Manmarziyan – Commando Khadoos….. Shot 1


Hiee all i’m back with my shots. Gosh this shot bug has really bit me bad, and so here is this part and haa its exclusively an Ardhika ff and L M L is half way . I will upload them once done. Love you all …..

Enjoy the ride….

Why are u looking at me ?? Is there anything written in my face ?? She nodded yes.
He ; what ??
She ; u r cute even when u are angry and blushed.
He banged his for her impossible nature.
He ; radhika stop flirting with me……. In a totally irritated voice. She smiled and said ; ok i wont flirt can i romance with u . Not too much but a small hug ?? He rolled his eyes and shouted ; no more flirting radhika.
Radhika ; so what should i do ?? No tv no internet nothing . Held in this forest for more than 3 weeks. U r the only person here with me but khadoos.
Arjun ; one more time khadoos then thats it.
Radhika ; khadoos and ran away outside the tree house. Arjun who had stick in his hand smiled at her impossible nature.

Radhika is a daughter of big shot . She was the only heir of the person. She was kidnapped for money and arjun who was the retired army officer was took charge of her case and he smashed the gang and took her away to the forest as she will not be safe elsewhere and arjun who never likes to speak was accompanied by the repair radio box radhika. Radhika who saw arjun had fallen in love with him the day she saw him when he rescued her from the kidnapers. She always taunts him but for him she was just a responsibility, to take care of her and to protect her and to return her to her parents.
From his pov she was happy even after so many days away from her parents.

Arjun who heard radhika’s call rushed out panicked as why she called like that . When he saw she was surrounded by 5 to 6 cute peacocks both blue and white peacocks. They spread their feathers and danced and she too danced as the sky was cloudy . Arjun for the first time mesmerized in her. He smiles at her and she was in moon when he smiles at her the way she was dreaming to. She runs to him and hugs him tight. He smiles at her behavior and he takes her inside as she may catch cold because of the chillness. A waterfall nearby and a small tree house with many animals like deer and birds everything was perfect for her. Arjun was always watching her for her safety but always gave her the free space which she needed.

One night when they were sitting near the fire to overcome the cold, they were wrapped themselves with the blanket and Radhika was munching some eatables which Arjun prepared for her with the source which he got from the forest and all the way he was looking at her the way she was munching . Eating as if she was not ever seen her food. Arjun (smiling) ; Radhika im not gonna snatch that from you . Eat slowly .
Radhika ; im hungry (with food in her mouth).
Arjun ; Haa ?? He was not able to understand as she was speaking in the middle of her munch.
Radhika (after gulping) ; Im hungry. He smiled at her .
Arjun ; Can I ask u something ??
Radhika ; Anything my lover boy. He gave a look and said “ Fine leave I will not ask you”
Radhika ; Arjun pls ask me else my head will break in suspense . Pls….. pls pls pls pls…………………… and she was pestering.
Arjun ; Ok ……ok…………ok ……….(in a much more louder voice for every ok and final ok he shouted) Ok………………..
She blinked.
Arjun ; Aren’t u missing your family . You seems to be happy here why ??? She smiled
Radhika ; Arjun can I ask you one thing why are u leaving me free I mean you give me my personal space why ??
Arjun ; everyone needs some personal space. They need some privacy.
Radhika ; Exactly that will not be there when I was there. All the time I would be watched. No one believes me even when I was there. Always I was watched.
Arjun ; Coz you are precious.
Radhika ; No coz I am the heir of the big industry. Arjun was mum.
Radhika ; Arjun have you gone for schools and enjoyed with friends ??
Arjun ; haa haa you ask me masti I have missed a tomboy in my school and collage.
Radhika ; See I don’t have any one in the name of friends. School , collage everything was inside my house. I would be taken out and come back home. It is not home but a den for me that’s why I am happy here . I can live the way I want to live and you trust me so I am happy. He smiled at her honesty.
Radhika ; Arjun can you say me your childhood masti pls……… Arjun nods and starts and they lay on the open ground and with the night sky as the roof he was saying all his happy memories and she was laughing her heart out for his acts. Finally they slept there happily.

