Manmarziyan Always with Me Chp 7 Love is in the air Nesam and Ardhika


They had woke up early in morning.They had to get ready for a video chat with a client.Radhika and Arjun completed it.But Arjun was jealous.Why?Because the client said,”I must say your secretary had brains with beauty.”Before he had girlfriends,many told him but he never felt this jealousy.Today he was feeling it.Truly in love,he thought.
Radhika in kitchen was making Chick Pea salad.The kitchen was filled with smell of Citrus Lemon,

Tanginess of tomato,fresh smell of fresh cucumbers.The Salad indeed looked delicious and colourful.

She thought of making oats.She started searching for it and finally saw it but on top shelf.She today was thinking if She could have been more taller.She sighed and took a stool and climbed it.It was unstable.She thought it would be best if she would call Arjun.Before she could call,the stool was unstable and she fell down.
Her Hand was going to break,she thought only to open her eyes and looking surprising.Did she see Arjun?No,she saw cushions kept down.How?Did he plan it?How did he know.She looked around to see him searching for his mobile and messing things up.She would have thrashed him for messing. She did not even spare her sister sometimes. But this mess up had saved her anyway, so it was best that she would stop wondering it.

After coming out of her thoughts,she saw Arjun offering his hand.She stood up with his support. He smiled and said,”Time to clean up or you will thrash me,right?”She looked at him wondering.How does he always know what she is thinking.She said,”No I have spared your life today.”He asked why.She said,”Oh!I feel down from that stool only to find myself on the earth.”He looked worried and said,”Are you alright?I thought you were kind of cleaning your house with your crazy mind.No but seriously,what was I thinking? God!I get crazy of my thought when someone is hurt.”
Radhika just smiled at him for his thinking and said she is okay.


In Rishikesh,
Nesam had already gorged on delicacies made by Mala.Then they went for water sports and did together shopping.Neil had bought a ring,Sam thought maybe for Arjun Bhai.
As soon as they reached home.Neil Called everyone.Dilip,Mala,Dadaji were waiting.He said,”Umm…everyone I have called.uhh yes I have called for I mean if you want I mean.”Sam interrupted,”What is it idiot?I have never seen you nervous.Speak it up.”Dadaji too said,”I know you Neil.Something important right?Now speak.”Finally He closed his eyes and took Sam’s hand.He said,”I never knew this.I thought we were enemies when we were in school.It all started when you accidently puked on my shirt.”Sam remembered how horrid she felt and ran off from there without looking back at him or saying sorry.

Neil continued,”We never looked back at us until teacher put us in group project and we became partners in crime.”Sam smiled at this again and remembered how both had fought with their teacher when Mr Anthony had put them in one group.Then with project they discovered each other.And then,there was no looking back for them.

Finally Neil breathed and said,”Sam,Will you become partner of mine for whole life.”He was bent on his knees and was proposing like a prince except the ring.It was more of a funky ring which had heart shape with inside it was a picture drawn on it.Closely looking it was a portrait of them,when they were child.Dilip,mala and Dadaji were waiting and Neil opened his eyes,she was crying .He suddenly stood up and said,”Hey Sam,if you don’t want this,its ok.Oh god I must have thought.Sorry,plz sam Ok we will forget this,”Sam interrupted,”Stop it Idiot.I am madly in love with you like you are.You will remain a idiot,can’t you see tears of joy.”
Everyone looked happy.
Arjun’s place:
Arjun was working in his laptop and sipping his hot coffee when Radhika came and said,”How about we get married?”,which burned his tongue and looked at her.He was confused.To be happy or was it a decision in pressure.

Precap: Betrayal hurts me…..

How was it?Neil proposed Sam and Radhika proposed Arjun,not in style though.Betrayal,someone is trying to betray.WHo whom,why?Answers in next part,still a hint not radhika to be betrayed but Arjun to be betrayed by Radhika,atleast he thinks so.Next part is only Ardhika.
Plz continue to give comments and suggestions.Love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  2. Hey… Tanaya… Nicely written… But I’m waiting for next one cause it’s Aradika only…

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  5. Awesome, lovely, marvellous episode tanya dearrrrr,i I was waiting for this update from long long time. ..where u have been my sweeeeeet friend. ..loved today’s episode. ..neil’s proposal. ..wowwww awesome very romantic, Sam getting tears of joy..awwww so luckyyy girl….n radhika proposed arjun? Wowww, I’m amazed…very curious after reading about arjun to be batrayed by rads…what? how?. ..keep it up buddyyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads my sweeeeeet

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  9. Tanku Tanya 4 te update…..
    Hw CN rads betray sme1????????””I din understand ur lst part f Arjun tinkng “2 b happy or out f pressure.”…..y does he tink rads s betraying hm??????

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  10. Lovely chap. Neil proposal was just superb. But radhika i’m confused too. Liked arjun’s jealousy part. It is much more fun to see arjun jealous or to get into a fight for radz. Lol. Kya hogaya hai hame. Iam just waiting for next part. Plz update it soon.

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