Manmarziyan Always with Me Chp 5 Repentance and the many first’s for Arjun


Arjun that day went home.He cried out in his room,he took out a photo and said looking in the photo(a young woman with a young boy sitting in the lap is shown).FB starts…
Little Arjun plays around the woman and says,”Ma catch me.”The woman is Priya Mehra.But Priya catches a man who is Arjun father,he is Vinod Mehra,a young business man who has started Mehra company.Priya smiles seeing him.Arjun sees them laughing and he says,”Hey don’t forget me!”He came running and Vinod took him into his lap and Priya smiles.He says,”I can’t forget you Arju,afterall you have to make my company huge,you will, right?”Arjun nods and he asks,”What about my doll?”Priya and Vinod looked at each other and remember saying that Vinod saying Priya his doll and Arjun enters and asks even I want doll.They said you will get soon.They say,”WHen you grow up,you will have a beautiful doll who would always be your better half.”They show moments of Ma and Pa with Arjun.Arjun has turned 19.One day it is shown that Priya and Vinod are going to Mussourie,while they are sitting in the car and said,”Arjun,always complete all your duties and I know you will complete.”Arjun says Yes Ma.Neil and Arjun were alone now,Vinod and Priya had disappeared and they had reccovered their purse and other belonging and the car in a cliff near Mussourie.
FB end—————–
He says,”Ma I can’t fulfill my duties.I couldn’t even meet Aunt Margaret at her death moment who guided me to get off all the worries and guided me to make your company this big today.”He cried,he felt alone and broken.No one had ever seen his sensitive side.He craved for love.He just lived for Neil.He got a phone call and he answered.The phone call was from Singh&Singh company owner.He said,”Mr Arjun congratulations all the legal formalities are done.This has created stir in the market.In all the proposals I got I felt your company’s idea was the greatest,I must say your secretary,what’s her name yes,Radhika beta,her idea of star rubies was just made me feel this is the perfect thing I neeeded in the creativity,she’s great,don’t lose her she has some real brain.”He gave many compliments and ended the call and smiled.Saral’s real defeat.But wait he has fired Radhika,noo she quit.He saw a message and it read from Radhika,it read,”All files in your drawer and your Singh deal in left side of right hand side of drawer.I will never disclose any secrets of being secretary.”Noo he can’t let her go,he raced to the office and went there.No one was there except Rana Kaka.He was smiling his bag,he was the oldest employee and friend of his Dad.He asked Radhika left?He said yes.He was going out when Rana Kaka called out he said,”Beta,Radhika was a perfect one for both.She has managed to drive out greedy ones,make a profitable merger and has made some genuine and trusty people make again believe on us.”He told about Karsan Kaka and her works.Arjun was impressed he decided that he will repent which he never did due to ego.He called Radhika many times.She did not picked up the phone.He decided to go at her house.But before going he went he asked Rana Kaka,”But what did you mean by both?”He laughed at Arjun and patted him saying you will soon understand.
Arjun reached home of Radhika.He knocked and shouted several times,Radhika was angry actually too angry.
She thought and said,”No No I won’t,I did everything for your company and you shouted and blamed me no I wont open it.”Arjun said Please.Radhika said No.He heard her going upstairs.He saw a pipe,he decided to climb,it took him 30 mins to climb as it was slippery.He was in room of Radhika,he saw the interiors and said,”Indeed a classic.”He heard humming of a song,”Sawan sii ek ladki.”She was in bathing gown.She saw him in the room and thought it was her imagination.She said,”You are here.”She pinced herself and said,”Oh you are here seriously”She shouted and said,”Fine I am going.”She said when he said,”I will sue you for breaking Ming dynasty cup worth 6 million.”She said,”What dynasty?”He smirked.
Radhika thought already so much debt.He said so will you listen.She said,”No I won’t.”She was going when he said,”My dear Aunt Margaret had died.”Radhika stopped at at and turned to see him.She was shocked to see him crying.She made him sit and he held her hand,oh god he was shaking.He was nervous.She had never seen such site of him.He told her about his parents and how he took care of Neil,why became so cold.Everything he had told her about his plight.She looked at him and asked,”Do you want a teddy hug?”He looked at her confused.She said,”when I was small,Sam and Me used to do it and it somehow felt better.”He nodded and hugged and cried out.She consoled him.He finally calmed and said thanks.She gave him the best smile.He smiled too and asked,”So I am rejecting your resignaton letter.”She said,”I understand now.”He said,”Lets Go!”She said where.He said surprise.She said ok.He asked Like this?She remembered and said oh sorry and was going when he said,”I don’t mind if you come with me like this.”She said,”Arjun!”and went to change.She was ready.
She was dressed in pink tank top with jeans.He asked,”Are we going to wed?”She said,”Itne bure din nahi aaye hai mere!”They laughed.In mind they said if they really wed.
They were in car and Arjun asked,”Where are your family now?”She said,”Gone to Rishikesh.”He said,”Neil was asking,probably missing Sam.”Radhika said,”or maybe Sam.”He looked at her and said,”Is she anyway attracted to Neil?”Radhika nodded and he said best day for my bhai I guess.They reached to a farmhouse.It had a beautiful sea side and house had a awestruck view.She saw a bunch of garden placed at the end and she went there to see.It was beautiful.He asked,”You like?”She said,”Beautiful,um did you plant it..Hey how you got so hurt?”He gave a confused look and she asked First aid?He gave her it was beside her drawer.She bandaged it,the hurt was there in his elbow.She said,”Must be the sharp end of pipe,what would have happened?”He smiled.She said what he said nothing.He said,”This is my first time that I have done lots of first time.”he locked his hands with hers,she looked at him(not due to locking of hands actually she loved it but she looked because of what was first time).He said,”I have repented to someone and broke my own ego,I have climbed a pipe and entered a girl’s room who was just dressing up and I brought a girl first time here.This is the place where I find solace and is secret,hope you will keep this secret.”She said of course.They sat at the deck at the sea shore.They were fighting with their leg hitting each other.Suddenly they fall into the sea.They laugh.
BG song plays..
Ye aa ya-ya ya-ya…

