Manmarziyan Always with me Chp 2


Chapter 2
Radhika’s POV
I was shocked to see my dad at the office.I asked him why he had come is everything alright when he asked if Mehra,I guess he referred to my Sir had he called him.I nodded.He procedded.We entered his office.Arjun Sir still did not stand.I was ashamed of his mannerism,looks like the magazines read right,cold hearted fool.He looked at my dad.He said,”Oh you are Dilip Mathur.So you have a loan of 50 crores.For me it is mere amount.But company can’t forget all loans right?So where’s my amount?”My dad did not look at me.He replied to Him,”Son,my half of the money went to my dad’s treatment and my business was already in loss,besides we had to educate our daughter.”Arjun Sir laughed sarcastically.I wanted to just hold his collar and slap him like infinity for his insults.I am not really a calm person when it comes to my family.I said,”Don’t you understand our plight.Looks like you don’t have any respect and mannerism.”He finally looked at me.Well looks like he had some sort of mark on his chin.He said,”So you are his daughter,Radhika Mishra,the topper,interesting.”His eyes shined with mischief.He further continued,”So,you are going to be my secretary.Well then lets think your loan might be forgiven,you may leave.”Dad looked shocked.Even I was shocked.Just because I am working he is let go this loan,well that’s fine.But wait I hope I was not one of his target like being those girls who had already been with him,I totally disagreed this idea.I saw that Dad already left without saying much he just looked at me if I will work under him.I nodded.
Arjun Sir turned to me and said,”So you sure you will work for me,no lady has ever been resisted me.And yes I will make your life hell by making you do all jobs,Will you be able to face the heat of this challenge?”He said with a smirk.I replied and said,”I am not those types of girls who follows outer beauty and money.I follow only inner beauty.I thought you as a good person yesterday but looks like someone else is going to be face the heat and rejection.”I smiled broadly.To these he grabbed my wrist and said,”Be ready to face the tough life.”I again smiled broadly to make him irritate.He left the cabin angrily and I just smiled to myself.

Arjun’s POV:
I thought this girl would be great.Yesterday I saved her unknowingly actually why I saved her.I generally did not care whatever was going on.I just cared for company’s profit and deal and nothing else.I frequently changed girlfriends to find something which I did not ever get.My ex would often called me to satisfy me but I always rejected the idea.I believed no girl could ever resist me.I thought this girl yesterday when I saw her she was broken but when I tried to even help her she did not show her broken part which was important in this competitive field.I was shocked how could she not notice my charms.She shouted at me!I would have fired her now but her this part of challenging and her not showing weakness impressed me.But I am adamant to make her fall for me,this will be a challenge.Well at that time when she smiled I wanted to fire her for challenging me but I am ARJUN MEHRA the one who never loses.But indeed I must say she though wore her kurti type of dress she looked beautiful,her hazel eyes ignited something in me.Her challenging smile attracted me but I must not give up.I will make her lose this challenge.Just when I was lost in thinking,my brother Neil came and said,”Did you apply medicine?”I remembered and thanked him.He smiled and went away.I took out the ointment and applied it on my back,where I had been stabbed four times thank god my vital organs remained safe.No one knew of this except Neil.We were brothers,everyone left us when I was 15 and he was 11 year old.I always kept my ointment with me just in case I have to go somewhere.I applied and went to my bed.
How was it?I know its short but I am having some assignment.I will pretty soon update Lucky Everyday.Its going to be I hope long episode.
Well I hope you like this story.Please give comments and suggestions.You all are my inspiration,the readers,fanfic writers and those who comment daily.Love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. First encounter face to face and challenges.. this is super interesting. Looks like so many secrets r inside . Waiting for next update. Tanya if iam not wrong u wrote a story with BS backdrop with all the 4 r friends. U stopped it by just introducingthe characters. Hope u will start it again. Study well. TC.

  2. Oh male ego and girl independency fight between arjun and radhika so nice to see like this…… i dont like arjun thought on behalf of girls dr….

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  10. Hey tanya just loved today’s track and even arjun pov really interesting and romantic I just loved when read his thoughts.

    Dear real game begins now dono ko pata nahi aadha ishq shuru ho chuka hai aur aadha hone ko hai ho hi jayegaa.

