Manmarziyan – My Birthday treat (one shot)

Hiee all Sv back here thank u all for those concerned words, im all fine now back to normal and as my birthday is on tuesday i am giving a birthday treat for my friends. I have made a surprise for u guys. Pls wish me good luck for my future. Love u all….

Enjoy the ride….

The sun was on his duty of waking up but he did not know that even he is at his highest temperature we are expert to sleep. I am sleeping hugging my teddy bear myra. My twin who was a health conscious came from her morning jog but today she was hyper. Her name was rosie but she is not an ordinary rose a furious one when it comes to any one teasing any girls and a karate black belt so she is our guarding shield.
Rosie ; bunny wake up (my pet name bunny ?) sammy (my wife lol we call us husband and wife)and haa punch parvathi (pet name of jessie) and carrot (sweety was called as carrot) and dear forensics madam (gianna works in forensics dept and a crime story writer) wake up……. we were expert in sleep . Rosie took the guitar when and played the music. She was expert in punching but not playing. Bunny jerked and woke up.
Bunny ; rosie why did u shout ?? Jessie will kill u if she comes to know about that u took the guitar.
Rosie ; if she can kill me by speech why not i play and kill ?? She nodded and was about to fall back to the bed but collided with sweety’s head.
Sweety ; ouch bunny.
Bunny; sorry dear and they rubbed their heads. Rosie gave her hand and just then sammy murmured in her dream ; neil ooh neil (all bend to her as she was opening her hand for a hug and she got sweety in her embrace and sammy continued; ooh neil ur smile is my drug ur voice is my sedation.
Sweety ; is both drug and sedation are same.
They giggled and bunny said ; wait wait let her finish.
Sammy ; ooh dear pls will u marry me ??
Sweety ; well if my jai is ok with marrying u then no problem. Sammy got disturbed by the voice and she saw us.
Sammy (jerked and shouted) ; why all are u soo soo close to me ??
All the others unanimously; because we love u and jumped over sammy and laughed.
Bunny came from the bed and said “love !!!” A lone tear came from her eyes as my love was an incomplete song. It started with a beautiful note but ended suddenly even without her knowledge.

All started for the day rosie was working under a khadoos. She hated her boss always making her on her nerves. Bunny was working in a financial company and then jaan (sweety) a fashion designer was having a small boutique with her friends manha ritu and roma. They were her seniors of her college and all the 4 started the boutique and it is our fashion hub too. Sammy was in college first year with Myra in school finals.

Rosie office…….

Rosie ; again…….. he is such a stupid. only know how to get angry….. khadoos……. cant even know what to do but name is boss wow idiot and she banged her hand over the table. It got her hurt. Her khadoos who saw that rushed to her cabin as her hand was bleeding.
Khadoos ; cant u just be safe rosie god how much blood ?? And looked at her. She was amazed to see this side of her khadoos. Slowly she fainted as there was some considerable amount of blood loss.

Khadoos; Rosie ?? Rosie ?? But even when she fainted she smiled. Khadoos took her to the medic centre and treated her. After few minutes she gained her conscious he was relieved and immediately hugged her. It was different for the karate kid. She was puzzled to see so much concern from him.
Rosie ; easy sir easy im all fine now lets start to the office. He held her wrist and said ; u r going straight home. That irritated her as she hates orders not always but when it is from unknown person.
Rosie ; i said im fine cant u see me ?? And turned to leave. He held her hand and picked her in his hand and husked ; im ur boss so u have to listen to me get that ?? She nodded as she did not know why is he controlling her and why is she obeying him. He placed her in the passenger seat and took the wheels and drove back to the manmarziyan house.
Rosie; how do u know my house ??
Khadoos ; well i know everythings which are related to u and smiled.
Rosie ; so u were following me ?? In a higher tone.
Khadoos ; no just a bit concern on u dear. She widened her eyes and thought even one second more either she will punch him or bite him. She got down the car and smiled fakely said; thank u sir….and went inside didn’t even look back.

She entered the house but found the room was open. She looked suspension and found bunny crying.
Rosie ; bunny ?? Bunny looked up and ran and hugged her and cried my heart out.
Rosie ; bunny what ?? What happened ??
Bunny ; today is the day when i lastly saw my tiger twin 2 years back and hugged her tight and cried.

