Manmarziyan: The Art Of Love (chapter 2)


Hand by hand, he had quick grasping hold on her. He tried to go more into her and touched her shoulder annoyingly. But there is a limit of fake possession. She jerked away slightly. Rubbing her palms against her elbows as purely she was touched by the cold breeze. But no, it can’t be cold. It was never cold. Not even when her parents passed away and not even now. It was pain that crushed her, broke her heart, bought tears and needless to say, it was endless.

He stood stiff for a moment at her sudden reaction. If Arjun was at his place then would she do the same? He knew he could never replace Arjun but he wanted to get attention from her. And so, he took control over the situation coolly. She followed him till where the car was parked and sat on front seat reluctantly.

Again, he was witnessing her silent flowing eyes. Her eyes came across the same ice-cream parlor and she went back again in time, reminiscing their fun moments. Oh pretty good memorable times they were around him. His warmth was a heavenly safe place for her and always will be if she get a chance to hug him again wholeheartedly.

Lost in her world, and now they were getting close to her place, she asked him to stop.

“Why? And anyway it’s really dark now and not safe for girls” He said with a hidden concern.

“Thank you for the ride. But now I can go by myself. I don’t want people to judge me over again. Bye!” She left immediately without caring to look back. But he was there till she was faded in darkness.

She said that she didn’t people to judge her. But no, it wasn’t that. It was just she didn’t wanted him to again torment her with questions of this sudden absence.

Hurt, we say, was never as gloomy as now. Can’t deny how painful these tears back. Promises were crushed into thousands pieces. Oh, how destructive it was.

She looked that at two young souls running on the endless street. It was none other than they themselves enjoying the rain.

“Radhika! I won’t leave you today” Arjun said, giving her a sharp look.

Radhika teasingly began, “Oh yes! Then come and catch me.” She ran faster, breathing heavily.

“Wait! Wait! Once I catch you, I’ll never leave you.” Finally, he caught her in his arms. They were laughing as they owned the world. And just this was life. How contrary to the fact, she thought. But smiled genuinely.

It appeared to be a dark room but it was only hers. She shut the door and slide down the door, weeping her heart out. Afterwards, she went through her dairy. Oh, so good memories were captured in these crazy selfies.
Didn’t know when but now she found herself again scribbling her thoughts and feelings on a new fresh page.

My Dairy:


And where A story begins…
A beautiful place where heart fears…
Little were we to know our destiny…
Young and pure were that two souls…
Drowning in valley of friendship…

Few dark ages, and promises were shaped…
Oh, my love of youth…
A new awaited morning…
And the sun glimmered in…
Knees low and eyes straight in mine…
I accepted you with a smile…
You were mine and I was yours…

Nevertheless, a haunting revenge held me back…
My heart ached…
Feelings grew deeper…
I left you like a mystery…

I’m sorry, I’m sorry…
Will never seek you again, suppose…
Peace in you, and the farther I stumble…
Return you back the life taken…
Though, forever love will be ours…

Tears just started to roll down her cheeks just with the flow of this poem. Why can’t her story be like the happy ending one just like in one of the story she read when she was a kid? No, it was in all stories except hers.

Thud! And her last photo was on floor. “I’ll never trust any women again,” he declared hotly, “Never ever.” He clenched his fists in anger. In hatred…

Precap: A New Drastic Beginning….


Guys, Guys, Guys! Y’all are really incredible. And your Love & Support…OMG! A royal thank-you to everyone!

Credit to: Ameena

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  1. Hey ameena…how are you? Firstly, I would like to say sorry because I commented on the first chapter but telly updates didn’t posted my comment…and please I would like to request that post my comment …I love your story so have amazing writing skills dear..keep writing and do the great work…I can’t wait to read the next chapters and see and admire your you so much..and take care hope you would promote my story too

    1. Hey bella! I’m good. How are you? No no no need to say sorry. 🙂 And thanks a lot! I read your stories and they are just mindblowing..harrah!! ???