Few days later Arjun felt something wrong. He says radhika to wait and was about to go…… Radhika holds his hand and was in no mood of leaving him.
Radhika ; Arjun don’t go don’t leave me pls.
Arjun ; Look radhika I’ll go and find what it is ?? You stay here till I come back soon ok.
Radhika ; No pls not now. And she pleads. Finally Arjun speaks by shaking her shoulders.
Arjun ; Radhika………. I promise you what so ever happen I will not leave you I will come back to you. I promise……
Radhika ; Promise ?? with teary eyes.
Arjun (wiping her tears and pulling her cheeks to make her smile) ; Promise…….. and goes from there……….. Radhika peeps out and looks at him going ………… and he vanishes from her eyes.
Radhika(in her heart) ; Arjun come back soon

Few months later………..

Radhika was looking at her a picture which she drew. Her Arjun she was looking at that picture with a teary eyes.
Radhika ; You promised me that you will be with me then why did you leave me ???? and hugs the picture of Arjun .

To know more pls wait…..

Precap – Last shot………….

Thats it guys… How was it ??? Did you all like it ?? Ok spare me i will reveal what will happen next soon. Love you all stay blessed and always smile.

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  1. Gummiebear

    Oh I was r8 everywhere tears!!!….swthrt I m tired of sadness plz happiness soon….but I loved aradhika too much….one question arjun z retired army officer that means he z too much elder than rads naa????…..but overall a masterpiece….. Plz update hak….I don’t think you will keep me waiting but still plz be soon….loads of love and million hugs for you dear!!!

    1. S.v

      Supriya finally tum aagai . Yaar missed u like hell. Dear I have updated hak on Saturday. I hope u would have read them of not then its in 4 page I guess. And dear once lml I’ll update it dear. Love u so muxh and arjun is not elder to radhika he will late 20s or early 30s. I wont keep arjun elderly yaar. He he he love u lods supriya. Hows ur health now and how is ur collage festival preparation ?? All well dear pla when ever you find time pls update your ff. Wanna read them

  2. Sathya

    Awww…. So so lovely. S. V my dear u nailed it. I loved the ardhika moments… I love the way she bugs arjun… I simply admired arjun’s intensity n caring for radhu…. Overall amazing shot… Soon update the next dear ??????love u

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton sathya. Sure dear but after a long time pending let me live. yaar its been many days so after that this one. Love u sathya.

  3. Brin

    Awesome OS, waiting for the next one. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank u brin. Will update it soin

  4. Jnana

    Oh!!! Arjun come back soon…. Its awesome…. Is it that her family took her back injuring arjun?

    1. S.v

      Jnana thank u so much . Pls wait dear u will know soon abt arjun and who was behind radhkka who tried to hurt her.

  5. Jessie

    Retired army officeraaaaaa .!!!!!! VRS vangitano.. ?? See.. nthing stands in my mind than Arjun 2 loves Rads ??waiting eagerly 4 last shot..

    1. S.v

      Jessie super guess yes he has retired and Arjun loves radhika ??? Wait . Konjam overa irukko ?? I want to keep suspense but dont worry all starts well ends well. Love you lods jessie……

  6. Hi sv….I liked cover picture….really nice….nw update…superb….loved ardhika….thank you so so much….

    1. S.v

      Happy thank you yaar was searching in net to match the ss this was the one which was picture perfect. Aww thanks a ton happy .

    1. S.v

      Thanks KK

  7. Awesome 🙂 pls write this as ff

    1. S.v

      Thank you Emz fasa . But i have thought only for 2 yaar. But i promise you once i finish one of my ff which im writing now i’ll surely take plot a different one just like this. Love you lods

  8. _Ritu

    Sv dear it was awesome.. 🙂 loved ArDhika a lot here.. 🙂 but seems like Arjun is much elder than her and I guess its her family behind the tragedy…but one request plz don’t make Arjun dead…and overall an amazing shot ?? waiting for nxt..plz be sooner…love u…tc ??

    1. S.v

      ritu thank you so much bit Arjun is a retired officer but he is not that much elder to her and one hint all starts well will ends well. I cannot say more. You will know about everything in the last shot. Love you lods.

