Manmarziyan 8th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun asking Nandini to not do any work. She acts sweet and says she will get biscuits. He asks Radhika to get it and leaves. She asks Radhika to bring the biscuits for the kids, and hurry up. She smiles and leaves. Radhika gets biscuits and comes to kids. She sees Arjun laughing while narrating a story to the kids. Radhika smiles. Rana tells her that Arjun laughs very less, he met Nandini when he was 7 year old, they regard each other more than blood relations, Arjun can do anything for her, he can even die. Arjun turns and sees them.

The boy asks her to come in his team, as Arjun is making them lose. They ask her to make the broken house alone. Arjun says you chose wrong person, she just knows breaking, not joining. She makes the card house. Khwaishon pe likhi………..plays…………..

Arjun looks on. He coughs and the house falls. The kids laugh. Radhika says its fine, we will join the house honestly for the times Arjun cheats and makes us lose. Nandini looks on and asks will she just play or cook something for them.

Radhika asks her to see, she will make such food that they will remember. Radhika cooks and Mala offers help. Radhika says no, few things should be done alone. Nandini asks Mala what did she eat during Radhika’s birth, she is very strong. Radhika says we have to stay together, right Nandu? She asks can I call you Nandu, as Arjun calls you.

Nandini says no one calls me Nandu except Arjun. Mala asks Radhika to apologize and call her Nandini di. Radhika says sorry Nandini di. Nandini says she felt glad to see how Radhika said sorry on Mala’s saying. She says she has an idea that Mala should stay between them as her shield. Mala smiles.

Sam cries thinking about Radhika and Arjun. Piyali comes to her and Sam acts normal. Piyali asks is she fine. Sam says I m perfect. Piyali talks to her and regrets to have that annoyance wall between them, else Radhika would have not come in her life. She says friendship happens in equal people, that girl sat in your place, its my mistake, I left you alone and you got friendly with Radhika, I m so sorry. Sam says I m fine, see I m not getting tears. Piyali says no one can hurt you, you are my daughter. Sam hugs her saying I love you and cries. The bangle falls on the bed.

Sam asks her about it. Piyali says Nandini came and said this is yours. Radhika tells Nandini that she made brinjal dish for her, and taunts her. She says she made Khatti Daal for Arjun, as its her first day of cooking. The kids like the food and say her hands have magic. Nandini eats the food and Radhika smiles, recalling how she has added lots of chilli powder in it. She asks how is it? Mala says its very tasty, she will like it. Nandini stays silent and smiles. She thinks she will not leave Radhika. Radhika asks Arjun to start having food. She recalls adding sugar in the Daal. Arjun does not like it. Mala asks him to have more.

Radhika asks Arjun to have more. He finishes the bowl and she smiles. He leaves. Neil sits in the bar and gets surprised seeing Sam in her old avatar. The man says welcome back madam. Sam asks Neil why did he become Devdas. He says weather is changing, how did she change? They talk like before, and she holds him close. She says they will drink wine after a long time. Teri meri dosti…………..plays………. Neil and Sam dance and laugh.

Radhika hears Arjun vomiting. She asks is he fine. He asks her to get lost. He comes out and holds his head. She asks him to have water. He throws it and rests on the bed. He asks her to leave. She says sorry, I knew I should have not done this, but Nandini was misbehaving with my mum, she is very smart, she acts different when you are not there. He gets angry and asks her not to tell anything about his sister. She looks at him.

Nandini asks Radhika to leave her mum and hold her husband, else he will run. Sam shouts Arjun. Neil asks her does she still love Sam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. friends,…please voice ur opinion 2 save this show in the link

    one of the fan in IF told,they did the same thing by sshowing fan support 2 navay serial which aired long back in SP n saved it 4m abrupt ending,…

    N they encouraged the fans 2 do so,that htis show ll b saved,…

    so,guys,…come on wake up n voice ur opinion as a true manmarzian,…

  2. After a long time I m commenting. Watching some bad track,but OMG!WHAT HAS DONE SP WITH MANMAZIAN! !!!is it going to end!!!????

    1. ireena,… voice ur opinion in the above link dear,…

      please show our fandom power 2 sp

      1. Yes,renu.but will this really work????

  3. Another thing. I also saw a promo that manmazian timing has been changed. Is this really happening? ??

  4. Guys anyone plz inform me the new two upcoming shows timing. ?????❔❓

  5. StarPlus, You just have one really good soap on your daily lineup! Don’t lose a key audience segment by getting rid of it.

