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Radhika gets up and searches Arjun,she does not notice the hurt hand of hers.She rushes to Arjun’s room where arjun is standing and seeing out of the window.She says to Arjun,I know why you don’t want this wedding.Arjun turns and see radhika in shock.She says she knows about their forefather bond but nowadays,slavery is illegal,you still believe it?You are so low thinking I never thought.You are still stuck in that phase.Arjun snatches the bond paper and is shocked.He says,”No I…”,he stops and thinks and says,”Yes i do believe,I have already ruined my life by marrying a dull girl and do not want my sister to marry a slave boy.”She curses him on his low thinking and goes out.She reaches Neil’s home in Mumbai,he sees Radhika crying and asks the matter.She tells everything and also about she is adopted.Neil consoles Radhika and says no matter what happens in world,our sister-brother bond can never break.Radhika hugs neil and thanks him.Neil notices Radhika hand hurt and bandages it.He thinks to talk to Arjun later.While Radhika is going,she says to Neil,”I will change his old thinking.He will have to accept the truth.And he must accept your love.”Neil smiles and says To radhika to take care of soon Radhika leaves,Neil calls Arjun at his home.
Arjun comes at his home.Arjun sees Neil serious mood and jokes about it.Neil asks Arjun why did he hurt Radhika.Arjun is shocked and says no i didn’t.He tells didn’t you push her,I saw her hand was hurt.Arjun remembers morning incident and says it happened accidently.Neil then calms down and hugs him saying she knows the truth of adoption.Arjun says she told me.Neil looks on shocked.Arjun tells about bond paper.
———————————–FB BEGINS——————————–
Neil and Arjun were in same school and Radhika was in different school.Neil and Arjun best friend.One day,Radhika accident happens.She needs operation which is very expensive and even needs blood.Dilip and Mala worry and Neil hears them talking that Radhika is Adopted but she is our child we have to sell our house.Neil goes and cries to Arjun.He tells everything,Arjun talks to his grandpa and he arranges all the fund and the blood.After the operation she forgot everything but no one tried to make her remember.She just remembered Mala,Dilip and Neil,which was enough for them.As Radhika got fine,Neil and Arjun were happy.One day jokingly Neil signs bond with Arjun on a piece of paper which did not accept as radhika as a slave.Grandpa thought as a joke and signed,it was all a joke.Arjun kept it as it was his one of his memories,perhaps funny memory.
————————————FB END———————————–
Neil and Arjun laughed.Neil asked why did you not tell her.Arjun says I want to tell you a truth.He says to tell.He says that Radhika marriage will end in 2 weeks.Neil is shocked and says what.He tells him everything and even the reason.Neil after hearing nods and Arjun says,”I wanted
her to hate me.But i have no problem you being my sister’s husband,actually it will be happiest thing,but I was afraid if after hearing you will give my sister pain.”Neil smiles and says,”I love sam,i can’t think to give pain just like you are trying for my sister to keep her happy.”Arjun happily hugs and says he is going to keep party for them,he will announce there.
Radhika sees Arjun coming and Arjun hugs Radhika shocking Radhika as the events today were quite bad.Her mood was off already due to events,she had tried to hide pain while going to office putting a brave front.She had noticed Arjun missing from office.Radhika asked him what is the matter.He says that he has got Sam’s husband.Sam comes and says I will marry only the one I love.I cannot marry someone whom I do not love.
Neil makes the entry and says,”My samunder Singh,even I can’t marry someone I don’t love,so I am marrying you.He proposes her.She accepts it and kisses Neil,and Neil kisses back.Arjun and Radhika cough to get their attention.They tease them,Radhika smiles seeing Arjun.She asks him how did his thinking change in a day.He says your lecture did.She looks on.

Precap: Arjun saying to Radhika that a Garba party is there.The 3 idiots enter and Anshika looks at arjun and radhika with evil motives.Rohit entering the party with a gun.

How was it everyone?I told you Neil had deep connection with Arjun and Sam,it is the friendship,what could be more deep and loving relationship than it(though family love includes :P)I realised it after you all became my friends.Plz give comments and suggestions.And yes Why saral tried to kill radhika will be answered soon as she will get to know more about Arjun.Till then,love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Wow so nice….. tanya

  2. Wooooweeee tanya awsome yaar !!! So hw r u n hws ur life goin ???

    Hey nisha pls yaar go to Manmarziyan chap 4 part 3 lucky evryday !! Bcos I rly abt ur song !! Plsss go !!

  3. WOWWW… Our bond is sooo strong… That can’t separate… Look:::
    F= Few ,
    R= Relation,
    I = In,
    How was it???

    1. Hey yaar brity too touchy but jus love dis relation of friendship !!! So dis means I m ur frend rite ???

      1. Of course… Is it a thing to ask!!!

    2. That was awesome brity…friendship means a lot to me…..

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww tanya wat an episode dr.reallyyyyyy vry nice yaar.tnx for ur update buddy,waiting for nxt one.

  5. I have a doubt. .why arjun wanted rads hate him. .. pls explain…

  6. Tanya today’s epi was rocking..radhika is so nice…..need more aradhika scenes. …waiting for next update

  7. very nice episode..

  8. really awesome dear…..keep going on

  9. Hey tanya…nice episode dear…happy to see dat all the bond was just a joke….but i still one suspense…why arjun wants rads to go away from his life…plzz reveal it soon…come soon wid next update…

  10. Lulu… Thanks Buddy… And a huge GOOD MORNING…. TO ALL…

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  12. Hi tanya. Nice epi. And i like the twist.

  13. Hey tanyaaaa woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    Dear Seriously,

    Never think that it was all for fun . The slavery matter.

    Well done dear.

    And yes Loved the episode dear.

    Poor radhika again she think all that true just like us . Oooooooooooooooooh but she learn the truth soon. don’t she.

    Well you told in last about the party.

    Well Love you dear Keep writing Loved your story

  14. Hey mandy , tasnim , sree how r u deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    Hey mandy , In last episode of tanya story I left a message and your anwers also .

    Read it dear And one suprise video also for you dear mandy You want it now enjoy it. Loved you dear.

    And yes some more songs and confession of their love written in deepa story (arjun and radhika crazy love (episode 21)

    Check out dear And tell me what you felt.

    Loved you all dearies zara mandy tasnim sree, .

    Hey brity Learn a new meaning of friend Loved it dear. Loved you .

    Keep writing and keep commenting deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies. Loved you all.

    1. hey nisha how are u?missed u u too…

  15. Hi Tanya, very nice twist. Story is going very well. Rocking. Please reveal soon why Arjun wants Radhika to go away from him. Please continue…Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  16. @ Brity, thx for telling the new meaning of friend. It’s really beautiful. I love you all deariessss. Friendship means a lot to me. Love you loads… tight hug

  17. nice one .. the conn btw arjun and neil is nice.Still mysterious why arjun is hating radhika

  18. Thank Nisha… Means a lot that I had made learn you something special…

  19. update nxt chapter yaar plzzzzzzzz

  20. Thank you everyone for your comment.Brity you perfectly defined friendship.Nisha your song selection are perfect.And yes,Happy Navratri to everyone.Love u all lots.

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