Manmarziyan – Believe me! Ye Dil -E- Beqaraar(Two Shots) Shot 2

Hello…the 2nd lal.. thanks for demanding me..I was able to do this.. and Shri baby, Arjun pov included as a dialogue.. Thank you RituM for sharing about
Karva chauth..I did question her back to back..This shot for all you three.. Thanks a ton to my readers for the lovely encouraging comments.. It boosted me like anything.. more
than Complan and Horlicks..Thank u all..Pls ignore my Typos and Grammatical errors..


Believe Me! Ye Dil -e- Beqaraar

Shot 2

“Give me My Arjun”I prayed at Aarti time..First time!! There she was…Arjun’s mom..And she saw me and smiled too…God is great! I saw the idol with a ever thankful look and smile surprising the God! Trust Radhika Mishra to surprise her creator itself!! I din’t see Arjun..But got know., he was back from UK… still single…God is double great!! I quickly made my mind to propose him the day I meet him..What? No..The next day..After that day,I resided more on that road than being in my house..I had no courage to step inside his house…I accepted to have Karva chauth vrat when my mom asked me to have it…and that too this year’s pooja to be conducted in Arjun’s house…I myself felt so stupid to let him go when he proposed and now to behave like this.. “You look good in Pink” I remembered him saying that when he saw me in Pink Anarkali..It was hard to starve.,and be away from food being a foodie.. but.,Anything for Arjun!

I dressed in Pink saree and went to his house with Mom..There were already few ladies..After some minutes I happened to see Arjun descending down in Jeans and T-shirt buckling his watch..He gave one look at all of us and smiled in common… ‘Hey Arjun! It’s me!’ My mind screamed..He stood on his tracks.. ‘Good!’

“Mom..Will be back soon!” he said and walked away.. Now what should I do..! Insult!! Leave him Radhika! Just then I noticed few ladies eyes on me while speaking between themselves..Gossipp! What’s there to Gossip on me! I moved from there..His mom led me to a beautifully decorated hall.. ‘Aru did it” she said proudly..I thought Aru to be the guy standing next who should have probably named as Ramu kaka..I smiled at him..(PRTS) he returned a respectful nod.. My goodness! Radhika..You had lived without realizing your value..! I moved aside..I felt hungry for the first time of that day as I saw those sweets on dining table..Why can’t they just throw a veil on them…I saw my mom and Arjun’s mom conversing like long lost buddies… Good…! At least let them be,if we can’t..!

Pooja time..We did all Rituals..Arjun’s mom had me beside her everytime and she even helped me when they read the story.. I saw his mom rushing here and there..
“what is your decision?”My mom asked.. “finish pooja and eat each and every sweet there” I said.. My mom face palmed lightly without hitting herself and said,”About your engagement”. I just then realized the lengthy talk we had before this vrat decision..why nothing caught my attention then?! Thankfully my mom stepped aside.. and then I heard a big drum sized Aunt saying,”Arjun’s alliance got fixed.,They had planned wedding next month it seems”. I starred at her side.. Did I ask you? Why the hell did I hear it at a wrong moment and place? My brain quickly connected the dots of his behavior and pooja at his place..Even being hungry brain never fails to surprise you. I convinced myself not to over react..Its just a infatuation after all..No..Crush…! Sounds better as he said..

“Yes..Do It” I replied to my mom when she enquired me on the same topic.

We were standing in terrace.,I heard a lady enquiring the same and Arjun’s mom replied,”We are waiting for Bride’s reply..Only after that we will confirm the wedding date”.. Some one bring that lady here! My hand clenched into fist..What had I said now? I saw My mom jumping in happiness.. My eyes wandered just like that and I saw Arjun in white kurta smiling at me…My heart raced at his smile.. I smiled a meek one and moved aside.. No more Insults.! He had been give his Monalisa smile to everyone..So better not to fall for that.. I thought as I went to the other side of the terrace.. Few tables had sweets and decked plates on them…

“Do you still remember me?” I heard his voice from behind..Remember?? Had I ever forgot you to remember? huh!! May be he is in his PRTS mode..I turned around to face him..
He was here for past 1 week and din’t have a thought to meet me and now had the courage to question me like this.. Din’t he behave like a stranger an hour back? Idiot! I narrowed my eyes with hands on my hips. He got my reactions and asked,”Then why din’t you speak with me when I came to your home?” ..What? when did this happen? May be he is lying..I want him snap him but I couldn’t,”When did you come?” I asked totally confused trying to remember each and every day events.. “Last week”,he said..I still stood confused..