Tiger bunny’s true love. They met when bunny was doing her higher study abroad . They were tom and jerry then later he found his love for her and finally he confessed but she was not sure so she informed her twin and her elder sister gauri. They who first reluctant said yes when tiger spoke to them through phone and convinced them. They agreed and she too agreed then tiger and bunny had a happy 6 months. Finally she was about returned to home he promised that he will come after informing his family but never came back. Bunny called her tiger but no, he was out of reach even tiger’s friends dont know about where he is. For bunny it was her only love story.

Rosie made bunny to place her head on the lap and spoke about an eternal love story which traveled even after their death and continued when they were reincarnated in thrir next birth and that gave her peace and she slept on rosie’s lap while rosie was caressing bunny’s head.
Sam came all the way hopping inside the house.
Sweety ; why is this drama queen so happy today ??
Sammy ; well neil said yes. Myra fainted what sammy said Jessie said ; he who wanted to go for a action film.ended up in a horror movie.
Gianna ; did u analyze his real motive ?? Jessie slapped her head as gia did not come out of the lab atmosphere. Just then bunny was about to go as she got a call from the office from sathya her couligue called and said they wanted her to approve an account for which the account holder has come.
Bunny reached office and informed the same to Rosie.
Sathya ; where were u bunny ??
Bunny ; was not well dear thats why started a bit early. So what should i need to sign arjun(sathya was always called arjun by bunny) she gave the papers and found the name of the account holder tiger. Bunny was shocked.
Sathya ; bunny ……. bunny what happened ??
Bunny ; arjun is this person here ??
Sathya ; no but he will come ok bye bunny as my arjun (her fiancee) is waiting gotta go bunny and started from the office with her arjun.

Tiger came with his cousin shree/sree/sree dheeksha (as there are many friends with this name shree lol) bunny who was waiting for tiger found him coming with a girl. She was shattered. Her hopes and believes were broken when she saw him with someone as he was happy way more happy than he would always be when he was with her. He sat outside and shree entered the cabin.

Shree ; umm excuse me can u just say where is sathya as she asked us to meet a person for approval.
Bunny ; ur speaking at the same person. With tears.
Bunny ; can u say me how are u related to him so that i can fill those details too as it is not filled.
Shree (mischievously) ; well im his wife.
Bunny ; happy to hear within her tears and signed and left the room.
Tiger who was sitting found his bunny after 2 years but when he saw her she was in tears. She came to him and said ; happy married life tiger and she went out and started her house in her bike. He was confused why was she behaving like that. Just the shree came out.
Shree ; done tiger next is we need to find ur bunny
Tiger ; what did u say to her ??
Shree ; i just said we are married…..
Tiger ; god shree she is the bunny whom i was searching for these many days.
Shree ; oh my god i made a mistake come lets talk to her.
Tiger ; she wont…..
Sree ; why not ??
Tiger ; coz she will just listen to only 2 people it is her twin and her elder sister. Well i am scared to speak to her twin she is way more furious as her punch speaks before than her mouth only way is gauri di.

Gauri di was the elder sister of manmarziyan house. A person who loves all and loved by all. She is married to a dimple smile jiju shravan and has 2 beautiful twin princess sia and vidhi and a young rock star pari. She is all’s fav which makes the other girls to take pari from anyone’s hand and keep their baby sister safe.

Jessie went out with her friend . She never drinks but always accompanies her friends. One scene annoyed jessie. One guy was crying looking at the glass of drink. he was neither drinking nor throwing it but just crying looking at the glass. She went to him and banged the table. He jerked and saw her.
Jessie ; hey whats up ??
Him ; love failure sister.
Jessie ; who will love u if u call a beautiful girl sister. He turned here and there .
Jessie ; hello hello its me only. He cried even more bitterly.
Him ; my name is rishab i proposed a girl but she said she does not like me.
Jessie ; one side loveah ?? He nodded.
Jessie; well golden words from punch parvati hear it. He nodded. if u can’t change the girl……..change the girl.
Rishab ; means ??
Jessie ; well think my boy and pulled his cheeks and goes from there. With a smile.

