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Hiee all Sv back with the next pat of this memory ride. Guys joined wattpad u can read there too same name and for 2 states it is how to say i love u just started to update there but dont worry i will update in both . Thank you all for the lovely comments and do comment your views as they mean a lot to me love u all….

Enjoy the ride…..

I want to see the way u wave ur sword. Pls arjun. Arjun smiled and said ; why suddenly that too in this cliff ??
Radha ; because first time i saw u it was on the exhibit time of our kingdom when u tore the wind that sound zuzzzz that was soo majestic. I felt that i would garland u and make u mine.
Arjun ; what do i have which made u to fall for me ?? Radha blushed.
Radha ; the glimpse of u will make my heart to stop to beat and again it starts to beat soo fast both simultaneously this magic is done by u arjun. He smiled and pulled her to himself and took his sword a royal sword. He stood next to her.
Radha ; wait wait what is written in it ?? Wow to the best warrior of magadh. Hmm im proud.
Arjun ; shush now hold and she held the hand.
Arjun slowly passed his hand over her waist. She saw him and he kept his face next to her face and their cheeks were about to meet. She saw him with full of love. He tured her head to see straight. She smiled and saw straight and he kept his other hand in the handle over her hand and he waved the sword it made the sound of tearing the wind. Her eyes widened and saw him with surprise.

Radha ; same sound arjun.
He smiled at her cute childishness.
Arjun ; i will teach u how to use it now come wave and he made her do that. They were practising with the sound of which was tearing the wind……
Radha ; what is the mark in ur hand ??
Arjun ; ooh this one its a mark of our kingdom swastik.
Radha ; why did u inked that ??
Arjun ; it is the rule of every magadh soldier to ink the symbol of this to show the pride of the country and if we are dead in any war to find out which country’s citizen this will help.
Radha was not able to take the word death she turned and hugged him and said ; i dont want any war to happen so that no loved once will die in the course of war. Arjun smiled at her beautiful heart and pulled her chin to look at him and wiped her tears and said ; if u become the queen put that as an order i will obey it as a servant.
Radha ; shut up u r not the servant u r my love. He smiles. Shakthi makes its sound. He looks up.
Arjun ; its gonna be morning within some time come lets go before anyone can see us. She nods and both reaches shakthi and he rubs its face and both jumps on the horse and they ride back to the kingdom.
Ardhika slowly enters her private area and makes sure that all her friends are still sleeping. They both holds their hand he makes her sleep and she holds his hand and sees the swastic symbol on his hand and smiles at it. He slowly tip toes and goes to his place to take some rest.

Arjun…… arjun wake up u dumbo.
Arjun ; neil leave me im tired . Im having car lag. Neil slaps his head for the impossible nature of arjun. Neil removes ajun’s bed spread and immediately arjun struggles like a fish out of water. Neil finds some kind of birth mark in arjun’s hands and holds his hand tight.
Arjun ; ouch neil its hurting me the way u hold. Leave me.
Neil ; woo woo woo woo man of all fragile wait yaar that mark in hand of urs.
Arjun wakes up and looks at that and says; aah that one is my birth mark. Its a bit different from other moles .
Neil draws his hand over the mole. It was the swastic symbol. He looks at his arm by taking his sleeve up and he too had the same mole but was as exact as arjun had but same shape of the mole.
Radhika takes the sword and looks keenly at that sword. She stands up and starts to wave the sword and it makes the sound of tearing the wind and unknowingly her heart jumps in happiness. She smiles soo cutely and starts to wave it and rana who saw her was amazed to see the way she was handling the sword as if she had prior knowledge of using a sword.
Rana ; when did u learn sword fight ??

Radhika ; who learnt i just doing it for the first time. Kaka how was it ??
Rana ; u were like a warrior princess like mastani from bajirao mastani. Radhika laughed hard the way he said. Radhika ; u are still the same kaka always movies. But thank u for the complement and she slides the sword inside the iron cover of it and packed her bag.
Rana ; ur father has made an arrangement of private jet. She closes her eyes in disguise. She hated if anyone helped her especially her father. Her anger was in peak.
Radhika ; i hate if he interferes in my life and also my way what does he want . He is happy with his wife and son but why me ?? Just ask him to stay in his limit else i will forget that he is my father.