    Here comes song for this moment aadha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jaayegaa nazron se teron ka vaada ho jaayegaa

    Namkeen si baat hai har nayi si baat mein
    Teri khusbu chal rahi hai jo mere saath mein
    Halka halka rang bitay kal ka
    Gehra gehra kal ho jaayega ho jaayega
    (Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
    Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2

    Beshumaar raatein behisab baatein
    Pass aate aate gum ho jaati hai
    Bekhudi mein dhal ke bekali mein jal ke
    Sau hazaare yaadein nam ho jaati hai
    Phika phika pal bitay kal ka
    Mehka mehka kal ho jaayega ho jaayega
    (Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
    Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2

    Aadha ishq …..
    Intezar sa hai imtehaan sa hai
    Itmenaan sa hai kya hai na jane
    Itra rahi hai itna hui hai
    Inteh hui hai kaise na jaane
    Chalka chalka pal bitay kal ka
    Tehra tehra kal ho jaayega ho jaayega
    (Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
    Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2

    Luv u tanya and all my beautiful lovieeeeeeeeeeeeskeep updating

    And also update the next story also tanya dear. luv u all my dearieeeeeeeees.

    1. Hey nisha…how r u buddy???…awesome song u sooo much…I’m sure u must be the most beautiful person in the world cuz ur heart is filled with pure love and beautiful thoughts…love u
      One lovee?

  11. Is sam n radhz r sis in this plot?

  12. Evn if its short, plz updt regularly dr:-)

  13. Lvd it.its gud tat u r narratng erythng in rads n Arjuns pov.hope bth ‘ll b tere n all epis.
    Arjun fell 4 rads bt y s he adamant tat he ‘ll NT let tat happen????
    Rads s a strong independent girl who s NT afraid f anythng.An ideal model 4 all.
    Lukng frwd 2 mre ardhika scenes…..

  14. Tanya, good one. Interesting!! Look forward to the next update!!

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    One lovee?

  19. Nd yeah guyzzz it’s my birthdayyy month!!…so plzzz wish me…love u all sooo much…w8 I shouldn’t write soo much cuz it’s enough to show u guyzz my love….love u all from all my heart..??
    One lovee?

  20. It’s nice,pls update it soon

  21. It’s could be better if you can start skipping the “first person” verb.. Write it as a as “Arjun was thinking” instead of using “I was thinking”..

  22. hey tanya dear , how r u busy these days , can’t be able to comment or visit , hope u r fine dear.
    Have a good day and lots of love to u . Come soon.

  23. Hey ameena , dear Lots of hugs for u. As I got to know that ur birthday comes in this month . So get ready coz u got lots of wishes from this site,, A warm and tight hug from my side sweetheart, Always smile dear , God gives u lots of smiles , safety , good health and lots of lots of happpppppppppiness.

    If I would be here than I pull ur cheeks and telling u pehle kyun nahi bataya. Nevertheless, sweetheart you have a very beautiful heart . Always love u dear.

    Keep smiling always , Keep writing , keep commenting. Luv u.

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  25. hi nisha!!!
    thanqu soooooo much for this beautiful praise…i dont have a sis but if i had i wish she should totally be like u….unknowingly i became ur fan then i started to love u more nd now best buddies forever…i always wished for friend who have same feelings like me…nd i got my best buddy today…i dont have a single friend except u guyzz….nisha u r sooo positive nd whenever i read ur comments i forget all the problems in my life…u spread positive vibes around us…a very very very big thanx to u , manmarziyan and all manmarziyan fan fiction writers for making my everyday sooo special…love u all from all my heart…

    One loveee

  26. HeY ameena!Hope our stories brighten your day.Get ready for lots of hugs from us for your birthday.And yes thank you all for your comments.Makes my day special.Love you all.

    1. thank u soooooooo much tanya….u stories dont only brighten my day but also makes me feel sooo special cuz i feel that I’m soo lucky to read sooo awesome stories……all manmarziyan stories r my inspiration which makes me move ahead in studies also…..thank u guyz once again for making my each day sooo unique….plzz update ur the next episode soon tanya….

      One lovee

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