“The day I came India. I got to know you are here..I came to your home.” he said.

“When?” My voice quizzcally whispering..

“Last Tuesday” he said and it dawned on me.. Heavens!! Was that he!! Why the hell I din’t turn my head to see who my dad was speaking with.,It all ’cause of Neil who hurried me for Sam’s party. “Sorry..I din’t notice” I whole heartedly apologized…He had been at my place,the day he came back! OMG!!

“I came behind you,but you went with Neil” he said.. I din’t see his face,but am sure he sounded disappointed..
Oh…thats y..If he was there he would have expected me to take that road,but no..I went with Neil..Wait! why did he sound so disappointed..I saw him to turn the other side.. May be those rumors about me and Neil.,just like I heard about him..No..This can’t happen.. “You missed Dusshera this year” I said like a statement only to clear my doubt..’cause Neil came to temple that day,and as usual our behavior fueled the rumors we had.

” I did come” he said smiling. I closed my eyes,So he would have believed the rumors.,that’s y din’t meet me..I felt so bad.

“You thought I moved on” I asked bit sharp though I din’t intend to..

He kept a decked plate down on the table and said,”Yes. until I came to know about his engagement..Else..I would have asked you directly”. No wonder! It’s 4 years..No contact and moreover he was clear on his stand point while I wasn’t .So..It happens..! My brain reasoned something correct for the first time.. I saw him checking the dishes over there.

“Are you here?”,His mom asked me, pulled my hand to see the moon…For my eyes, Arjun looked brighter than the moon..He was..! Believe me! I moved with her, but stood little behind them all.. I saw my mom away from me..Aunty..I mean Arjun’s mom gave me a decked plate..About the upcoming ritual.,I remembered only DDLJ kajol.,so I saw everyone’s moves and became a super copy cat..I saw the moon through the sieve with only Arjun’s name in my mind.. Now.,what should I do? They all saw their respective husbands..but me..?? I still had my vision up expecting anyone to guide me..I thought abt DDLJ kajol..Ah..SRK was there..!But..Just then I felt someone slowly dragging down my hand which held the sieve..

It’s Arjun!!! My eyes widened…! He smiled… a big one.! I saw him through the sieve..My heart began it palpitating adventure..No surprise if it jumps out from its cage..I stood like a statue.. His eyes asked me to have the sieve aside..Ah..Yes..! I felt my lips tasting kaju katli the next second.. He fed me!! “Do you still think that to be a infatuation.?” he asked in his sweet manly voice.. I retorted fast, “No..Believe me..I loved you!”,in a PRTS mode.He shook his head with a slightest of laughter I had ever seen and said,”I know that before!”. Huh!! Haven’t read or heard about such a confession and reply..Record!!!

I was about to speak when my dad called him,”Arjun!” and he moved with a nod..No dad! you can’t be a villain for your daughter’s love..Wait. Love..Did I say that..Yes..I indeed has confessed..was that a confession…My heart mocked me.. Loved??Am I not still loving him…Stupid of me to say so..My mind screamed at that thought..Then I thought.,why no one noticed us..I mean he fed me..That’s wrong na.! I moved aside when everyone was busy with themselves..Aunty called that domestic helper..He din’t notice,so I called him. “Aruu.” He din’t turn his head..why? I checked the possibility of the name it can have and called “Aru bhaiya..”,No response..”Arun Bhaiya” Still the same… “Harish” he turned.. Wow..he is harish..but who? It was Arjun who called him..

“Why did you call him Aru?” he asked. After listening me he said,”that’s my pet name..Aru”

“Why Aru..? should be Ajju isn’t” I said. PRTS activated..But he smiled and moved a step closer listening that..Dhak..Dhak..Dhak..My heart beats..!

“Ajju.!! Its cute like you like calling me so?” he asked with his eyes locked with mine..I have no idea how this happened..My feet stepped behind in response..I stepped on something.,he held my waist..I felt his warm touch on my waist.,”Careful,Radhu” he said.. Radhu! Radhu! his voice echoed in my mind..