Rana knew her she hates her dad so much but always bends just for the sake of her kaka he will convince her as dilip wanted to prove that he is still the same old dad but radhika never hears that . Same happened now. She was convinced by kaka and so she took the private flight and reached home. She felt home when she saw her shakthi. It really missed her the way she missed her horse her only companion. She informed rana about her arrival and also to Neil. Neil was soo happy that she is coming the next day.
But literally teji slapped his head coz she was a big headache for him her short temper was a big problem and shakthi.
All reached the site and neil and arjun saw the iron box. Arjun was keenly noticing the box and was examining that is that belong to that kingdom or is that a box of later time. He saw the sign and he thought for a second.

Teji ; i tried to open it by breaking the lock but i dont find any lock.
Arjun ; it does not have a lock. It is a symbol key to insert it on this to open it. Did u guys find anything other than this box i guess it was inserted in that coz i dont find any rust in the part of the key area see it is new. Look that place (pointing the other part of the box which was old by its appearance) and this place. Can u see the difference?? Teji saw zubin.
Zubin ; i did not take anything i found only this.

Teji and zubin never had soft relationship and zubin has a hand which makes secret profit by doing certain cheap facts but always ends up by teji finding it. Neil never knew that as teji always makes his way to bring out the truth from zubin but zubin is talented so for that teji leaves him and always has a watch on him.
Neil ; its ok zubin the key might have been lost. Zubin gave a sign of relief but not for many times.
Teji ; do u think this may be the key and threw a box a small box. Arjun caught that and gave a glare to teji.
Arjun ; cant u handle with care. Neil rolled his eyes and said ; the way u take care of ur specs ??
Arjun ; dont speak anything about my glasses they are new and i love wearing them else.
Neil ; u feel naked right. Teji felt disgusting the way they were speaking.
Teji ; guys romance later now start the work and gave a glare to zubin and he gulped his fear.
Arjun inserted the box by inserting the symbol side over the he turned the key . There was a click sound of opening the box. All eyes were glued in the box and slowly arjun tried to lift it but it was too heavy or jammed. So he saw neil but the box was seriously jammed and teji joined and all the three with their full strength opened the box and finally it started to open slowly and zubin kept his hand to pull it and finally they with the full strength pulled and it opened. All were really exhausted as they used their full strength.
Karthika gave them water to drink. All gulped finally they were able to breathe normally. Arjun looked inside the box and so was the others. They found nothing much but a small box and a copper manuscripts . Neil took the scripts but was not able to find anything. Arjun took the small box walked a few steps with teary eyes he rubbed his hand over the box and something flashed in front of him.

A blur image. A girl with excitement asking him to wearing some jewel and taking the box from his hand and the next scene was they holding the hand and she said ; no one can separate us now are u ready and both jumps.
Arjun’s head starts to spin and he shouts something which no one understood and faints. Neil and others who were looking for box finds him on the ground, a girl from the gang immediately takes her bag and takes the water bottle and splashes some water over his face and gives some water to drink. Arjun feels still his head was spinning and neil said ; u take rest arjun, sam take care of him.
Sam ; yes sir. Arjun sir come let’s go. Teji and neil helps arjun to make him to sit in the car.
Neil ; sam call me once in half an hour and inform me about his health and pls take care of him. He is not strong he is weak. So pls take care of him. I will come soon after sometime and will take care of him. Till that time pls take care and had tears on his eyes to see arjun in that state.
Sam ; sir dont worry i will take care of arjun sir. I will call u and inform u sir now pls relax sir. He holds her hands and thanks her. She smiles in reply and they both starts from the site.
Neil was not in the mood at all after seeing arjun in that state it pricked him. From the beginning of their friendship neil always took greater care of arjun as arjun is scared of height and many things so it was neil who took so much care for arjun and when he saw arjun in that state neil was shattered. He packed the things and started from the site with karthika and called teji ..
Teji (holding zubin’s collar in a low yet threatening voice) ; look u i have left u because u are a knowledgeable person of all the assistant but i doesn’t mean that i can tolerate ur behaviour , change it or else u will feel sorry this time. Zubin nodded fast and teji left his collar which made zubin jerk and they too joined neil in the car.
Arjun was in his room but did not know why his eyes were continuously watering he was restless want to know what is bothering him but could not find what is bothering him. He kept on pacing and suddenly he heard a knock of his door. He knew it was neil.
Arjun ; neil come in….. he heard the knock again.

