Manmarziyan – My Birthday Gift (3 shots) Shot-2


Hello…People of Planet Manmarziyan.. Here Iam back with the 2nd shot of this story.. This part is the reason why my OS took a diversion for 3 shots..Thanks a lot for ur support.. Wish Silent readers to share their views too… And.. Pls do ignore my Typos and Grammatical errors.
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My Birthday Gift


Radhika got into her room, locked it, jumped on her bed.Her eyes got little wet.. She missed him.. She saw the family portrait on the wall..

Radhika with Arjun in her hands, Neil and Sam on either sides of her. Radhika, lying on her stomach got into thoughts. Arjun was one year old in this photo. Neil is her everything after her parents. Sam his love just showered more love on her after she became a part of their family. Its Arjun. who brought the heavenly happiness to them. Radhika thoughts and her world revolved only around their family until she met Arjun on Arjun’s birthday last year. Yes. Arjun Mehra.. Neil brought home on this same day of last year. Neil will never bring his business partners or staffs to home, he loves family moments to be all privacy protected.The flashes of remembrances played before her eyes.

Radhika who came holding the cake tray dressed in light blue anarkali chudi was bowled over looking the guy before her. He was wearing
a indigo blue silk self designed shirt with black formal trousers with a gift in his hand,speaking to Neil with a smile. The 6 ft handsome turned towards her with the same smile and Radhika stood lost. She composed herself ,moved around to place the cake. Neil gave a mutual introduction. Whenever she saw Arjun, she caught his eyes at her with a simple smile. Both the Arjuns gelled with eachother.
He had gifted a car toy with remote. They both operated it and played. Radhika did feel bad when he left without dinner.

After 3 months., they met again unexpectedly when she got drenched in rain.,she neglected when he offered a lift. Arjun informed Neil which made her to accept with no other choice.

“Why did u hesitate though u know me? Do I look like a bad boy ?”He asked after a few mins of drive.

She was already drenched and the AC was high. “Not like that” the feeble reply made him to notice her and he reduced it.

“Then why?” he asked.

She just looked flat and said “Sorry”

“Oh.. Not like tat.. he smiled and continued.. You din’t prefer to speak with me on Arjun’s b’day also and now . I thought something is wrong”he said and glanced her sideways.

She listened starring the carpet beneath.

“Do u want a coffee?” He asked pointing the weather.

“No thanks” she replied

“hmm.. so it is ice cream.?! isn’t ” he smiled at her.

With widened eyes she looked him, he being happy on receiving some response continued “I had seen u having Ice cream after u get drenched well in the rain..”

“when?” she cut in

“Hmm.. last year.. I daily use this road and I often get to see u… Like 2 or 3 times a day, doing one or other cute things….then I saw in Old age home on your b’day…my b’day..But I never knew u were Neil’s sister, I got to know about you further.. U are a sweet girl Radhika!” he sing sang his love history to her with much familiarity.

Arjun saw her starring him, he smiled and asked “And do u remember my name? hmm??” he asked raising his brows.

she got out of the trance and said “Yes.. Arjun”

” And I love you.. Deeply .. Madly and Honestly” he said applying brakes.

She just blinked in response.They sat looking each other for some 5 mins. His mobile rang breaking their eye lock. He sighed. She mumbled “Thanks” while she got down. She turned when he called out and said “Radhika.. that’s my pleasure my soon to be wife” he winked at her response. Radhika was rooted to the spot for few secs. “Jerk..Idiot” she cursed reaching her room. she now smiled thinking about her anger she had then. She became conscious about his presence after that incident ..2 months passed like that…

One day., she saw him in Neil’s office when she went to give some important file which lil Arjun took from his bag as a revenge on his dad for keeping his candies away. Neil was in meeting,so she was in his cabin. Arjun came in to meet Neil, she thought to leave and he himself being surprised said “long time.. Glad,I got to see you in person.. seems now a days you got conscious about my presence? ” with a smile.

She had nothing to reply, he disturbed her on the first meet itself, and now after the confession she wasn’t sure about anything, she doesn’t want to be a problem between Neil and Arjun so she chose to be silent.

“Hello..My to be wife.. Dreamland ?”” he winked with a smile

“Is this the way you speak with every other girl. Will you propose to everyone who gets a lift in your car?” She asked a random one.

Neil came in asking “Watss up ..Hey got the file. Thanks..” He noticed both of them “Man.. what’s happening “he asked looking Arjun.

“Nothing Neil.. I proposed her and she thought me to be a jerk” he sighed. Radhika just rolled her eyes at his audacity..

“Do that again”Arjun said amused.

