Manmarziyan – My Birthday Gift (3 shots) Shot-1

Hello..People of Planet Manmarziyan.. This is Jessie here with 3 shots this time. A thought just popped up in my mind I thought to
framed it as 3 shots. I did plan for OS but ended up in writing 3 shots. so,pls share ur views after reading. Pls do ignore my Typos and
grammatical errors.. Happy reading..

My Birthday Gift

Shot 1

“Arjun.. Arjuun… Where r u” Radhika was searching him room to room. Why he has to hide from me today she just thought while checking her balcony and peeped behing the curtains and below the cot., where not.. He has got this habit of staying silent when she is in the mission to find him. He would grin widely when she finds and hug her which has the power to make her silent. He is getting Impossible
now a days she thought and yelled “Neil.. Where is Arjun?” .

Neil who was sitting on d bed with clothes messed up around him, said with a mocking smile “Why do u ask me? After all., he is ur laadoo and don’t u know his hideouts.”

“I searched.. but, leave that.. why are sitting like a idiot.. clean the mess.” she ordered.

“Kill u chashni.. If u order me again.. This mess is coz of ur laadoo.. So u clean this as a punishment of spoiling him”

She Giggled and said “Why me? U should. After all U are his father isn’t?” she ran out the moment she finished saying and rushed downstairs..

“why is this Gulab jamun so small..” she heard a voice from kitchen. Radhika peeped into kitchen and her eyes searched the person of the voice., no where found. Then she saw the closet door beneath the kitchen counter to open and a hand came out pulled Rana kaka’s kurta, then extended asking another jamun. She tip toed, when Ranakaka was about to give Jamun she took it and that brought Arjun to peep from
his hideout.. He smiled sheepishly and she returned the same.

“Actually., I was just checking with the taste” 5 yr old Arjun Malhotra said which made Rana kaka to let a Surprise gasp.

“Oh Really!” Radhika mocked and asked “And why there?”

“Oh That!! I just checked was that closet cleaned.. It’s cleaned” He said like a report and started to walk and ran the next moment.

“Oh not again!” she sighed and ran behind “Ajjuuu..Plsss.. ” she pleaded “Radhu… Plssss” he mimicked..
Neil laughed hard seeing this.. “Neiluuu.. ” he cooed and sat beside him on the sofa looking the decors. The hall is fully decorated with balloons and Stars hanging from ceiling in a array of designs. There was a Thermocol cutout Mickey doll fixed on the wall holding “Happy Birthday ARJUN” around which illuminative flower stickers are pasted. Radhika was exhausted.

“It’s beautiful Chashni” Neil appreciated

“Thanks Neilu” she mimicked Arjun and Arjun laughed..

“Why u exhaust yourself in this, I told its just a small cake cutting.Only we are the ones going to be here” he thought to reason out.

“So..wat “She started angrily ” I did this for my laadoo.U be quiet”

“But u did alone..”Neil continued

“Not alone.. Radhu and my gf did it” Arjun said

Neil with raised eyebrows saw him “and who’s ur gf?”

“U know her. Radhu’s friend ” “What?” Neil asked

“Yes..She proposed me yesterday and I said ok” Arjun said on a serious note .Radhika couldn’t control more laughed out loud..

“Why is he blabbering”he asked

” Actually, we decorated according to his opinions, both of theirs likes were same, so she just said I love him and he caught that” Neil just rolled his eyes listening Radhika. “You know. he asked her to propose on knees” Radhika continued in between laughing.

Neil asked “How come he is like this at this age?’ blinking.

“Like Father.,Like son “Came a mock reply from upstairs. It’s none other Sam, Samaira Malhotra descending downstairs with her phone..

“Arjun.. Call for u” sam called. Arjun was by that time checking the box which Radhika had till now in her hand.

“Hmm.. Who’s that?’ Radhika n Neil made faces at his attitude, while sam said “Arjun” And he replied the same “Who’s that?’ ”

Sam stressed now more “Arrjjunn”

“Haan”He flipped his head., Sam shaked the cordless phone”Arjun” she said “Haa..” he realized what sam said and squealed.. “Superrrmaan” he ran and got the phone in one jump..

“Superman.. When will u come?”Arjun Squealed.. Neil and sam watched him with a smile. Rads was silent.

“Thank u.. muaah.. I love u too” he said energtically …”Really!! Ok..! Yess.. All fine.. “he spoke like a grownup…Radhika got up and walked towards her room. Arjun pulled her hand she bend down, He kept the phone on her ears, Rads listened silently and tried to move, Arjun pulled her back, kissed her cheek saying “This is from superman”

“Am gonna kick your superman” She hissed and went.

“Radhu is still angry. U are gone!” he said with all cute antics making Nesam to admire their son.