  9. Dev

    Sv i love u……1 more 2s…..n its osm

    1. S.v

      Love you buddy and thank you

  10. Starz

    awesome sv.. i didnt like it..i just loved it a lot . sad of radhika..want to know wat happened to arjun. waiting for the next update with fingers crossed. love u and take care. gud nite…bye bye..

    1. S.v

      Startz you made me fly. Dont keep your finger crossed all will be revealed soon. Love you lods

  11. Starz

    awesome sv.. i didnt like it..i just loved it a lot . sad of radhika..want to know wat happened to arjun.. love u and take care. gud nite…bye bye..

  12. Starz

    awesome sv…i just loved it a lot . sad of radhika..want to know wat happened to arjun.. love u and take care..bye bye..

  13. Starz

    i dont know wat happened my comments came thrice. sorry dear..

    1. S.v

      Yup i just now saw but not a problem dear and no sorry’s dear.

  14. Madhumita

    Nice one. waiting for the next.

    1. S.v

      Thank u Madhumita

  15. Hemalattha


    1. S.v

      Thank you

  16. Sammy

    Sorry for the late comment hubby ….oh god naughty radhika. Flirting amazing …all the time I was laughing arjun be like ..girl stop flirting with me …iol. ..and then I want them to unite ..pls no tragic ending .. love u for this …and waiting for my tha tha and hamari adhuri kahani 🙂 🙂

    1. S.v

      Awww wifie no problem dear and no more sry to ur husband. He he he im possessive with my wife. Lol all starts well ends well so dobt worry . Tha tha will come to say hello to u on monday morning honey and hak on friday or sat dear. This and lml to go . Will update them soon wifie. Love u soo much.

  17. Sreee

    Omg akka…superb…ungal intha shots thiraimaikku naan thalaivananguguren….ana akka, oru chinna doubt…arjun young retired officera illa oldy ya?…i know akka that is a stupid q…but what to do…now i will ask the correct one…when will u post next?…..haha…am expecting more and more shots from u…so eager to devour ur diff talented plots,u see???…love u so much…?????…..muahhh

    1. S.v

      Thankgachi thank u soo much and arjun is not soo elder to her. He is a bit elder so dont wkrry arjun is not oldies. He he he. Sure dwar whenever I get some different plots I will update them. Love u lods dear.

  18. SV Darling you have become Khaniyon ka pitara 🙂 awesome update love it 🙂 big hug

    1. S.v

      Didi thank u so much didi. Im really in mars for ur words. Love u lods didi

  19. awesome episode……..

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much.

  20. Dipika

    Sv darling sorry for coming late here..story was really touchy.. U left us in suspense tht y arjun left n didn’t get returned…. Their jungle masti…superb..n i like the way rads plyes…repair radio..hahaha…waiting for nxt shot.. Love u

    1. S.v

      Dilika thank u so much dear. He he he she is a repair radio set. Lol. Love u lods dipika.

  21. Mica

    omg, i missed aradhika soo much, luv it

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton mica even I miss ardhika but thanks to all here who makes our ardhika and nesam live in our hearts for ever.

  22. Rossy

    This is a classy one…i loved it most…twin u did fantastic job…do write more n more is…i will be happy read that…btw my eyes watering and mu fingers aching by writing so many comments at once…lol..?? but what to do…i took oath to complete it today itself…

    1. S.v

      Twin love u so much for those lovely words. Awww why this kolaveri for you ?? Take rest and then you can read and comment na ?? Oath super now take rest dear.

  23. Sweetie

    Jaan..I’m really sorry for this very late comment..Was out of town for 2 days.. 🙁 This shot made me emotional yaar..Radhika was watched every single second..God!!That’s a horrible life.. 🙁 Love you loads jaan.. 😀

    1. S.v

      Sweetie thank you jaan and how was the trip dear ?? All fine ?? Love you so much dear.

  24. SV my sweeeeeetheart. …it was really very cute n interesting os…I loved it to the coreeeee. ….ardhika in very different roles n arjun here very jolly…rads as always so cute n adorable. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. S.v

      Roma thank u soo much for ur words. Well u will see how they are in the next part. Love u lods. Always bear my hugs and kisses too.

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