Manmarziyan Always with Me Chp 4 Radhika-I quit

Arjun went to US for his surgeries and told he will come in 4 days.She went to Mumbai office and he came went to Airport.When she reached home,Sam and Dad and Mom greeted her.She gave gift to what she had bought from Lonavla.Sam dragged Radhika to room and said,”Common Di,you can’t hide from me.I can see some awkwardness in you,did something happened with ur boss,I mean he is hot so I won’t be shocked and did that black lingerie do any work?”Radhika blasted out at Sam and took nearest pillow and started pillow fight and said,”So you kept it,I won’t leave you.”Sam laughed.Radhika calmed down after some time and said,”We had a kiss.”Sam looked at Radhika and asked curiously really?Radhika replied it happened accidently,not really with those feelings.Sam asked,”Do you feel attracted?I mean I can understand I am attracted to Neil,but our fight never ends who will fall first,you or Arjun bhai.”Radhika looked at her,”You both did a bet on this and you are so sure?And on a serious note,Are you dating him?”Sam nodded.Radhika said,”I trust Neil,afterall he is cute and nice not like his big bro Arjun who is intense and has two sides.”Sam and Radhika went on to talk and soon slept.
Seems both are attracted to these boys.

There at US,in chicago flight.Neil and Arjun were talking about these two girls.Neil said,”I mean I am not sure if she is attracted but I feel I am attracted.What to do bhai?sometime it feels love.But our fight are like I feel I am not in love.So confused,love and attraction,Hey bhai tell me about it,you probably had so many of them.”He chuckled at it.Arjun hit him with the magazine and when he calmed down he said,”Well I feel you are in love with Sam.She’s good and has all qualities for fighting with you,but her sister,Radhika,she is so calm(remembering when Radhika shouted at him and when she calmly prepared the ppt) and caring.Neil stared at him and said,”I understood,earlier you had attraction and now you are in love.”Arjun looked shocked and said How can you say it?Neil said,”No one could convince you for surgery but Di did it.I am going to win the bet,yes!”Arjun curiously asked What Bet?Neil said nothing and grinned.

Looks like the two boys are stuck with this both girls.
The Next day,
Radhika was in office with new confidence.She had to handle so many files.She checked some financial records and was shocked.The most trusted man,Kishen Mehta had made many transaction and it would soon be affecting the company.She had all rights of CEO.She had fired many men who were doing these illegal things.In one side,the collegues were happy that truth had come out.They looked with respect to her and got the image of woman who was fearless and bold and who would not tolerate wrong things.There came a man,Karsan Kaka,he had a dignity reflected in his face.He belonged to MP.He was called to the office as he had been trying to contact this office.She called him and asked the matter.He told that he did not get the money he was supposed to get after shipping the material.Radhika went to check and got to know about insured money went to other pocket,she immediately scolded them and gave Karsan Kaka a sixty thousand cheque.She said,”Returned with interest.”He smiled and blessed her and even gave her idea for star rubies which gave her idea to crack the deal with Singh & Singh which was worth 98 million.She immediately contacted them and luckily she got the appointment and presented the idea and to her surprise the deal was signed there.This was the biggest profitable merger in the world but the news would come after it is legal procedings are approved.It would reach new heights.Radhika smiled at the events that took place today.
Two Days later,
Radhika had inspired all workers with her speech and the collegues cheered for her.She today noticed it was quiet today.She went to cabin and saw Arjun sitting there.She said,”How was the operation and..” before she could say he pinned her to wall and said,”How dare you fire my trusted men!You I thought would handle but you”Radhika was shocked,she could not take accusations and said with equal anger voice,”They were doing illegal transaction which would affect us no sooner it was important…”He shouted,”You are fired.”Radhika now said,”No no,actually I quit.I can’t work at place where I am not respected.”She also said,”You will get my resignation in 1 hr” and thought if she is leaving no harm in breaking a cup kept there,she broke it and felt a relief now and calmer.Arjun saw her with red blo*dy eyes.
Next Chapter:Repentence By Arjun and
Arjun Saying,”This is first time I have brought someone here.”

Sorry for any mistakes.How was it?I hope it was not boring.Next Nesam too have a fight due to Ardhika fight.Love u all for giving comment and suggestion,plz give comment nd suggestion,You all r my inspiration.Something about me,I love reading and singing.I sing though little terrible 😛 and I have a crush but it is negligible for him but it is gud he doesn’t notice,after all it will affect my manmarziyan not right time and yes people noticed my contribution thanks everyone for inspiring and motivating me.
Love u all.