Radhika got into her room, locked it, jumped on her bed.Her eyes got little wet.. She missed him. Her eyes fell over the family portrait on the wall.


So., guys thats it….I will end this in 2 more shots. Do share ur opinions and reviews.. Thanks for reading.

Take and love u all loads.

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  1. Anu-Annie

    hey jess.. it was awesome. so nice. i was laughing due to little Arjun’s antics.

    the plot is nice and pls update soon. i will read it after sneaking out from my parent’s sight.

    love you. take care.

  2. Anu-Annie

    hey jess.. it was awesome. so nice. i was laughing due to little Arjun’s antics.

    the plot is nice and pls update soon. i will read ithe next part after sneaking out from my parent’s sight.

    love you. take care.

    1. Jessie

      Anu…thanks a lot dear… am happy! I too laughed while framing his antics. U need to sneak out? Take care dear…will update u too

  3. Aasthu

    haha….you first confused me….but then cleared all the confusion………its really cute…….lil Arjun esp…..oh I felt like kissing him….give him one from me…… when his lil Arjun’s superman gonna enter the show with a bang?????????

    1. Jessie

      Aasthu.. finally no confusion.. am happy then.. will give.. lets both kiss him.. superman is on his way.. Thanks dear.

      1. Aasthu

        Jess give my kiss on lil Arjun’s right cheek okay????????

    2. Jessie

      Done…!! :);)

  4. Starz

    First I thought raneil as couple with arjun as their son….?? UFf thank God my assumption came not true….loved it… please upload next one soon dear…

    1. Jessie

      hahaha… thought to give u all a surprise.. thanks a lot starz.. will update it

  5. Dipika

    Jessie darling this so cute..Arjun hiding in kitchen’s closet and peeing to eat the gulab jammon..i want one it too… omg…Arjun is so adorable…..but jess i’m confused..Radz married to Neil or nesam are husband wife..and who is the superman to whom Arjun was talking..m so eager to knw all this…loads of love!!!!!

    1. Jessie

      yay!! now I wanna dance reading ur comment.. aapko bi gulab jamun.. nesam is d pair. I wrote in last line. superman.. !! that also i had said… ur dream boy deepz.. Love u loads.. muaah

  6. Di….u r reallyyy from planet manmarziyan… Coz a simple can’t b so perfect, innovative, fast and punctual… U r realllyyy from sm where else only….MATLAB seriously how u pop this ppl can’t get tym to think also..and u being a jet just writing and posting… That WS marvelous… Reallyyy a wowwwwww. .with lits of wwwwooowww and wiowww….
    BT Di sm confusion …bt I kn it will definitely b cleared till next part…ur reallyyy amazing… And u km wt…I really want to to jhinga lala hooo hoo dance with u …coz I am just becoming mad 4 u…bt I will not bcim alone I will carry u also…haha lol…bt Di it WS really kadak …lots of lv 4 u …and infinite kisses , hug and don’t in wt wt??
    B like this only…and post soon coz I really want to do jinga lala dance..bye tc

    1. Jessie

      Anaaa.. Bear hugs lil sis.. lively comment dear.. u made my day.. Thanks a lot.. we all belong to Planet Manmarziyan.. there are many other wonderful writers here, and thanks for lifting my ready.. we shall do jhinga lalal dance together,… haha am just smiling reading ur words.. ok dear.. will post soon… Love u loads… take care..

      1. Hehe Di..for sure jungli dance… BTW r u in college or doing job??? Casually asking…just want u kn more…and will u b my Bff…

      2. Jessie

        Anaa..lil sis.. am done with college.. no more studies.. lol.. well u can become a reg member here and send pm to know more.. and yep.. will be..! done!

  7. Cute ……may there are two Arjun …….hmm …..plz don’t make me to wait

    1. Jessie

      Thanks for commenting Shreya. will post soon.

  8. Gauri

    Just wow Jessie…..I want to read next one now πŸ™‚ pls post soon πŸ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Gauri.. will Post soon.

  9. S.v

    oru nimisham neil and radhika dhan pairohnu nenachuten bayandhuten when i read the name arjun sutham kutty payyana arjunnu nenachen then superman aparam nesam son apdinodaney dhan uyire vandhuchu. super man yippiee its my arjun i know that so when will my super man come to see his ladoo ?? baby super awesome love u so much muhhaaaaa

    1. Jessie

      haiya.. bayapada vachoma.. thats Jessie.. neenga ethana shock kuthurukeenga,, athan chumma lolalaiku nanum kuduten.. epidi.. lol.. yes.. superman vandhu konde irukirar.. avar superman illaya,, over a panrar.. hahha.. thanks a lot baby.. love ur comments… love u so much..