Aunty voice made us to part..I went with her downstairs after noticing her mock glare at him and my parents discussion with his dad.. I was side by side stuffing my mouth will food delicacies while helping Aunty in assorting things in pooja hall.. She pecked my forehead before leaving to terrace..It was only me there..In that huge hall..My eyes halted on Arjun’s room.. It wasn’t locked.. I had a longtime doubt that His bedroom window may have a view on my room too..Though it was more than 20 feets far,our buildings are tall and My room have a diagonal view on his. So.,since no one was around I dared to open his room.. It was dark.I found the switch board and when lights were on I stood shocked with my mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ in shock..The walls had my pics..Only my pics..Blown from small to big covering three sides of the room.I should find a word to describe the happiness I had.

“Now don’t call this as a obsession” I turned my head to see him saying that..When did he come? He moved slowly towards the left of his room and dusted his kurta..Kurta!! Dussehra!! I indeed had scanned everyone who wore all colors of kurta that day., “I din’t see you at the temple” I said to his back..

He asked me with a smile,”Then who was behind you in the queue?”.. My eyes immediately snapped to other side of the room to replay the events.. Neil came at the last minute.. But.,the guy behind me was wearing..

“Blue Jean and White shirt”, he said to my face.. Yes! correct! the combo reminded me something..No more explanations. Now its pretty clear that why he changed his attire..
My eyes halted with my picture plucking Fragnipani bunch.

“Nice isn’t” he said observing my gaze.. “You were there?” I asked fully surprised.. He chuckled big as though he caught me red handed..of course yes! Isn’t.. He had caught me searching him everywhere… “I din’t see you and why din’t you speak me..haan.. why.?”I asked in my style with hands on my hips.

“Why should I?” he counter asked..Seeing my expression he smiled more and said,”I enjoyed watching my love searching her love”. I am not going to budge for it..!! I had been waiting day and night to meet him and here he leisurely had a watch on me..

He continued.,”When I felt my love had moved on.,she came before me like a angel, that night.,searching me..I saw Radhika..your eyes..these brown orbs.,it worried looking my vehicle.,Doubted my presence watching my room.,searching my shoes… Expected me behind every kurta, Sparkled on every talk that had my name.” I stood astonished listening that and composed myself before moving my gaze from him to view my recent photos on that wall.. He was still observing me.. “You did nothing other than watching me”I asked narrowing my eyes..

He glared me.,”Of course I did..That’s why you are here” he said.. Nothing I got to understand from that.. “I heard that you said yes for me” he said with a chuckle.. What!! Now my brain slowly connected all the dots..Aunties gossip.,our parents serious talks,he fed me sweet.,and his mom pecked my forehead in a typical saasuma style..! Aunty’s call for him brought me back from my thoughts..

“Let’s go downstairs,Radhika..” he said and walked ahead.. I walked slowly wondering the happenings around me..”You din’t notice me when I came today” I said more like a complaint.. ofc yes.. Its a fault on his part.. “Gossip Aunties” he rolled his eyes and smiled a sweet one.. Simple..! Everything was before me… I had been searching around when he was next to me.. failed to notice the present happenings thinking about past..

“Lets have engagement after Diwali., and a Simple Marriage..Aru has said that and we too want it to be simple” I heard his dad saying that..within minutes they finalized almost everything and I saw Arjun to mouth Thanks to his mom…Advantage of being Mamma’s boy..!! I saw my parents in a happiness overloaded mode when he sought their blessings. May be proud of me.! Proud of their Imported son in law..!After all., he is my choice..I had a proud smile at that..I felt his mom to hug me..Respond radhika! I got alerted and I touched her feet.. “Tats ok.,beta..You are more than a daughter to me” she pecked me again… Adv of loving a Mamma’s boy.. I felt relaxed after a long time..No palpitations or pounding.. A handsome lovable husband, and my in laws..Sure! this is gonna be like a second home..A home next to my home…I smiled with excessive happiness and turned to see Arjun but he was no where..

“Beta..Arjun went upstairs”, Uncle.,his dad said.. I saw Mothers to be busy talking and Fathers busy watching TV.. ‘Pehla Nasha” a song played as I moved upstairs and I heard uncle saying that’s Arjun’s fav. I smiled and blushed wondering about this one week events and love as I moved to his room.. Right then,It struck..I hadn’t proposed him…Yes…! I heard a song play in his room as I stepped in..