Bunny reached manmarziyan house. She composed herself and wiped her tears and made herself normal and entered. Suddenly she was hugged by her sweetheart supriya. Her best friend and accompanied by dipika a lovely friend.
Bunny ; what a pleasant surprise ?? Supriya again hugged her. Bunny was soo happy.
Dipika ; hey im getting promoted so starting from here dear.
Myra ; well thats a good news di.
Supriya; yup guess what she is starting tomo.
The whole house shouted ; tomorrow ??
Dipika; yup ya sorry guys did not say that before sry sry…… as others were coming near her in a murderous rage finally all made a round and gave birthday bumps to the lady who did say about her trip. Bunny got a call from di.

Di spoke her that tiger is just waiting outside and was in search of his bunny and also wanted to settle first then speak to his family so that they will agree their love. It took 2 years for him to make it and finally when he wanted to speak to bunny she was not found and when he found her everything was upside down.
Bunny ; where is he di ??
Di ; waiting outside the house.
She saw him from her window who was biting his nails and holding his hair and walking in tension the same way he was when he was waiting for bunny to speak her heart out. Bunny smiled and went down and found shree sitting on the top of the car and eating ice cream with aaryan. Tiger saw his bunny standing near the gate. He ran to her and hugged her tight. She who was in verge of breaking broke out and cried hugging him. Without breaking the hug.
Bunny ; cant u just call me ??
Tiger ; sry bunny soo sorry not meant to hurt u.
Bunny ; but it was me who got hurt u idiot.
Aaryan; did she call me ??
Shree ; not u idiot its tiger now eat. They broke the hug and and he wiped her tears and said “i love u bunny….” she slapped and then said “i love u too tiger”
Tiger ; why did u slap me ??
Bunny ; for forgetting my phone number and they hugged..

Few days later.

Sammy’s college.
Person ; So guys there is a drama on Romeo and Juliet i want a girl and boy for which we will take from this lucky draw so the Romeo is neil……… all clapped and he said ; the Juliet will be played as Sammy. Sammy was about to faint as her dream came true. She came forward and stood near neil and they became the Romeo and juliet.

Ritu was busy setting the rack as sweety went out with jai as jai came after 6 months of work manha and roma were inside.
Guy ; well can i speak to miss ritu ?? She turned and found ashok the great model was standing before her. Her hands slipped and the dresses fell down.
Ritu ; aaaa annnngg raaaaajjj ??
Ashok ; no im ashok i want speak to ritu.
Ritu ; iii……..iimm ritu.
Ashok (gave a killing smile) ; can u work for me as my costume designer for my new project ??? Ritu was numb as she met her dream crush…….

Khadoos got promoted as mr.good friend by rosie as he was making himself confident to speak his heart to her.

Rishab came to jessie with a knife.
Jessie ; why r u having a toy knife it wont cut I’ll bring the sharp one.
Rishan ; jessie will u love me or not ??
Jessie ; did i say no ??
Rishab ; so u mean yes ?? In excitement
Jessie ; did i say yes ??
Rishab ; what are u saying ??
Jessie ; if u dont feel like no then dont feel it.
Rishab was literally scratching his head. Speak out pls jessie .
Jessie ; if u feel like yes then yes and she smiled and so was rishab.

Bunny and tiger were on a romantic drive on her fav Royal Enfield and bunny shouted ; i love u tiger………….. and he shouted i love u bunny and they lived happily ever after.
Hello hello the end is not here u have to bear me for more wait wait………..

Manmarziyan house……….
The house was in total mess. All were busy with the preparation as not only that it was Pari’s birthday but it was gauri di with her family coming down to visit her sisters. All were so happy to see their sister with the dimple smile jiju and also the 3 musketeers. Vidhi ran to arjun as sathya was also present there. Those both are secret partners of crime. Bunny was so happy as her family is finally one. Sia held tiger’s hands and he pulled the kid and saw bunny and winked. She took a knife and waved him in a threatening way. He smiled and peaked sia’s cheeks. Rosie was busy cursing her khadoos and all the time he was looking down as he smiled at a random woman. Nesam were busy making decorations and just then all were busy and there came Sweetie was so happy that jai was also busy helping his love in his cooking and she was all the time busy ruffling his hairs and enjoying looking at him.