  10. Shubhadha

    Jessie….very very nice.. love you dear

    1. Jessie

      Thank u Shubha di.. Love u too

  11. Jewel

    jessie when i start reading, i thought u made arjun as son of neil and radhika…. i liked the little arjun a lot…. bt i was like’ why u made arjun as son of radhika instead of that u can make neil as ardhika’s son na’….. bt when i reading that phone call part, i was so happy, ardhika is there…. and arjun is the super man of little arjun and that kiss. ohh little arjun is really cute… and this is a cute chapter jessie, liked it a lot… waiting for the next… eager to know what happened btwn ardhika….

    1. Jessie

      haha.. thats also a good idea na Jewel.. hmm… will try some time.. yess..yess. u got it correct.
      he is the superman.. Thanks a lot dear.. Am so happy reading ur views.. Its kinda energetic..
      Will post soon dear… love u loads..

  12. Meen

    hii jessie……im glad u wrote this update……i mean it was a pleasure to see this cute arjun……i only wish u will would wite about my cute little neil……..waiting for next one eagerly….love u dear

    1. Jessie

      Meen.. am so happy that u liked.. Thanks a lot dear.. cute lil Neil.. will do it.. will post soon dear.. Love u too..

  13. Brin

    Interesting plot, waiting for the next shot. πŸ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Brin.. will post soon..

  14. Sathya

    Marvelous shot….. So cute…. Jessie u r rocking girl… N I can see that now u r addicted to write more n more n more….. N we r also addicted to read more n more n more from u…. Continue the next song soon.

    1. Jessie

      Sathyaa.. Thank u so much… haha ..yes.. addicted.. all bcoz of writers like u… will do it dear..

  15. RituM

    jessie…..beyond my words….o wow….its amazing yaar…..!!!!

    1. Jessie

      woo.. Thats a gr8 compliment.. Thanks Ritu..

  16. hii frnds i am new here…tbe story is good.pls suggest me some more stories in mmΕΊ world

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Sima.. Well.. all stories in mmz world are too good.. Welcome to mmz world dear..

  17. Shree

    Too cute!! Too very cute!!

    Update soon ponne. Love you so much ??

    1. Jessie

      Thank u..Thank u… Love u too

  18. Just awesome Jessie, wow wow wow beautifully written, just loved it. Now post the next two shots soon. Love u

    1. Jessie

      Swthrt… thanks a lot.. this is so boosting.. will update sooon.. love u too dear

  19. Sree_deeksha

    oyy jessie… loved it yaar… AWSOME..!!really waiting for the next two shots… post soon…dont let me wait more…

    1. Jessie

      Deekshu… thanks a lot dear.. will post soon..

  20. Sammy

    Lovely jessie cute i guess superman will be Arjun Mehra ..only …soooo nice Arjun Malhotra vs Arjun Mehra ….hehe awesome ???

    1. Jessie

      Yaar sammy.. thanks a lot dear.. hahah .. yes..

  21. Rossy

    Jazzzzyyyyy……soooooo cute…little Arjun n lil rads ordering around…Arjun had gf….hahaha hahaha I was laughing mad at that time…kids nowadays really impossible….btw who is that superman…m really wondering what will be the gift??? Rads sad…why?? Coz Arjun has a gf…lol…..jeeeeeji update soon…both stories ????

    1. Jessie

      Rossie… lal.. arjun is lil.. Radz not..yep..
      U are not1 less than a cbi in finding things.. chalo.. batao na…whom do u think ? Arjun….arrey… badi beeji mai update karungi?????am laughing reading ur comment

  22. Wowwww. ..soooooooo lovelyyyyyy. …jessss.’s very interesting. ..I’ll arjun is so cuteeee…n nesam very cute couple. ..radhika so sweeeeeet, obviously she is our chashni. ..n arjun…Superman. ..wowwww. sweeeeeet n beautiful narration. .keep it up honeyyy. . .love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Jessie

      Am glad u enjoyed reading…Thanks a lot Roma di.. love u loads..

  23. Hemalattha’s very interesting

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Hema.. πŸ™‚

  24. _Ritu

    Jessie… me back again wid d same question.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ lol now u will surely kill me πŸ˜‰ Again an intriguing story.. All cute cute .. πŸ™‚ going to read d nxt one..loads of love πŸ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Rituuuu…bear hugs… thanks a lot.. read. Will wait for ur comment.. loads of love

  25. Tara

    awww di.. this was shoooo cute.. chotu baby..
    really loved it… btw di what abt ur ff my sweet mistake.. i remember reading 3 chappys.. can u provide me the links of the next parts…
    love ya..

    1. Jessie

      Taraaa…bear hug…thank u.. abt ff links..I will tell u even more easy way..u click my name… then in dat profile page..choose the pen symbol.. it gives d list of my updates.. try it…love u loads dear..

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