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♡♥♡You, Me and Angel♡♥♡
Chapter 1: Shraddha or Angel or Ada or Princess or Cutie pie

Laughter like bells chiming woke radhika from her sleep. She smiled softly still keeping her eyes closed. The the bed started bouncing up and down. Still she kept her eyes closed, hiding her smile. Then she was tickled by small soft hands and she finally relented. This was a routine for them. Everyday she woke up like this. She placed her arms around the warm soft body of cuteness and hugged it to her. Again the chiming laughter rang out.

“Momma wakeup!!”

She lifted the almost weightless cuteness up and then nuzzled at its neck making her most favourite sound chime out again.

“Momma angel is hungry.”

“Ok ok i am getting up.”

She looked at her world, her life jumping up and down again on the bed and smiled affectionately. The cute little 4 and half years old Shraddha. Oops! Not 4 and half. If the little terror heard that she will become furious and will stubbornly say that she is almost five years old showing up all five fingers of her right hand.

Radhika got up as the blabbering baby voice went on and on. Shraddha, or ada as everyone except radhika called her, was talking non stop about how her day was going to be. There is a something so cute and innocent about children talking that it is almost like music. And of course, her daughter got that non stop talking habit from radhika, so radhika was proud to hear that. Though most of the words were not correctly pronounced or were not clear.

Radhika took her little angel in her hands and carried her to the kitchen after washing both their faces and brushing. In the kitchen they had a routine. Both of them will make break fast together. Shraddha’s new ambition was to be a chef when she grew up. It never remained the same. First it was to be a princess, then it changed to doctor, then to a teacher and now a chef. Each of her ambitions had a reason behind them. She wanted to be a princess after listening to the numerous princess bedtime story, doctor was when she went to the doctor for checkup when she was four, then teacher when she met her first teacher. Now chef because her new favourite toy was the plastic tea set that radhika bought for her. It will change again and again.

Radhika made pancakes while shraddha sitting on the kitchen counter drew smily faces on them using jam. The smily faces were wobbly and distorted but still cute. After eating a hearty meal of pancakes, jam and orange juice another day in their cute little world really started.

Radhika is a writer at the leading magazine in India, Imprint. Imprint featured different topics and radhika’s was the column with most fan following. She didn’t have a specific topic but whatever she wrote will hold magic. She was one of the most highly paid columnist in imprint magazines and her position there yielded respect. It was not secret that she will be promoted to editor position soon.

That day radhika has taken leave to take shraddha to the hospital. Shraddha was a pre-mature baby and had to be kept in incubator for few days after birth and then kept in hospital for two weeks. She was always falling sick much to radhika’s distress. Shraddha caught pneumonia and infection soon after she was born and it was an intense month with treatment and recovery. Then it was found that her heart was not fully formed so disgnosis after diagnosis were done. Finally the doctor concluded that it was the after effect of being born pre maturely and they assured that it will become okay with time. And it became normal as time went on. Then radhika took shraddha for a check up six months ago. There she met a new doctor. Because of shraddha’s past heart abnormality they took appointment with a paediatric cardiologist. And that was Dr Neil Malhotra.

She still remember that meeting that gave a new friend for both radhika and shraddha.


Radhika entered the doctor’s cabin with shraddha and found a young handsome man sitting behind the desk. The man smiled warmly at them both. The doctor stood up and said, “hello my name is neil malhotra.”
He looked down at shraddha, “and you must be the little shraddha.”

Shraddha sized up the man before her and kept her hands on her hips, “hello i am addha, but i am not little. I am four.”

The fiesty four year old still had difficulty saying her name and addha was all she was able to say from shraddha.

Dr.neil laughed and held up his hands, “ok ada, wow you are such a big girl. You must be drinking so much milk inorder to grow up so fast. Will you share your secret with me? I also want to be as big as you.”

Shraddha gave her toothy shy smile to neil and that was the beginning of a beautiful new bond.


Now neil was one of best friends of radhika and buddy of shraddha. And that was also the day that shraddha became ada.

Shraddha had been having chest pain and dizzy spells for some time. Radhika decided to take her to neil for a diagnosis. And that was were radhika was sitting now, in neil’s cabin. Shraddha was with one of the nurse in the playroom for children. That was one of the specialities of Angel Baby multispeciality hospital for children (ABM hospital). The whole atmosphere was different and very child friendly. Neil was one of senior doctors in ABM.

Radhika anxiously watched as neil went through the ECG report of shraddha. Call it mother’s intuition, but she could sense that something was wrong. Neil’s face was grim as he looked up at radhika. And she knew just like that that their world was about to change.