    Except for this 30 min show, the rest shows the contempt you have for audience sensibility and intelligence. Given the upheaval caused by new technologies, I don’t think you can count on the captive audience you have for dumb saas bahu routine grind. With Manmarziyan, you got the interest of a new audience. Don’t lose this reach by shortsightedness. There is potential for growth in this segment – after all, this is the future. If you can get the young waiting eagerly every night for this show, why wouldn’t you opt for the no-brainer option of just allowing the show to continue?

    Many of us are perplexed by the recent dilution of the show content and now this upcoming sudden termination! Pl at least reserve one or two hours a day for sensible and exciting story telling that talks of contemporary Indian lives and issues. We would watch with delight what it takes to be young and modern in our Indian cities, towns and villages.

    The interest is huge among the Indian diaspora. You need to showcase these episodes daily on hotstar worldwide and then you will see how much reach this Manmarziyan has. And most people in India are watching soaps on phones, tablets and laptops!

    Don’t lose the one good thing that has come your way in a long time!

    Get better at your business! Don’t be so quick to be part of history! It would be a shame given that in the 90’s Star network shook up the Indian TV scene.


    1. hii latha,…please voice ur opinion in the petition dear,..

      One of the fan in If said tat they saved a show Navya too by showing their fandom n they said atleat v may get extension of 2 -3 months r diff time slot,….

      so voice ur opinion,…lets hope 4 the best,…

  6. hiii friends,…

    Actually m not in a mood 2 write but now i ve some hope that our show will be saved cox i prayed 2 my rama,…(this s first time i did 4 a show,….i felt like crying n even started praying,…god Rama ll hear my prayers,…i hope so,..fingers crossed)

    K friends,…sorry 4 not posting my comment about my favorite Character in Manmarzian aka Radhika yday,….i love this character more n more,…

    Radhika Mishra – Mrs.Angel(cutipee,chasni)

    Friends,…you may question me y i named my character Radhika as Radhika mishra instead of radhika mehra even after Marriage,…my answer s Radz answer as she dinn consider this marriage as real n dinn realize tat she got married now,….Her first mission at present s 2 save her Best friend SAM 4m Arjun sir n after saving her completely,.. her job s over n she s in a state of thinking that she might leave 4m arjun ‘s life n will start chasing her dreams which matters her the most 4 her life,…this s evident that still she calling arjun as arjun sir,..As arjun s putting a mask of revenge 4 some1 who takes care 4 him as his nandu di,…radz s putting a mask of saving some1 whom she considered as bestie as sam,…

    She is kinda person who loves her friends & family more than herself n her dreams n desire,..Her first preference in his life s 2 always support her family n friends n 2 be a lovable one 2 them,…Her dreams of becoming a writer s not more than her family n friends,..if v balance it on each side,…her friends & family ll win,…She s ready 2 sacrifice anything which she prefers most in her life 4 her lovable family n friends,…Many people didnt like the fact that every leads r shown as sacrificing devis,..but i disagree,..cox Radz s a selfless person right 4m her childhood n she ll not act as dumb after sacrificing everything n she give a second thot 2 withdraw her act of sacrificing 4 her lovable one who may be her family r her friends,..

    Another strong thing which inspired me 2 radhika s HER stong attitude in achieving a goal r mission which she took in her heart,..watever hurdle comes,she ll never back off,..(she said it in bandage scene 2 arjun,.’.if i am after sth,i ll leave it ly after completing it’

    I ll explain u briefly,…

    I loved her dialogue in marriage,…’if not living a life 4 others then there s no worth in living,..sth like this’ 4 arjun’s question,’y r u ruining ur life 4 some1’s friendship’ n even questioned him back,’y r u ruining ur life 4 some1’s revenge’ wow big applause 2 cvs 4 this scene,….i loved it

    1.her dadaji(i miss him so much,..if this soap dinn end,i want dadaji – arjun meeting) motivates her 2 live her dreams n he explained how he fails 2 achieve his dreams n he dinn wanna radz 2 do the same thing n such a cute grand pa,…he also encourage her 2 call off the engagement with saral b4 the engagement day n he helped her 2 escort,…but Radz as a selfless girl explained her papa about her desire n dreams 2 pursue a job in mumbai 2 prove her talent 2 this world n she saved her family pride n engaged 2 saral,..

