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Hloo all welcome back to the memory ride. Thank u all for those lovely comments, and pls do comment ur views as they mean a lot to me and yes the other 2 ff max tomo and day after tomo promise. Love u all

Enjoy the ride….

Radhika was done packing she took a jeep an open jeep and asked shakthi to hop inside the jeep and they started. It was a long drive. The way was not smooth. She was asking the passer by about the place as her gps was not working. Her coolers, her looks and her way she spoke made everyone turn to look at her as the people were still not used to these kinds of things. She reached the stay area where neil and others were staying. She halted there for some time and then she gave some food to shakthi and both shakthi and radhika started to ride to the site area. She hopped on shakthi and shakthi who was happy to be back to his place was riding enjoying the place.

Shakthi was riding the way all the time so happy which was clearly seen in its run and radhika never saw shakthi this happy and and he ran as if he is used to the place. Radhika who saw that smiled and she looked up. She did not see the forest but a city street. She was riding on a chariot and she saw shakthi her side and someone was riding that. She saw the bazaars her eyes were glued at the place. Suddenly shakthi shouted by raising his front legs. She in a nick of time held him and saw what was the reason for shakthi’s reaction.
She saw zubin doing some work. Shakthi was out of control. He shouted and he was about to run to zubin . Radhika tried to control him but it went all in vain. He was in his high anger but his reaction changed when he saw arjun his master. Shakthi who shouted calmed down. Radhika hugged shakthi and it soothed the heart of shakthi even more.

Shakthi wished he can speak his heart as was so happy to see his master again as he saw his master’s true love but. He wanted to say what he went through after his master left him and what all the people did to him he wanted to cry his heart out but was not able to speak. He saw his master he promised himself this time he will not leave his master the way he did last time.
Radhika ; shakthi u alright ?? It nodded in affirmation and looked at arjun. She left shakthi and greeted zubin and saw arjun but only his back as he w
as busy with some stuffs.

Arjun was working just then he felt a hot air over his shoulders. He was scared and he was swaeting badly, his throat dried, his hands shivered. He turned and saw shakthi. He stepped back in scares and fell down and crawled back by looking at horse but shakthi’s eyes showed true affection and respect to arjun.

Arjun got up and came near shakthi. It had water in its eyes. He was affected by that. He gathered some courage and slowly he kept his hand over its face. The horse had its soul to become peace. Shakthi was still and arjun rubbed his hand over the stomach and spinal of the horse. It felt its master’s touch after years. Shakthi was extremely happy. It literary wanted to shout its joy. It wanted his master to jump up and he wanted arjun to ride on his back. It went on its knees and looked at its back which said him to go on. He was afraid but shakthi wanted arjun to ride badly. He was rounding Arjun again and again. Arjun saw with a smile in his face. Shakthi was enjoying at its fullest the way it used to enjoy before.
Finally it made him sit on the back and raised its front feet and shouted in joy and started to run inside the forest. He held its neck and enjoyed the ride. It felt familiar for arjun and he gathered some confidence and instructed the way he used to do and it heard its master’s instruction after very long time and shouted in happiness and ran again fast inside the deep forest.

Radhika on the other side was walking towards the place were neil was in his tent. Neil saw her and smiled. She like a school kid jumped and hugged him tight. Teji saw that and smiled at their friendship. She nodded at him and he was surprised as for the first time she considered him as a man a living thing to be frank as she always would be busy with neil and shakthi.
Neil ; so how was the trip ??
Radhika ; nothing much to say neil but ya felt good when i saw kaka after so many years and hey the father of mine has presented me a sword.
Teji ; sword to u why ??

Radhika ; what is the problem for u of i have a sword ?? He was about to say back but neil nodded him not to.
Radhika ; neil u still have this nearly brainless idiot ?? Neil laughed and teji gave a look and said ; who is brainless u r a calm less idiot u angry woman and dont say me that i am brainless.
Radhika ; i’ll slap u if u call me calm less.
Teji ; my hands will not pluck flower when u slap me i will slap u back.
Radhika ; really i will rip u bone part by part each bone from u body like removing a daily sheet calendar. Neil was literally enjoying the school kids fight and their comparison. At a point the words were about to turn to action. He held her hand and took her out and all time she is shouting on top of the voice. He dragged her to the sight of their study.