Neil cleared his throat and mock glared Arjun with a smile. “Okay.. I have sent a mail to u. have a look. Tats y I came here.”Arjun said and paused a look at her before leaving.

Radhika said “Neil.. he is very playful I guess” .

“He is serious Chasini. Arjun is seriously in love with you. I got to know few months back. He just beat a guy black and blue who tried to misbehave with u in the mall and that’s when I got to know. I always liked him as a person. But I had a hesitation, what he will think if I take the proposal. ” Neil said explaining.

“Meanss..” Radhika asked confused as she din’t expect this from Neil.

“Like he shouldn’t get it wrong that Am taking advantage of being partners. But when he got to know about you, he got the same hesitation. I was happy with his proposal and that’s why he came home”Neil finished looking Radhika. “But., Chasini.. The decision is yours. your decision will never affect our business.,so don’t confuse yourself” He said as a matter of fact.

“Okay.. am getting late” she said as she left.. Neil just smiled. Radhika noticed Arjun working in his cabin, he caught her noticing and gave a flying kiss., and laughed seeing her surprised.

But She never thought Arjun would become the best buddy of her laadoo Arjun.. He along with Neil had seen Arjun beating the guy in the mall and that’s how Arjun became his superman. Arjun started visiting them casually, and took Radhika with lil Arjun citing random reasons after she met him in office. It has been 6 months., Arjun spent all his possible free time with her,She was impressed with his genuine and gentlemanly
behavior. He waited for Radhika’s nod but would say time and again that once after their marriage he wouldn’t wait for her nods making her to roll her eyes at his naughty mentions. Sometimes., Arjun would Pickup lil Arjun from his school. It was once then, Radhika asked “Why its like that he calls you Superman?’

“Oh.. Tats boy’s secret!” he winked at lil one and continued “I help him at times with my ideas”

“You?” She asked in surprise.

“Yes..I have heard that now a days., you don’t scold him for his mischief ” controlling his smile he asked “Why so? what he does so that u stand….? he dragged when lil Arjun finished for him “Statue”

She got the flashes of lil Arjun hugging her deep and kissing on her cheeks saying “This is from Superman” whenever she finds him doing mischiefs. She would stand still when he does that and the lil one makes that as his escape.. Thinking that her jaw automatically hung open. Arjun laughed heartily.

“You are spoiling my laadoo” she said accusing when lil Arjun went inside after they reached home.

“Its you., who force my brain to bring such ideas.. U keep me away from you.. then what would I do..”He pouted like the lil one..she just rolled her eyes.. “I warn you., Don’t do that. Else I won’t be able to control myself” his words made her to take long strides away from him.. His dark chocolate eyes and his voice while saying those made her to blush even now.

She thought to propose him 10 days before.That day., She saw Neil to be anxious and impatient from the morning. She called Arjun several times and finally went to his office.. He just left her call continue ringing when he had the phone in his table itself.. She went in and he looked up. He thought for a second, “Evening 4 I will meet you..” he spoke like a robot.
He was so engrossed in his work and he attended his mobile when it rang.. She felt too offensive.. She was confused with his actions and behavior, but still she waited for him, she noticed his car to cross but he dint get down. She sat in a nearby bench expecting him to return. There, his car came after some half an hour and She clearly saw him on a call.The car just passed her. And he dint bother to meet her. She immediately
called him., after a busy tone, he said “Am leaving to Mumbai for a work.. Sorry couldn’t meet you. Its urgent” He hung the call without listening her reply.. It hurt her bad.

Arjun did call after reaching Mumbai.. Radhika avoided speaking with him. He tried his level best but nothing could be done.Neil explained her
about the need for sudden trip. But nothing changed her. Sam convinced Neil that Once Arjun reaches here, she will be normal.So., Neil just left it to her.

Was that her expectation on him to give her more preference than anything else in this world or his avoidance on the day she wanted to propose? Whats’s the reason? she wasn’t sure what hurt her bad that stopped her to say yes for Arjun’s proposal when Neil asked about that later.She took the ring she got for proposing him.. Her heart felt heavy thinking that she couldn’t propose him..She stood with tears.

She heard the door knocked, followed by a sweet voice..”Radhuuuuu..”


So.,Guys,.. Here it is..I did feel that Ardhika meet should be said bit detailed..that’s y its 3 shots. So how was it…? Pls do share ur views after
reading.. Thanks for Reading..

Take care and Loads of love to u all..

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  4. Sathya

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    1. Jessie

      Haaye.. mere Arjun ki deewani..aapko pasand aaya..wah…Thank you so much…love u tooo satz…

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      Thanks Ritu… Awwieee.. Really.. you want him..hahah.. oly work dear.. nothing else.. am so happy reading ur words.. Love u loads 🙂

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