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Hloo all, i’m back with the last shot of this ss. Thanks a ton for your lovely words. Pls do comment your views. Love you all …….
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Arjun was restless. Radhika his radhika is speaking like she saw him for the first time. That hurted him a lot. He cursed why he believed him instead of her ??? Radhika pleaded not to trust saral but he did, finally all went out of hands.

Back to their internship days ……

2 girls joined the course. 1 was samaira and the other was bonnie. Both were bff. They were of high fashioned girls and when radhika was about to talk to them they will ignore her. Simple reason, status. Arjun who saw that pulled radhika with himself and took her with him. That was the first time radhika felt something happy by arjun’s action. Bonnie fell in love when he did that.
Arjun ; why the hell u spoke to them ??
Radhika ; i was just asking them about the schedule of tomo.
Arjun ; cant u just ask me or saral or neil ?? Why them ??? Radhika was about to speak but saral interrupted and said ; ya radhika how can u think that she can’t insult u ??? Radhika knew why was saral speaking like that. Just to butter it. She wanted to end it.
Radhika ; sry arjun sry next time i’ll ask u. Happy ??? Arjun was happy.
Arjun ; ice cream ?? Radhika shouted yay. Saral was about to join them but at that time she took neil’s bike and arjun sat behind her and they started from there. Saral was burning as always arjun was in upper hand while he was in lower hand.

All went normal neil and sam got to know each other and neil started to spend more time with sam than his best friend arjun and radhika. It was radhika who made him realise that he loves sam and she helped him to express his heart to sam. Sam was soo happy as she always admired the way radhika was being pampered by neil
that was the thing which she loved the most of neil and she got all the pampering from neil. Radhika was seen happy outside but inside she lost her best friend but convinced that he at least he is happy. Arjun noticed the changes version of radhika and he too missed neil and his nonstop excitement talks.
Arjun took her for a small walk and they were very quiet. Radhika finally broke out and hugged arjun and said ; i miss my best friend Arjun. He pacified her and he wiped het tears and said ; im there for u ….
Radhika ; what if u too fall in love and leave me ?? Im done for loosing my friends.
Arjun ; dont worry i will never loose u. She gave a week smile thinking he is saying to convince her but she did not no he meant it. Saral who was following them burnt looking at radhika and arjun together. Ardhika started to spend quality times in radhika’s house and he used to drop her on a daily basis and have dinner there and radhika slowly liked him very much.

Saral on other side wanted to break the relationship once and for all as even if he is not loved by radhika arjun should never get radhika.. Radhika knew the real color of saral. Once in the project submission he without other’s notice removed arjun’s project file. Radhika came to submit her file. When she saw him there he silently slipped and when radhika checked arjun’s file was missing. She had a spare of her project and she kept her’s with the spare one naming arjun’s . Saral who was happy was shell shocked when arjun’s project was awarded full mark. From that day she avoided saral.

It was their final week of their internship and arjun wanted to propose her. She was also waiting for him as he called in their usual place of meet other’s dont know. To the surprise saral came. Radhika was shell shocked as that was the spit which only ardhika knew.
Saral ; ooh radhika for whom are u waiting ?? Arjun ?? He would be with some girls….
Radhika ; one word more against him…. i donno what i will do.
Saral (laughing) ; Are you threatening me ?? Woo i never knew that and he would be busy with bonnie. Radhika knew bonnie was behind arjun as he himself said that she was behind him. She was staring at saral blank.
Saral ; woo now dont cry im here for u and came to hug her. She pushed him and he slipped.
Saral ; when he hugged u were happy and when i want to hug u you r nit allowing me why ?? Ooh i know he is rich and im poor . So u r back for his money . So how many he had paid. Radhika who was literally crying for those words slapped as he extended his limit. Arjun who saw her slapping was hell angry on radhika. He threw the bouquet which he bought for her and ran to her abd held her shoulders and shouted ; how dare u slap my saral ?? Radhika was hell shocked she was about to speak but saral spoke ; arjun she said she will fake that she will love u and dump you so that she will lead a life with me but i said, but she is threatening me arjun. Save me from her. U saw her slapping me pls save me from her.

