Manmarziyan Always with Me Chp 3 The Trip Part 2


Radhika and Arjun had worked hard on presentation.They did all analysis.While Arjun was attending a call,Radhika thought to back up.They continued to work hard and soon feel asleep near each other.
The next Day,
Radhika and Arjun were still sleeping.Arjun opened his eyes and saw Radhika sleeping beside.Her hair was coming as a obstacle to her face.Arjun tried to keep her tresses behind the ear.But then Radhika was slowly opening her eyes and Arjun acted to sleep.She saw him and noticed how handsome he was but again his chin shined she wanted to have closer look when Arjun opened his eyes and saw that Radhika was staring him.He asked,”What?”She said nothing and went to her room.She had her bath and was ready she decided to wear a black jeans with a white top and a blazer.She made her hair into a stylish pony and applied a light makeup to hide her dark circles she had due to yesterday.There Arjun was ready in a black armani suit,he smelled cologne,he looked dashing but wait he didn’t know how to apply tie.He was struggling hard when Radhika entered.She came to tell him that the meeting arrangement is ready.When suddenly saw him struggling with his tie.She was leaning to the doorway and smiling.He saw her and asked her,”What?I don’t know it so?”Radhika smiled and came near him and like he used to pin her to wall she pinned him to the near by wall and told him,”Don’t take it wrong,but..”he was waiting for some magical words like she has fallen for him or something when she suddenly told in loud noise,”But stand straight.”She laughed at his shocked expression.He could not say anything when she started to tie a double knot.She smelled lavender and he could never resist any girl with such smell but damn he had to control his feelings.He looked at nowhere but her.She looked divine a goddess.Frankly he always dated girls who were glamourous and who wore short dresses but something was in her that made her stand out of the crowd,maybe because she was bold,frank and was the only girl who could fight with him or probably was strong enough not to show the feelings to others where opponent might try to gain those oppurtunities.The more he thought of her the more he did feel his attraction actually not attraction but something more,his thoughts were broken by Radhika saying,”Your tie is ready but you must learn it,I won’t always be there to tie it.”Arjun immediately cut her by saying,”I won’t let you go and give another man oppurtunity to have his tie tied by you.” She looked confused at his saying.He said,”Lets Go.Everything ready?”She said,”Yes Sir”.They smiled and went.
At the meeting venue,
Many Company CEO’s had come.They all wanted to have this deal.Radhika was sent by Arjun to bring him Radhika type of coffee.He had become addicted of Radhika’s handmade or probably like homemade coffee.When Radhika came,she saw Arjun frustrated.She asked the matter,he being angry told,”The entire presentation that we made is probably deleted by Miss Matthew,the secretary of Johnson Company CEO.I don’t know what will happen now?”Radhika was shocked and asked how.He said she pushed my laptop and it fell.Radhika ran from there.Arjun looked on shocked,the only word his mind had that moment was ,”WHAT THE HELL is happening?”Radhika came suddenly with her personal laptop and asked how much time we had.I told her 15 mins.She smiled and moved her seat next to me and opened her backed up file.She made her own changes and asked if it was ok.Arjun nodded.Soon ppt session started.
The Big CEOs gave their presentation,it was flawless.Johnson and Miss Matthew gave the ppt but it was their ppt!Radhika was shocked but was happy that they already had made the ppt changed.Now came their turn.Arjun went to give ppt and Radhika wished him luck.Johnson and Miss Matthew smirked but they were shocked the whole details had been different.Radhika looked on Arjun.He gave such a wonderful ppt.Everyone clapped.The winner of this Deal was obvious and Mr Singhania announced that The deal would go with Mehra Company.Arjun thanked me with his eyes,Radhika nodded.Mr Singhania announced that There would be a party for us.
Radhika was already started thinking.She thought,” I must wear western because that Secretary teased me that I could not look beautiful in western.”She took out a dress from her luggage.It was a dress a backless dress.She wore it.She applied a makeup and made a hair bun.She decided to have some coffee.She made some coffee and was ready to drink when the coffee fell on her hands making them burn.She did not know what to do when Arjun came and shouted,”Can’t you take care of yourself,look you have burned yourself.I don’t like to see you hurt.”He brought a first aid box and did first aid and bandage.She looked how concerned he was .Once done he took a look on Radhika and asked,”Are you really comfortable wearing this?”Radhika said honestly no.Arjun went to his room and brought a coral saree with golden border.He said,”I thought you might like this.”Radhika said,”Its beautiful.”She told she will wear this.
After 15 mins,
Arjun waited impatiently.He thought to see Radhika,he went near her room.He saw she had combined it with golden laced blouse.She was trying to pin up the plates of the sari and she was not able to do with her injured hand.Arjun came inside the room.Radhika was too engrossed in her sari she did not notice him.He came and stood behind her asking for pin.She gives him.Song plays in BG Jude jo tere khwab se.He pins it up and also does tie the Strings of her blouse(just like when he did it in the episode when he was going to be engaged To sam,remember?).It brings her closer,He opens her tied hair and spreads it open and makes her hair to one side.She looked beautiful.He wore a black Tuxedo suit.They looked like a couple.Both looked at the mirror and said at the same time,”Perfect!”They both laughed.Right now,Arjun thought she was goddess not in her angry mood made her look angelic and Radhika thought this devil is nice not like I thought he would be.”They go to the party venue.
All people looked so glamorous.This was first time for Radhika,so many people,she suddenly felt fear how would she react or interact with people.Arjun noticed her uneasiness and held her hand and made her look to his eyes and said,”Radhika,remember you are beautiful,you are confident and you are one of a kind umm like my desi girl.”He smiled,it made her uneasiness go.

Precap: Radhika and Arjun get jealous.They dance.

How was it?I don’t think right now I will hurdle their story.Arjun already has so many enemies but right now I want them to fall in love with each other.What do you think?Yep enemies will come but will leave them more stronger with their love bond.Plz give your comments and Suggestions.Till then,Love you all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Wowwwww tanya u r super dr…. absolutly agar hum kuch dresses pehan na acha nahi lagta hein par sometimes pehna padtai hai….it makes us feel uncomfortable like i hate saree like jeans shirts…. ha ha ha

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  4. Awesome episode Tanya Ma’am,..just awesome..
    have no words to applaud your work..please keep going…all the best..eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Thanks Lavanya,but you can call me only Tanya,feels good.Preity,Ameena,Hayathi thanks

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    Its simply perfect story…

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  6. Enimies should be der in every story
    Todays update was awsome

    1. Of course,there are some waiting.Umm let me tell it is in the party itself.

  7. Awesome episode tanya

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