Manmarziyan – ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 9

Hi guys really i am so happy for ur support,i didnt expect this from u ,i love u alll nd thank u so much for ur reviews.And i know it,My manmarziyan family always rocks,,,,,,

THe story starts,
Karthi:this is the original version of great radhu
Arjun:watever ok guys u carry i am leaving for work..
Arjun goes.
Aishu:radhika arjun is so good y do u show ur talk to him
RAdhika:aishu leave it i am in agood mood.ok how was ur camp
THey talks abt the camp.
Sneha:guys how r u
Aishu:aunty fine nd thank u sooooo much for taking care of my dear radhu
Karthi:ss aunty thank u
Snegha:guys radhika is also like my daughter nd dont call me aunty call me mom
Aishu:ok aunty she closes her single eye nd says mom
Snegha:ahhh ok have u had ur breakfast
Radhika:i need now i am really hungry.Actually aunty sry mom yesterday i prepared a food that is not good but arjun sir complimented more. i dont know abt his taste.FAddu
Snegha:radhu he just like that.ok i will give u yummy breakfast come with
Radhika:yeah i am coming,aishu nd karthi come guys
They goes nd finish their breakfast.
Karthi:mom we will take radhu
Aishu:mom we came na so y we have to disturb u
Snegha:its not like disturbing yaar
RAdhika:ss mom i am not getting sleep bcoz i have not done anythin with these idiot this 2 days so just they want to hear my blabbering.
Snegha smiles.
Aishu:ok aunty bye we are getting late for college
Snegha:ok guys i know u wont hear me and i have arranged a party in my house after a week so u all guys have to join us
Radhika :sure i will miss u mom nd
Karthi:ok aunty bye we will come
RAdhika:i dont know abt them but i will come confirmly to see everyone
Aishu raises her eyebrows seeing her.
RAdhika: i mean u,this house nd sir everything..ok y this reaction,bye mom
RAdhika brings her bag nd goes.

Arjun:shiv any improvement in ram’s case
Shiv:sir we tracked his mobile but cant..
Arjun:then his last calls from where
Shiv:from mumbai
ARjun:okay just try to track his mobile with imi number
After sometimes….,
Shiv:sir we got the details of RAm’s location
Arjun:okay come we can go nd i need to know what is his other planning,we need to stop him…
Shiv:sir he is at Chikudi nagar,a old goodown.
ARjun:ok come lets goo.
Arjun nd Shiv goes.
they reaches the place..
Arjun:shiv hear carefully if u get anything or seen anything just capture we need proof nd make sure u r not caught.
Shiv:ss sir.
THey goes inside in different ways…..
Ram:u bullshit guys cant u capture a girl.
A guy:boss actually we captured but she escaped bcoz of a policeman
RAm:i dont need excuses
Ram shoots the guy.
Ram:listen i need her but should not harm bcoz i need to harm her.
Arjun comes nd hear it.
ARjun thinks abt whom he is talking about.
RAm takes the picture of radhika nd says sweetheart i have searched u for 20 years but cant find u but now i have,then y r u not coming to me.
ARjun:wat y he is keeping radhika’s pic
RAm:sweetheart i will be coming to harm u for all ur parents doing,u will get the pain.
Arjun:wat y radhika,what her parent done,y he is going behind her.
Aishu:i feel tired so i am sleeping
RAdhika:ok u sleep.
Aishu goes to sleep.
Radhika thinks sir i need u for my life,i dont know y but i feel so attracted to u day be day.But u r not feeling the same,i know i am not suitable for u bcoz i am fat but my feelings,ok radu no thoughts he will not be urs,just stop thinking abt him.and radhu u fought with him morning just to distract will create bad impression .No prblm radhu it will be gd,.

Arjun:y ram has planned to kidnap radhika,wat is his relation with her,wat is their relation
Arjun thinks to call radhika.
Arjun calls radhika,
RAdhika sees it nd cant believe her eyes she thinks wat arjun is calling me god god thank u so much for this miracle to happen.
She attends the call
RAdhika:helo sir
Arjun:hw r u radhika
Radhika:gd u
Arjun thinks how to start,,,,,
RAdhika:had dinner sir???
Arjun:yup u
RAdika:ahh i will
Arjun:hmm radhika do u know anyone named ram
RAdhika thinks,,,,,,
RAdhika:sir no but why r u asking
ARjun:no no just
RAdhika:i dont know anyone named ram
Arjun:hm ok radhika its late so better u sleep,bye
Arjun cuts the call
Radhika smiles nd being soo happy.
RAdhika:arjun thank u sooo much for calling me making me happy…
On the other side,,,,
Arjun:then how they related…..
Arjun thinks to search in net but no clues…
ARjun calls shiv nd asks shiv to collect every details abt radhika and give me the file as fast as u can.
Arjun:my head is bursting,god i have to keep radhika safe,anything should not happen to her.Please show me a way..,
That side radhika smiles seeing arjun’s pic on watsapp dp,this side arjun worries for radhika..,
In the background the song,

Tum Hi Ho Lyrics
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho………
The voiceover says,

PRECAP:radhika and arjun meets,some fights,some hugs etc..,

guys hows it and i think good,plzz comments ur reviews and thank u sooo much for ur support,i miss u all i love u guys so much…,

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  1. Hey sush.this is really awesome.loved this episode and that song I loved more.precap is driving me crazy.come fast soon

  2. Radz was cute……loved it y did u separated them she cd HV stayed for some more days with arjun na ……leave BT egar yobkn abt ram n radz Mistry

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    Outstanding, love it, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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    Awesome yaar. And arjun called radhika???? is just love this episode yaar. Love u lots

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    Sushmita darling superb, excellent, nice, good, outstanding, fantastic, fabulous, mind-blowing episode. …. I loved it to the core…. i liked all the scenes. …. arjun finds ram’s place… And what has radhika’s parents done in past….. tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. . . . . Will be waiting for next episode. …mm

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    Awesome update!!! loved it.. I love radhika’s character its amazing love u loads!!!tc..

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