Dil ki maange thodi thi kam
Har duaa bhi thodi maddham

Tune kaandhe pe sar jhukaaya jab
Jaise dargah pe baandhe dhaage tab
Bina maange hi mill gaya hai sab
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan.. hua
Meherbaan hua Rab
Meherbaan.. hua
Meherbaan hua Rab

He let Radhika hair open.

Duaa rang rangiya yun malang laal laal rang
Rooh ki patang baandhi tere sang
Tab hi toh laga
Meherban hua Rab
O din ye sehre sa saja
Meherbaan huaa Rab

Ye aa ya-ya ya-ya…

Haathon ko tere apne
Haathon mein le leti hoon
Ke taqdeerein apni saari padh loon

Aankhon mein tere chhupte
Armaan main dhoondhta hoon
Bas tu soche, aur poore main kar doon

She hid herself in his chest.

Abhi abhi toh hum adhoore thhe
Poore ho gaye tere roobaroo
Oo.. ye bhi deekhe na
Kahaan main khatam, kahaan tu shuru
Aankhein teri (aankhein teri)
Girti hain jab (girti hain jab)
Ab to neendein aati hain tab

Humko lagta hai kuch dino se ab
Tu ibaadat hai, tu hi hai mazhab
Bewajah kaise, kyu, kahaan aur kab

Meherban hua hua
Meherban hua hua
Meherban.. hua
Meherban hua Rab
Meherban.. hua
Meherban hua Rab

They were close too close and they kissed.
Next Chapter: Boss and Secretary in secret Bf and Gf.
Soon also coming Part Of Nesam fight.And also some Ardhika moments 🙂
Hope you liked the episode.Sorry for any mistake typed in hurry.Plz give suggestion and comment.I specially love who comment coz they give opinion,anyway Love you all.

Credit to: Tanya

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