Neil ; radhika pls behave like a professional person. She nodded and he asked her to wait and will call his colleagues to make an official announcement that u are my friend. She rolled her head and said ; fine come soon.
Radhika ; I’ll just roam here u call me when they come ok ?? He nodded and left her and went to call all.

Just she took few steps there was nothing but trees surrounded and slowly her eyes started to visualise the construction of a palace within few seconds she could see a beautiful fountain and the place where she was standing was a middle of the entrance area. Many pigeons were flying. There was a sound of a bell. It was the announcement bell which would be in the entrance of the city. All turned to see and at the entrance of the city there was a soldier who blows the trumpet informing that the soldiers are coming after the victory in the battle. All the soldiers are coming riding their horses and few chariots which was for important fighters and the citizens of the city were surrounded to welcome their soldiers.
She turns and sees dilip standing in a royal attire and kaka side by with her mother and her step mother. Just then 2 soldiers stepped forward as the representative of the whole kingdom. They kneel down and with the head bend down. King asked them to get up and sky was shaken by the victory shout by the kingdom people. They were about to turn. Radhika was keenly watching who would that be…….

Radhika……..radhika…………. she jerks and turns to neil. She immediately turns to the place and finds only trees and the forest. She was confused as what was that and what did she see why did she see and her father in the royal attire with kaka and mother and who was the 2 people ?? she was totally confused.
Neil ; so my team member she is radhika my only and best friend. She has made my dream come true thank u so much. Radhika smiled and then he introduced all.
Neil ; she is karthika and this is zubin i guess u knew him and he is……
Teji ; teji…….
Radhika ; brainless teji.
Teji ; dont start radhika….
Radhika ; i forgive u get lost. Teji was about to say again. Neil understood the situation so he decided to stop that he spoke inbetween.
Neil ; this is samaira newly joined person. Sam smiled and gave her hand. Radhika nodded and gave her hand and said ; welcome sam. Neil and others were talking just then neil noticed arjun was not around. He panicked as the other day he fainted and that night he pleaded to go back and now not found.
Just then all heard the voice of shakthi and all turned to see what was that and all were shocked to see arjun on shakthi’s back. It was so shocking for raneil and even teji as shakthi never allowed anyone to even touch it but he was riding in his back. Neil was so happy that arjun was riding a horse and he was all like a majestic soldier. Radhika did not blink to see this. It was like she saw them before.

Radha was in her palace. It was only for the girls an exclusively the king made for his lovely daughter as he always loved his daughter than anything in the world for him it was only his daughter’s happiness matters. She was his pride and she always makes him proud either be studies or be her art but her only thing she was against was war fight. She was unhappy as her soldiers are being killed in the name of war. He will try to explain as it is the part of the ruling way but she will not accept his words.

One day she was enjoying the monsoon air which had moister just then she saw a scene. She who lost her heart in Arjun when he was showing his talents in the show which was organised by the kingdom as a part of their custom saw him near the palace entrance. He was in his duty and she danced there as she is going to see him. She rushed down just then her mother sudha came.
Sudha ; where are u going ??
Radha ; going to meet the king mother.

Sudha ; just get inside ur place u r supposed to sit there not to roam here and there.
She was about to move back. Just then her step mother her love mother came.
Mala ; what happened sudha what happened radha ??
Radha ; mom i want to meet the king but mother is not leaving me to see him.
Mala ; go and meet him why to ask any permission to meet ur dad go dear. Sudha was about to speak but she nodded not to . Once radha left mala said ; sudha ur concern is right but once she leaves the palace after her marriage she cannot enjoy the way she is today. So pls leave her na. Sudha nodded and they both started to continue their works.
Radha ran and stood next to her father who was busy talking to arjun and he was keenly observing his kings order. She was scanning him from top to bottom and was feeling herself proud of her love choice.

King ; radha what do my princess want ?? She spoke something to his ears. He smiled and said sure anything for my princess.
King ; arjun can u just make shakthi come here as she wants to paint shakthi. He nodded and brought shakthi. He stood near shakthi and she was busy drawing and it took hours to finish for her to finish her drawing. She showed that to king and he was really proud as she drew exactly shakthi and then arjun also was astonished to the talent of the princess. He hopped on the horse and it jumped by making its front legs on the air.
She saw that and registered that in her . She ran inside her dorm and then she drew that pose of arjun and shakthi in her wall and made sure that no one will be able to notice that.
That picture is now seen in a maximum vanished state in a maximum demolished buliding…….

