Manmarziyan (crazy 4) chap3

He smilled at Rads when she rolled her eyes & zoomed away…..
Neil: looks like someone was mesmerized by. the girl
Arjun:come on dude I have worked & seen beautiful ladies than her
Neil:you come on I saw it
Arjun:what did u see
Neil:that even when she was scolding u & asking for her dupatta you didn’t give it and you were starring at her. As far as I know u wouldn’t have been quite if it was any other girl.
Arjun:nothing dude she just looked a bit similar

Neil: really
Arjun:do u think I will lie to u
Neil:oh god I know u will never accept it& dude I am seeing from when u were a kid u haven’t changed anyway how is your shooting going on
Arjun:going on well we need to still shoot the climax and 2more songs for which we will be going to Europe
Neil:so when will u be leaving to Europe
Arjun:maybe after next month. How is ur business going on after all u r the CEO of the NM group of companies.
Neil:as usual busy but took out time only for u since u were in town.
They both reached there house -both were staying in one house as both of them were orphans

Rads sat in the car and asked Sam why did she go back coming halfway chasing the dupatta and she didn’t give time for Sam to ans but started narrating what happened there. that guy like u
Rads blushes
Rads:comeon yar I neither saw his face nor his friends both were wearing helmet .but yeah why didn’t u come with me u returned coming halfway
Sam laughs
Sam:u know this might seem silly but I realised on coming half way that the car wasn’t locked and I even forgot to remove the key.
BG manmarziyan song plays.
They both laugh but then realise how silly they are.
The reach the college.
Sam and rads were both final year literature students & they had their final exams in soon around a month away and would be free after that.

2weeks later
Sam gets ready in her formal suit(a navy blue skirt with a matching blazer &a white shirt with a pony-she tried hard to fix her hairs into a bun but couldn’t)
The whole time she was cursing Rads for becoming ill that too yesterday itself,damn Rads and her extra curricular activities.
She drove to rads house.
She went straight into rads room rads was sleeping on the bed.
Sam:Rads how r u feeling now.
Rads:better than yesterday but still nor well
Sam checked the temp it was 102 degree
Rads:sorry Sam I’m extremely sorry but u know right this interview is very important and took me 6 months to fix and would take another 3month’s to reschedule &by then our sem would get over by then.Sorry…..
Sam:its fine sis I will manage
Rads:thanks a lot sam u r my saviour
Sam:thats the way how am I looking is this manageable
Rads:u r perfect
Sam:bye.take care
Rads bye &all the best &yes I almost forgot can u record the interview(she gives her a recorder)
Thank you so.much Sam
Sam hugged rads and went down took rads maa’s &dadaji’s blessing’s and left.
Sam falls is about to fall & Neil holds her……….
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Credit to: Yuktha


  1. manha

    Arjun is an actor. Oh god real life in reel life. Ok so the girl was shouting like mad. Nw nesam face off. It should be the best girl. Hope it would be.

  2. Roma

    Hi yuktha dear, very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. …it’s getting interesting. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, plzzzz make it a long one….love you loads

  3. Brity

    Heyy… Yuthika… You might not know me… I was disconnected from TU for almost 19 days… When I last comment 29 October… Your story wasn’t written…. So for my exams….. I had to quit…. Nice story…. I like it…. We got another MMZ…. Anyways would you kindly give me the summary of previous one…. Actually there are a lot FF… SO it take a lot time to find out…. Don’t mind… And keep writing dear…
    AND YEAP… Missed you all guys….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.