Manmarziyan – You, Me and Angel #2


♡♥♡You, Me and Angel♡♥♡
Chapter 2: Bonzo and Ada….. BFFs

Radhika took shraddha with her to the office next day. She was being cautious. There was a child care facility that offered KG education for the employies children at Imprint. It was an idea put forward by radhika herself as she knew the difficulties faced by working mothers. Imprint always invited ideas from their employies regardless of their position. And the management board implimented the best idea put forward. After the meeying with neil the other day radhika decided to bring shraddha here as she would be able to keep an eye on her. The service was till noon and after that the children can be kept under the caretakers watch.

Radhika took shraddha there and the little angel was all ready for the new adventure. She was happy as she will get new friends.

Radhika knelt down beside shraddha, “you be good, okay? No mischiefs.”

Shraddha smiled showing off her dimple, “momma shreddha is always good.”

Radhika looked at her sternly before kissing her forehead, “you stay with tina miss. I will come and get you at noon. Then we can have lunch together and you can stay at momma’s cabin for the rest of the day. And if you are feeling not well at anytime tell tina miss ok?”

“Momma you go, angel is a big girl.” Shraddha waved at her and went inside with tina. Radhika had already updated tina on her health. She went to her cabin to work on the new article on girls’ education.

But try as much as she may, radhika couldn’t focus on the article. Neil’s words from the other day were haunting her. She was now afraid for shraddha. She didn’t even let her run or bounce around with her package of energy as radhika was afraid her condition will be worsened. She took a deep breath and tried to calm her mind and then continued with her article half heartedly.

The business along with care was a new article series that imprint magazine has started. The series will have a total of 5 articles with interviews and details of five different personalities who are famous business owners but even greater humanitarian. One among them was Arjun Mehra.

Arjun had come to the imprint head office to give the first interview session. He had just completed his session at noon and was walking through the corridor to leave when a small body collided with his legs and held on. He looked down and was pleasantly surprised to see shraddha looking up at him with her trade mark dimpled grin.

Arjun couldn’t help but smile down at the girl, “hey cutie pie, what are you doing here?”

“My momma work here.” She exclaimed and started looking around arjun. When whatever she was searching for was not found she pouted up at arjun.

“Where is bonzo?”

Arjun chuckled quietly, “bonzo’s at home. You know what, i bring him to beach every evening.”

“Oh really? You will bwing him today?” She looked at arjun doubtfully.

“Yes i promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

Arjun hooked his little finger with her extented one, “pinky promise. By the way will your mom let you come to beach every day?”

“Yeah. Our house is near the beach. And bonzo is my best friend i have to see him.”

“Okay then cutie pie. I have to go. Go to your mom. Don’t go anywhere without telling her.” Arjun ruffled her hair and walked out of the office in a good mood.

Sam took a deep breath. This was it. The moment of truth. She was mentally preparing herself for the worst since she knew better than to build her expectations up. She knew the pain one felt from falling from that high expectations.

Sam looked down at her hand that clutched the pregnancy test kit in a deathly grip. What she saw made her eyes fill up. Try as she may, she was not able to stop her tears. She fell to her knees and clutched her tummy and continued to cry. She was so afraid and didn’t know what to do, she did nothing but let out all the tears welled up inside her.

Radhika gripped her phone to her ear while keeping her holdon the files in her other hand. She was standing outside the entrance of imprint talking to neil on phone.

Finally she was seeing a light at the end of a dark tunnel. She let out a sigh of relief.

“So this doctor you are talking about is the best?”

“Yeah radhika. He is well a known heart surgeon and also owner of AB hospital.”

“And he agreed to take on angel’s case?”

“Yes. He is also my good friend so he agreed for ada’s case. We are lucky radhu, he has a long waiting list of patients. And we got in.”

Radhika was so relieved tuat tears of happiness fell from her eyes. “I will bring angel to meet with him tomorrow. You will be able to get an appointment, right?”

“Sure. I will also be there. Don’t worry everything is going to be fine.”

“I think so too.”

“Well then, where is that little terror?”

Radhika laughed, “she is in my cabin last time i checked. I went out for a meeting after giving instruction to behave. Who knows what hell she must have raised by now! I better go and check.”

Neil’s chuckles reached her through the phone. “Okay then. Bye and take care.”

“Bye neil, see you tomorrow.”

After radhika disconnected the call, she realised that she never asked the doctpr’s name. She decided to check it yhe next day at hospital. As she walked inside a man talking on phone nearly collided with her making her loose her grip on the file. She looked at the man who barely stopped to say sorry and shook her head.