Chaahe Tum Kuch Na Kaho, Maine Sunn Liya
(Even if You didn’t say anything, I’ve heard You)
Ke Saathi Pyaar Ka, Mujhe Chunn Liya
(That You have chosen me as Your companion in love)
Chun Liya, Maine Sunn Liya
(You chose me, I’ve heard it)

He stood starring my pics above his bed standing across the room with a lovely smile… A clear intent gaze.!

Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar
(The first intoxication, the first hangover)
Naya Pyaar Hai, Naya Intezaar
(This love is new, this wait is new)
Karloon Main Kya Apna Haal
(What state should I make of myself)
Ae Dil-E-Beqaraar
(Oh restless heart of mine)
Mere Dil-E-Beqaraar, Tu Hi Bata
(My restless heart, You only tell me)

He turned at that.,and caught me gaping him.. Can someone love you this much? My heart asked.. How was this possible.. My answer stood before my eyes..I saw him smiling with love..”You gotta leave” he asked.The song still playing behind… “I came to propose you” I said like a PRTS.. Radhika..! you aren’t a teen girl to speak so.. I expected him to laugh at me and stepped behind.. but No.. What did he do… he extended his hand.. Dance! me!! Unconsciously I gave in. He held me and danced slowly..I felt to like this song..I mean… Melody was never my genre..But I liked this one. My heart beats still normal.. My eyes locked with his, that’s when I remembered of noticing his silhouette, often moving in this way..means he was dancing..!..He twirled me and I saw my bedroom window open..Yes..His was also opened here!

Reh Jaun Jaise Main Haarke
(I wish to remain defeated in this way)
Aur Choome Woh Mujhe Pyaar Se
(And he kisses me with love)

He kissed my forehead at that.. Next, I went twirling and landed on his lap when he went on a knee..I felt calm but he wasn’t..My brows raised to question that.. He smiled and place my hand on his heart..

Ae Dil-E-Beqaraar
(Oh restless heart of mine)
Mere Dil-E-Beqaraar, Tu Hi Bata
(My restless heart, You only tell me)

“I love you so much,Arjun…Love you!!” I said and pecked his cheek deep..He looked surprised and I found him new..more manly..more handsome than before.,till then.,I din’t observe the changes his Physique got in this 4 years and his warmth made my heart to pound bad..Real bad!! Very fast!! I was in my own thoughts until he pecked my cheeks back saying,”Love you my love.!!”His eyes analyzing my features just like mine.. “You were the same Radhika for me.. just now I got..” I din’t let him complete.,’cause I got to know he felt the same and most importantly I got a flash of my dream..

“The same..I mean..I saw you through Sieve and you fed me and I kissed you…I had this in my dreams..Believe me!” I said with a surprise and got up..How did I forget when it finally happened in real..

“Dreams come true,Radhu” he said as got me in his embrace..”I too had a dream.,you were in Bridal lehanga, and I was in Sherwani,I brought you here in my arms and dropped you down.,” he said. Am a good listener,and so,being engrossed I asked,”Then..” like a PRTS.. He smiled a little before saying,”This room decorated with flowers and bed too” My mind went busy to get the images now,while he had already cupped my face in his hands.,my eyes widened seeing his face close to mine., next sec..I shut my eyes tight.. .Dhak..Dhak..Dhak….Believe me! Dil-e-Beqaraar.


So., how was this? You all need to say that..It will help me a lot.. If to write such or not to… And including songs..did that go well? I had the word ‘Pehla nasha’ while framing the
plot..that’s y.. Thanks again Dear readers for ur lovely comments.. Pls do share your reviews here.. and Silent Readers.. pls try to drop a word.. Suggestions are most welcome..

Take care and Loads of love to u all…

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    Jessie…very very nice…i loved it …

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  7. Jess wat is the meaning of the title and also kar va chuat ??????? I njoyed reading it…….bye….tmrw I have exam…..