    2.Then comes sam – radz friendship,..this s such a cute friendship n radz considered Sam as her true bestie cox sam helps her 2 live her dreams unconditionally n radz took an oath 2 never let her suffer infront of her eyes as she s her bestie,…She may go 2 anylevel 2 save her sam 4m being hurt,…(if i start 2 write about their friendship,..i ll not finish this comment 2day,…but after sam- radz reunion,ill dedicate it 2 them

    3.Saving arjun 4m accident n dinn reveal tat she ly saved arjun 4m accident even 2 arjun himself,…n she thanked him 4 saving her life,….Acc 2 her,arjun s just a good man but have motive 2 hurt sam dunno wat at tat time,…but she save him 4m accident without giving a second thot about her,….There s no love 4m her side n she ll do the same 2 any 1 even if its a teji instead of arjun—–tat s my Chasni,…

    K now coming 2 ardhika,….

    Arjun entered her life cox of SAM,..Her first meeting in bs during arjun’s ppt,…arjunn taunted her whether come inside r go out,..then rest room scene,…wen he yelled at her 4 entering rest room,she thot of giving reply 2 him n started tis s common washroom,…then remained silent …she dinn ve good impression about him,…

    Acc 2 me their love story starts right 4m the color scene,…arjun s the 1 who hugged radhika 4m back n stunned 2 see her instead of sam,…he yelled at her not 2 touch him(who s touching who)Radhika dinn reply but she replied during the halwa scene,..there arguments about light n darkness s really superb,…whenever arjun tries 2 come closer 2 her 2 scare her,she never get scared n stood bravely by throwing some intense looks at him back,…some may question y radhika allowed arjun 2 b physical with with her n y she dinn show any awkwardness r uncomfortable feeling during their proximity,…infact she tries,but as i said b4 her mission s more imp than anything which destructs her path,.she s very instinctive she knows what and how the touch is and it’s obvious in saral case it’s always not rite but arjun never touched her like dat even when he’s rude and angry. ..Even his threatening of rape in jungle b4 leaving her alone in the jungle s 2 just scare her n she understood that 4m the very next moment when he said ‘expect sth 2 happen the whole n8 being alone here,…unlike other heroines,she never shattered by his act n instead ran after him n pleased him not 2 leave her alone,…she dinn even reminisce those moments,..she s kinda smart n she thinks about the present alone,… But,during the lift scene,when arjun leans over her n she breaks their intensity by her 1 call ‘ sir’,…n he left her,..Here She was shattered,..4 first time she got confused how come arjun’s intense close looks affects her n that makes her eyes teary,…then coming 2 pool scene,when arjun saved her,she thot he s taking advantage of her n she slapped him(friends,this s 1 of my favorite scene,..radz got slapped by sam,idiot saral,her mom twice but this s the 1 i loved it)&

    other example s dori scene,…situation makes her 2 ask help 4m arjun as tat room has many doors so tat any1 can barge in n radhika dinn close the door n he saw her in towel but the next moment she went 2 the barrier n teji came in,…so,she has no option 2 ask help 4m arjun n tat time she has good opinion about arjun n she knew arjun ll not take any advantage like other guys cox of lonovla trip,…so instead of caught up by some1 like she caught up with arjun in towel,…she asked him blouse n after tat she remembered 2 ask sorry n she did ,…

    finally tat dori got stuck in tat holes,,she asked him 4 his help 2 release it just as a friend nothing more than tat in her POV,…arjun s the 1 who was affected by radz volunteered 2 help her n she even dinn like arjun being helping her n she got embrassed at tat situation n she dinn turn cox she s without dupatta n feeling shy 2 expose her n wen he gave dupatta,after wearing it,…she felt tat arjun s just helping her n no such thots in his mind n he s a good person,…hence she offered hand shake n wished him all the best,…

    So,afterall,she came 2 a decision tat arjun’s care 2wards her as Goodness in him,baghavan as she dunno wat 2 name this,…n shared this with every1,…

    But when she knew about arjun n nandhu’s revenge paln,…she never give up by arjun’s savior attitude 2wards her cox he s saving her 4m saral but trying 2 ditch her friend in the same way,,she even dinn thank him after being saved by arjun 4m saral’s molesting,…instead she straightaway asked wats in her mind,..some may think,y she showed tat diary 2 arjun cox she believed arjun cant b so bad n her trust ll never fail n she wanna admit him but wen arjun burned tat diary she cried not 4 burning diary but 4 her lost faith in arjun’s goodness,…This scene s the end of her good opinion about arjun ,..her all faith in arjun was burned along with that diary,…she started hating him 4m that moment,…

    When they got married,till then,she has no pblm in arjun touching her arms even in anger but the very next morning after their marriage,she cant tolerate his touching,..remember how she s jerking off wen he touched her arms b4 her mom,…v can clearly notice tat radz dinn like arjun 2 touch her anymore n their SR also due 2 this same thing, she hates him n she dinn ve any good opinion about him as his goodness vanished already along with that diary,…so,she ready 2 hit arjun wen he came near her,..n she s not even bothered about his opinion about her n after firing the bed,..she was pleased tat he wont take advantage of her n she even thot,he may murder her,…his single touch also affecting radz more now as she s in initial stage of love now,..

