Manmarziyan Always with Me Chp 3 The Trip Part 1

Radhika’s POV:
Arjun tried to make me feel torture with the work load.For past 2 days,I had not slept with working with all those files.But I couldn’t think myself being defeated whose ego was big.I worked and worked.My sister Sam tried to call me and asked me to take care of myself and my boss.She laughed at this.I couldn’t feel more irritated now.She reported to me that he was Big brother to Neil and he was featured in TIME magazine as one of the most influential business personalities.Today he came and announced about trip to Lonavla.I had to accompany him as his PA.I was super excited.He instructed me to get all the files get ready.I had to admit when work came he was serious or else trying to tease me.I too replied back surprising him many a times.But yes I couldn’t ignore his features,he had a muscular and toned body and wore suits that suited him best.If he wouldn’t be so rude and be simple and sweet I would have fallen……no I wouldn’t have,Because this is Arjun Mehra.But yes something always shined on his chin,I wonder if its my illusion.While I was packing,Sam sat with me and helped in packing.She sneaked in something I couldn’t see.When I tried to see,I couldn’t see due to that call,from Arjun.He had been waiting for me since 10 minutes and was shouting like if it had been 1 hour.I greeted dad and Mom and told Sam to take care.I entered the car.He was already seated and was glued to his phone talking.I hope he hasn’t noticed me.
After 2 hours,
Amby Valley City,the famous hotel where we had to stay and we had our meeting.We were given only 1 room.I was shocked.Arjun came and told me that hotel had only one room but luckily a penthouse.I still wasn’t comfortable but still had to manage.

Arjun’s POV
This girl,Radhika is in my mind.Her determination has made me feel good that I have chosen her though still I am attracted to her.I try to show I am disinterested but can’t help myself.We had arrived to the room when the bell boy accidenly dropped our luggage.I was hell angry as my files or anything could be damaged but Radhika calmed me down and gave the bell boy 500 rs.When the bell boy went I locked the room and asked her why did she give him so much.She said that he had done his job well by delivering to the room.I tried to Say more when she inserted a chocolate in my mouth.It was delicious.She told its the best way to shut someone’s mouth.I told I knew more ways.She looked at me and suddenly laughed.Did I crack some joke?She took a napkin and wiped my mouth which was covered with chocolate.And she said,”I have trust in you that you won’t treat me like you treated others before.”I smiled and said,”I respect opinions.”To be frank,I never slept with any of the girls enlisted by the magazines.I just dated them.I couldn’t do it as I would have been feeling guilty.I removed my shoes and kept it aside and started to keep things back in luggage which had fallen down.It was cold.Radhika too helped me.I was just keeping my things when a lacy black lingerine came to my hand.I was shocked.Radhika saw and took it placed back and tried to get up when I held her hand and asked has she come with some plans?She to my surprise said,”Of course”.She came closer and was pinned to wall.She leaned in and said,”to payback your debt with.” I was waiting when she said,”with my work.Now give me details of ppt.You are wasting your time.”She tried to speak like me and ran laughing when I caught her and fell down on couch.Suddenly lights went off.”You are scared..” I whispered as she hugged me tightly .

“N-no I’m not.. I s-swear..” She tried not to burst into tears. But yeah she was scared!

“Don’t lie to me. You’ll regret it.” She finally nodded.I let her comfort herself and we sat on the couch,she cried too much,my shirt was already wet.

Radhika’s POV
Albeit he was abstraction to me, somewhere deep a bit of her soul trusted him. I was entirely dazzeled and intricated on thinking that if he could not see something bad happening to a girl who thought of him as her adversary.Finally lights came and We moved apart.He said,”I will order veg food,you?”I nodded.
How was it?Arjun too had his misfortunes when he was young,which you will get to know.Sorry for short update.Plz give your comments and suggestions.Love you all.

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  2. Why this POV writing ..
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  3. Nice plot dr…keep rocking…?

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  5. Hey everyone plz tell me should i write through POV or through writer’s narration.

    1. Tanya i think nandhini is right. Writers narration is good option whr we can see both. Otherwise we have to wait what she is thinking and then what he is thinking. This is my opinion. Wish i hadn’t hurted u. Sry if so.

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  18. Hi Tanya, awesome episode, but I also agreed with nandhini and deepthi. I hope you don’t mind it. The storyline is very good. ..keep it up buddyyy, love you loads

  19. Hey everyone thanks for your comment.Noted the suggestions and I will continue to write in writer’s narration not in POV,well to be frank,it is more easy to write in narrative not in POV for me,so you guys have helped me indirectly.Thank you all for your suggestion.Love you all.

    1. Oh Tanya,I loved the POV way f xplana bcoz we gt 2 know f their feelings bt since u r comfy wth te othr way cntnue tat way itself.i ‘ve a request: Will let us know their feelings twrds ech its all ri8 if u dnt bcoz it adds suspense 2 te story?

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