Manmarziyan – You, Me and Angel #3


♡♥♡You, Me and Angel♡♥♡

Chapter 3: Shraddha or Arya

The world really was a teeny little thing, Arjun recalled how he met Shraddha and then Radhika. He never would have guessed that the patient he was about to see was this little girl. Shraddha, from the first time he met her had been like a blast from the past. It was like the little sister that he lost in his childhood was standing right in front of him. His sister, Arya, was the reason that he became a heart surgeon.

Arjun was only seven when Arya died of a heart disease. Those years were the most painful period in his life. His parents were both scientists who were more interested in saving the environment and exploring space than their children. Arya was an unplanned baby for the couple who had long ago decided that one child is enough for them to carry on their amazing genes. She was born when Arjun was four and sure his parents cared for them in all ways other than emotionally. They were always emotionally distant from their children. Arjun had learned from a small age not to go to his mother for kissing away his hurts and not to go to his father to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Arjun took care of Arya like she was the most precious thing in the world. She came to him when in need. She ran to him to share her stories. She became the light in his little world but then it all came to an end. One day she was playing in the park when she fainted. Even though she was taken to the hospital, nothing could be done to help her. That was the moment when Arjun grew up. That was also the moment Arjun started to hate his parents. Their meetings were more important for them than Arya’s health. While they were busy discussing plans to improve technologies, Arjun was busy praying for Arya. While they closed the deals, Arya breathed for the last time.

The moment he became eighteen, he left his parents and their home behind. From then on it was a constant struggle to become who he was now. Every patient he came across reminded him of his little sister but Shraddha reminded him of his sister before she became his patient. Maybe it was her smile that seemed to light up the whole world or maybe it was her enthusiasm to make new friends. What ever it was, now it was his duty to help her and her beautiful momma.

Arjun reclined back on the bean bag as he studied Shraddha’s case. It was a case that he hd encountered before but he was not able to save that little boy. He tried his best but the kid had a seizure during surgery. It was the one of the greatest regrets in his life next to Arya. This was his chance- his chance for redemption. He will save Shraddha, atleast he will try his best. That little girl will get to live many years and experience everything that Arya could not.

Nothing was going right. Radhika stared at the screen of her desktop, seeing nothing. The deadline was approaching and she still couldn’t concentrate enough to finish this article. And the worst part was that it was a simple, straight forward article about parenting. This was sort of a filler article and rather than bothering other staffs who had their hands full with their own work to do, Radhika took responsibility for it, as her article for this edition was already done.

“Momma?” The sweet voice coming from the doorway diverted Radhika’s attention from the screen. She turned around to find Shraddha standing there with one arm hugging her favorite stuffed panda to her chest and other hand wrapped around her favorite blanket. The blanket was trailing behind her. This was the same blanket that she wanted to be wrapped around her whenever she woke from a nightmare.

“Hey Angel”, Radhika turned her chair around, smiling warmly and opening her arms wide to her precious baby. Shraddha rubbed her eyes with her fist that held her blanket and walked straight into her momma’s arms.

Radhika lifted her baby and sat her down on her lap. Then she took the blanket and wrapped it around them both. Shraddha leaned her head on Radhika’s chest and closed her eyes. Radhika ran her hand through Shraddha’s sleep mused hair, trying to sooth her.

“Did you have a bad dream, baby?” Radhika whispered. Her daughter nodded.

“It was the clowns, they are bad.” Came the sweet voice and Radhika sighed.

“I know, baby. They are bad. But don’t worry, if they come back again I will beat them off with a stick.” Radhika reassured her daughter with a kiss to her forehead.

“Mmhmm.” Shraddha mumbled sleepily as she started to slip into sleep.

Radhika readjusted the blanket around them and started humming Shraddha’s favorite lullaby.



“You are the best. I love you.” Shraddha said as she slipped into a restful sleep.

Radhika blinked her suddenly moist eyes and turned towards her work. With the warmth of her daughter around her, she got the inspiration needed to complete her work. 

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