All were busy and just then there was a calling bell sound. Jiju opened the door and found a perfect guy with a dashing smile his cute little sissy.
He ; hiee im idiot….
Jiju ; what ??
He ; im shiv and this is my little sissy aadia she is myra’s class mate actually myra called aadia for the birthday of myra’s sister’s daughter’s birthday party so i came…….
Jiju ; to accompany ur sister. He nodded his head.
Jiju ; myra……..(in a louder voice) which alerted the others. Myra who came hopping saw shiv immediately composed. Tiger to bunny ; that doesn’t seems to be good (as for him myra was a baby kid).

Sathya came with pari. Pari was little annoyed as she was being continuously being shifted hands and irritated. Shiv extended his hand and pari saw him and jumped at shiv. He removed the irritating bangles and shoes from her and she started to play with shiv.
Gauri didi ; he is cute na shravan(jiju). He gave a look. She looked at him and said ; what u did the same thing on bunny’s birthday that was the final day i laughed then i fell inside a deep well hmmm.
Jiju ; u r supporting him ?? Myra is just a kid i cannot do that to her.
Rosie ; jiju he seems to be quite normal and moreover he is cute. Khadoos spitted his juice when he heard from rosie the word cute.
Gianna ; as per the study which says he has some motive. All looked at her and asked what ??
Gianna ; hold on he is hmmm cute but not as cute as my assistant.
Jiju ; when did that happened ??
Bunny ; some accidents are prone to happen jiju now shut up and come. He saw gauri who was busy laughing.
We all sat for the group photo. Didi with jiju and bunny(me) with my tiger jessie with rishab, rosie with her khadoos and sathya with arjun and shree with aaryan and myra was busy talking with aadia and shiv staring at her and sweetie with jai and sam with neil and finally ritu with ashok with manha and roma came but made sure that sid sanjana and other friends of manha came there with anna ron cole and steve (best friends of bunny and tiger) and supriya and dipika through video chat came there with the kids of didi who were busy with vidhi with arjun and sia with tiger and pari with shiv.

We are the family members of manmarziyan house . We love each other and we are sisters. We stay together always , we laugh we cry we care and we always love each other. This love is the one which is binding us and making us to walk forward and that gives us the confidence as come what may we will stand together holding each other’s hands.

Thats it guys i have made pair of all of us with our fav well look alike of our arjun, Arjun(manmarziyan), khadoos(his nick name), tiger(DPO), rishab(bramharakshas), ashok(from bharat varsh) and look alike of neil are aaryan(krishna dhasi his name i guess sorry if im wrong), Jai (from my Let me live), Neil(married), and of course my jiju shravan. Hope i have mentioned everyone. If not sorry for that. Love u all stay blessed and dont forget to smile and do spare me for paring u without asking u all. Love u all.

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  1. Jessie

    Oh.. BR rishab.!! Nalla vela sonna.. naan. Yaaru adhu nu yosichutu irunden..haha..punch parvati.. lol… Sv.. kalakita ma.. wow..Manmarziyan family..!! Sema super..!! Gia..and her analysis.. and arjun scares for Rosie’s… appada…I got a look like.. oru visayathula naam moola ellam ore marhiri vela pakudhu.. edhule.. u will know..!!

    I was laughing hard ????? aiyo..hahah sammy in her dreams..hey bunny baby.. epidi ivalo nalla yosikra.. I liked BR aham.. cute a vaalu thanam panitu irundhan..1st epi I Thankss baby…!!
    Aiyo.. inaiku ni8 thoonga maatene.. lol…loved each and every part..Gauri di no Neil.. tats ri8..!! Kathi katti enaku propose panrana.. pesiya kolra mathiri scene kudututa.. am so happy.. Advance birthday wishes.. Loads of love baby..

    1. Jessie

      Typo..** maaf kijiye.. its Gauri di ko Neil..*
      I hate this typo. Correct aana edathule thapa varthaiya potradhuku auto correct nu peru..cha…!!

      1. Sammy

        Jessie dear in BR …aham’s shower scene …god i was ogling at him . .drooling … my dad was changing channels …in mind i was screaming ….dad ..we mmz writers are dying to watch these scenes ..and here you are interested in changing channels …..god as ususal …i rushed after that to took a shower ….what a hot scene ??????????

