Manmarziyan (Ardhika Love Story ) Episode 3


Manmarziyan Ardhika love story Episode 3

Radhika and Sam was on the bed. Sam was sleeping but Radhika was awake and was thinking Arjun’s love confession, their hug all this made her smile. Then suddenly she remembered their kiss which made her feel shy she turned towards Sam slept thinking about Arjun.

Next morning a new day, a new begging for our love birds Radhika and Arjun.
Sun rays falls on Arjun’s face he woke up with a big smile and show Neil’s both legs on him. Which made him irritated and he pushed Neil away but Neil was in sleep and in sleepy tone he said “Sammy give me a kiss” which made Arjun laugh and he slightly said “I am not Sam”. Neil again said ” Sammy please kiss me na” and came close to Arjun and Arjun was getting irritated at this he took a glass full of water and poured it on Neil. Which made Neil get up in one swing and he said “you can never change. Is it a way to get up somebody “. Arjun asked ” then what do u want me to give you morning kiss?”

Neil said “Arjun shut up!”
Both were looking at each other intensely. Suddenly they both started laughing. Then Arjun said “Neil you and me have to do all the preparations for my date. You sure, you know everything here in Rishikesh?”.
Neil said ” I know everything dude! Just leave it on me”.
Then Arjun said “OK “. With a big smile. Then he came out of his room and was searching for Radhika when suddenly he say Dadaji reading newspaper the went to Dadaji seat near him took his blessings and said ” Good morning Dadaji”.
Dadaji said “Good morning Arjun”.
Arjun said ” Dadaji I want to take Radhika out today for a date I want to take your permission if you permit us”.

To this dadaji said “of course you both must go”.
The he saw Malaji and said ” Good morning ma”. She said “Good morning beta”. He asked ” MA.. Where is Radhika?”
Then he heard Sam voice and she said “Still sleeping. Come and wake her up.” Arjun was hesitating to go when Dadaji said “Go arjun”.
He went up and saw Sam and said ” Good morning “. Sam said ” Good morning arjun go and have sometime with your wife “.
Arjun went inside the room and locked the door and saw Radhika sleeping like a baby he stood there and admired her beauty and innocence then he came near her and seat on the bed and took Radhika’s hair stranders and placed it behind her ears and placed a warm kiss on her cheek. Which made Radhika awake and she said ” Arjun” Arjun said “yes its me.. Your Arjun”
Radhika woke up and seat near him and said “You here. Where is Sam?”

Arjun said “You are not happy seeing me” and acted as he is angry. Radhika said “I am very happy to see you Arjun. Good morning. I am so glad that my morning started with seeing your face.” Arjun smiled at her words and said “Good morning my love. Don’t worry your every morning, every day, every moment will be special from now on….” Those words brought a big smile on Radhika’s face suddenly Arjun said “Nights will be super special” which made Radhika feel shy. Arjun said ” I love you Radhika you know when you feel shy you look like a pink rose ” Radhika smiled at it. Arjun made Radhika close to her and they both were looking at each other with love filled in eyes. Arjun cupped Radhika’s face and kissed her forehead. He kissed her eyes, cheeks and then he kissed her lips softly. And his hands went went to her back and he held her tightly.
Radhika two didn’t oppose and kissed him back. Then they broke the kiss and Radhika hugged Arjun tightly and said “we will always stay like this na?”
To this Arjun said “Like this Radhika?”
Radhika said “Yes like this.”

Arjun was in a joking mode and he said “I won’t mind keep you hugging like this thought-out my life”.
Radhika broke the hug and said ” Arjun…. I mean to say we will always be together”.
Arjun said ” we will” and pulled Radhika close kissed his forehead and said “now get up … Today will be the best day of your life… And I am still waiting for those 3 magical words…”

He went up and was going outside he turned and said “I love you”.
Which made Radhika feel so special… She gave him a beautiful smile and said “you go for breakfast I m coming….”

Arjun opened the door and went from there…
Radhika saw Arjun going and smiled remembering there moments and went to washroom took bath and got ready and wore a beautiful light pink saree. Applied light makeup and was wearing jhumkas when Arjun came in to the room and was mesmerized to see Radhika in his favourite colour. Radhika too saw Arjun from the mirror and smiled at him..
He came close the Radhika which made her nervous and she standup and was about to turn…. But Arjun held her shoulders from behind and made her sit..

He made her wear jhumkas and kissed her each earlobes.. Then he made her wear mangalsutra and placed a passionate kiss on her neck.. Radhika closed her eyes tightly… He then applied sindoor… And said “my wife is the most beautiful women of this world”.

