Manmarziyan (Ardhika Love Story ) Episode 2


Manmarziyan aradhika love story Episode 2

After they finished dinner Mala told Arjun and Neil to ssleep at guest room and told radhika to take Sam along with her. Which made Arjun sad he was looking at Radhika with a sad face. He was thinking in his mind, “God I wanna spent some time with my Radhika when will I get that time”. To this Neil said “aunty Radhika and Arjun will stay at Radhika’s room and me and Sam in guest room”.
To this malaji said “That will be after Radhika and Arjun’s marriage”.
All was confused “after marriage” as they are already married.
Then Sam said ” aunty they are already married”.
To this malaji said “I know they are already married but that marriage was not proper, it was without any elders blessings and we all know that situation”.
They all understood why malaji said for marriage again.
Hearing this dadaji said ” yes, how can my choti marry without my presence? After all I need to eat lots of sweets.”
To this everyone had laugh and Radhika said ” yes dadaji I cannot marry without your blessing”. Suddenly said “I agree with Radhika, even I want to marry her again” and smiled cutely at Radhika which made her feel shy and brought a beautiful smile on her face.
Suddenly Sam said “aunty that’s a great idea, this time I will prepare everything starting from the wedding theme, clothes, food everything. Oo I m going crazy I am so happy Chashni”. Saying so she ran towards Radhika and hug her. Radhika to hugged her tightly.

Then Neil said “you to started again, let’s sleep now as everyone is tired and its quite late as well. We will plan everything in morning “. All agreed to him and went to there respective rooms.
While going Sam hugged Neil and said “Good night hubby. I love you”. Neil said “me too Sammy”.
Arjun was looking at Radhika was excepting something from her. She came towards Arjun and said ” Good night Arjun”.And smiled at her cutely. Arjun went close to Radhika and kissed her for head and said “Good night. I love you radhika”. She was so touched by this which made her so so happy. And she smiled at arjun and said ” good night “. And then Sam and Radhika went upstairs to Radhika’s room and Neil and arjun went to the guest room which as in ground floor.

Then at Radhika’s room,
Radhika was setting the bed when Sam came and hugged her from the back and said ” Chashni I missed you so much”.
To this Radhika said “me too Sam, I am very happy that your happily married with Neil”. Then they both went to balcony and was enjoying the refresh year when Sam said ” because of you I realized my true love, I always loved my idiot its just it take me lots of time to understand it, but Chashni why u went away like that without informing anyone?”.
Radhika said “Sam… I didn’t want to come between you and Arjun that time, as I thought you love Arjun”.
Then Sam asked ” what about your love? You too love Arjun. Why you left him like that do u know how much he needed you at that time?”.
Radhika was sad hearing all this and said “I know it was difficult for me too Sam.. But”.
Sam stopped her in between and said ” why didn’t you confused your love? You to knew it that Arjun never loved me still you went away?”
Radhika said “I thought it will be wrong. Actually that situation we as not write for us Sam”.
Sam took Radhika’s hand in her hand and said ” promise me you won’t leave any of us like this ever”.
Radhika with teared filled in her eyes nodded at Sam and said “I won’t”.
Sam said ” pinky promise ?”.
Radhika said” yeah!! Pinky promise “.
The hugged each other and went inside the room.
Suddenly Radhika’s phone started ringing it was Arjun’s call.
Radhika took the call and said ” yes arjun”.
Then Arjun said “I am very upset Radhika you didn’t gave me my good night kiss”.
Radhika was shocked as well as surprised to see this side of Arjun because tough she always knew in her heart that Arjun is a good man but never thought of his romantic side.
Radhika was feeling shy. Sam saw that and excused herself as she is going to balcony for some important call.
Then Arjun said “why are you not answering now?”
Radhika said “actually…”.
Suddenly Arjun said ” I want a kiss right now.”
Radhika was shocked and said “what?.. Arjun…?now???”
Arjun said ” yes my darling I want it right now”.
Radhika was surprised by Arjun’s behavior and said “right now??… How it is possible??”.
Arjun said ” nothing is impossible in love darling. I am coming to your room.”
Radhika suddenly said “to my room arjun but Sam is here and what if someone see us?”
Arjun said “I will come to you just be ready to kiss me”.and he cut the call.
Radhika heartbeat became high hearing Arjun’s words.

On the other side Sam was taking to Neil. And Neil was saying ” Sammy I am missing you come to guest room please”.
Sam said “I want to stay with radhika today Neil please”.
He agreed and said ” OK. But I miss you. I love you Sammy.”
Sam said “I love u too idiot”.
Suddenly Radhika came to Sam and said ” Sam Arjun is coming?”.
Sam said “what? When? Why?”.
Neil overheard there conversation and said ” me too coming then”.
And he to cut the call.

Now both Radhika and Sam was thinking what to do?
When they saw some shadow in balcony and both said “who’s there?”.
They can still see the shadow and slowly went near it and both screamed. It was Arjun and Neil they both covered their mouths and said them to keep quite. There screaming was also heard by malaji who was at the other room also came running and knocked the door.

Now they all became tensed what to do know?..

Sam and Radhika said them to go and hide inside the cupboard or go to bathroom or under the bed.
Arjun was enjoying seeing Radhika tensed and said ” You have to come along me were ever I am hiding “.
To his Radhika said “Arjun now also you are thinking about romance “.
Arjun said ” when I said about romance, its you who is talking about romance”.
Meanwhile majali again knocked the door and said “Choti Sam Open the door”.
Radhika said ” Arjun please go”.
Arjun said “Only on one condition”.
Radhika was tensed to without hearing the condition she said “OK fine. But now please go and hide somewhere”.

Neil and Arjun went to bathroom so that malaji can’t see them.
Then Radhika open the door and she was looking very confused and tensed.
Malaji asked ” Choti are you ok? And Sam why you both screamed so loudly ?”
Radhika said “Maa.. We…”.
Suddenly Sam said ” Aunty because of lizard”.
Malaji said “lizard????”
Sam said “yes aunty a lizard “.
Malaji said ” when will you to grow up? So much screaming because of a lizard? I got so tensed. Now go and sleep.”
She said in a ordering tone and left the room. Then Sam closed the door and asked Neil and Arjun to come out. They came out and Neil said “thankgod aunty didn’t saw us.”
Sam said “Now you both leave”.
Arjun said can you both leave us for 5mins.
Neil & Sam understood and went to balcony.
Arjun said “darling my kiss”.
Radhika said ” Arjun”.
Arjun kept his fingers on her lips and said “sssh…. Radhika I am so happy to have you”
Radhika was about to say when Arjun said “let me finish. I just want one thing from you”.
Radhika said ” what?”.
Arjun said “Tomorrow I want a date with you. Only me and you.”
Radhika felt shy. Then arjun said “At least I can have a date with my wife. Please”.
Radhika said ” yes I will go”.
Arjun was happy and said “my kiss?”
Radhika was feeling shy. Arjun came close and kissed her cheeks and said “I will get my kiss tomorrow…” And slightly kissed her lips and went away when he turned and said “good night love”.

Precap : Ardhika’s Date and wedding preparation.

Guys I am very sorry for late update actually I was a little busy.. Thnku for all you comments its really means a lot to me… Thank you so much…And sorry for typing mistakes.. I hope you all like it
Love you guys :*

Credit to: Anwesha

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