Radhika was hell shocked for the acquisitions she was being placed. Arjun’s heart broke listening to saral. She was about to speak but arjun ; i never knew u would be so cheap. Radhika was shocked that her arjun her only love arjun never trusted her.
Radhika (with tears) ; arjun pls let me speak pls dont judge me with whatever he says
but before she could continue saral filled arjun’s ears and he yelled at her and said ; never show your face to me . Radhika gave up as she saw the real worth of herself in Arjun. She who stepped few steps came back with devastated state and took a gift from her bag and banged that in his hands and said ; was waiting for these many days to give this to u but never knew that u will speak like this and I would give you in this state and haa the onw whom ur trusting will be the one who will betray you. When u find the truth it will be too late to regret it.

She left them and she never came to the intern course centre and when he saw her she came to get her certificate at that time arjun saw her and he heard radhika speaking to bonnie who said to radhika that arjun is always mine.
Radhika (smiled sarcastically) ; i dont know who is arjun i have never heard that name.
Arjun was in hell angry and he pulled bonnie by her waist and said ; come lets go… Bonnie gave a winning smile. But to the contrary radhika smiled back to them. That was the last day he saw her.

He after some time came to know about saral’s true color and then he felt how he hurt her. He started to search her but that was too late. She left him and went far away. Her whereabouts were known to no one. Even neil missed his best friend. They searched in all the possible ways but no use.

Radhika shifted with her parents back to their home town and she was happy in front of her parents but she missed her friends mainly her love arjun but his words were more hurting so she wanted to become big and shout at him that im not as cheap as u …… But her heart paimed by missing him. But she got a job and moved on in her life leaving everything behind.

Days passed all started their life but arjun wanted to see her once but when they encountered she was different the one in whom he had lost his heart was not this. She was different so reserved. Speaks only when it is necessary. It was like killing him on a daily basis. She was silently sobbing but outside she was strong when he was around.

One fine day….. Radhika got a call. She rushed to the hospital and saw her full friends. Neil was totally different with specs and french beard and sam was in salwar, her wedding chain said that she was married, saral with neatly tucked shirt a very organised look and bonnie so neatly dressed. She slowly walked and one by one turned their head and saw her.

All were shocked to see that version of radhika. Neatly dressed in formals and with a bold look and organised way with a cute smile always in her face and. She walked as if she never knew them. Just then her boss came out. He saw her and she greeted him with a smile.
Kurana ; radhika good to see u . Actually arjun had met with an accident, not a big accident but his hand got fractured. All the while she was just nodding her head keeping herself unaffected. Others were spell bound by her behavior. He introduced her to neil and others. She gave a cordial smile and greeted them. Kurana asked her to go and see him and he started. She entered the room and sat on the bed looking at him. Her eyes were in the verge of breaking out. She cried silently and was happy that still he had his friends surrounding him. Radhika after some time she came out of the room. Before anyone could speak….
Radhika ; i guess mr.arjun will be alright soon. Take care of him and smiled at neil and gave an angry glare towards saral. Saral was not able to see her face as all this pain was because of his stupid jealousy. He wanted to say he is not the same saral but of no use as she will not trust him because to that extend he had done his mistake.
Neil ; radhika why are u like this ?? I never knew u will hate someone this bad that too in this situation…..
Radhika (smiled sarcastically) ; who am i to hate or love Mr. Neil ?? I am just a worker of his office and he is my boss what more relationship do i have for him ??
Neil ; radhika stop acting. Im ur neil i know u very well.
Radhika laughed big and clapped in the between the cry; ur neil……. She turned angry.
Radhika ; my neil would always stand for me not like you, this neil betrayed me when he found his girl. I made him realise that he loved her but once all done he threw me out as an unwanted dust. Neil turned mum as she was right he many times ignored her when he was talking to sam. Many times he would drag her from Sam just to spend some time with sam. Many times he would insult her but she would just smile and leave that place. He sat on the chair. It pained him. But she was least bothered

Radhika smiled at sam and gave a warm hug.
Sam ; good to see u radhika.
Radhika ; good to see u too…..