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  1. Hey nice.. Short bt interesting waiting for d next part..

  2. Awsome dr………..

  3. Thank you for the story tanya….

  4. Seriously why arjun behave with her like this… agar oh usse itna pyaar karthavtha so first he needs to know usne aisa kyu kiya that is called pure love all men r same… pehla gussa karo badh mein pyaar ka natak dikhao….

    1. Spoiler:Arjun has got to know about a dear one getting heard(which you will know pretty soon who was)and he is frustrated and angered about it and when he reaches office he gets to hear about trusted men fired so he couldn’t control it.
      About Arjun Mehra:
      A cold hearted business man who needs someone to break that ice around his heart,he has suffered as he was an orphan and had to make a place for himself in this hard world,he chose to be successful but in process he forgot himself.Now the attraction part was he dated but he did not really touch someone.He wanted to find someone in whom he would find solace.And he had to remain tough in front as rivals are ready to take advantage of the weak point.He is little sensitive when it comes to Neil and someone he cares,he is ready to give his life.
      Soon,I will talk about Radhika.
      Hayathi,so u understand he is not in position to handle it,but sooner he will regret his decision and the game of nakhre will start from Radhika side 😉 and what you talked about love,I really don’t know of it,hope I didn’t hurt you.Keep giving comments.Love u .

  5. Thanks for the update dear. Loved it. Radz is so gud what iswith arjun? Oncehe knows abt the deal i thinkeverything will sort out. Nesam fight bcoz of ardhika. This is interesting. Update fast tanya. U r a gud writer.

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  7. nice epi, but short

  8. Tanya thanks for ur spoiler dear. Uff radhika ke nakhre eagerly waiting for it. Update next part asap.

  9. No dr its ok but what i am trying to say….. if arjun loves rads na surely he knows that rads cant do any mistake about her work anyway thank u so much for ur reply dr…. l like ur narration keep like that…. sorry dr meine kuch galat kaha tho dont take it to ur heart so sorry

  10. Loved it Tanya.. Btw can you please post longer updates?

  11. hello tanya maam….very nice episode…felt goid seeing radhika very confident and her apt decisions….waiting for arjun realise his mistake….
    please do continue…

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  13. Plz update sooooooon.
    Why did Arjun fire Rads??????after all she savd hs company.ccan u tell abt nesam n hw they met n fell in love?????

  14. Tanya, story is very interesting!! Very good writing. Waiting for the next episode.

  15. Please update the next part soon I m eagerly waiting for it. I loved this all strong n independent Radhika. Neil calls Radhika di so cute. N San called Arjun bhai. It’s so adorable. ????????????

  16. Tanya thanks for the update….missed u buddy. ..I loved aradhika chemistry n nesam bond…..a tight hug for u dear. ..n thanks for the spoiler

  17. Very nice chapter dear. Love ur stories . Keep writing. Take care

  18. Loved it tanya…mind blowing episode….eagerly waiting for next one….nd girl dont u ever say it’s boring…dont…love u from all my ❤…??
    One lovee?

  19. Hey my tanya dear . Soooooooooooooooooooooo what’s up.

    First thing comes first Dear. What the hell is this . YOur both the storieeeeeeeeeeees is not at all bored.

    It is so courageous to write both stories at one time with same characters but different storieees and that to you need to make it different with others.

    I start reading and loving ur story so much before and getting interested and then loving it.

    Love u always and always be with u my lovieeeeeeeeeeees. Tany . Yes , tany is cute my cutie.

    I love the rads and sam moments awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww such a cute sister .

    And there are so many suspense fillled in ur mind for ardhika.

    Waiting eagerly for next episode my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.s

    Once a friend always a friend.

    Always kabhi kabhi tumhare nest me aa hi jaungee . But next time welcome crackers ke saath karna.

    Luv u always. Tany. The cutest.

  20. Hi Tanya dear, I love this bold and confident Radhika. …I’m sure arjun will regret later after knowing the facts and within 2 days how his company got powerful…he will bring rads back….the fun will be when arjun try to pacify rads and she will do her ‘Nakhre’… can’t wait for it….eagerly waiting for the next episode. ..please post you loads and very very tight hug

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