Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam going to her room. Neil recalls Arjun’s words. Radhika says Arjun was with Bonnie, she has seen him, he did not get any info from her. Neil shows the glass and says Sam will see what Arjun wants to show her. Radhika says Sam is doing a mistake, when friends make mistake, we have to stop them. Neil says friends should not be stopped, but we should be strong to lift them when they fall. She says sometimes few mistake break people and maybe Sam will do big mistake today. He asks what. She says I think Arjun will propose Sam today. Neil gets upset. She says she has seen the ring in his car, we have to stop Sam. Teri meri dosti………………plays………………

He says if Sam wants to go to Arjun, we can’t stop her, as if choice is between love and friendship,

then friendship is dropped. Radhika says if Sam says yes, I m afraid she can never be happy, why is Arjun doing this. Arjun recalls Nandini seeing some kids play. FB shows Nandini saying about her marriage happening soon and showing her the ring. He stands in Aasra, an orphanage, and recalls his childhood.

FB shows Samrat asking Nandini to go. Nandini says this ring was your promise. He says it was a gift, I told you I can’t leave my family for you, it was a gift and you made such promises in your mind. Arjun asks him not to leave Nandu, and Samrat says he is very young, and can’t understand this. Arjun consoles Nandini and she says she can’t live without Samrat, she will die. He takes the fallen ring and looks at him. Arjun says he has grown up now and understands everything.

He says this has sent my Nandu in darkness, and this diamond will hurt Sam like that, her tears will be in your eyes, you will feel her pain. Arjun recalls Kaka saying Arjun about Nandini being lost. Arjun says Sam will go in darkness and that silence will make you deaf, you started this story and I will end this.

Neil and Radhika sit upset. Sam gets ready and they look at her. Jaldi na karna yara……………plays……………….. Neil sets her hair. Radhika says Sam. Sam says please, you said what you had to, now its between Arjun and me. Sam leaves taking a gift for Arjun. Neil recalls him and Sam. Neil says Sam… and she stops. Sam says please Neil, I have to go to Arjun. Radhika asks Neil to stop Sam. Neil holds Sam’s face and hugs her. Neil says he did not stop her for anything, he wants her happiness, when she smiles, he feels something good is going to happen. Sam smiles. He says he can’t account her happiness, he will be with her wherever she gets happiness. Manmarziyan……………….plays…………… Sam thanks him.

Neil shows the keys and says come. He hides his sadness in his heart and smiles. Bonnie comes to Arjun. He says he has transferred money, her job got fixed in Delhi, she does not need to worry. She asks was anything there between us ever. He says no, I m sorry, there was nothing and can never be, love is just a cheat, I have got cheated many times, I don’t trust love, it just ruins. She asks what will he do now. He says when you go to fire other’s life, you know you will be burnt too, it will be just darkness after that. She looks at Arjun with the ring, and leaves.

Neil and Radhika bring Sam to Arjun. He asks her to follow her heart and asks her to go. Neil recalls Sam and looks upset.

Radhika says she wants to have strong hands to hit Arjun. Arjun proposes Sam and Radhika comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. only radhika can make arjun’s life happy.. neil and sam are perfect like that arjun and radhika is perfect…writers pls don’t make arjun and sam as couples..

  2. today i missed the episode and i think nothing special happened…precap what is radhika going to do there…and one thing is cleared arjun is not in love with anyone…and he wanted to repay what samarat did to his daughter.I really dont know why neil is like this..cant he do something to stop sam…

  3. arjun is only there for revenge of what samrat did..arjun and sam cant be couples…and i dont know what radhika is going to do there…

  4. Nice episode..very fast,Neil’s words to radi nd arjun’s words to bonnie are awesome..ya..OMG… I have to wait for monday n8:(

  5. can anyone say who is nandini to arjun?…

  6. She just says dat she will stop arjun frm proposing bt she has to get strong hands to stop arjun

  7. Arjun is an orphan who used to live wid kaka and nandu he treated nandu as his mom and evry [email protected]

  8. i just wanted to tel this yesterday but i forgot to say it yestrday…….. wen during neils broken face in bgm hearing tht “jaldi na karna yara” played i just melted …… i loved tht song speciallly tht singer’s voice my god a lovely song i just want to download tht song does anyone have its link plzz give me………..

  9. Ooh Neil you are adorable… Love the way u are… U need a perfect GF and that’s not definitely Sam.. U need some one charming and good at heart like you my dude… Anyways u r simply superb.. Keep going and rock d show..

  10. Yup..arjun will feel the luv for radi …he gets d luv(wat he can’t believe ) from radi..i’m eagerly waiting for that episode..sam should realise d real luv from neil..

  11. What’s sam fault 2 nandini

  12. Nandini s arjun’s sis..jf i m nt wrong…

  13. i really dont know what relation nandini to arjun and i also heard that arjun will have a sister also ..younger one..what is happening

  14. hey devga..even i liked it ..i searched but couldnt able to get anything…please if anyone got the link pleas post it.

  15. Plz writer let us show priya and manya.we r waiting

  16. hey Ireena…sam is the daughter of samrat..that is the only fault and sam is also stupid who doesnt have a mind of her own ..these are the mistakes of sam dear

  17. i think both the characters are not going to develop anytime sooner..currently radhika has to do something..find something about arjun and today arjuns story revealed partly..yet there are so many unanswered questions…

  18. Manmarzian’s all song have a class,a different taste

  19. where is sukriti? i am missing her post

  20. Soon rad will find about Arjun and shows concern for him and explain about his wrong intention to hurt samrat by hurting sam,and it’s shown in the promo soon Arjun and rad luv story to start.waiting for it.

    1. Is it harsha ?? Was radhu and arjun’s luv showed in promo ..??
      Which promo if u have tht link PLZ give it …

  21. Yup ireena totally agree with ur statement … Tht manmarziyan songs have a high status and are unique. And the singers are also superb ….

  22. Yup ireena totally agree with ur statement … Tht manmarziyan songs have a high status and are unique. And the singers are also superb …. .

  23. Oops sorry network problem … Posted it 2 times …

  24. yes devga we have the promo like that..that is the highlight yar…we have to see what radhika is going to do on monday…

  25. Is promo out?Plz any1 give d link.i think arjun will give hint 2 rad of his sorrow.and rad will give her lecture as always

  26. Hey, can u use that nice pic?How 2 set it

    1. Ireena u create an account in gravatar using ur mail ID and password. …. Then u wil get a mail from WordPress and u go tht link u will b asked to create a pic and even u can set rating then ur pic will b set … 🙂

  27. Hii devga i m also a big fan of sanjeeda sheikh and ofcourse EHT..

  28. nice episod..

  29. I will waiting 4 radhika-arjun love story…

  30. Guyz it is surprising that aashish reddy of ap is doing well in bollish serials gud job mrreddy

  31. Ya dude I am biggest hardcore fan of EHT …. Just crazy fan …. 🙂

  32. Thanks,devga.when i’ll get time,i’ll set a pic

    1. No thanks and all its my pleasure … 😉

  33. Sona PLZ give me the link of the promo …..

    1. Whoose pic is this,devga?Ur name is like a boy,then why u use girls pic

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  35. neil……u r so sweet……..u need someone who will understand ur feelings………hope sam realizes ur value in her life soon………….

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