She gave a cordial smile to bonnie and a hand shake to saral.
Saral ; radhika i’m sor……. She cut him.
Radhika ; dont ….. I never had any grudge on any one but only to arjun and his words.. Just leave and she was about to leave but stopped by what neil said ; radhika their parents kicked him out. She turned and gave neil a questioning look.
Neil ; yes they threw him out.
Radhika (in a pond of tears) ; why ???
Neil ; coz he said no to a girl which his father. But arjun refused to accept the proposal then that became a huge fight and he stepped out of his house and all he had was this company and u in his heart. Radhika was staring at him and her tears were rushing out nonstop. But her hurted heart was not in the mood of believing it. She stopped trusting people .

Neil ; radhika cant u just see how much he had missed u ?? Why him me…. I missed u so much radhika. Why cant you believe us ???
Radhika ; u want me to believe me right fine i’ll believe u but how ?? Say me the way u avoided us both myself and arjun when sam said s to u. Sam sry i didnt mean to hurt u or……. The way he said cheap or…… the way saral accused me or the way bonnie said arjun is her’s …… Or The way i pleaded him to believe ?? How should i believe him ?? See im no one to him or he is no one to me. Bonnie is there for him. Let her take care of him.
Neil (lost his cool) ; so why r u wearing the ring he gifted u remove that and give it to him. He thought she will hesitate but she smiled and removed and gave back that to him. She left the hospital and she cried that she lost everything. Here all were so sad of arjun and radhika. They never knew a small thing would give this big prize.

Days passed arjun who was conscious would be eagerly waiting for radhika but his day will end in disappointment. He was discharged and when he came back he saw a boquet stating get well soon. Ur employee. Arjun knew it was radhika and was happy that she had sent him a bouquet. He joined back the office and radhika was working . She saw him and scanned him from top to bottom and thanked god silently that he is alright. Arjun smiled at her look.

Arjun again had a same old torture of radhika’s ignorance. He was fed up. He called her in and shouted ; what r u thinking of ur self ?? Why r u doing this to me ?? Ur silence and ignorance is killing me. Pls radhikawhat ever I have done is wrong pls….. im sorry . Just trust me once.
Radhika ; those were the same words i said but did u do that ?? Did u ?? He was blinking at her….

Radhika ; You know what he said that day ?? He said i was after ur money was i after ur money ?? Say me arjun say me ??? Arjun was shocked as he never knew she was this hurt. He now realised the reason behind her behavior.
Radhika ; he said how much u paid me for being with you?? Say me arjun….. how much u paid me for me being with u ?? Arjun closed his eyes. It pricked him like a hell. She was shattered and cried sitting on the floor.
Radhika ; i dont want to loose my respect again . Sry arjun but i wont…..and haa i gave back ur ring put it in bonnie’s hand and look at its beauty and left from the cabin.

Arjun took a big step to leave radhika once and for as her anger was natural as anyone would have slapped him but she just stepped aside. He packed his stuff to leave and go back to Australia. He had to start he pleaded her to be his old radhika in their special place. She too agreed.

He went to the place where they lastly spoke or they parted from each other’s life. He wore the same shirt and she came with the same way with a bag and a shirt and jeans. She was waiting for him the same way as she did that day. She had mixed feeling angry, happy, sorrow everything. He came there and saw her . She was the same old radhika whom he met, admired, fell in love and hurted her. He had tears and slowly walked towards her. She was sitting facing the other side of Arjun and felt his presence and she turned and saw her. He had the gift which she gave for him that day. She stood up and ran towards him . He opened his hands but she pushed him down and took a big hockey stick and beat him black and blue…. All the while she was shouting ” u said cheap na who is cheap ?? donkey idiot stupid u know how i was hurt. U never trusted me but dialogue like a super hero will never leave but u held bonnie that too in her waist in front of me . How dare u ?? and now leaving me . Did you think I will leave you so soon. It is either me or no one Get that…….
Arjun ; radhika u r hitting me seriously.
Radhika ; then what did u think it was a joke. Wanted u to get well so that i can hit u and admit u in the hospital. He was bleeding and finally she gave up and threw the stick and hugged him cried
He laid his head on the floor and held her tight in his heart and closed his eyes because he felt complete.