    During ring finding rasam,wen their hands meet,..radz s the 1 who saw arjun first as it gave some inkling effect in her n another thing Arjun’s genuine smile ll melt radz as yday wen arjun playing with children,he laughed genuinely which brought smile in her face automatically,..she 4got everything about him at this moment,…Rana noticed this n so he came 4ward n revealed arjun- nandhu bonding 2 radz,…. instead of saving sam,…she gonna save arjun 4m the mess created by his nandu di,..but yday,i liked 1 part,…radz said wat she s thinking about his sister 2 arjun,…this s a good thing that there s no hidden things btw them atleast 4m radz side(even she s not in love)

    What 2 say about this iconic couple,….

    Radz cries ll affect Arjun

    Arjun’s smile ll affect radz

    I felt love with this couple crazily,….

    Even after solving all the pblms,,,.. nandhu – samrat truth revealization,nandhu’s truth 2 arjun n arjun’s truth 2 sam,…radz ll leave arjun 4 sure n then the real journey of her love life starts,…but arjun may b realized his love 4 her then,….radz may not realize n arjun making her realize their love n trying 2 snatch the gift which given by god as his wife,…it ll b quite interesting 2 watch their epic loves story,….but it takes quite long 2 show these development,..according to the story track,it ll b justified ly if radz was shown in love with arjun slowly cox she s not a person 2 fall in love within a sinlge day,…As she s a tough nut 2 crack afterall,….

    I hope this show ll not end n cvs ll fulfill my wishes n built the storyline accordingly,….fingers crossed,…

    Friends again,…i dinn read what i wrote,..sry 4 mistakes any n thanx 4 reading my long crap comment about radhika,…

  7. Renu why did u like radhu slapping arjun scene and I don’t think so radhu realized even in the lift scene .I dont get one thing arjun knows everything about nandhini except for few .but if radhu says something truth about nan why can’t he give a thought of it after knowing nan evil plans. .

    1. aradhika,…i loved that scene cox arjun needed a slap 4m radhika 4 his act b4 that scene,…he broke her dadaji’s gifted mobile & hurt her badly at most of the time,….

      & she let arjun 2 know that she ll not tolerate all his act by slapping him,…& her misunderstanding of arjun taking advantage of her s quite worth watching,…this slap strengthen their bond,…she asked 4giveness 4m him n he understood that she dinn slap him intentionally n then that dupatta scene came,…

      all light moments started after this slap,,how can i ignore this slap yaar,…i loved it,…

  8. If manmarziyaan is going to stop. I will definitely unsubscribe star plus. Because they are doing this cheap and stupid idiotic work just because they need popularity. :/

  9. Hello guys how abt t news….i was shattered to the core wen i heard tat manmarziyan s going to end….pls dont end t show its very very unique….

  10. I think time slot ? will differ ….. Mere angne me is an hour show may be reduced to half an hour and mmz will be replaced……. This is just my thought…. I ll be happy of it comes true… Fingers crossed ……. Hopefully waiting….. Radhika and Arjun are best after ishra…… Love u guys

  11. Guys I don’t think timings of manmarziyan is changing. Because main star plus is airing manmarziyan even after 1st august. And is there any news about this show on saans bahu aur sazish, saans bahu aur beti or ume aur tv? Can u give me the link of new show’s promo?