Arjun who was coming out of the office saw the whole thing and moved towards the kneeled down lady to help her. He collected the scattered file and gave it to her. She smiled at him and mumbled “thank you” politely. Arjun smiled in return.

“Are you okay?” He asked the lady all the while looking at her beautiful features. She had long black hair tied in a side pleat and had one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen.

She smiled at him before replying, “i’m fine. Thank you.”

She offered nothing more and went inside the office after that. Arjun too left from there.

Neil returned home to an unusual welcome. Sam always came to the door when he returned. She used to work as a teacher for small children but after the miscarriage, it was hard for her to go there and be surrounded by all those small children. So she got involved in a social program for abused women and soon became an active member in the organisation. That was a dark period for them both and he diverted his mind from there.

That day sam was not there to welcome him. That only happened during those dark times that neil instantly got worried about her. He called out her name but got no reply. He bagan to search for her. As he entered the bedroom he heard sam’s muffled sobs from the bathroom. He rushed inside and took the hunched down sam into his arms. She sobbed into neil’s shirt and finally calmed down enough to answer his worries.

Neil carrassed her face and wiped her tears away. “What’s wrong sammy?”

“Neil…. i….” she wimpered but was unable to talk. So she just showed the kit clutched in her hands to him. He took it from her and stared down at it dumbly for few seconds then looked up at her.

“Sammy….. its positive! Thats why you are crying….. you silly girl its positive.” He couldn’t believe. They were going to be parents.

“But neil, i am so afraid. What if….. like last time….” she again sobbed.

“No sammy nothing will happen. Everything will be okay. Trust me.” He assured her.

“I just don’t want to build up my hope only for it to be nothing afterwards.”

Neil cupped her face in his hands and made her look at him. His eyes were filled with tears. “Whatever happens, we are in this together. I will hold you up when you are weak. I will give you my shoulder to lie on and i will hold your hands all through this.”

Somehow his words gave her strength. His words reminded her of all the things they have gone through in the past. Through all those heartbreaks and tears they have made it through, they will get through this too. Whatever the future had in store for them, they will survive together. She smiled up at him as he hugged her to his chest delicately.

All the way to home from beach all shraddha had to talk about was bonzo and arjun. Radhika had taken the little girl to beach upon her insistence. She told her that she got two new friends. She watched from some distance as shraddha played with bonzo. Then she also saw his owner arjun. From the distance it seemed like she had seen him somewhere. Beach time was something that she allowed shraddha to have alone eventhough she remained a safe distance to make sure she was safe. Shraddha knew not to go away from her visinity. This was also the time when radhika recalled her past. Like clockwork, being here reminded her of her family and all their light moments before her world was turned upside down. All that remained of that sweet time was shraddha and radhika had promised herself that her angel would always be safe and happy. This beach time was a effort from radhika to keep the connection with past alive for shraddha. Even though shraddha didn’t know, allowing her to play alone at beach was to keep shraddha connected with past memories. As she grow up radhika will slowly start telling her about everything that she needed to know.

Radhika was broken out of her thoughts hearing shraddha’s sweet excited voice,”And then momma…. bonzo run after the stick…. and a huge wave dwenched him.”

Radhika chuckled at her angel’s cute inability to still grasp some words. “Its drenched, angel.”

Shraddha wrinkled her nose, “dwenched…”

Radhika laughed at that.

“And then arjun come and bonzo run to him.” Shraddha continued her cute grammatically wrong monologue.

“Angel, this arjun is elder than you and you should not call elders by their name.”

“But arjun telled his name is arjun and i call him arjun.”

“Okay then angel. See we reached home. Now its your bath time. Come on lets go.”

Radhika took a deep breath before entering neil’s cabin for the scheduled meeting. She sent a silent prayer to the gardian angels above them to look after her angel and to make everything okay.

Many things happen together once they entered the cabin. Radhika noticed the man beside neil and recognised him as the handsome man that helped her collect her files the other day. At the same time shraddha also saw him and yelled, “arjun”, and ran to him. Radhika realised he was the infamous arjun shraddha was going on and on about. Arjun saw shraddha and was shocked to know that she was the patient neil was talking about and also that the beautiful woman from the other day is none other than shraddha’s mom.

Radhika looked at arjun then at neil who was looking as if he is confused at arjun and shraddha. Arjun smiled at shraddha then looked at radhika, “well what a small world, huh?”

Hey guys,i hope u all liked it. Please let me know through comments. And tell me ways to improve if needed.

I really wanted to post SCL completely before my exams but it is at a tricky place now and is pending some work.
I am taking a break of two weeks for my exam and after that will post all three ffs.
Since this one was completed i thought to say the temporary goodbye by posting this. So guys wait for me…..

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