Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 10

Hi guys how r u all i hope all r fine nd me too.i am just getting happier day by day bcoz of ur comments,i will try to improve guys….
The story starts,

Aishu:radhika come outside plzz
RAdhika:no no
ASihu:plz come out of restroom
RAdhika:aishu see i have become fat nd i too have darkcircles
Aishu:so wat radhu
RAdhika:aishu then ar……nothing
ASihu:thn cme dear i need to go
RAdhika:no its a punishment that u didnt worry abt me
ASihu:radhu dont u have sense nd u r giving punishments in this time,u r out of ur sense
RAdhika:thank u my dear aishu,just be outside
Aishu:i will not leave u when u cme outside
RAdhika:can see nd aishu dont spoil outside yaar,i am comin.
RAdhu smiles and comes outside,aishu sees her angrily nd goes iniside…
RAdhika thinks i need to call karthi or else this angry bird wil kill me.
RAdhika gets ready fast,nd calls karthi to come fast.

At bathroom,
ASihu :oh shit i forget to take my dresses,god bcoz of that idiot..
ASihu comes out of bathroom with towel wrapped around her ,,,,
At the time Karthi comes,,,
Karthi:aishu wats this free show aa
Aishu sees him shocked,aishu closes her eyes nd takes the clothes, nd runs inside the bathroom…,
Karthi smiles at her…,
Aishu:shit karthi saw me like this.she sees herself in the mirror nd thinks aishu wat u have done and how u r going to face him now,,then aishu smiles herself thinking about that moment.
SHe changes her clothes nd come out..
RAdhika sees her coming.,
RAdhika:karthi karthi plzzz help me,this angry bird will kill me
Karthi:why dear what u have done today
RAdhika:u know abt me na..
ASihu :radhika karthi u know what she done mrng,i will not leave her.
ASihu runs to catch radhika..,
RAdhika hides behind karthi nd says karthi plz help u r the only person to cool aishu plz plz help
Karthi:no radhu i think one time i will help aishu
RAdhika:cheating karthi nd i didnt ecpect u r a cheater,now u changed sides
Aishu:karthi will be always on truth side
Karthi:yes aishu nd u know i like to be free in my like towel….
KArthi sees aishu nd smiles
Aishu sees him nd says no dont in actions
ASihu:oi radhu no karthi just get punishment from me
Karthi:aishu leave her once,if she done again punish her
ASihu:this is not fare yaar
RAdhika shows her tongue nd actions.
ASihu:ok ok ok but last time

RAdhika:ahh ok ok
Karthi:ok guys can we go we r getting late to college.
The trio goes…,they attend the class..After lunch radhika gets arjun’s message to meet.
RAdhika sees it nd bcme happy inside.
RAdhika:aishu i have an important work so i am going bye
Asihu:but where
RAdhika: i will say u later bye.
RAdhika goes.
THey meet in a restaurant…,
Arjun waits for radhika.
RAdhika comes
ARjun waves hi to her.
RAdhika thinks my love u r so cute ya when u smiles luv u arjun my acp sir,she smiles..,
ARjun thinks god she is just an angel and her smile drives me crazy but i wish this smile ;asts forver,this should not fade away..He worries
RAdhika:hi sir how r u
ARjun:fine radhu how r u
RAdhika thinks radhu hmm super,
RAdhika:fine sir
ARjun:had ur lunch
Radhika:no sir u
(but radhika had her lunch ,she is lieing)
THe waiter comes nd ask did they need anything.
ARjun:radhika wat do u want
RAdhika:watever sir
ARjun:no u say watever u wish
RAdhika:sir ur wish
ARjun orders the food..,
RAdhika cant face arjun so she just distracts herself from seeing outside.
ARjun thinks how to tell her about the upcomin danger.

ARjun:radhika actually i need to tell one thing
Radhika smiles nd ask yes sir
Arjun thinks y that creep ram has to kill this innocent girl,see her smile nothing bad,full of innocent.
Arjun:radhika do u know any Ram
RAdhika:no sir y
Arjun:radhika hear carefully that…
RAdhika waits for his answer
ARjun:actually some goons were going to harm u so be carefull
RAdhika:but y sir
Arjun:i dont know but ur parent and that gang leader have some enemity,i am trying to figure it out
RAdhika bcomes sad
ARjun:radhika dont be afraid i am with u if anything happens tell me immediately i will there for u always,anything will wont happen to u
RAdhika:sir i am not worrying about my life,actually i am worried about my frnds,in my last breath i have to die by seeing them this is my last wish sir
Arjun:radhika dont speak like this and nothing will happen to u…,

Someone aims a gun(actually not a real bullet but a bullet to get the person unconscious)
THe person speaks to someone and ask him to be ready to take her.
HE shoots at her..,
RAdhika:ok sir i will go
ARjun:hm okay buut dont be afraid
RAdhika smiles nd gets up.
ARjun also get up.
RADhika goes first nd arjun behind.
RAdhika asks for a taxi.
THe shooter shoots at her.
Arjun:radhika i will drop u .
RAdhika:no problem sir.
Arjun catches her wrist nd says radhika plz comes.
THe bullet comes…………..


guys hows it,i hope its good and plz leave ur comments and reviews abt nd tell me what i have to improve…………..

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  1. Superbbb….loved the precap…

  2. amazing update……………..eagerly waiting next one……

  3. Sush this is awesome.loved it to the core.aishu karti romance also nice.arjun care for radhika.precap is also superb.take care love you

  4. Kavina

    Loved it

  5. Brin

    Awesome, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  6. Rads

    Yaar it’s just outstanding ???? and radhika punishment for aishu ???? I just loved that???? and free show???? ardhika meeting and radhika lie about lunch? it’s awesome and the lost part is somewhere terrible, who is going get shot by that bullet
    And precap is interesting, and what will be arjun’s answer . Love you lots ???

  7. Sushie

    Woowwwww!!! Awesome dear arjun s admiring her ? precap s amazing eagerly waiting fr nxt update love u loads!! Tc..

  8. anushka shetty

    Precap is killing me ….plzzz post it soon…..n episode was great

  9. Can’t stop laughing..omg how chirpy radio is and her cute antics to save herself..loved the update

  10. Aana

    Simply awsm…??

  11. Arti viswanathan

    Sushmita darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, nice, good, fantastic, fabulous episode….. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes. …… tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you ……….. will be waiting for next episode. …..

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