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      Aasthaaa.. Thank u dear.. well., it means.. the heart is restless… The song above has the word and translation dear.. karva chaut is a ritual where women observe fasting for the welfare of their husband., un married woman too have it as a ritual.. all the best for ur exam.. DDLJ dekha tune? kajol and SRK scene.. both observe fasting for each other.. 🙂

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        OS.. have a idea dear… nt clg one… clg kinda..Will plan later…Jessie kind..thats a wonderful compliment..thanks…I have read urs I guess…Radz n Arjun childhood isnt.. they belong 2 a joint family..where Radz is more pampered and both prank on each other…correct ah???

        Waiting for ur u loads n TC….yep…all the best 4 ur exams….

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    Awesome awesome…. Jaaaazzzz u rocked it baby…. Fantastic narration. Love for arjun is getting increased day by day. Rads s too cute…. PETS… lol. Seriously she is.

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      Thanks a lot Satz…. am happy like ur dp wala baby… Yep.. too much palpitations.. hahah Thanks dear.. love u a lot..

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    Love you….come back with another story please…???

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      your heart beats fast.!! you said everything in one sentence!!.Myra dear.. ur comments are so sweet like u.. Thanks a ton for ur compliments.. ur words meant a lot dear..Another one.. will do dear.. Love u loads..TC

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    Ohhhh god meri judwa behen fo u really need to ask us hows it is ..its more than beautiful a word can describe yarrr..sach me now m fallen for writer.. This is just amazing, brilliant extra ordinary, mindblowing…marvelous.. Now words khatam ho arjun knows all the thing n was observing her all tg time..karva marrige got fairy tale…he always looked handsome yar..n the way u describe him..main to marjawa….thid so dreamyy..i wish this could happrn in real…hr loves her sooo truly… I m giving u million kisess n huggs for this awesome ss..n m waiting for next story likr this…n the song..thts my fav too..nothing can beat tht song..pahela nashaaa..ohhhhhh….m drawn in it…love u jesssszss….muhhhhhhaa

    1. Jessie

      Awww… Judwa behen.. Thank u so much…yep..Naughty cute boy Arjun enjoyed watching her search him,.. Fairy tale..haayeee… handsome hi hai.. wahi to chaha maine… seedhe sixer!! well done Jessie..heheh Thanks a ton and loads and even more for ur wonderful encouraging words for me.. Am so lucky to have u here.. Bear hugs in millions dear.. U liked the song also..
      now am too happy… I can get ur happiness thro ur words.. Thanks dear.. love u so much Deepz.. let the dream come true… !! muhhaah

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      Thanks a lot Bhabya.. am Jessie dear… TC

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    Karwa chauth part was simply lovely.
    N Song made their love confession more romantic.Enjoyed a lot reading.

    1. Jessie

      Hey Swathi.. yes.. yes.. U said it right.. thank u so much dear… love u for this sweeeeet comment… Am so happy that u mentioned ur likes.. Thanks dear… love u loads.. TC..

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    Awesome jessie….. And excellent ending to reunite the ardhika’s scenes were awesome…..

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      Artiiii… Thank u.. I made it habit of looking for ur review.. U liked the ending.. wow!! Thanks a lot dear..bear hugs.. love u loads.. TC

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      Jewel… Thank u dear.. Yep..PRTS..! cute na.. Aww..I cud understand yaar.. Glad that I made u
      smile in the morning itself.. wo bi Monday mrng.. Happy week Ahead 😉 😉 Thanks a lot for
      sharing ur happiness… and thanks for ur support dear.. okay.. will post soon.. your words energize me like anything.. Thanks .. Love u loads and TC

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      Hayyye…. mere lal gaana gaa rahi hai.. am happy.. yes.. wahi khidki… hahaha.. dekha na.. yep…Arjun hai.. toh bull’s eye.!! heheeh.. lol zooming !! isi liye maine kaha,, silhouette !! bas
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      Aadiaaaaa…lil sissy…. how do u comment this sweet everytime.. Thanks dear.. Beqaraar means restless.. Ardhika romance straight to ur heart! wow!! Thanks again for that.. Am happy that u enjoyed and shared ur views inturn making me to enjoy even more… Love u for that.. Hahah yes.. Aru wala comedy.. u got it.. so keen while reading haa!! Wah Aadia baby.. me liked the last ques of urs.. Clever! Am duck out! Am happy reading everyones comments and u got it na… sweetoo..thanks u loads..TC

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