Arjun was out for his usual evening run. He had his ear phones attached with music blasting through it. Bonzo was running ahead of him. Arjun had taken bonzo’s leash out of the dog collar because they had gone through this routine for so many times. Bonzo won’t go far from the designated path.

Arjun stopped after sometime and bend over to place his handson his knees. He was spend. After a gruelling day at the hospital, a run always helped him to unwind all tensions. He straightened and stretched his hands above his body. Then as usual he wlked towards the beach. Bonzo was already at their usual spot and was already having a blast chasing around the birds that dared to sit on the sand in the dogs visinity. Arjun walked to his usual spot on the beach and sat down on the sand. Soft relaxing music was playing through his ear phone as he watched the riseand crash of waves.

He was disturbed from his routine when he turned tofind that bonzo was absent. That was a surprise. He never wandered around. Arjun got up and looked around but he spot bonzo running circles around a little girl with pigtails. He walked towards them to catch some of the girls high speed non stop babbling.

“Hey doggy. Do you want some ice cream? Momma says to always share with my friends. I will share with you if you will be my friend.”

Bonzo enthusiastically barked and wagged his tail to show his consent.

Arjun reached them and smiled at the little angel. She really was the cutest thing with chubby cheeks and dimples. Her hair was in two pigtails that reached her shoulders. She smiled up at him showing him her one missing front teeth and her dimples.

“Hey there cutie pie. I am arjun and this is bonzo. What’s your name?”

She scrunched up her face adorably, “i have five names. My momma calls me angel, buddy calls me ada, sammy calls me princess and my Siya Miss calls me shraddha. My momma also calls me shraddha, when momma is scolding me.”

Arjun chuckled, “well then i will add another one and call you cutie pie.”

Shraddha smiled at him.

He looked around, “are you here alone? Where is your mom?”

“There.” Shraddha pointed to a woman whose face was covered by her long hair which was flowing in the wind. The woman looked up and looked at them.

“Angel come lets go.” She called from the distance.

Shraddha called back, “wait momma”, she looked at him, “will you give me bonzo for me to take to my home?”

Arjun chuckled quietly, “i am sorry cutie pie but bonzo already has a home. But we come here everyday at this time. You can see him here.”

The girl’s face stretched with a smile so wide that arjun thought her face will split in two.

Shraddha waved her hand around in a clumsy but cute wave, “bye arjun, bye bonzo.” Then she ranto her mother who took her hand and walked off the beach.

Arjun smiled to himself and looked down at bonzo, “it seems like you made a new friend. Come lets go home.”

Neil was at home but the moment at hospital came back to him again and again haunting him.


Neil looked at radhika’s rapidly brimming eyes as he explained.

“It is a congenital heart disease. A valve defect. All the symptoms and diagnosis shows that. Her chest pains, dizzy spells, fatigue, everything denote that.”

He knew radhika was going through intense pain, he himself was hurting. Ada was like his daughter. But he was determined to be there with them both to fight this. Radhika was a strong lady who had gone through more than her share of pain and he could see that strength helping her cope this.

Radhika looked at him, “what are the treatments, neil?”

“Medicines can’t cure her defective valve but medication must be taken to regulate blood pressure, reduce discomfort and also to prevent irregular heart rate which is a condition called arrhythmia. Other than that we can do a procedure to change her aortic valve with pulmonary valve and the pulmonary valve with another pulmonary valve from a donar. It is a surgery.”

Radhika took a deep breath and looked at him, “anything to save my angel, anything.”


Neil came out of his thoughts when his wife, sam came and sat near him. She kept her hand around him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Sam was really sad hearing about ada. In a way the little princess was as much their daughter as radhika’s. In the past six months radhika and ada both had become close to neil and sam. Sam found a best friend in radhika and a daughter in ada. Ada was a blessing in disguise for the childless couples. After a miscarriage sam was slowly losing her jest for life. Their marriage itself was facing the strain when the little ada came bouncing into their life. Ada and radhika were a relief for sam. They saved her life and marriage. And now their little girl was going through something life altering and the three of them will try their best to fight fate and get their sunshine back.

Hello guys……. i hope u enjoyed this one….. this is another one of my humble efforts to keep DYM characters alive…… this is the story that is going to replace SCL……. SCL will end in probably two or three episodes…… Please let me know your reaction through comments…..please forgive me if any of the medical explanations were wrong…. it was all based on facts from internet…..

Credit to: Amy

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