Manmarziyan (Ardhika Love Story ) Episode 4


Radhika closed her eyes and Arjun hold her and took her inside a beautifully decorated farm house.

He took her to the swimming pool side and said “Radhika now open you eyes “.
Radhika slowly opened her eyes and saw the beautiful decoration and suddenly she saw in the swimming pool a I love you written with floating candles and Rose petal was floating in the swimming pool she saw that and got tears in her eyes. Arjun who was standing with her saw her and made her face him and asked “why are you crying Princess??”
Radhika wiped her tears and hug him tightly and said “Because I am very lucky to have you in my life and I LOVE YOU ARJUN “.
Arjun heard Radhika’s words and he couldn’t believe what he have heard and broke the hug and asked Radhika what Did you said.
Radhika smiled and look into his eyes and said ” I Love You Arjun”.
Arjun said “One more time please ”
Radhika shouted this time and said “I love You Arjun”.

Arjun was on the ninth cloud hearing those 3 magical words and he said ” I love you too Radhika”
And hugged her tightly she too hugged him tightly.

Today it was their day they want to be like this forever their hearts promised each other that they will never leave each other.

The got separated but was standing very close had a deep Eye lock. Arjun touched Radhika’s cheeks and kissed her forehead and eyes and cheeks was about to kiss her when Radhika felt shy and pushed him and ran from there.

And the background music started Janam Janam …. (from the movie dilwale)

Arjun was Radhika to catch Radhika finally he cought her and hugged her from back and said “Feeling shy”.
Radhika felt this hot breaths on her neck and was feeling goosebumps all around her body she was lost in him and was unable to even reply him.

Arjun turned Radhika towards him and Radhika smiled at him when suddenly Arjun set on his knees and said ” Radhika I already know you are mine but during our marriage I didn’t gave you anything so I want to gift you one today”. And hold her hands and make her wear a beautiful diamond ring. Radhika said “It’s beautiful Arjun”. Arjun said ” But It’s less beautiful than my wife”. And gave her another box.
Radhika asked “What’s this?”

Arjun said “Open it and check”
Radhika gave him a confusion look and opened it.
It was a beautiful diamond necklace and earrings. Radhika was spell bound and was loosing words. Arjun saw this and said “You didn’t liked it?”
Radhika reply “I loved it but why so much costly things Arjun I was happy with this ring only” Arjun said “Actually when I saw this beautiful necklace I thought it should be worn by the world’s most beautiful women. Since that’s you I brought it to you.”
“Now will you please wear it”.
Radhika nodded and smiled. Arjun said ” I will make you wear it “.

Arjun made her wear it and looked at her and said ” Now it’s looking perfect”.
Radhika smiled and said “Thank-you for everything”.
And she got tears in her eyes.
Arjun wiped those tears and said ” I promise you. You will never get those tears back.”
And smiled at her. And pulled her close to her.
Both were very close. Arjun pulled her more towards him and finally he kissed her lips passionately and Radhika to responded back. They were lost in each other.
Suddenly they broke the kiss and looked at each other’s eyes.
Radhika smiled and said “Today is the best day of my life”.

Arjun said” mine too! But the day is not yet finished Princess”.

He took her inside the farm house and there it was beautiful decorated with red roses and candles. At the center there was a table beautiful decorated. At the top of the table a red velvet cake was there in which I love You Radhika was written.

Radhika was speechless seeing all this they went near the table Sat there and cut the cake together both fed each other.
And gave Radhika a beautiful bouquet of red roses.
And said “Can I have a dance with my Princess?”
Radhika agreed and they had a romantic dance on the song Tu joh h toh Maine hu (From the movie Mr X).They both hugged each other tightly at the end of the song.


Precap : Ardhika re-marriage preparations.

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Credit to: Anwesha

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