Arjun (shouted on top of his voice) ; neil come in and he was frustrated just then he got a message from neil stating he will reach in 5 minutes. Arjun was sweating as sam said she will come whenever he calls her and so he gathered the strength and opened the door. To his surprise he did not see the corridorof his room but he saw a street an ancient street. He was walking in and many people bowed and respected him. Many saw him and smiled at him. Girls were bending their heads down as not to make others notice that they are admiring.
Slowly he felt someone was following him as he was able to feel a hot air over his shoulder. He turned and got scared by the sight of a black horse. He screamed and then saw neil standing in front of him.

Neil ; arjun its me now dont get scared and scare me. He saw neil unknowingly he was sweating bad.
Neil ; what happened ??
Arjun ; some night mare neil nothing much. I just wanna leave this place as soon as we finish our work i dont feel good here as i feel strange when im here. Neil pls lets finish this work soon and go back.
Neil ; relax arjun sure we will go back maximum 1 week then our first session of the search will get over then we can start the second set after a week of break. He nodded just then sam comes with a coffee in her hand and a smile in her face.
Sam ; arjun sir some coffee ??
Arjun ; thank u sam , she was about to turn and saw neil and asked ; coffee sir ?
Neil ; no sam not required now. But thank u she smiled and went back. Arjun walked to the balcony of the room to have some fresh air and neil looks at arjun in a concern face.

Precap – radhika’s arrival to the place with shakthi. Shakthi finds his master , some painting related to the past.

Thats it guys typed in a hurry so did not see the spellings pls do spare me. How was it ?? Nice ?? Pls do comment ur views love u all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile. Love u all…..

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  1. Jewel

    Superb sv… Its awesome… Now I am waiting for shakti and Arjun meet… And ardhika meet too… I loved that scene where Arjun going through the old street… That was really nice…. Waiting for the next, post it soon

    1. S.v

      Jewel thank u so much dear for ur words the main meetnis arjun and his shakthi as ardhika met in yhe the airport. But the part which was important was arjun and shakthi. Sure will update once I found complete the next part soon. Love u soo much.

  2. Sangee

    Super sathya ….waiting for next one wow shakti finds his master pls make arjun the old warrior arjun soooooooooooon ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much sangee will update the next part once I complete the next part. Yes arjun and shakthi will meet next. Love u soo much.

  3. awesome sv….waiting for ardhika meet…lots of love and take care

    1. S.v

      Thank you deat . Love u too stay blessed.

  4. Jessie

    Its getting more interesting baby… Arjun is a warrior in prev birth..but now he is so timid.. I have a question.. will he change aftr meeting Rads..Rads annoyance on her dad..!! Something der..FB was ??? and zubin.. stupid fellow.. Teji..omg!! What a change..! Sweeto Sam.. eager 4 nxt one.. shakthi um inga varuda.! Super.. semaiya iruku..hmm.. kalakku..love u loads.TC dear

    1. S.v

      Thank u soo much baby. Yes arjun is week in the present birth. Well arjun’s change is the main part of the plot as the person who is like feather will turn to be a stone. Unakku pudichurukkunna im soo happy dear. Wait pannu ellathaum update pannikutu iruken dear. So will update once finish the other ffs. Love u so much. Nee eppo panna pora padikanum. Love h soo much.

  5. Sammy

    Waoo hubby such an emotional episode. .i was crying awesome. ..lovely …i hope ardhika meet soon …..love u and update Hak ..plssss ??????

    1. S.v

      Wifie thank u so much. Why cry dear pls dont cry. Ardhika will meet but the best part will be arjun and shakthi’s meet. Love u soo mich yes hak once I finish lml. Hak max day after tomorrow. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa.

  6. Sathya

    MAGNIFICENT EPISODE SV. This is going so thrilling oh God…. M breathing heavily now…. U written tremendously dear… I m eagerly waiting for ardhika meet and shakti arjun meet. Whoooo.. What an episode…. Everything is superb here…. Flawless one… Pls pls post next soon sv…. Don’t take so much time dear …. Love u so much ????

    1. S.v

      Thank k u soo much arjun thank u soo much. Dear actually updated yesterday itself but got updated only today. I will make sure that u are reading it regularly and also u can read in wattpad same name only I have updated 2 parts same everything. Love u soo much dear. Wanna hug u tight and sorry for make u wait. Love u again.

