Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 5

hi guys thank u soo much for ur support,and once again thank u sooo so so much for ur support,now coming to the story.

Radhu proposed to arjun,
Arjun:radhika r u mad????i am comiited,
ARjun:yeah i am comitted cant u see me,i am this much hot nd u think that i dont have a gf yet
Radhika:actually arjun
Arjun:plzz radhu i dont want to hear anything from u just get the hell from u i didnt expect this from u
Aishu:radhu wake up
RAdhika gets up from the bed,
Aishu:come its late come go get ready
Radhika thinks radhu its all dream,
RADhika:aishu did karthi came here yesterday
Aishu:no actually radhu u slept soon yesterday at7pm,
RAdhika:oh god then i didnt tell anything about arjun,hmm god thank u for saving me and again to this college.
She gets ready and goes to college,she thinks how to befriend with arjun on her way to college.

The teacher announces some students name for the NCC camp,the teacher also says karthi and aishu name.they wonders y radhu name not came.
RAdhu:guys chill i am not intersted in these camps
Aishu:then we also wont go
Karthi:yeah u r crct aishu
RAdhika:guys promise on me u have to go plz this is radhu’s wish
After much struggle aishu and karthi accepts to go.
Aishu:i cant leave u alone
Karthi:hmm radhu
Aishu:karthi wat can we do
Karthi:one idea can we leave her in Mrs.snegha house,she is so sweet nd so caring. If i said she will take care radhika with so much love
Aishu:hm ok karthi
RAdhika:guys i will take care of myself
Aishu:we agreed to u so u also want to agree with us
Radhika:hm done…

Snegha:beta come i will show u the room
RAdhika:hmm ok aunty
Snegha:karthi had said me everything abt u so just be free and think this as ur house,ok
Radhika smiles and says yes.
She goes to her room.

Arjun comes,
Arjun:maa i am so hungry
Snegha:ahh arjun dinner is ready
ARjun:hm i will freshen up
ARjun goes,radhika comes out of her room,while goes she sees arjun,she cant believe her eyes,she closes and again open and sees .She thinks how arjun here.she goes down.

Radhika:aunty wat special today
Snegha:hm roti,karthi said that u like roti so much so
RAdhika hugs snegha and says thank u so much aunty,and i didnt taste roti for more days.
RAdhika sits and start to eat roti.
ARjun comes clling maa where is my plate
Radhika :maa,then snegha aunty is arjun’s mother.oh god u r just superb but how plz plz help me in being his wife i mean first friend next lover next wife.
Arjun:radhika u here
Snegha:arjun actually karthi nd aishu were going for some camp so radhika came here
Arjun:oh ok
Arjun thinks mom i and radhu in same house nooo i am just getting strange feelings seeing her ,yesterday she hugged me at that time i just… hmm arjun control urself,u r and ACP so…..

THe trio finished their dinner.

guys hows it,i think its good and plzzzzzz leave ur comments here i need ur reviews and it wil be supporting for me plzz.

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. ?

    1. Susmitha

      Thank u so much brin

  2. Omg!! Do they literally kiss or a dream…can’t wait for next episode…u r awesome

    1. Susmitha

      Thank u so much sanyu

  3. so nice dear..waiting for the next one

    1. Susmitha

      Thank u so much sandy

  4. Pre cap is nice but don make it like kumkum bhagya (dream n only dream) ?

    1. Susmitha

      Of course joan. Thank u so much for ur comment

  5. Awesome dear. waiting for next update

    1. Susmitha

      Thank u so much devika

  6. Dream……. ☺️☺️??????awesome… Superb

    1. Susmitha

      Thank u so much send for commenting

  7. arti viswanathan

    Susmitha darling superb,excellent,outstanding,nice,awesome,good,mind-blowing episode…… I loved it to the core…. I liked all the scenes….. Omg! Radhika is in Arjun’s house…. She had a dreams that arjun says he is committed is awesomely written…… Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to u…… Will be waiting for next episode……. Well done susmitha darling…… Can anybody tell me where are sangee,dipika,jessie,meen,brin’s next episodes……

    1. Susmitha

      Thank u so much arti

  8. Sush dear it was awesome.I got an heart attack on hearing arjun was committed.Thank god it was a dream.Wow rads staying in arjun’s house.arjun you cannot stop yourself from falling for radhika.waiting for next take care

    1. Susmitha

      Thank u so much chashni

  9. Kavina

    Loved it

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