Thats it guys…….. How was it ?? Nice ?? Are u guys liking the current plot ?? Comment ur views as they are my energy boosters. Love u all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile. Love u all….

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  1. Sathya

    By the way SV… You never ever should ask the question… Whether we liked it or not… Coz we r just loving it n living in it…. Whoooo what a narration dear…. It is simply superb….. M getting more curious to read the upcoming chapters…my radha… U r testing my patience a lot…. I wanna read it more n more…. Actually it is very short update…. Pls pls pls next time post big one… Love u my radha ????????

    1. S.v

      ok sorry kekamaten inimey but thank u arjun i never knew that u love this so much theriyuma i will wait for u when i update this one eena u made me feel so happy with ur words. Adhunala dhan. Arjun eppo unnoda ff update panna pora unnoda pera creditla pathu nalh aachu. Wanna read them. Love u so much yes next part will be lengthy. Love u dear. bear hugs.

  2. Sammy

    Wao so romantic hubby …just now watching brahmarakshas ….my aham ..cutiepie …….shakti and arjun ..both are super heroes ????….and teji and radhika ??????hillarous..update next soon ..deae ..and pls show some nesam past scenes again ..???

    1. S.v

      wifie u watch that . I have not even watched a single episode dear to be frank and i cannot see any one more than ardhika donno why a bit possessive of them . Lol cant help it. Nesam u will see a big shock of them when u read their past wait baby lot to come. Love u so much and thank u so much wifie.

  3. Jessie

    Sv… This is superb ma… Arjun n Shakthi scenes wonderfully described.. I cud just imagine those scenes, u explained.. woow!! now Radz too get visuals of past.. Teji n Radz–Kudumipidi sandai.lol FB scenes… Awesome.. 2 warriors.. arNeil thana?,, Shakthi oda
    POV sema.. Arjun ku pudhu sakthi kudutha Shakthiye.. nee vaazhga! I wanna ride horse!! lol
    Eager for Ardhika meet and further updates..Zubin oru karupu aadu.. Shakthi kandupidichuruchu parthiya…Idhu super baby..Love u loads.. TC .. keep smiling…

    1. S.v

      nee irukara vara sathyama solren no one can make me feel low coz i know my jessie will always make me happy and smile with her comment. Unakku theiriyuma naan unnoda commentah mattum 5 times padichuten semaya sirichen. Kudumipidi sandai lol engerndhuya varudhuya unakku indha varthailam ?? yes zubin oru karuppu oru karuppu adu dhan u will know his true color of the past. U missed one thing maaa……..maaaaaaaa Love u so much dear, Bear my hugs and always make me feel special like this u do.

  4. Meen

    Awesome…….really what an update. …..I loved radhika & teji’s convo…..& that scene where shakthi was painting…..it was soo good…when I read it….it was all running in front of eyes…..& Arjun…aaah he is a star……post soon…muuuuuuuuha….love u s.v

    1. S.v

      meen thank u so much dear. Im really happy that u enjoyed it. Love u so much dear will post soon. Love u dear. Muhhaaaaaa

  5. Dev

    Hey sv…..nice story…..truely cud visualise it….n poor shakthi……d saddness n happiness cudnt b xpressed…..bt arju was gr8 in riding it……keep going buddy

    1. S.v

      buddy thank u so much. How r u ?? Thank u so much buddy. Love u lods.

      1. Dev

        Im doing good….u??

      2. S.v

        Good to hear that . Yup im good yaar ☺☺☺

  6. Jewel

    wow, really nice chapter sv… loved it … post the next soon

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much jewel. Stay blessed dear.

  7. Brin

    I like the concept of the story, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank u so much brin for ur continuous encouragement thank u so much.

  8. Aasthu

    I liked it……….sry for the short comment….I’m busy….my exams are up the sleeve…..just came here to commnt……..

    1. S.v

      aasthu exams are important honey rock it dear. All the best for the exams. Thank u so much dear. Love u so much

  9. mindblowing………eppati ma unnala mattum ippati elautha mootiyathu…..reallly awesome arjun shakthi scene super pov super…love uuu da thangam

    1. S.v

      subha thank u so much . Its all ur encouragement i am righting this dear. thangam awww thank u so much dear love u lods.

