manmarziyan- My childhood love..and i m still possesive about him..episode 1


Hii’s me again..ur hearty…(Nikki)..
Sorry for the here continues our chptr..
Radz pov- oh god wats happening to me?? Why can’t I see his eyes?? Why my heart is beating so fast whn he sat nearby me?
Arjun’s pov- wao I haven’t seen such beautiful and simple girl ever..shall I talk to no wat if she shows an attitude..arjun mehra can’t handle it..
Radz kept her hand in between but due to sudden jerk aru by mistake kept his hand over hers..
Arjun- sorry I didn’t intended to do it.
Radz- it’s ok I understand.

Arjun to initiate the conversation..which class ??
Radz-class 6 A and u??
Arjun- 6 D..

After that silence prevailed throughout..they reached school after 10 mins..
Arjun bid goodbye to her and went..
Radz pov- god!! Was it a dream that a handsome guy like him would talk to me!! Oh no radz just shut up and frst of all stop watching those cheesy romantic serials..focus on ur studies..he is not gonna look at a simple girl like u.after there morning prayer,radz was asked by piyali ma’am (class teacher) to give few notes for dictation to the monitor of section D..She didn’t realised it was the same section where Arjun is there..

As soon as she entered his class she was shocked to hear the screaming session going on in the class due to wrist fighting between two guys..she didn’t saw them bcoz of the crowd..but by the hooting their popularity could be fathomed..she waited for few minutes for the fight to stop coz she was told that the monitor of the class was himself one of the contestent in fighting..she was looking somewhere else to avid the sreeming session of the crowd as she was not used to such loud noise..but she had no choice than to wait as she was told by piyali ma’amto gyv few notes to the monitor of the class..atmosphere became little calm which made her realise that the fight was finished then only Someone pushed her by mistake..she closed her eyes in fear of striking her head down the ground..but wait soon she realized that she was floating in no wait realization dawned upon her and she was surprised to see that she was held protectively by a pair of strong arms which was holding her as if she was as light as a feather..

Arjun’s pov- oh god I haven’t seen such pure soul throughout my life..
Their bubble of dreamland was pricked when students hooted around avoid further embarrassment Arjun asked radz- are u ok..
Radz was having tears in her eyes..the only word she could utter was sry and thank hurted Arjun to see tears in her beautiful eyes..soon radz ran away from his class..ohh wat was that such an item..kaash I would have got a chance to hold god her s*xy curves..someone said from back..

That was enough to wake a tiger in our Arjun ‘s body..he hardly punched him and said him- don’t u dare eye her again..if again it is repeated I’ll forget that u are my friend..she is my friend..respect her and infact every girl..our pranks are just to entertain people not to hurt anyone ‘s emotions..(Arjun at that tym himself was not knowing about his feeling..he don’t know why he called her his friend..don’t know what made him so possessive towards her..he was confused)..

Arjun’s pov- ohh my god..there is something in her which I m not able to find out..which make me tongue-tied in front of her..
After this they had 4 periods continuously and then a recess break for 15 was having a big field where friends used to hangout while recess.

Radz along with her friend cum sister sam went there and sat on their usual location..all were enjoying the soothing weather as it was winter time..near the field was basketball ground and few boys were playing with full energy..suddenly radz eye caught up with something which made her go numb..there Arjun was playing like messi..douching everyone who came in btwn..passing all barriers like they were nothing..girls were watching him with lustful eyes..he gave them a smirk smile..and continued his one could able to compete with his speed..

Radz pov- wat wrong radz today why u are noticing him everywhere..know why but she dare these girls to see him like this and y he was enjoying being their centre of attraction..
It was radz stood up to go coz she couldn’t bear the scene anymore but it seems destiny was on it’s full duty today to make them by mistake a ball hit radz back..she was now hell furious.She went towards Arjun as it was his fault..she challenged him to play basketball with her and if she wins then he has to make her eat golgappas( here radz is crazy for golgappa or phuchka as many of u calls)..again a big foodie..arjun was bewildered with her confidence coz since now noone not even a boy has dared to approach him with this challenge especially after seeing him playing like this..but after all she was radz.. His to be love..he has to bend his head infront of the game started..girls who few minutes before watched the scene with lustfull eyes were now jealous of not getting a chance to go closer to him..and boys were just standing there awestruck with our radz performance..while playing there was a point when Arjun swirled radhika by holding her waist to get the basket ball and radz in response just froze by his actions..but the huge applause made her cm in action again..she was able to distract Arjun by her cute smile and tensed brown eyes..arjun lost himself and radz made a basket..everyone was shocked at this..

Now it became a matter of prestige for Arjun..he took the lead in other matches but seeing radz upset he in between gave her chances to goal and lost intentionally..don’t know y but in front of her he forgot all his ego..he was as soft as he can when it came to finally match ended with the end of our recess and Arjun won..but to initiate his friendship with radz he took hold of her hand brought her closer..cupped her face and said softly..
Aru- i can still make u have ur golgappas provided u become my friend..
Radz was shocked..she don’t know y but she never pushed aru for getting this closer..this closeness made her go blush..she accepted his friendship..
The entire day went plain for both of them..mentally both were praying to end this long day so dat they can meet each other in van after our school hrs.The last bell for recess rang..both were impatiently waiting to meet each other..after reaching the van..
Arjun- so how was ur day??
Radz- not good..i didn’t got my golgappa treet..she said making a puppy like sad face which made Arjun chuckle seeing her antics..

Arjun- come Iets have it..
That made her squeal and dance ? which brought a smile on Arjun ‘s face..
Arjun’s pov- oh my god she is still a 5 year old kid..i will turn mad if I’ll be around her for more than an hr..but whatever it is I m liking her every way..
Radz- come na wat are u waiting for?? Dare if u cancel the plan otherwise I’ll forget our friendship and she made a pout which made Arjun roll his eyes on her..
Arjun(to stall man)-bhaiya mera bhut jhaal mat banayiyega..and turned to radz to knw her choice..he was surprised to know dat a sweet girl like her will have potential of having so many chillies in one go..after their eating session both went to van sat side by side and enjoyed talking about the day how they the time their respective home came and they bid goodbye to one another..

Sry guys I promised u all to update a big one..but as I said I was having my exams and it went extremely horrible..just pray everyone that I pass..ryt now my mind is full exhausted I myself don’t know wat i have written..i know it’s not up to d mark..I just wrote it as I don’t wanted to disappoint u all by keeping u all wait coz as a silent reader I myself get hurt when stories are not been uploaded on specified time by the I just typed watever came to my mind..rotten eggs and tomatoes excepted coz I knw I m vry bad at this..but it’s my frst tym..gyv me some time..I’ll try to improve

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  1. Kavina

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    Thank u so much guys..kavina I m glad and happy dat u all guys are so encouraging..hope ur blessings work up..thanx subhadha..brin u just made my day..i m glad u can bear my worst..and liked it..? thnx Myra..jessie u are very special to me..coz of u I m writing it..well till now I haven’t thought of any leaps..or anything..and rossy I m glad u liked it too..yeah they are in class 6 as u all know todays generation..they start loving each other frm class 2 3 compared they are very big..but I’ll try to think if I can make them a bit older..but actually I myself am a big fan of childhood love stories so I have mentioned class 6 here

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