcourse!! Have you reached??”.Neil says”Yeah Aunty!! But its a house..”.Piyali llaughs “So what?? You go in and just say my name…”.Neil nods “Ji Aunty!!”.He ends the call and opens the gate.He looks around and sees beautiful flowers in garden and wonders “Wow!! Sam!!”.He looks for Sam and sees she too looking him surprised.Neil pulls her near him and says”Sammy!! See how nice this garden!!”.Sam sees a girl working in that garden and calls “Hey!! You!!”.The girl still doing something without listening her.Sam and Neil looks each other and walks near her.Sam again calls “Excuse me??” and keeps hand on the girls shoulder.Sam gets surprised as she saw her wearing earphones.Radhika asks”Who are you ??”.Sam says “I am Sam!! Is this your garden??”.Radhika looks at the garden and says “Yeah!!”.Sam hugs her saying “Its so lovely!! I like it so much!!”.Radhika gets surprised as she hugged suddenly.Sam says “Your name?? “.Radhika smiles and says “Radhika…”.Sam keeps her face little sad “How boringg!!! Let it be!! From now you are Chashni!!!”.Radhika asks”How dare you call my name boring??”.Sam holds her shoulder and says “Hey!! Come on yarr!! I know we met a moment ago!! But I felt you are very close to me…and thought of sone relation between us!!!”.Radhika sees her now and says “You know what Sam!! I too felt the Sam!!!”.Both starts laughing and sees Neil standing as a stranger.Sam calls him “Neil!! See I got a friend here too!! “.Neil gives her a little amile and asks “So…you got a friend??”.Sam smiles wryly and says “Ok ok!! We got a friend!!”.Neil says”Hi chashni!!”.Sam holds his ear and warns”Neil!! I only will call her by that name!! She is my chashni!!”.Neil holds her ear too and asks “Why?? Have you got patent for that??, I too will call her chashni!!”.He looks at Radhika and asks”Bholona chashini!! I too can call you chashini.,right??”.Radhika smiles and convinces them “Ok …just relax you two!!!”.She sees Arjun crossing them and gets nervous.Sam sees Arjun and says in low tone “Wow!!”.Radhika and Arjun too heard her.Arjun ignores and goes.Radhika still giving a cold look to him.Sam asks Rads “Is he your brother??!!”.Rads gets super anger abd shouts “No!!!”.Sam stunned to her voice’s loudness and says “Chill!!! Then he would be your bf!!”.Both Neil and Sam starts laughing loud.Rads gets irritated and says “No Sam!! He is a guest!!”.Neil says “Then he is Chashni’s would be boyfriend!!”.Sam and Neil now shared a hifi and laughs.Rads gets irked and says “I am going!!”.Sam holds her “Chashni !! Just relax …ok say…why you were staring him then??”.Rads says”He always mocks me ….I just hate it!!”.Sam gets very excited and says “Is he mocking my chashni??!! Then he will regret for that!! Right na Neil!!”.Neil too screams in eagerness “Yes!! Sam!! Sure we will have a great fun hereafter!!”.Sam gets thought of evening class and gets thinking.She asks”Chashni!! Who is that tuitor here??”.Rads wonders “Tuitor??”.Neil says “Yeah chashni!!! Piyali mam sent us!! Who is that tuitor??”.Arjun looks for his car keys in his pockets and curses “Damn!! I left it on the table!!!”.He gets out and stops seei,g them talking”How many friends she will have?? Its irritating me!!”.He sees Neil near Radhika and walks staring him.Rads sees Arjun and plans to tease him.She says “Sam..He is your tuitor!!”.Sam says “He!! This Angry bird?? No yaar!!”and smiles thinking something.Neil says “No Sam!! Dont try anything stupid!!”.

Credit to: Hateera

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