Manmarziyan 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Sam sad. Radhika and Sam sit in the car. Neil drives and they leave from the place. Radhika breaks the silence and says something will happen, its silence prior to storm, tell me too, I have to prepare. Sam smiles and says she can get every problem’s solution from her bag, she does not need to prepare. Neil says Changu and Mangu will be preparing, as they are going to location hunt in Lonavla, and we will be doing Maybelline NY casting in Mumbai’s heat. He drops them at home.

He asks Sam is she really fine. Sam signs no, but she will be fine. She says her heart broke and will need some time, if he lifts few pieces, then it will be easy, till he is with her, she does not have any tension, she will be fine. He asks promise? She says pinky promise. Teri meri

dosti………… plays…………. They smile. He asks her to have food. She gets down the car and goes. Radhika says sorry Sam, I could not lie. Sam says never lie, she is not responsible for all this, I took decision which I should have taken. Sam and Radhika see Arjun at the staircase.

Sam holds Radhika’s hand and says come. Arjun says Sam… Sam says Radhika tell him that I don’t want to meet anyone. She takes the keys and goes upstairs. Radhika follows her and stops seeing Arjun. Arjun asks her to move. Radhika says you move away Sir. He says I don’t change my way and walks to her. Radhika says your way has changed, it will be good if you understand. He asks not to worry for him. She says worry is human nature, if he worried, he would have been with Sam now. He stares at her and she moves back.

She looks into his eyes and slips. He holds his hand and balances. She says still she is here, he can’t reach Sam. He holds her and says its not a tough thing to move you, everyone fall down by mistake. She asks is he threatening her, I think you should identify people before, I won’t be afraid, I have bigger fear of Sam’s tears, how will I fail that fear if I m afraid infront of you.

He asks will she be able to fail him. She says he will fail himself, when he knows its not good to find happiness in other’s tears, she does not know the reason for his actions, but she knows Sam’s tears can’t pay for his reason. He leaves her. Khwaishon pe likhi dil ki ye arziyan…………..plays………… She asks can I go if your threatening is over, Sam does not want to fight with you. Manmarziyan……………..plays…………. He recalls her words and walks down stairs. Radhika looks at him.

Sam gets ready and talks to Samrat on phone. She acts normal and says she is going to see location, and asks Radhika to relax. She says she wants some space, she is fine and has gone for such trips alone. Radhika asks her to take Neil. Sam says no, some journeys should be covered away, he can’t leave his work always for me. She asks for chocolates. Radhika makes her eat the chocolate and smiles. Sam hugs her. Sam gets teary eyed and asks her to take care. She leaves. Radhika says she can support her till the journey begins and goes after Sam.

Neil sits sad. His mum asks what is he doing, he eats wrong things at wrong time. She asks him not hide about Sam. Neil asks what. She says she knows it always. He says Sam does not love me. She asks then why did she refuse to Arjun. He says we have just friendship, train did not stop at station. She asks to promise, the day he sees love, he will run after that train and not lose courage even if the train makes him run a lot and tires him. Teri meri dosti………………. Plays………… Radhika messages him to reach bus station.

Sam and Radhika are on the way. Sam says she has gone alone many times. Radhika says it won’t be problem to be with me, you may not need me, but I need you. Sam smiles. Radhika thinks don’t know Neil left or not, he did not reply. Neil’s mum stops Neil and asks him not to go to Sam, her heart broke and its not bad to be alone, till then a friend is infront of her, she will not get love, let her go and give her time to think. Teri meri yaariyaan…………..plays……….. Sam and Radhika reach the bus station. Sam asks about Lonavla bus. Radhika waits for Neil. She asks Sam is she fine. Sam says no. Radhika asks her not to go. Sam says relax, I m going to think being alone. Radhika asks her to think again. Sam says she has thought well. Neil sits at home.

Tejh tells Radhika that he heard Arjun saying he is going to Lonavla. She stops Arjun and asks him to take her along. He says you and points finger to her in anger. She cups his finger and looks on with attitude.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. But have to read update lol

  2. hey friends anyone around..

  3. Yea sona me……

  4. y didn’t Neil go?

  5. first 15 minutes is really nice and the precap is also nice…what say..and i think neils mom is also right of not letting him to the bust stop.what say?

  6. becos achu neils mom didnt allow him,for sam to realise neil.

  7. Manmarzian has d best story line,but it is given most neglected time slot

  8. Thanks amena…… Neil don’t. Worry man though the train is late at last it reaches the destination…… So ur train wil also reach u but due to emotional issues it is delayed …. It wil surely reach u … ?

  9. Yup Neil’s mom is write today …. And precap. Is awesome…….

  10. yeah the time slot might be one of the reason but not only the reason dear..Previously for YHM the time slot is !!pm..if i am not wrong.

  11. Wow please give me a frnd like rad she is awesome the episode is rocking.oh god really the script writter had stuff amazingly.soon Arjun obey to rad words y’re U always hurting her now it’s time for you to lesson her.

  12. actually 11pm..

  13. harsha everyone will be wanting for a friend like radhika..

  14. so acc to the precap the trip they are talkinng about…do u expect any trip like that ?what say guys?

  15. Shreyan. U r right this. Time slot should b changed …… Its. Really nice. Story

  16. Soon arjun will try 2 know abt rad deeply.her family,saral,home.then……

  17. Ardhika journey will be fabulous.a blender of pineapple and sweet

  18. Lovely episode. Godo serial. Great cast.

  19. pineapple wid chasni!!!! a perfect blend(juice) fr summer….. 😉

  20. After a long time.. A serial woeth watching

  21. hey hai.iam chikky new here nice episode na

  22. i like radhika & sam neil pair

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