Manmarziyan (Crazy 4) chap 2


Sam & Rads run after the dupatta.The dupatta falls on the face of someone driving a highly maintained Duke bike (which looked like it was just bought from the showroom) who was wearing a helmet. He removes the dupatta from his face. A guy sitting behind points towards two girls running towards them & said mostly its that girls dupatta. The guy couldnt hear to what his friend was telling. He was just looking at the girl who was running for him in slow motion.
Rads came towards him asked to give the dupatta but he was just starring at her…….
She asked him again but he couldn’t hear her…… He had seen many beauties but no one had mesmerized him like she did……not even anyone of his 7 previous gfs who were beautiful too…..even more beauties then her but something was special about her……
Rads:hey give me my dupatta…..hey r u deaf give me my dupatta…..oh god……
She rolled her eyed and snatched the dupatta& walked towards the car.
When she was crossing the signal the guy removed his helmet. A girl who was sitting in the bike next to.him almost drew the whole traffics attention. She screamed” OMG…Oh my god oh my god i cant believe my eyes Arjun Mehra….am I dreaming OH MY GOD”
The guy behind Arjun who was Neil ,Arjun’s brother like pal shook him which bought him back to the reality. He started his bike . He was about to go when he saw her look back and roll her eyes at him
About Arjun&Neil profession……

Hey guys hope u all like it….
And about me Im a telugite….
Pls comment & tell me more about u all

Credit to: Yuktha

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  1. Yuktha it was nic episode. If possible nxt time post a little more long update. Just a suggestion… Interested to know more… Update soon.

  2. Yuktha nice update bt y so short……nd do continue writing I’m loving it………

    If u get time then visit my story perfect chemistry manmarziyaan

  3. Arjun gone crazy in first meet. This is too gud. Radz scolding him in first meeting. Curious. Excited. Give big updates. We love big updates. Waiting dear eagerly for ur next part. This epi was really crazy. I am telugu girl from A.P .

  4. O . . . Nice first meetng of ardhika, plz make it lil longr if u can, 🙂

  5. Why so short update

  6. It was too gud but can u maintain large update

  7. Sure…… I will make the next epis longer……

  8. Hi, it was awesome, Arjun was speechless and radhika yelling on him too cool. ..plzzzz continue and post the next episode soon, please make it long one. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  9. please update next part soon

  10. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. I love the update today dear.

    Ki farak pehnda hai , chota update ho ya bada.

    Quantity kise chahiye jab quality itni the best ho.

    Kyun Sahi kaha ya nahi??????

    Luv u always dear.

    1. I totally agree with u meri hone wali wife…quality is all me nd my hone wali wife needs….

      One lovee

  11. Awsome Yuktha!I loved today’s episode.You have great style of narration.

  12. Yuktha plzzzzz keep wiritng…ur story seems to be very interesting…love u from all my heart..

    One loveee

  13. hey yuktha it’s superb but update is so small make it long yaar….plz

  14. hi yuktha,
    excellent episode!!!!!
    keep writing…. eager to know about arjun, neil’s life history.
    loved today’s epi.

  15. Hey zara helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dear , how r u . Hows ur life going dear.

    Busy these days but feeling nice to see ur name dear.

  16. Hey yukhta dear, how r u dear.

    Doesn’t received much talkings huh. I think ur so busy dear Its ok. U r writing story on manmarziyaan .

    And yaa let me tell u this dear.

    There are so many stories are going on in manmarziyaan . YOu have so many options jo pasand aaye read karo jisme interest hai comment karo

    Or not nahi to kee farak pehnda hai

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    Drawn Together, Forever and always, Billionare Banker and the chirpy beauty- Awesome Kfar

    Perfect Chemistry-Manmarziyaan – Adorable Kirti

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    Manmarziyaan always with me and Manmarziyaan Lucky everyday-Tanya the darling sweetheart

    Naadan Dil ki Manmarziyaan -Nisha (Jo tum kehna chaho)

    Dear the reason for giving these names is there are so many friends came here to friendship with u (include mee too). and Invite you to their house.

    As we all value ur opinion and ur thinking ur feedback and whatever ur heart says .

    Kahin bhi jaao jhana dil chahein aate jaate mil jaana , Hye hello chai coffee pike jaana dear.

    Always loving u . Once a friend always a friend.

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