Radhika smiled at him and said ” and my husband is the best”. She saw Arjun from the mirror and saw he was wearing a black denim with sky blue shirt …
Arjun saw that Radhika was observing him when he said “I know I m looking handsome stop staring me…”
Radhika smiled and said “let’s go down”.

She stood up to go when Arjun hugged her from back and said ” I love you Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra”.

Suddenly Sam opened the door and saw both of them standing like that and said “Leave some romance for night”.
And was laughing …

Both Arjun and Radhika heard this and Arjun went away from her.. Ignored Sam’s laugh and said ” Neil was calling me….”.
And left the room in hurry.

Sam saw Radhika and said “Chasni looking very pretty seems like your husband is totally mesmerized by your beauty”.
Radhika felt shy and said ” Nothing like that Sam. When you woke up?”

Sam said “When you were busy in Arjun’s dreams that time I woke up” and smiled naughty at her and said “go and get ready”.

Radhika nodded and went to washroom had bath and wore a pretty sky blue suit did a little makeup applied sindoor and and saw her mangalsutra and said ” Thank-you God for giving me Arjun”.

At the breakfast table Radhika and Sam was serving and all were enjoying their breakfast and Neil was staring and Sam. suddenly he said “Mala aunty please teach Sam cooking because Mom is always pampering her so she doesn’t do any work at home”
All laughed at it and Sam was burning in anger and said “Really Idiot???”.

Neil was still laughing and said ” yes sammy”.
She starts moving towards him and he knew she is gone hit him so he went running upstairs Sam followed her and was shouting “Neil you are dead today”.
All laughed at there actions.

Upstairs Neil was saying ” Sorry Sam you are an Awesome cook .. Please leave me… I even have thought of opening and dhaba for you on the name of Saminder Singh… Please leave me….”
Sam said “Dhaba for me… Neil you are gone die today…”
Finally Sam cought Neil and was hitting hit when he kissed her and said “your every hit and in return my kiss…Accepted…??”
Sam felt shy and stop hitting him when Neil said “My sammy can feel shy like a girl also I didn’t knew it….” And he kissed her cheeks….

Sam said “Stop it Neil”. And said ” It’s not time for romance will have to plan Something for Chasni and Arjun….”

Neil said “That you leave on me baby…. Just make Chasni got ready in time and …. He said rest you are smart enough…”. He left her and when downstairs.
Sam thought ” Today I will turn Chasni into a total different look…” She smiled and came downstairs..

Day passed like this Radhika was in Arjun’s thoughts Neil and Sam was busy in Preparations..
Arjun was making all efforts to make it best…


At the evening Radhika entered her room and found a Parcel with a note..
She knew it would be from Arjun only.. She closed the door and went near the parcel and started opening the note and she read it.. It was written “I would Love it if you wear this Dress My Love ”

Radhika smiled and thought “Anything for you….”
She wears….. Radhika’s look

Suddenly Sam came to the room and saw Radhika and said “Chasni is it you?
Wow you are looking flawless”
Radhika smiled at her. Sam said “Arjun is gone die Radhika by seeing you”.
Radhika blushed at Sam’s statement and said ” Sam…. Stop pulling my leg”.

Suddenly Sam said “Arjun send you a car we will meet there only”.
Radhika nodded at her and went downstairs Dadaji saw her and said ” Chotti Bahut ache lag rhe ho”.
Radhika smiled and said “Thank-you Dadaji “. Sam said ” Go Arjun will be waiting for you… ” Radhika was nervous and nervously she said “Sam you to come with me na”. Sam said ” Let all go then it will not be a date it will be a family picnic” and laughed and said “You go Chasni Bye”.
Radhika went inside the car and left for the venue…

When she reached there she found Arjun standing there for her.
Arjun came and opened the door and took Radhika’s hand and said ” Come Princess” and kissed her hand. Radhika felt goosebumps all around her body and came out of the car and saw Arjun he was looking handsome as usual …

Arjun also saw Radhika and was mesmerized and said “Now this Dress is looking Beautiful”
Radhika smiled and said “Thank-you for this lovely outfit I love it”
Arjun said “Everything you wear automatically turns beauty Princess”

They both had a beautiful eye look and then Arjun said “Radhika close you eyes ”
Radhika said “Why?”
Arjun said “Because I am saying ”
Radhika again said “but…. Arjun….”
Arjun said “Shhh….. Please do it for me…”
Radhika finally agreed and closed her eyes and the date begins……

Precap :Ardhika romance..

Guys I am really very sorry for such a late update I know it have been a month now I was so busy that I just visited tellyupdates to read you story and didn’t got the proper time to update mine…. But now onwards I will try my level best to update it all in time.. Please forgive me…and also sorry for spelling and grammatical mistakes…

Have a great day!

Credit to: Anwesha

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