  7. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for Ardhika to meet, you nail it, well done.

    1. Brin


    2. S.v

      Thank u so much brin. U never fail to encourage me love u will update them soon.

  8. Rossy

    Omg what a story twin…m damn sure must be rads dad i mean the king did something wrong for which ardhika jumped off from cliff..and Arjun has a fear of height today..is zubin related to gang who steals old antiques n statue n sold them at high value..waiting for ardhika meet when sakthi was present…and m really love with that swastik symbol…superb twin ?

    1. S.v

      Twin twin u make me go all mad wkth ur words either be ff or be comments. Rads father has a hand in something. She hates him now coz he cheated his mother mala in the present birth but yes he has a hand for their reason. Arjun has a list of fears. And it will be shakthi which will identify uts master. Wait dear more to come. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa.

  9. Shubhadha

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    1. S.v

      Subhadha long time where were u missed u and ur ff update that soon pls and thank u soo much. Oh my god big words of encouragement thank u for that. Im really happy that u loved it. Love u soo much dear.

  10. Sweetie

    Jaanu,it’s superb.. ๐Ÿ˜€ haayee!!!Arjun teaching Rads sword fighting.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Please transport me to Rads position,please pretty please.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Waiting for the next update,love you loads and take care.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      Aww thank u soo much jaanu. U wanna be there in the place of rads I need rosie for the teleporting u there as she has the machine. No pls at all u will see that by just close ur eyes and see worrier arjun (ang raj karn first time meeting mata kunti that one will be soo nice) and he is teaching the sword for u and u dressed with beautiful jewels and also a royal dress a red colour dress. Hope u like this one. Love u soo much dear. Muuhhhaaa.

      1. Sweetie

        Jaan,you are making me weak on my knees..?Me with Ang raaj Karn,haayee,that’s enough for me to go to la la land.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Love you loads and take care.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. S.v

        He he he we love him so much and I love u soo much so anything for my jaan. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa

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    1. S.v

      Dheeps thank u soo much. Ardhika’s meet will bring shakthi and arjun face to face and will make shathi to meet its master. U will see that I cannot say more as for me suspense keeping is a big task. Lol I will uodate it soon once I complete the other ff actually I updated yesterday itself but got posted only today dear. U can also read it In wattpad. U there na ?? Love u soo much when are u gonna update ur ff both wanba read them all. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa.

  12. Gauri

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      Didi thank u soo much. Yes didi abhi to party shuru hui hai. More to call me didi. Planned for a short ff but donno how many updates this will take. Take care di and take rest. Love u soo much di. Muuhhhaaa. Bear hugs.

  13. Sree_deeksha

    Hey SV I loved it… eagerly waiting for ardhika meet… take care …??

    1. S.v

      Thank you soo much sree . Sry dear couldn’t comment on ur ff . U know what from the day u updated I am reading it still reading argh. I will finish and come there to u. Love u dear.

  14. Amazing update S.v Arjun getting glimpses of his last life and the precap is more interesting.

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      Thank u soo much gianna . Yes its just started . Will update soon and shades if love plsssssssss. Waiting for that . Love u soo much

  15. Dev

    Hey sv…dint read it till now….bt hats off for d 4 epis buddy…..awesome….
    Perfect blend of past n present with all d past characters in their mordern looks….just like chennai mylapores’ filter coffee….perfect effects frm past n present….lovd it 2 d core n eagerly waiting 4 all d rest especially dis

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      dev vandhutiya thank you so much . Ur comparison chennai mylapore filter coffee u make me smile and i like that tag line thank you for that too , Love u soo much and yes will update all. Love u again

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    Arjun opened the door and walking in through the ancient street..It felt like a movie..want to read more..precap is making me eager..pls update ASAP

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      aww aadia no sry im ur sissy and ur my sweet cute sissy. U will see more like this in the next part wait and watch. Love u so much dear thank you

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      toma my spl friend thank you so much dear for ur words. Im lack of words to say what u make me feel. U are always there to support me encourage me always. Thank you so much will update soon. Love u lods.

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    1. S.v

      ritu finally tum aagai yes the reason for arjun’s fear will be revealed soon. Zubin has a dirty past life will let u know that. Love u so much

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