      2. Jessie

        Hahah sammy.. yaar.. I will try catching that epi..u took shower at last.. ??? Awwwieee.. Aham .. !! And

      3. S.v

        jessie baby thank u so much and pidichirundhudha yes yes i know our mind thats why replicannu solli irundhen happya ?? BR naan pathadhey illa to be frank oru scene dhan paathen and remote kai mariduchu so change padak. onnum panna mudiyadhu but adhula khadoos illya so naan paakala, love u so much and thank u for the os neraya vaati padichuten and was all the time smiling thank u love u so much

  2. Brin

    S.v the story is good and your birthday is coming up, I have an OS in my mind, will write it for your birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      soo sorry brin i did not write ur name im such a stupid so sorry coz u will always encourage us with ur words im a so sorry brin. But waiting for that os eagerly coz u r expert in thriller plot. Eagerly waiting. thank u so much

  3. Sammy

    Ooooo mmyyyyyyy godddddd …what was that ……hubby …my heart will surely get blast today …’NESAM’ …..for me and Neil ……oh my god …that dream of mine ….i was blabbering……??????Neil pls marry me …..and romeo and juliet …god i fainted……???and when i arrrived at home …..i was like ….me and Neil together…..Myra fainted????and jessie’s dialogues were awesome ….horror movie …haha lol ….?????sweetie di ….me drama queen???????….. rishab and jessie ….rishab ..with a toy knife …say it you love me ?????and jessie …change the girl ….????my gianna baby …needs to check on Neil ……Nesam Nesam ….i am jumping …shouting ….on my bed ..god ..i am blushing hard …??????Sathya akka and me grab Arneil …..wao akka me and you are awesommmme …???bunny and tigerrr so cute …. ????Rosie di and her boss …cute khadoos ……????really Neil’s smile is drug and voice is sedation ….??mu cheeks are aching ….really what a surprise …i am smiling ..too much ….i am Mrs Neil Arav Malhotra. ….wohooo yipee ……hubby ..where are you ….i am bringing a jet right now …let’s go to pluto right now …will celebrate your birthday alone …romantic date ..โคโคโคโค??????? and you …slow dance ???happy bday …hubby …tuesday …4 th october ……????????so much less time i need to give you a surprise …???time for your wife to show some skills ..well dear tell me your name ..full name ….that will be more helpful …..????and really hubby …i love you ..for this one ….more ……much more ….???it will be a like a beautiful memory for me …already saved it as a screenshot ….???and proud to live at house …planet …MANMARZIYAN. ……i am crying now ??…meeting with people like you the best happened in my life …..pehle kyu nahi join kiya maine yeh page …stupid me . ????..whenever i feel low …..hubby i don’t know how it happens …but your 2 states. ….is already updated ….really …what a connection we have ..heart to heart ????
    Lines for you … ( typical Sammy style)
    Your fragrance ….your smile ,
    Crushing my ego all the time.
    The sweet voice of your soul,
    Played with my heart beats many times and i want more.
    Time is in rush , to see the maturity of you, i am in rush to stop the time from bothering you.
    Those people are stupid ,who never turned to see you again , here it’s me who never forgets to admire your shadow.
    Love is not enough to describe the intensity with which the sun rays kiss your cheeks , and friendship is not enough to describe your affection for me .
    Okay .i don’t ..know . Surely these …lines are from crazy brain ????

    1. Sweetie

      Arey maine kuch nahin kaha sweety..All credit goes to my Jaan,who planned all this..Ask her.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. S.v

      it was all me who did for my family coz i knew ur name is a perfect match for neil and so i did that and yes take the jet let us elope to pluto and dance till we have last % of energy. Why are u crying ?? look we all are here together and yes dont say that im the late one to enter here but we are now a family of manmarziyan house ok my hands are wide open to hug u tight and 2 states max tonight i will update it as medicine is still working on me so max over only some some to write. Love u so much and those words of sammy style its only u can think all those words u r my darling princess u have a golden heart. Preserve it and always stay happy love u so much and thank u so much

  4. Aasthu

    Hey Sv…………….firstly advanced HAPPY BIRTHDAY……..may God fulfill all your wishes……and best of luck for a bright future…………..

