Manmarziyan !! With more crazy things!! Episode 1


Hi friends!!
This is Hateera.Initially I saw many of my friends writing many stories.I too remained to be a silent reader.But by the days going..I am excited!! Because my mind gave me a crazy thought …yep!! Writing a ff!!.
I know its sad for you..but we surely will have a great fun !! With my story?.

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Scene 1:
In this scene we can see a tall ….No No…less taller boy(than our Arjun) .He is sitting in an exam hall waiting for someon.Soon he starts rotating his pens..almost playing with his things which he got with him.He sees his watch little worried!! As its already half an hour passed.He gets worried and says ” Where did this mad gone?? Its already late now!!”.Suddenly his eyes gets damn shocked!! to believe his eyes…(Lets go back to him and see what he saw..)Oh my God!! What happened to her?? Sam is really running fast with great tension in her face!! Yeah I can say his name now!! If Sam is coming there …who could be waiting in the exam hall?
Ofcourse Neil gets shocked instead of happy because he saw her coming in a bridal attire He cried in his heart saying “Not again!!”.He dont know what to do..and her new plan totally confused him!! He says “She must be crazy!!! A new Drama again!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. interesting

    1. Really dear??
      Thought it would be my last post?

  2. Yey!! Another ff!! It’s nice… Exam hall.. Anxiety… Tension… Ooh, Neil is too much tensed… And what?! Bridal attire?! Plz explain soon…

    Love you ??

  3. Nice n interesting .

  4. Wow. . . Nice start 🙂 keep going 🙂

  5. it’s really a crazy thought voww waiting for next part asap love u yr

  6. Wow!! Guys…your reply makes go crazy…and give you a lot crazy stuffs in my ff!!!?Hope u enjoy!!

  7. Another manmarziyan awesome

  8. First thanks for the FF. Welcome to the mad world. First scene n shock or suspense i’m yet deciding. lol. It was toooo gud. Sam in bridal, neil in exam hall. Super intro. I’m waiting eagerly for the next epi. plzzzz continue n write regularly. thank u once again . Loveeee u.

  9. Nice one..continue !

  10. Wow such a grand entry of sam dat is bridal attire …………. LOL

  11. Awesome hateera deariiiiiiiyyyy…wowwww what a great idea….I’m totally in to it…neil’s in exam hall, tensed, then shocking face n Sam running in bridal attire…wowwww awesome plot. …so so so excited for this ff…now I’m thinking what crazy thought you might have for ardhika…welcome to ff planet dearrrr. …love you loads

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