Manmarziyan – ARRADHU’S love story EPISODE 6

Guys thank u sooo much for ur support. I was boosted up by seeing ur comments.Thank u sooooo much for it. Now coming to the story,

Snegha:radhu get up
Radhika:aunty,its only 7
Snegha:get up dear
Radhika:yes aunty,
She get up and goes and freshen up.
RAdhu comes to the kitchen.
Snegha:gd mrng
Radhu:gd mrng aunty,for whom u preparing tea
Snegha:for Arjun dear
Radhu:ohhh ok aunty. aunty i will give the tea,u prepare breakfast aunty
Snegha:thank u dear
Radhika:no probs aunty.

Snegha:radhika arjun room is straight left 2 room
Radhika:ok aunty.
Radhika goes with tea.
RAdhika enters arjun’s room.
She sees arjun excercising and gets stunned seeing his muscle,six packs. She opens her mouth.
Arjun while excercisng says radhika thanks for the tea,keep it.
Radhika :ahh sir how u get these muscles,even i will do excercise,i too have muscles.Radhika sees her hand.
ARjun smiles hearing it.
RAdhika :sir wat is this machine
She was about to fall but ARjun catches her.They have an eyelock His sweat falls on her.RAdhika slowly comes up.The both bodies touches.
RAdhika thinks god i just heared my heartbeat,i am losing me,if i went near him,i am getting attracted to him so much,god wat is ur game.i believe u i know u will do which is good form me,.

Arjun think y this girls brings a different feeling to me.She looks innocent.Arjun smiles.
RAdhika:sir tea nd she goes
Arjun:hm thanks radhika.

RAdhika unwillingly attends the college nd comes to home.
Snegha:radhika today is durga pooja,i am going to mandir,are u coming with me.
RAdhika:no aunty feeling tired
Snegha:ok da i will go,if arjun comes call me
Radhika:ok aunty.
RAdhika thinks god plz arjun should not come till aunty comes to house plzz.
There was heavily raining outside,arjun gets drenched fully,arjun enters the home.
There is no response,
He calls maa nd goes around house in search of her.HE goes to top floor,He sees radhika taking the clothes.He gets stunned seeing her in rain.HE goes near her.
ARjun:be quite
ARjun pins her to the wall.HE comes closer to her.(LAhu munh lag gaya song plays from ramleela)…….
They two stand very close each other,there is no space between them.ARjun can feel radhika’s heartbeat and even radhika can hear his heartbeat.Radhika closes her eyes.Arjun keeps his hand in her cheek and he kisses her in the lips just a second and sees her eyes.He sees radhika’s eyes closed,he goes from there.
RAdhika opens her eyes.

RAdhika:wat happened radhu?,did u kisss arjun,nooooo radhika no no
RAdhika takes all the clothes and goes inside the house.
ARjun:hey arjun watu have done,u kissed a girl that also on her lips,no yaar its not good noo arjun but no problem but she just getting me closer with her innocent face,smile. Ok just be like nothing happened.
RAdhika comes down,
RAdhika:do u want anything sir
Arjun sits like nothing happened.
RAdhika:sir sir i am calling u
ARjun:ahh tell radhika
RAdhika:do u need anything,actually aunty asked to call u when u come to house
ARjun:hmm ok radhika i will call her.

RAdhika thinks how he speaks like nothing happened,bul shit,arjun i will not leave u

ARjun thinks how she speaks like nothing happened,Radhika…

guys hows it,i think its gud plzzzz leave ur comments and tell abt ur reviews,i am waiting for that.,i will correct if there is any mistake….thank u so much…..

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  1. Sush first kiss happened.yaar am flying in happiness.but they are behaving like nothing happen.???well done dear

  2. good one dear

  3. I skip a heart beat when they kissed
    Just loved it .. goood job

  4. Awesome dear. waiting for next update

  5. Brin

    Outstanding, you nail it, well done, waiting for the next update. ?

  6. Couldve elaborated the kiss a bit but u nailed it ?

  7. Hi anyone of u can tell me how to follow someone on wattpad i am not getting it please

    1. Kavina

      Click on the person profile. Then when their profile shows up at the top below their background in the top right hand corner there should be a follow button. Click on the follow button

  8. Kavina

    Loved it

  9. Arti viswanathan

    Sushmita darling superb , excellent, nice, good, outstanding, fantastic, fabulous, mind-blowing episode. ….. i loved it to the core……. i liked all the scenes….. The best scrnes os arjun kisses radhika……tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. ….. Will be waiting for next episode…….

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