    This OS was really confusing with so many characters……but I managed to keep up….hats off to you for writing this without getting confused……if I were in your place I wouldn’t attempt this in the first place…………..but ri8 nw I’m not in a jolly mood…………..I’m in a killer mode…….I simply want to stab that GS Ghurye , MN Sreenivas (sociologists) and most importantly that vile PB Shelly…………..Y can’t he write some simple and easy to understand and study poems???????? Dirty creature……….bcoz of him I’m struggling…………….these afore mentioned heartless people are troubling me………

    Don’t mind me…I’ve gone mad… exams are up the sleeve….and I’ve to study their works…that’s y there was an uproar from my side…………anyway be happy……and once again a very happy advanced birthday………………….love u………….TC………muah…………

    1. S.v

      thank u aasthu ok my god why in a kolavery mood , i can understand what to do ?? hmm nothing can be done, bear it and finish it and dont look back thats all we can do all the best for the exams. Rock the exams well love u so much take care

      1. Aasthu

        Thanks S.v for your reply……I’ve posted an OS fo u……do read it……..

  5. Sweetie

    Jaan,OMG!!! I’m jumping in happiness..Me with Jai..?I’m blushing..?You did analyse how much I love Jai of LML,isn’t it??Thank you so much for the surprise..?Carrot???My nickname is Carrot,I didn’t know my nickname till this day,seriously???Me fashion designer???Woh bhi Manha di,Roma di and Ritu ke saath,hayeee…?
    Sammy-drama queen..?And she is going to kiss me thinking me as Neil..Nahin..I’m straight rey..?Finally she got her dream man Neil,I’m happy for that..?
    Gianna di-was unable to come out of her lab duties..?Socho humara jiju ka kya hoga jab woh kahenge ILU,then she will say “Kuch toh gadbad hai” in Pradhyuman style..?
    Gauri di-lucky you,got three angles and bataaya hi nahin,mai katti hoon aapse..?Shravan jiju itna romantic hai,haayee..?
    Jessie ki toh lottery lag gayi,she is threatened by her own lover to accept her love..?Sahi hai punch parvathi,she gives all punches to us and now she got babaji ka tulluu..?
    Rosie di is with our world famous khadoos and he got promoted to her friend,wow,what an improvement..?
    Ritu with Ang Raj…She should have fainted by now if she would have read this..?
    Myra and Shiv-cutie cutie..โ˜บ
    Sathya-Arjun and Sree-Aryan are lovely ones..?
    Last but never the least,your tiger and bunny..?Tiger is afraid of Rosie di’s punches..Hehe..Correct hai or else he would have been admitted with broken leg in hospital if he had proposed to you in front of her..?
    Love you loads Jaan and thanks again for this surprise..?

    1. Jessie

      Babaji ka tullu.. ?? gosh…am laughing like mad reading that… hmm…Gia n jiju to ghadbad.. wah..wah…rofl..Rosie ke naam se darr lagta hai Tiger ko

      1. Sweetie

        hehe..How’s that my darling sister?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Laugh till ur tummy hurts.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. S.v

      i said na that day i have a surprise for u thats this only u loved it jai i thought might be with this i can help it but wanna give a known face so look alike of neil. just think not only in this but in reality if any one ever dreams to come and propose me i will bring him to our house and u guys will give a royal treatment and first blow will be rosie i know that. Lol love u so much and im so happy for ur words. Love u lods.

  6. Rossy

    Lol…twin seriously I salute you first for writing this…with soooo many names……that is a great talent dear…and i really half fainted seeing myself there that to as health conscious and jogging…omg my mother will be happy if she see me wake up early…lol…m not a morning person…hehe…now happy advance birthday girl…u see u wrote everyone name but I can’t remember with whom they paired…lol..silly me…stay happy…will definitely have a splendid birthday ?

    1. S.v

      yup our family is big so need to do that right, yaar some times joot tho bolna zaroori hai he he he u r my twin how will u be morning girl ?? we are a unique twins. thank u so much for the wish(only for the wish now no violet emoji ok )

  7. mindblowing.

