manmarziyan- My childhood love..and i m still possesive about him..episode 2


Heys guys it’s me..ur hearty..sry for d delay as said my exams was going here continues our chptr..
After entering her house..radz shared all her story with her mother who is very friendly to her..she felt contented that she has got such a good friend in her life and made a promise to herself to never let this friendship go away..
Next day all went as usual..their friendship kept growing day by day Arjun was sitting near window side..radz in the middle and Neil on the other side..neil in order to have some fun slightly slapped arjun’s head from back..arjun felt it’s he also lighty slapped on her cheeks..the slap was not so hard but radz eyes were full of tears..her heart somewhere pained..may b she didn’t realized but she had developed a strong liking towards Arjun in that tender age which her heart knew..her heart cried coz the person whom she loves the most slapped her..he didn’t paid any heed to radz plea that it was Neil not her..he didn’t trusted her..and guys as u all knows they are kids so radz took it to her heart..throughout the journey radz didn’t talked to Arjun..after seeing radz tears Arjun said sry thousand tyms but radz was determined to not forgive him so easily…
The next day when the van came radz sat beside the window with Sam by her side..situation was like that Ki Arjun had to sit to the opposite corner where radz was sitting..from very far he was holding his ears and expecting his best buddy to forgive him..radz somewhere had already forgiven him by his cute ways of asking sorry but she also liked the attention which Arjun was giving her so she thought to tease him for few more school too during recess Arjun waited for radz near the puchka stall where they always used to hangout together as radz was a big phuchka fan..but there was no sign of radz he went back to his class..after there recess Arjun had kept a seat near him so that radz could sit by her side and also made sure that no other place was vacant as he personally had asked everyone to not let radz sit anywhere else..when radz came she saw Arjun smiling over her but radz ignored him as he didn’t exist..radz sat near him quietly..

Arjun winked Neil to start their plan..
Neil took an earring of a small child who was also going in their van and was in class 4.. That girl cried and begged Neil to return her earrings..but Neil scared her that he will throw her earrings outside the window..radz after having enough scolded Neil to return back her earrings..
Neil- I’ll only return her this if bhai ask me to..
Radz having no choice had to speak to arjun
Radz with hesitation in her face- arjun plz ask ur brother to return those earrings..
Arjun- I’ll only ask him if u will forgive me..and Arjun gave a victory smile which annoyed radz..
Radz – ohk I forgive you replied radz very coldly..
Arjun knew that she has not forgiven him by her heart but still not to irritate her further asked Neil to return back those earrings..
Radz pov- I m loving your plans Arjun..but wait..getting my forgiveness is not so easy..
They reached back night radz was thinking about Arjun..
Radz pov- ohh’s hard to ignore u Arjun..i don’t know why but I have started liking u..but I won’t let this one-sided liking affect our it’s not the proper age too..don’t know how u are going to react to this..and I m scared too..i m so makeup like other girls..wat if my heart breaks..
Radz decided to keep it this relationship to friendship only..coz some relations looks perfect if they are within limits..Hardly she was knowing that destiny had some other plans for her..
Radz pov- ohk Arjun mehra..tmrw I m gonna forgive u officially..coz I m also not able to resist staying away from my best another reason is I m not able to have my phuchkas since 2 days..?..she herself thought how impossible she is..

Nxt day morning..
Radz waited for Arjun house to come..but she realized dat the van changed it’s route..she hesistantly asked the van driver- bhaiya v missed to pick up Neil and Arjun..
Van driver- actually he informed that he is leaving this van..
Radz pov- I m hurt could u leave this van..i haven’t even forgiven my forgiveness doesn’t matter to u..or is it me coz of whom u had to leave this van..i m sry if it so..hope i get to see u in school..I’ll scold u for leaving me in between..
They reached the school but this tym the journey appeared to b so long as radz was having the habbit of watching her Arjun..
Radz on recess went to section D but there was no sign of Arjun..
She was informed by asking to one of his classmates that he didn’t came to school..
She was hell restless..she wanted him desperately..she realized how deeply she loved Arjun..she cursed those two days when she was showing attitude to her Arjun whn he was begging for her forgiveness..
Days passed by..but Arjun had not came to school..radz was broken inside..she had lost all her hopes to meet night she used to cry that y she let him go..she needed his protective arms..she was left all alone..though she had a loving family but her inner self craved for his love..
After 10 days..
Radz saw Arjun on school canteen..she couldn’t believe her eyes..was she dreaming..she pinched herself to make her realise that it was reality but that pinch was too hard..she screamed like hell..which made whom canteen to look at her..she didn’t cared wat others think..wat made her eyes go wet when Arjun saw her and smiled..
Radz ran to him and started beating him..she smacked him blue black..she threw all the eqipments of canteen which came on her hand..from glasses to spoons to chair everything..and our Arjun..hehe wat to say how badly he needed a protection..
Arjun while defending himself- you mad women wat the hell..whose spirit has possessed you?? Are you crazy??
Radz was now on the verge of crying sat down on the canteen ground leaving everything..
All other students were shocked to see the scene..
Arjun came to her..took her to the auditorium which was empty at that time..wiped her tears..knelt down in front of radz and apologized holding his ears..
Arjun- sry buddy if I have hurted u..i know I m very bad..i left u for 10 days..but there was an grandmother’s health was not good..i wanted to inform you but I didn’t had ur no too..i too missed my best buddy..already my one forgiveness was pending and now I have added this too in ur list..plz forgive me..
All the while radz was just crying and crying..tears were not stopping today..
Arjun- say something radhu..and frst of all stop v are just friends na..why it matters to you if I haven’t informed you..

Radz- I know v are just friends..I m sorry to bother u this much..i m sry for embarrassing you in front of whole school in canteen..( radz was hurt that Arjun had not realized her feelings till now..)
Saying so radz went out..radz knew Arjun had not realized her love..she knew that if she continues to b his friend then she might show her feelings on him and then this might turn worst so she decided to ignore him..
Radz pov- come on radz he might be just an can u just say this is love..u are too small for this to u have to forgive him and move on..
Few days passed..radz was completely ignoring it was easy since he had left the van and there buildings were different too so she didn’t had to face him much..
Arjun knew he had hurt her..he was too idiot to realize radz love..he thought that radz wanted her space so he gave her..but her ignorance annoyed him..
Years they are in class 10..
Radz thought Arjun would have forgot her coz bcoz of different sections and buildings they never used to face each other..same with that of Arjun..both engrossed themselves in studies..but somewhere there childhood friendship was there first priority.whenever one of them faced any problem the other always used to help without letting anyone know..Their bond was true..their friendship was pure..Their love was eternal..when all these comes together then even god has to bend down to grant their wishes..both were empty soul without each other.
God- these both crazy nuts loves each other so much..I don’t understand wat problem they have..whether it’s their ego or something else which are making them I have to tk the situation in my hands..nothing can happen of these two nuts..

Radz and Arjun joined the same tution in class 10.. Coming face to face after so long had evoked the desires among them again..all memories of their friendship flashed in front of them..arjun after radz leaving dat day from the auditorium had asked her million times to forgive him..he didn’t knew the reason of her annoyance hence left the hope of getting her forgiveness and then never tried thereafter..but don’t know why after this long gap when he saw again gave him a hope that may b again they can become best buddies..
Sry guys I know it’s I said I m having my exams and couldn’t update It this month..but I have done it as I m going mad with physics derivations..couldn’t understand to give a break I thought of writing this short update..criticism accepted..

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