Arjun…… Arjun……….. He jerked and opened his eyes and saw radhika with a plate full of eatables. He smiled at her. She gave a questioning look.
Arjun ; nothing lost in thoughts. Radhika was smiling of what he meant. Anju who was busy drawing ran out of the room with the drawing and gave that to her parents. They saw that and that was mama papa and anju with a small house back side. They framed the picture near to their wedding pictures and their family pictures which was hanged in the room. Arjun picked Anju and wrapped radhika in her waist in his other hand and she was leaning and looking at her daughter’s art with a satisfied smile. Just then Nesam and Saral bonnie with Akash entered the house with full stuffs in their hand. Anju who saw Neil ran to him and jumped in his hands.

Neil’s son gave an angry glare as anju was in Neil’s hand. He jumped from Saral’s hand and raised his hand and asked Neil to lift him. But Arjun from the behind lifted Rahul and he peaked in Arjun’s cheeks and gave a winning smile towards Anju. The elders smiled at their kids claiming their right over their parents…. Bonnie the newly engaged with her love Akash. Saral’s wife has gone for her mother’s house for few days……

Radhika ; Fine come lets have dinner. All shouted yay and the kids hugged each other and held their hand shared same chair to eat. Others smiled and nodded and went to the dining table to have their dinner and had a happy time……..

Thats it guys….. How was it ??? Nice ?? I have just written something pls do say me your views. Love you all. Stay blessed and always smile and stay healthy.

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  1. Aadia

    I was thinking why didnt you updated this,and now its here. Really a nice one sis,love,jealousy,anger… you connected all emotions precisely. Pls update all other stories too..

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      Aadia thanks a ton dear. No yaar wheb ever I try to updste the site will have some trouble. So only It took this late. Sure I’ll update all the 3 soon sry for make u wait.

  2. Awesome 🙂

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    Outstanding shot, you nail it, well done. 🙂

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    wow i just read part 1 and part 2 together its nice

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  5. Jessie

    Rads hitting him with hockey stick..super!! He deserve tat..dint even think twice n just a apology won’t do ri8..I liked it.. claiming 4 rights.?.nice ending.. super.! TC n loads of love

    1. S.v

      Jessie thank u so much. I guessnu like action. Chalo let me try some more of action for you. Love u lods.

  6. Gauri

    Awesome fantastic mindblowing …I loved the part where Arjun was beaten black and blue by Radhika lol… great my cutie pie stay blessed 🙂 love you

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      Didi thank u so much didi. He he he even my fac part is that. Love u so much didi

  7. Sammy

    So beautiful hubby …I was crying yaar ..Arjun is the biggest idiot in this world …lol it was awesome .. amazing ..but I am missing tha tha ….pls update that soon full of pagalpanti …and hamari adhuri kahani .pls u 🙂 🙂

    1. S.v

      Aww my wifie why are u crying. Ur tears are precious. Pls dont cry darling. Im here for u. Tha tha will come on monday morning for u and all to make u all happy. Love u and km alaays there for u with my hands open to hug u . Love u so much dear

  8. Rossy

    My fav sense is when rads beat Arjun black n blue…awwww how much I loved that….wish I was there to beat….neil also deserves some beating here……lol…nowadays m gone crazy with all rowdy m mugambo type..??? twin u did best…just treat us with such lovely stories…I wanted to tell u this time…thanks a lot dear for again made me go back to apj Abdul kalam sir memories and science…i almost irked with science but now again I started to inclined towards it with new passion…thanks for that…lots of love ?