  12. Manmarziyan spoiler news: Neil sam, radhika arjun come closer romantically. …I think guys show is going to end soon. …

  13. friends,…Some people who have the guts Pls make a call and ask and let us know.pls ,Pls,Pls
    they r not responding,…they said manmarzian gonna end n cut the call,…please try it friends,…i ve hope nothing is impossible in this world,…

    StarPlus Contact Info

    StarPlus Number 180030007827SP ph no:02267227777

    other contacts of Star Plus:Email I’d…[email protected] hellostarindia. com


    Star India Pvt. Ltd,
    Star House, Off Dr.E.Moses Road,Mahalaxmi, Mumbai – 400011Tel: 91-22-66305555F ax: 91-22-66305050


    Star India Pvt. Ltd.,The Masterpiece., Marol Naka, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E).Mumbai – 400059Tel: 91-22-67227777F ax: 91-22-67228888


    Star India Pvt LtdUrmi Estate, 1st Floor,Urmi Estate,95, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg,Lower Parel, Mumbai-400 013Tel: 022-4315 4444Fax: 022-4315 6677


    Star India Pvt. Ltd., Embassy Point, 3rd floor,150, Infantry Road. Bangalore – 560001Tel: 91-80-66947827F ax: 91-80-66947828


    Star India Pvt. Ltd., Vijay Television Pvt. Ltd, 1st Floor, 15, Jagannathan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034Tel: 91-44-28224722/ 33/44Fax: 91-44-28224744


    STAR Entertainment Media Pvt. Ltd., Tiruvallure Satellite Station.,226 Red Hills Road, Ambattur. Chennai – 600053Tel: 91-44-26861491/ 92/93Fax: 91-44-26861491/ 92/93


    STAR DEN Media Services Pvt. Ltd. Office No. 307,3rd Floor, Sanman-2, 100ft, Anandnagar Road, Opp. Reliance Petrol Pump, Satellite, Ahmedabad – 380015Tel: +92280 17091/92/93/ 94Fax: 91 – 079 – 40320349


    STAR India Pvt. Ltd., STAR CENTER, Plot No.77,Sec-32,Gu rgaon. New Delhi – 122001Tel: 91-0124-6654400 Fax: 91-0124-6654411


    STAR Entertainment Media Pvt. Ltd.,Avishar, Plot No 369/ 4., Purbanchal, Kalitala Road, E M Byepass. Kolkata – 700078Tel: 91-33-66335555Fax: 91-33-66335555

    GOT THE INFO FRM IF ALL THE STARPLUS MAIL IDS N PHONE NO TOO #TIFS GET SET GO SEE IF THIS HELPS Below are Star Plus Email addresses: [email protected] tarindia.comuda [email protected] v.comresponse ,”Hello (STAR India)”,”Bhagia, Lalit (STAR India)”,”R, Padmasree (STAR India)”[email protected] artv.comR
    [email protected] ail.comAnil.jha @startv.comSaum [email protected] artv.comSiddhar [email protected] [email protected] hellostarindia, com

    SP ph no:0226722777

    1. U r really a greattttttt fan of manmarzian. U have gathered so much information. OMG!!!

  14. Yes guys confirmed show is going off air on this month end or sep 1st week….nd another show badtameez dil also in danger zone. …here onwards star plus is not gonna take ny youth related shows

    1. are u serious…after manmarziyan…bathmeez dil is my fav show…i dont want both these to go off air..stop those crap and idiotic serils saath nibhana saathiya..and yeh rishta kya khehalata hai..

  15. What badmeez Dil too?? I hate star plus!!!! It should go bankrupt!!

    1. yes…ur true sakhi

  16. friends,..m upset,…SP s very adamant in their decision,…they r not ready 2 change its decision

    i got reply 4m them,…

    Dear Viewer,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    We understand your connect with the show Dosti…Yaariyan…Manmarzian and its characters. However we would like to confirm that the show is going off-air from August 29th and will be replaced by another of our exciting offering Sumit Sambhal Lega.

    We would also like to inform you that you can catch all the episodes of your favorite shows across Star Network on our online video entertainment platform. Please visit the link

    We hope to have your continuous support and patronage in our endevours.
    Warm Regards,
    Consumer Response Cell.
    Tel: + | 1800 3000 7827
    Email: [email protected]

    1. OMG!!then we have to request them to replace in mere angle me in half time.

  17. friends,…

    Sumit kitna sambhalega yeh hum log dekh lenge,…

  18. As a true manmarzians,..please vote our fav serial 2 show its power b4 ending,…

    1. friends,…

      MMz is leading YHM,…

      stupid SP,…they r forcing 2 end their best show

  19. Waste star plus…they are telecasting yhm repeat 3 times in a day…but they are not promoting mmz…I love this show

  20. I love this soap. We watch it every day. Please do not stop the telecast Starplus. Increase the repeat and also change the timing of the show. Please dont prolong those soaps for decades together like Saath Nibana sathiya and yeh rishta kya kehlatha hai. We are fed up seeing the same old faces . Atleast with Manmarziyaan we got to see some fresh faces. Pl dont end the show so soon.

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