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Manmarziyan 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun saying a story to her. He says there is a girl who becomes the stone of my way, when I stop her, if that girl does not move from my way, I will ruin her life, her friends, her family, I will ruin them, she can either pull them in her darkness or take her light and go somewhere far. He says he has told her how this story started, now she will decide how to end this. He starts leaving. She says its old relation of light and darkness, every night has a morning, but darkness before sunset is the darkest, he is at the darkest level and will move on in light, she will not go anywhere, night can’t change its nature. He leaves.

She comes out and sees she has already taken a print of Arjun and Nandini’s pic. She thinks why does Arjun want to hide this pic, whats the story,

it will have some secret, else why would he come here to ruin this. Saral tells Mala where will we find Radhika, its wrong she has gone without saying. Arjun comes out of the studio. Saral asks how is he. Arjun says I m fine, but manage your fiancée, else it won’t be fine. Saral sees Radhika coming out of the studio. Arjun leaves. Saral gets doubtful.

Radhika gets tensed seeing Saral and Mala. She says I have to reach Sam, I need to talk to her, she is doing big mistake by getting engaged, you both go home, I will talk to her and come. Saral holds her hand and says she won’t go anywhere. Radhika says Arjun is not right for Sam. Saral asks is Arjun right for you, not a word more, its enough there is nothing to listen, I will say and you will listen to me.
Neil, Tejh, Zubin and Kritika are doing arrangements at Sam’s house for her engagement. Sam comes and greets him. Neil acts filmi and asks what can her idiot do for her. She asks him to get a good ring to trap Arjun, what will he like, diamond, gold, platinum. Neil gets sad and Prerna loks on. Neil says he will help her, she will go after her marriage. Prerna cries.

Sam says I will be where you will be, come now. Na badle kabhi ye dosti yaariyan………..plays……. Neil comes to Prerna. She asks will he really leave her and go. He says he has to go or die. Aansuon ko bighati………..plays…………. He asks her not to cry, else Sam will doubt, he will give Sam’s hand in Arjun’s hand and go away with his empty hand. Prerna hugs him.

Saral, Radhika and Mala come home. Saral asks Radhika about her affair with Arjun. She says he is mistaken, she is not such girl. Saral asks Mala to hear, does Riddhima say anything against my brother, and see Radhika is using the freedom I gave. Mala asks him to ask Radhika once. Saral says so, I think I m the fool now. Mala asks Radhika not to explain. Saral says I respect Mala a lot, it will be good that she goes, else she will get between when he talks to Radhika. Mala leaves.

Radhika asks him to listen to her once, Sam is in problem, she has to reach Sam. He says he did mistake to trust her. She says try to understand, I have to reach Sam before engagement, I will talk to her on phone and tell Arjun’s truth. Saral throws her phone and says she will just talk to him today, no one else. She shows him Arjun and Nandini’s pic, and says he calls her Nandini Di, he did not tell this to Sam, I have to tell this truth to Sam. Saral asks so Sam is in problem. She says big problem, I have to reach Sam, she is my friend, I can’t see her life getting ruined. He says you should not, and tears the pic. He says he does not wish to see her dosti, yaariyaan and manmarziyan, no one will go in engagement today, she has to obey him, she will not go out from this house today.

Sam and Piyali look for rings. Neil asks them to finalize soon. Piyali says she is going parlor. Sam says no, is parlor imp than ring. Piyali says as she has a very handsome son in law. Neil says he has to go too. Sam stops him and asks which ring would he like if he was her to be husband. He looks at her. She says say darling and holds her hand, making him wear the ring. She asks will her love be seen in ring, will he say yes after wearing this ring. Jaldi na karna yara………..plays…… He says its his yes always, his yes is not in any paper, ring, rituals, his yes is just in his heart.

She looks on stunned. Neil laughs and says what a line. She says idiot and beats him. He says if your pineapple says similar line, make him wear the ring, else to hell with him. She beats him. Teri meri dosti………… plays………. She buys the ring Neil chose. He turns and cries, while she is busy talking to the jeweler.

Radhika gets the torn pic and recalls Arjun’s words. She recalls her promise to Sam. Sam asks Tejh about Radhika, and asks him to call her. Radhika’s phone is fallen. Radhika comes to Saral and says she has to go to Sam. Saral looks at her.

Radhika comes in the engagement, and shows Nandini’s pic. Sam shows the pic to Arjun, and asks him the truth, why is Radhika saying he is hiding something from her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. I think neil and radhika want to become good frnd and become more closet then only this sam and arjun will realise their feeling

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  7. I love dis series nd hope I get a friend like neil

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