Manmarziyan 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika requesting Saral to let her go in Sam’s engagement. He sits thinking. Neil comes to know Sam did not get ready and goes to her. Sam says Radhika did not come, who will help me now, why is he staring, and asks him to say. He says her idiot is here. Mala thanks Saral for letting Radhika go. Saral says he will go in engagement and wants to talk something imp. Neil makes Sam ready, and makes her sit infront of the mirror. Teri meri dosti…………..plays………… Sam smiles. Radhika is on the way and calls Sam. Sam does not see her call being busy in getting ready.

Neil makes Sam wear her jewelry. Radhika calls on landline. Piyali goes and takes the call, and could not hear by the sound. She asks Radhika where is she, Sam is annoyed, she can’t hear her voice,

just come soon. Neil looks at Sam and applies a black dot to her. Na badle kabhi ye dosti…………plays……… She signs she looks perfect.

Radhika reaches there and rushes. Sam comes with Neil and hugs Piyali. Sam dances with them. Radhika looks for her. Piyali asks where was she. Radhika asks where is Sam. Radhika tries meeting Sam and sees her. She moves Tejh and Zubin and rushes to Sam. She says Arjun is lying to her, he has a sister, he is not alone and shows the part of pic. She asks Sam to know everything before getting engaged.

Arjun walks in alone and meets everyone. Sam goes to him and shows Nandini’s pic. She asks who is she, why is Radhika saying he is hiding anything from her, whats the truth. Arjun looks at Radhika. He says truth can’t stay in darkness for long, and some little boys walk in, along with Nandini. Radhika and Sam get stunned seeing her.

Nandini says hi Samaira, I m Nandini. Radhika recalls she lied to her about her name. Nandini says I m Arjun’s sister. Radhika recalls Arjun’s lies. Nandini says honestly, Arjun’s plan was to take Sam in darkness, he did not wish us to meet, as he can get lonely, this happened because of me, so I should apologize. She says she was here when he came to give her the ring, she wanted to meet her, but then Arjun said you refused to his proposal, so we could meet, I told him that I will meet Sam in your engagement, the day has come, I m very happy, congrats, you look very beautiful.

She meets Radhika and says she is lovely, and will do anything for friends, I met her in hospital, then she saw my pic in Arjun’s wallet, Radhika can become a good detective, as she got after Arjun a lot, Arjun could not sleep at night, Arjun wanted to give you surprise, after what all happened, he did not wish Sam runs away again, Radhika feels Arjun has a motive, she feels Arjun is marrying as per a secret, now its all out, Radhika are you happy, I m infront of you, ask me anything, I will answer. Sam says Radhika can find story anywhere and hugs her.

Sam asks Arjun why did he say he has no family. Nandini says family is by blood relations, Arjun and I have heart relation, when we met, he had no one in the world, and the people in my life left supporting me, then we both became each other’s support, we met in orphanage and all kids there are our brothers. The little boys greet Sam. Sam thanks her for giving place in her life. Neil comes and asks Radhika where was he. Sam says she is Arjun’s sister Nandini. Neil says hi, and takes Radhika. Nandini asks Sam to introduce her family. Sam says ofcourse, come.

Sam introduces Nandini as Arjun’s sister to Samrat and Piyali. Samrat is shocked seeing her. Piyali identifies her and hugs her. Piyali reminds Samrat of Nandini, she used to work in their office. Nandini greets Samrat. Arjun looks at Samrat’s shocked expressions. Arjun goes and Sam goes after him. Arjun talks to the kids. Sam smiles seeing Arjun with kids. Arjun asks kids to have icecream. Sam defends Radhika. He says Radhika is coming between them, he has to join relation with Sam, not Radhika.

Neil asks Radhika to get ready. Radhika stops Neil and asks is Arjun good for Sam, you know Sam very well, tell me, is Arjun right for Sam? Sam says she trusts Arjun. He says she said either love or doubt can be in heart, why is she doubting and insulting him, she has to decide, does she trust him or not. Neil says no, Arjun is not right for Sam.

Samrat tells Nandini that he knows her very well. He will end the drama right now and not ruin his daughter’s life to cover up his past.

Update Credit to: Amena

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