  10. Dis s so so so awesome sv ? arjun he s really cute ? shakthi no words wonderful one ? his feelings wow ultimate one ???? loved it ?

    1. S.v

      suga thank u so much how are u dear all good ??? get well soon dear. Love u so much stay blessed and always smile dear.

  11. Jnana

    Awesome……. Past things are well explained…… Eagerly waiting for the next…… Post soon…

    1. S.v

      jnana thanks a lot sure will update and where is ur update ?? wanna read that post urs soon. Love u

  12. Rossy

    Its superb twin. Why u asked if we liked it ?? teji and radhika really comics…hilarious…both are not going to sudhuring…Arjun and shakti scene was awesome…like I dreamt that part..why zubin did something wrong?? I guessed it roughly..mala sudha were sautans…lol…wanted to see ardhika encounter..what happened past m curious…awesome twin

    1. S.v

      oops i came to type thank u i know ur face will turn into red deep red god i dont have these emojos or else i would have showed u lol ok yes zubin has a dirty past life u will know that soon and they are the queens of the kingdom. u will know it soon love u so much

  13. Gauri

    SV darling….you write awesome loved al the parts….specially Arjun’s part …everything was beautifully written …don’t doubt yourself its a good story and going in right direation I am loving it stay blessed 🙂

    1. S.v

      didi thank u so much jo aap ka aagya i wont doubt here after promise love u so much di how are u di ?? feeling good now ?? Love u so much di take care and take rest bear my tight hugs didi.

  14. Sree_deeksha

    I dint like it Sv … I really dint like it… sorry to say this aur jhoot bhi toh nahi bol sakthi na… actually dint like it I loved it…sorry yaar… thoda darane ki practice kar rahi hoon… u have all rights to bang me… and update was awsome… why are u asking if we liked it… if we don’t like u don’t have huge comments in ur box dear… I toh luv it… I’m sorry again… luv u… take care… ??

    1. S.v

      Dheekshu u almost gave me a heart attack yaar choti kuoon ithni drama yaar par thank u aur meri heart bahot nasook hai lol love u soo much dear. Stay blessed muhhhaaaa

  15. Loved it, the waybu connect the past and the present is so amazing and just brilliant to read. Shakthi found his master that was awesome waiting for the next.

    1. S.v

      thank u so much gianna . Yp shakthi found his master more to come love u so much

  16. Sweetie

    Jaanu,finally made it here yaar..Loved the episode..Awesome as always.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Jaan thank u main kush hoin ki thum aagai. Love u so much.

  17. Very well described….longer updates would be more appreciative!!

    1. S.v

      thank u . Yup next part will be lengthier promise.

  18. Aadia

    Sissyyy..so sorry for being late..
    And the chappy,AWESOME.. I love the way you sinks flash back with present… From shakti to chariot, forest to kingdom… Nice way of narration…..Shakti and Arjun..suupeerb..overall I loved it…
    Please don’t mind if my comments are late… But I will never miss to read your stories…

    1. S.v

      i will mind if u ask sorry common aadia u r my sissy i know u now stop these sorrys . Thank u so much dear. wanna hug u tight. LOve u so much

  19. Sv….my sweeeeeetu. …it’s really superbbbb n awesome episode. ..loved it to the coreeeee…arjun rode shakthi…wowwww n shakthi hay to have his master….so sweeeeeet. …ardhika first meet was awesoooooome. …even radha n warrior arjun were incredible. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much roma. U will see more in the upcoming updates. Love u so much. Muuhhhaaa.

  20. _Ritu

    Sv .belated happy bday dear 🙂 may all ur wishes comes true 🙂 nd wish I can read ur stories for eternity coz u r jst amazing.. 🙂 coming to d epi ..it was fab as always 🙂 ArDhika nd Shakti were too adorable…nd Teji nd Rads’s fight..lol 😉 I enjoyed a lot…so sorry dear for dis very late wish nd comment…lyf is really frustrating sometimes… waiting for nxt…loads of love 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank u so much ritu , no sorrys at all dear i have a surprise for u hope u will like that come soon u have way more to come love u so much face those frustration with ur dashing smile. Love u so so much

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