    1. S.v

      He he he twin even my fav scene was arjun getting beating from radhika. Yaar we are action manicas so we will love it. Ok only today allowed and whereever possible I will make sure that you are present in the scene. Happy ?? Sure dear wil update when something is comes to my mind. Abdul kalam sir was, is and always will be a best person . Love u lods . Bear my tight hugs.

  9. Sreee

    Omg akka…a very different cutey one…..saral ,avanukku vera vellaye irrukkamattenguthu…avan yethavuthu solla, ivanga adichchippanga..acho acho naan enna solla….hmmm….that hospital part was superb…neil in french bread…lol….ennakku chippu chippa varuthu..arjUnoda sethi saral and neillukkum odha semmaiya vilundhurrukkanum…..miss u akka…LML and HAK soon plsssss…muahhh

    1. S.v

      Sreee I always love ur comment . Sarak edho solla ivanuga adichupanunga. Yamma unakunnu engerndhudhan thonnudho ?? Een indha kolavery for all getting beatings ?? Sure dear hak half way lml…… Max will update soon dear. Pls wait .love u lods

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      Aww thank u so much lakshmi. Stay blessed.

  13. _Ritu

    Sv dear it was has love comedy care jealousy everything..a complete package..I really enjoyed Arjun getting beaten black and blue.. 😉 totally an idiot he is. 😉 do treat us wid more amazing stories dear…waiting for 2 states and where is let me live?? its been so long since u last and if u dont mind can I know ur full name?? plz dont mind dear..

    1. S.v

      Thank u ritu for your lovely words. Well dear yaa lml is pending so long. But I will surely update the next part soon dear 2 states Monday morning pakka. My name is shri. Love u lods

  14. Rg2015

    Hi it’s tooooo gud. I loved it

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      Thank you rg

  15. WOW……..mindblowing , excellent , outstanding ……as usual u r awesome…..really love it……..amazing…..please update hamari aadhuri kahani ff…eagerly waiting love uuuuu

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      Subha thabk u so much. Yup tomo hak sure dear. Love u lods.

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  17. Sweetie

    Jaan…I don’t have any words to praise this master piece..Loved it to the core.. 😀 So many emotions are dealt so swiftly,I just wanted the episode not to end..Lovely one..I liked the way Rads gave punishment to Arjun..Hockey stick,haha..Very nice one that is.. 😀 Love you loads jaan..Bye.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Jaa thank u so much. Gosh ndver knew my small work will make u happy. Thanks for calling this a master piece. Love u lods. Besr hugs and always smile.

  18. Jara

    Hockey stick lol…Akka sema superb one

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      Thank u jara. Happy that u enjoyed it.

  19. Dipika

    Sv darling it was splendid n awesome… U stopped my breathing with events happening around the story.. Rads anger is so natural… All characters played thier role perfectly

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      Dipika no words to express my gratitude for your comment. Im really on moon right now. Thank u so much dear. Love u lods.

  20. It was lovely, such a cute story. Why only Arjun, that Saral also deserved some beatings but Arjun got beaten and got a wife too. LOL
    Loved it n love u

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      Thank you so much gianna. Yup you asked me the question and the answer lol. Love you lods….

  21. Jnana

    Superb. And here I’m shocked to see saral regret. This was something we expected in the original series, but you know they always wanna show something extraordinary that ends up with something stupid.

    1. S.v

      Thank u jnana. Yuo u r right all will not be same always. And your words are true. Thank u so much.

  22. SV my sweeetheart. …it’s really superbbbb n awesome. …loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. Ardhika misunderstandings, rads hurt, neil’s counterback, Sam n Bonnie even saral guilty…but loved when rads hit arjun with hockey stick…lol..
    Loved the ending. ….kids Lil cute fight over parents……you’re amazing writer SV…muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug. ..♡♡♡

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much roma for those lovely words. Love u soo much . Always smile and bear my hugs

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