Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 15

hi guys,how are u all,all fine???,missed u all soo much,thank u so much for ur support and coming to the story…,
The pooja arrangements is going on,,
Shiv calls arjun and says sir there is an emergency case,so u have to come.Arjun says ok i am coming..
Arjun:mom sorry i have to go,but i will come soon
Snegha:mom sorry.
THe pooja starts..,Arjun goes from there…..
RAdhika and aishu comes wearing saree and karthi is in dhoti…,
Karthi:oh my god,beautiful girls
RAdhika:karthi say whether who is looking cute,me or aishu
Aishu:of course my prettu radhika
Karthi:no but this time aishu
Karthi:radhika u r cute and aishu is beatiful
RAdhika:ok ok leave,continue ur romance later,i am a small kid.She says teasingly
Karthi and aishu gets shocked.
Radhika:haha i know everything guys,u cant hide from,after all i am friend i can see in ur attitude my lover boy

He runs behind her.
RAdhika:karthi not today because my saree wil collapse and all came to pooja
Karthi:ahh all came,pooja started
RAdhika searches arjun….,
Aishu:radhu even i am too searching arjun
Radhika:aishu not like that,i just
Aishu:u just….
Aishu raises her eyebrows…,RAdhika smiles and says ok i accept aishu i like arjun but i dodnt know whether it is love or not,of couse love but
RAdhika:nothing,ok i will come.
Radhika goes…,
Radhika goes to washroom..,And she comes out..,Someone kidnaps her..,They carry her to the car..,
Shiv:good morning sir,
Arjun:ok y u called me,what is emergency
Shiv:sir i didnt call u
ARjun:what u called me and said some emergency
Shiv:sir no,i didnt..even u can see my mobile.
Shiv shows his mobile..,ARjun sees his mobile and sees the call log,and the call is from unknown number..,
ARjun thinks y did they like that..
Shiv:sir everything okay????
ARjun:shiv someone called me in the name of u and said some emergency.
Arjun thinks……….
Arjun says radhika,shit i forgot her…
ARjun goes to his house…

The pooja is going on….,
Snegha does aarti and the song playsback…,
Ayi giri nandini nandhitha medhini
Viswa vinodhini nandanuthe
Girivara vindhya sirodhi nivasini
Vishnu Vilasini Jishnu nuthe
Bhagawathi hey sithi kanda kudumbini
Bhoori kudumbini bhoori kruthe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe……….,

Arjun eneters and searches for radhika,he doenst find.
HE calls karthi..,
ARjun:karthi where is radhika..
Karthi:arjun she said she went to restroom
ARjun:no she is not there i searched whole house,where is she..,
Aishu sees them and think what happened and this radhika yet not come..
Karthi:arjun where is she,y she have to vanish,she is going to be here somehwere
Arjun:karthi i searched the whole and even radhika’s house but no radhika is not there.
They two worry..
KArthi:ok come,we can searche her…..,
THey goes.
THey shows the photo of radhika and asks many people but all the attempts goes in vain..
ARjun thinks Ram,ss ram,god i should not have left radhika.
Karthi:arjun,do u have idea where is radhika….,
Arjun:karthi come,we have to search her..,
aishu worries for karthi and radhika and she calls for both,karthi doesnt attend her calls nd radhika kept her phone in the house..

KArthi:arjun what kind of place is this…,
Arjun:akrthi i think someone must have kidnapped radhika,
THey enter and searches but there is none in that place…
ARjun calls shiv and says everything ask him to track Ram….,

Ram drinks njoys the dance…HE gets a call.
A man:boss we have complketed the work,radhika is with us
RAm gets happy and says i am coming….,

Arjun:shiv did u get any details about ram.
Shiv:sir no
Karthi:arjun say me who is ram and why did he want to kidnap radhika
ARjun says the whole thing what ram said and the gun shot…,
KArthi:god but i dont know anyone named Ram in radhika’s life
ARjun:even she said the same.,ok karthi how long u have been friends
Karthi:when we are studying 9th
Arjun:oh where is her parents
Karthi:they were dead when she is 5 years old and her aunty took care of her…
Arjun:where is her aunty
Karthi:she died 3 years due to cancer adn after that radhika was living in a hostel and aishu’s parents took care the expenses of radhika.
ARjun:oh ok,have u seen radhika’s parents or aunty
Karthi:i have seen aunty but not parents…,
Shiv:sir we got a clue,Ram spoke through his satellite phoen and he kidnapped radhika sir but they didnt share the place,they are going to meet.
ARjun:shit god plz help me to find radhika…..,
ARjun thinks the old moments with radhika and says no i will not let anything happen to radhika….,

Radhika wakes up and sees a different place and thinks where is she.
RAm:hi radhika
Radhika:Prakash uncle
RAm:oh dear do u remember me,how sweet
Radhika:how one can forget what u done to our family….,
Ram:i am back radhika to get the revenge
Snegha:aishu dont worry,all will be fine
Aishu cries and says aunty something is wrong tahts y karthi is not taking phone and arjun also
Snegha:no dont worry,they will.
Arjun:karthi u go to house,they are alone and they will be worried,u go i will manage here
Karthi:but arjun
ARjun:i will not let anything happened to radhika,she is my soul karthi
Karthi:arjun.,ok i will go but plz update me
Arrjun:sure,i wil send the car..
KArthi goes..,
ARjun is busy in tracking ram …,
Karthi enters the house…,
Aishu sees him and runs to him and hugs him tightly..,
Snegha:karthi what happened

Aishu:where is radhika
Karthi tels everything
Aishu sits down and cries
Aishu:y this happen with radhika,what did she do
KArthi:aishu dont worry,radhika wil come
Aishu:karthi,she is a child,u know that
Karthi:i know aishu
Snegha:karthi and aishu dont worry radhika will come,keep faith in god,she sees the idol and says..
Aishu goes near god durga ma idol and sits infront of it and closes her eyes and prays to god
Snegha too joins her..
KArthi sees them and thinks godd plzs save my radhika


Hi guys hows it,i hope good and please comment ur views adn it wil be a great support….

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