Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story episode 4

hi guys this is the 4th part of the story,thank for the comments,coming to the story,
Radhu feels happy bcoz she got the arjun phone number,
AIshu:radhika i cant understand wat u r doing,just say me
RAdhu:even i dont know
Aishu:god hmm ok leave it ,now eat the tablets.
Radhu eats and sleeps with a smiling face,and thinks about arjun and she sleeps……..

Aishu:radhu wake up drink the milk eat breakfast take tablets and sleep again,from tomorrow u can go to college der.
RAdhika smiles and says ok darling i will come tmrw.

Aishu:hmm radhu u changed yaar,ok leave that i am going bye.
RAdhika:bye bye……….
RAdhika :hmm arjun sir we can meet today..
RAdhika calls Arjun,,,,,
ARjun:whos this
ARjun:hmm any problem
Radhika:sir r u free

Arjun:hmm yeah
RAdhika:then sir now at CAfe shop near police station,i will be waiting,thank u bye
Radhika cuts the call,
RAdhika:god plz arjun needs to come…
she goes to the cafe..
After 2 hours arjun comes.
RAdhika sleeps in the table.

ARjun sees her and comes near the table.
Radhika suddenly wakes and says yes sir,
Arjun:sorry for the delay just struck btwn some official stuff
Radhika:no problem sir
Arjun:ok i ned to go i am sorry actually i came her for checking whether u are waiting or not,hm ok sorry radhika i need to go urgent
Radhika:okay sir bye
ARjun:some other day we can meet
Radhika:yes sir
Arjun moves out of the cafe,he goes,someone aim gun at him ,they shoot him but it miss.
Radhika sees it and shouts arjun,RAdhika runs ,she cries,she cant see arjun anywhere,later she sees him . He was surrounded by police officers.
Arjun:Shiv this is very serious
Shiv:yes sir someone planned to kill u

Arjun:i am okay
Radhika runs to him and hugs him tightly and asks arjun are u okay,she cries
All officers sees that and smiles and go from that place.
Radhika after realising all,she comes back
Radhika:sir i am sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry,actually i am afraid ,i thought someone killed u
Arjun :radhika first stop crying and nothing to me so dont worry ,wait i wil ask to drop and why do u come outside doctor asked u to take rest
Radhika:sir plz dont tell this to karthi or aishu,they will kill me,ok sir bye take care please bye.
Arjun:hmm ok take care radhika
RAdhika goes and she thinks god i hugged arjun wow but nothing should happen to him and i cant believe i hugged arjun infront of everyone….

Arjun thinks y this radhika cares for me so much
Shiv:sir shall we go
Arjun comes to the present and says yes.
Arjun goes…,

Radhu:god am i in love with arjun,god but if i proposed he wont accept and i am nt a good choice for him,he is handsome but i am fat,but i can propose him,accepting or not accepting is his wish……
Radhika:aishu i am going to tell to u one thing,

Radhika:i am in love with arjun,i dont know but i like him or love him so much aishu,i dont know y but something
Aisu:radhu ????????????
RAdhika:call karthi say to him
Aishu calls and ask to him to come.
Karthi:radhu wat is this
Aishu:karthi but he is good only
Karthi :yes aishu but for radhu
RAdhika:guys plzz i am gng to propse him today night
Aishu:y all of a sudden
Radhika:plzz aishu nd karthi i need to tell him plzzz
Karthi:no radhu
Radhika:plzzz karthi,one chance if he says no i wont disturb him plzzzz last chance
Aishu:karthi ok we can give but y today
Radhika:today only.
RAdhika calls Arjun and says to him that she need to meet him it is a emergency.
Radhika:plz arjun sir come to abc park at 7pm
and she cuts the calls.

Aishu and karthi stand at a distance.
RAdhika sit in a bench
ARjun comes there,
Arjun:radhika y u called me immediately
RAdhika:sir please listen me one thing,i have to tell to u
Arjun:hmm say

RAdhika: sir i dont know where to start but sir i think i am in love with u i dont know y,i need u as my husband and my better half in my life,may i am not a good or best choice in ur life,i just expressed my love bcoz i dont want to live my life with expressing my love to u and sorry for wat i have said and thank u so much for comming in my life.

guys hows it,plzzzzzz give ur comments and one question,arjun can accept radhu’s love now or later,tell me ur answer………..

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  1. Nice episode.arjun first need to fall for her and then he should miss her and propose her.

  2. arti viswanathan

    Susmitha darling superb,excellent,mind-blowing, outstanding,good,nice,awesome,fabulous,fantastic episode……. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes…… I think what chashni is saying correct arjun should fall for her and then propose Radhika…. I think arjun should except later….. Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to u……… Will be waiting for next episode…..

  3. He have to……. Nd s give her reddy bear hug……

  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting to see if Arjun will except her proposer. ?

  5. Awesome update. Arjun should propose first

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