Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 7

hi guys thank u soooo much for ur support.Love u lots guys.Ok now coming to the story,,,,,,
RAdhika thinks this Arjun ,he kissed me but doesnt have any reaction,
Arjun thinks one minute champ,u kissed radhika and she too responded that means she too have same feelings,hm arjun u r great,good boy.he pat himself.
Arjun calls Snegha
Arjun:mom its heavily raining outside,y do u go to temple,

Snegha:arjun just 30 minutes pooja will be over,i will be coming
Arjun:mom no,its heavily raining mom,i think u should stay somewhere

Arjun:mom please,stay in anu aunty home
Snegha:hm ok beta,but what will u do for ur dinner
Arjun:mom i will prepare it,nd radhika is also here na ,so dont worry

Snegha:ok,take care,i will come tomorrow morning,gd night beta
Arjun:hm ok mom bye.
Arjun smiles and thinks hmm today only me and radhika alone in a home,that is also a night,hm god just do something,i dont know wat u will do.
Radhika:ahhhh wat sir
ARjun:i am hungry,so cook me some food

ARjun:i said in english only ,i am hungry
RAdhika goes,while going she thinks god i dont know to cook,but today i will try.
RAdhika goes in the kitchen,with the help of internet she cooks.
Arjun sees her often wat she is doing,he is sitting patiently,he walks here and there.After sometimes,arjun goes inside the kitchen.
RAdhika is fuly concentrated on her cooking.Arjun thinks waa radhu u stole my heart dear,ur innocent,ur face shows me everything,even though i am police officer,i am addicted to u ,
Radhika sees her mobile,nd says salt,where is salt,she searches salt.While searching she dashes with arjun.

RAdhika:sir u here
ARjun:yup,ok u continue
RAdhika:hmm,she searches.
Arjun also searches,he takes sugar and goes to radhika.RAdhika comes unexpectadly,they both dash,Sugar fall on Radhika
ARjun:wat radhika,i brought salt for u but u poured everything
Radhika tasted the sugar fallen on her,
RAdhika:sir this is sugar not salt

Arjun:it is in white colour radhika
RAdhika:sir even sugar will be in white colour
Arjun:ahhh i know i know it….
Finally radhika finds the salt nd put it in her dish.

ARjun:radhika wat is the name of the dish???
RAdhika thinks wat is the name,
RAdhika:sir actually it is combination of pulav nd briyani.actually when we put mustard in oil,it burst,we put curry leaves,she blabbers something.
ARjun:ok ok radhika i understood,i will name this dish.
Arjun thinks nd says RAJUN,

RAdhika:ok sir,but y this name.
Arjun:radhika,this dish was made by u so RA ur first 2 letters of ur name,,I helped u in search of salt so even i helped u so last 3 letters of my name JUN,combine these,RAJUN.
Radhika:hmm ok sir,i think the dish is ready so can we eat.
Arjun:no first i will taste
RAdhika:hm ok sir.

RAdhika serves arjun.
ARjun:radhika is this ur first time to cook
RAdhika:no sir i cooked several times,people will appeciate my cooking.
ARjun:hmm i see.
Arjun tastes the food………..


Guys wat will be reaction of arjun,when he tastes the food,Any gueses.Ok i will tell abt it in next part..hmm thank u sooo much for ur support guys,sorry for the mistakes nd leave ur comments nd tell u r reviews.

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    Loved it

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    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update.?

  4. Nice epi.waiting for the next one.

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    Sushmita darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, outstanding, fantastic episode. …… I loved it to the core. ….. i liked all the scenes. …. i liked the way radhika cooked for arjun…….. tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. …… Will be waiting for next episode. ……

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