    1. S.v

      thank u

  8. Aadia

    Sisssyy…….no no,bunnyyy…???and that was a just connected almost all members of Mmz family…and every pairs Suuuupeerb. Such a nice birthday treat…gauri Di and jiju..,Jessie akka and Rishab..and if you change girl…change the Di and motives,Sammy’s Neil….Rossy and guitar…
    Advanced birthday wishes sissyyy …lack of short comment..

    1. S.v

      thank u so much aadia my cute lil sissy u happy then im soo soo happy ….. just wanna connect my family did that im happy that u enjoyed it love u so much

  9. Omgggg SV millions hugsss and kissessss for this beautifulllll os yarr../i couldnt able to blink when i saw all we are there in the manmarziyan house..omg..i cant tell you how happy i am….sweetie,rosie,sammy.gia,gauri,u,supri,me..jesss…..this soooo beautiful..n tiger n bunny confession were sooo cute……out of world..jess saying yess..haha..she is like that only…haha..lovge you laods….muhhhhaa

    1. S.v

      dheeps u happy ?? i gave u birthday bumps he he he jessie is always like tat she is a unique one when it comes to commenting so i love her for that and yes i wanted everyone to attend my birthday function so i made this. Love u so much for those words. Love u lods.

  10. Myra

    Awwwiiee ????
    Sv akka this was so cute…..thank you so much! ?

    Manmarziyan House….??

    And happy birthday in advance!!!
    Now, that you have laready treated us….what gift would you like? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Akkka, do you know this story just made my day….i was so tired and pissed off when i entered back home and now i am all cheerful and happy….well, thats the power of your words…
    Love you so so much ??

    1. S.v

      teddy bear thank u so much hmm as u asked me a gift im asking u a os from u a cute os from u just like u a cute os queen one. Love u so much

  11. Tara

    omg… ????????????????
    shoooooooooooo shweetttttttt,,,
    unique ..actually most unique…
    hope u get all the happiness..
    loads of love..

    1. S.v

      tara thank u so much and thank u so much for ur words. Love u lods.

  12. Rossy

    Happy birthday ? dear twin…many many happy returns of the day ?…hope u will enjoy ur day fullest

    1. S.v

      thank u thank u thank u for the wish im enjoying with many os here love u so much meri twin muhhaaaaa

  13. Ohhh ponnie how are you????? Wish you many more happy returns of the day dr may all you dreams comes true…..gob bless u baby loveu muuhhhhhaaaa ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      gayathri finally vandhutiya thank u so much for the wish and love and im missing u badly dear stay blessed

  14. _Ritu

    Sv …millions hugs nd kisses for writing this one ? ? ? ? ๐Ÿ™‚ So this was d surprise u were talking about…it jst amazing dear…literally m cursing myself for reading it so late..duffer me ?.. I enjoyed each nd every part…u r jst fabulous…Rosie promoted her Boss ๐Ÿ™‚ nd Jessie… ? Bunny Sv… ๐Ÿ™‚ nd me wid Ashok… ?? I literally fainted dat tym while blushing ๐Ÿ™‚ it was rocking dear…our manmarziyan house :)…wish one day we all mmz fans gather together nd party hard jst lyk dis… ๐Ÿ™‚ loved it to d core…loads of love. nd may ur bday comes every week so we get to read dis amazing OS often…loads nd loads of love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      did u like my surprise ?? yes this was the one which i was talking about i know u love arjun so made him as a pair for u yup im bunny only he he he obsessed with DPO. Sure will update many os like this love u too.

  15. Meen

    wooooooooow… im jealous of all of them….aah…..but this one was simply amazing….once again hats off to u s.v….muuuuuha

    1. S.v

      Thank u meen love u too dont be jealous u will get ur fav in ur birthday. Lol love u

  16. Awwwww…sv…muaaaaahhhhhh…u haven’t forget anyone…n even included arjun n Neil in their different avatars for each of us….very very veryyyyyyy awesoooooome n cuteeeee….I just wanna hug you so tighttttt….many many happy returns of the most precious day my sweeeeeetheart darling SV..may Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life n all your wishes come true….aameen. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh… โ™กโ™กโ™ก ๐Ÿ˜‰

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