Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story episode 3

hi guys i am sor sorry for the delay,i am little busy with my personal stuff nd little bit lazy,sorry,now here is the third part guys,and i will try to finsh my storry with 5 episodes if u want me to take further i will do more parts,hmm now coming to the story,

Aishu:radhu sleep and u should not go from her,u will not come for college for 2 days
Radhu:aishu no i will come today,nothing there to me
Aishu:no doctor ask to take rest
Aishu:radhu plz u need to hear me for two days after that u can be on ur wish
RAdhu:okay but after two days i will be on my wish.
Aishu:ok done,i will go lock the house okay bye see u at evening
RAdhu:hmm ok bye aishu….aishu who saved me
Aishu:ACP ARJUN ok bye
Aishu goes,
After sometimes,
RAdhu:who is he,ARjun,need to see him,
RAdhu locks the house and goes to the police station.

Radhika:excuse me can i meet ACP ARJUN SIR
Policeman:mam sir is in a meeting u can meet after 30 minutes
Radhika:hmm ok i will wait
Radhika roams here and there and is very eagger to see arjun,she tries to see through window but cant.
Arjun is busy handling a smugling case.
Arjun: Shiv we need to catch Ram soon,bcoz he is very dangerous.
Shiv:yes sir,i will take leave
Arjun:hmm ok.
Policeman:sir some girl came to meet u.
Arjun:send her inside.
RAdhika:sir may i come in
Arjun:yes(but not see her face)
ARjun is busy arranging the files.
Radhika:sir i am radhika studying1st year
Arjun sees her face
Arjun:hm Radhika i know u sit down
Radhika sees his face and thinks paahh wat a smile sir policewala smile i just fallen mr.arjun anyone cant save u from me
Arjun waves his hand to get radhika come to presence,
RAdhika:actually sir thank u so much for saving me
Arjun:no problem its our duty to save people
Radhika:hmm thank u sir ,i wil take leave
Arjun:okay and please dont come to police station,its not good for girls
RAdhika smiles and says:yes sir
RAdhu goes but suddenly turns and asks arjun do u have a girlfriend
Arjun:no y
RAdhika;sir actually u look free so i asked,bcoz most of the boys who have gf looks stressed so
Arjun:not every boys
RAdhika:thaank u sir bye
RAdhu goes
ARjun smiles and says weird girl

Radika:children i am getting late i will meet u tmrw
Child:radhu u can be here for 5 minutes for us
RAdhika:hm battu but…ok only 5 minutes
Children:okay radhu
RADhika plays with them,

Arjun:Shiv i will come in a minute
Arjun goes to the ashram and meet the head,
Arjun:this time i willgive 15,000
HEAd:this is enough sir some good people like help us,thank u so much sir and battu keeps asking u sir
Arjun: i will meet him,
Arjun goes to the place where the children are,
Radhika and they play hide and seek,
Radhika was tied cloth to her eyes.
RAdhika was trying to catch children but in vain,
Arjun comes inside,radhika clash with him she falls and he catches him
RAdhika:who is it and removes the cloth from her eyes
RAdhika:sir u i am sorry sir
Arjun:hm no problem radhika ,what r u doing here
RAdhika comes to says something,
Chila(battu):heloo wat is going on,radhu this is bad and arjun u have not meet me for 10 days ,i am angry on u
RADhika:battu i am sorry and i will go
ARjun:hmm battu sorry now i came for spend time with u
RAdhika:ok sir bye
ARjun:ok bye.
Radhika goes.

Radhika :arjun u just killed me yaar i am in love with u i think so hmm i need ur number wat i can do ahh karthi will have ur number.
Aishu:radhu wat happen
Radhika:i need karthi now i have to see karthi
Aishu:radhu now y
RAdhika cries and says i need to meet karthi now
AIshu:okay radhu i will call him.,
Asihu calls karthi and ask him to come soon and says radhu is crying.
Karthi comes,
Karthi:radhu y do u ask me to come
Radhu:karthi i didnt see u for 1 day
Karthi:wat..radhika wat happen to u
Radhu starts to cry and says i miss mny frnds but u dont love me,i am going to talk to u.
Aishu:radhu wat happen okay okay we not ask anything and ask karthi to do wat she tells
RAdhika:karthi i need ur mobile
RAdhika: i need to see whether my number is in ur mobile or not
Karthi:wat radhu i have
Radhu:give me or else i will start to cry
Karthi:i will give get it.
Radhu gets his mobile and sees arjun’s number and memorise it .
Karthi says now are u happy,i have ur number i not delete it.
Radhu:hmm ok bye karthi and goes inside her room.
Aishu:karthi what happen to this idiot
Karhi:i dont know aishu but something happened,okay leave it we will find later i am getting sleep.
Aishu:okay bye


guys i think its good and plz leave ur comments and sorry for the mistakes…………….

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  1. Loved it sushmi.eagerly waiting for next.

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    Awesome, yes continue with the story, I love it to core, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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    Sumitra darling superb,excellent,outstanding,nice,awesome,good,fabulous,fantastic,mind-blowing episode…… I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes…. But I liked Radhika comes to meet arjun….. And again meets in ashram…… I think u should continue susmitha dear….. Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to u……. Will be waiting for next episode……

  5. Excellent marvellous update a……. Notanki…. Daramebaaz

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