  2. Lovely …….nice keep going…..:-)

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hi ameena… what about d old mmz story u wrote … if am not wrong u stopped with nandini kidnapping radhika and Sam. Any plans to continue tat? This is beautiful… I loved it. Thou am not sure Wat happened BTW them.

    1. Hey Ramya! You are right? I stopped it only there. I’ve some plans ? . I’ll continue Humdard. And thank you so much! I’ll reveal everything soon. Bye! Tc!

  4. hi ameena

    good one n that poem was amazing dear

    update next one soon disclose the story soon cant wait to know what happened btw ardhika

    take care♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥love u ammu dear

    1. Thanks manju! Will try to update soon!! And btw Ardhika…idk??..will reveal soon.?
      Love you! You too tc. ??❤

  5. Amu!! My baby!! It was amazing honey!! Nailed it as usual…. Tears flowing out of my eyes too…. Your poetry skills are amazing!! And what’s with Arjun?! And the precap… Has a lot of meaning…

    Post soon… Love you loads… Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

    1. Ohhhhoooo babe, thanks a lot!! Oh with Arjun…idk what’s wrong with him..I tried to ask him but he now hates all women? Precap..yeah it does have something?
      Love you! ???❤

  6. Good episode. Please could you update it soon. 🙂

    1. I’ll try to post next one soon!! Thank you! ?

  7. Nice but what happend between both

    1. Wait wait hayathi!! And thanks! ?

  8. Ameena meri jaan….please ab aur test mat lo let the suspense be out…please post soon love you loads 🙂

    1. Wait for next chapters dear! ?? Will post soon! 🙂

  9. awesome dear…… poem amazing….update soon……tc

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Amu…??’s amazing dear. Superb poem dear. Poor arjun.. Update soon..
    Luv u…tc…

  11. Areh Wahh… Amuu dear… Fantastic poem it is. And a great episode yar….I loved it 🙂

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    how r u

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy superb

    dear wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow the poem is actually very fantastic

    full of lost in the world of aradhika huh

    very well updated and what is teh Raaz dear

    waiting eagerly to unfold

    love u ammu keep coming dear

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  13. Nice episode dear, poem super, loved it ..pls update next one….

  14. hey aasthu dear sorry I didn;t reply dear

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    Lets see what fate has decided for me to come back or not.

    write now I am thankful to god that at least I can be able to comment here

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    So sorry my sweetheart aasthu dear.

    I don’t know I can be able to complete my story anytime soon I wish to but I don’t know when and how.

    Dear I pray to god that you smile always . Have lots of happiness in your life and keep smiling my sweetheart sweetepie aasthu dear.

    missing u manhu roma , love u hayathi , shree , laxmi dear offcourse I remember you I love u and always loving u in my heart , missing u naty sree, mansi chinni zara nemi, laxmi, shree,

    hareem, don’t know where you all gone . Once a day we all have to

    Hope you all have a happy life and I keep remembering you all by heart.

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  15. sry ammu 4 te late reply………..actu u confuse me……do tel who tis ‘he’ s na????????i din understand. te epi………bt te poem s awesome………….

    1. ammu y r u nt updating humdard????????????

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    1. Nishu i don’t know why I become jumping gene whenever I saw your name in tu …n remembered ur ff…hands touched in kalas…plz continue na dear….

      N I luv u for ur positive spirit n ur analysis…? tc dear? luv u? ? ? ? ?

  17. Ammu…darling…my sweet lil don…r u trying to kill me by ur literature talent…what a song baby…n emotions wow…n drastic beginning…what do u mean by this…hate com love. Relationship will start….

    N how come u didn’t see my last chappy…

    Come soon dear …waiting for ur reply…thank u…luv u…tc?? ? ? ? ?

  18. Awesome episode ameena my lovely friend. ..I’m right here but soooooooo slowwwww reader…maybe like an ant….trying to catch up with these amazing stories. ….the episode was awesoooooome n the poetry was so good ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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