Manmarziyan 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam getting inside Arjun’s home and being shocked. She looks at him. Saral asks Radhika to be with him, and eats the breakfast. He says he wants to do shopping and asks her to come. He tells Mala the same. Radhika looks on a chit. Arjun gets relieved seeing clothes on the table. He smiles. Sam asks is this for me. He says yes, what if I don’t have family, I have to keep culture. She says she will warm up the Aloo parathas for him, Radhika’s mum has made it. He says I will eat it anyhow. She says chill, I will get it. He sees Nandini’s shadow and stops Sam at the kitchen door.

He eats some by her hand and says its your engagement, won’t you get specially ready today. She asks why, don’t I look good this way. He flirts and says he will drop her, thanks for these

parathas, he will eat it later. He takes her. Nandini signs relief. Saral,Radhika and Mala come to the shop. She sees photo studio and goes to clothes shop. Saral says he will buy best saree for Mala, he is new age son on law. He asks her to choose.

Mala looks at some sarees. Saral asks Radhika to see her mum, she started seeing sarees on my one saying. Mala says its costly, show some other saree. Radhika says she will buy a saree for mum, she did not buy anything by her first salary. Saral says fine, I forgot you started earning and you will buy anything, show your money. She says no, I saved some money from salary. He says he wants to buy something for himself, he is her fiancé and gets a shirt saying he has first right on her. Radhika smiles seeing Mala. Saral buys costly one and says Radhika has much money, she wants to buy for everyone. She says I was just buying for mum. Saral asks her to buy.

The man asks him to try. Saral says he will throw it if its not fit, as she has much money. She says please. He says I wanted to buy things for you and mum, you are showing your money, fine, buy things for me, show the world that your mum taught you this. She says talk in low tone. He says let them hear, you started earning, you will run home then. He starts arguing and says Mumbai city made her blind in money shine, she forgot her values, learn from Riddhima.

He stops seeing Mala. He asks Mala to see. Mala asks what happened. Radhika says nothing, I will try this and come. She goes to trial room and cries recalling Saral’s words. Manmariziyon pe kaise chale…………….plays…………..She gets Sam’s call. Sam asks where is she. Radhika says I came for shopping with Saral. Arjun recalls the studio being in same market. Sam asks her to come to parlour, Arjun is dropping her there. Radhika sees the parlor address. Arjun drops Sam. Radhika comes to Saral and leaves without getting in his sight. She goes to the studio and tries finding copies of her pics. He says he does not have her name folder. She says she will get new ones clicked. He says he will make it ready, and asks her to wait.

Radhika finds Nandini and Arjun’s pic in the computer. Arjun reaches there and she hears a sound. He does not find anyone there and checks computer. He deletes the pics. He hears phone ringing and stops. He goes to see and finds Radhika inside the studio room. He asks what is she doing here. She says she came to find Nandini.

She asks him to come out of darkness now. Arjun comes to her and holds her. He says he is standing infront of her now and holds her hair. He says her light will get less to end darkness, he has played darkness all his life, he has habit to end light. She says light does not end, it ends darkness, why is he keeping Nandini in darkness. He asks who. She says the one whose pic was in your wallet, whats the truth, who is she, is she your sister, why is he hiding, he came here finding her pic, you did not tell Sam about Nandini, whats the story. She looks at him with her firm questions.

Arjun says he will ruin her life. He tells Radhika that now he told her how this story started and she can decide how to end this.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. mira

    Todays epi was OK
    I expected more from u chasni bt that saral spoiled it all.
    Shame on u saral !!!!!!!!
    Wat happened 2 neil???
    And the precap, did Arjuna reveal the story??????

  2. happy

    Except last scene…i dont like today episode…saral l hate u…pls go away from radhika life….i want ardhika ly….

  3. harsha

    Saral,what to say even though it’s just acting I can’t even see his face at a single sec

  4. nish

    Just hit him hard on head that stupid saral ridiculous. Boring tdy di enjoy mall ka chakar.crappie

  5. Pathanga

    Saral ur vry iritating… Hw dare u to mak rads cry!!! Beware!! if arjun cmes to knw tat u mad hs chasni cry dn dekho vah tumhara kya haal kar sakta he!!!lol

  6. ☆Twinkle05★

    Oh god saral u r disgusting how can u behave like this to radhu and radhu u ….wat is this ya ? U always brave speech to everyone but not to saral !!!!!! radhu u should say shut up saral i wont marry you 😉

  7. renu

    i hate saral ,….everyday v ve 2 bear tis nonsense yaar,…

    radz used 2 accept manhandling 4m any1,…it doesnt matter arjun r saral yaar,..
    she thinks every1 as same,…

    atleast v got 1 ardhika scene yaar,…

    big twist gonna happen 4 sure,…

  8. Ireena

    Now this was left behind!Rad cried 4 that cheap saral, arjun also being rude and cunning and cruel.neil left.why will we watch manmarzian?4 this intolerable saral & nandini?

  9. Pathanga

    Neil s nowhere n 2days epi… Misd hm n 2days epi… Nd rads u hav 2 shw arj r8 path.. R else tat nandini wl deviate hs mind..

  10. Sona Mohan

    Hey guys..ok I missed the episode and by reading the written update I am not worried as the episode is cant are u my friends ..missed u for some days..

  11. Sona Mohan

    In each day either we get saral or nandini..both are devil and we have to tolerate them…..

  12. Pathanga

    Nd radhu ur realy a brave girl who dint cry wen arjun hurt u… Bt why r u wasting ur tears wen tat marulu(mad) scolded u??

  13. Nakshatra

    Very much disappointed by today’s episode…saral u should be there only infront of arjun to make him feel jealous..otherwise don’t need saral’s character…

  14. Pathanga

    I too thnk tat arjun wnt reveal d truth easily… May b he in anger jst say tat he wl destroy sams lyf… And our cutesi chasni on hr way to find d truth wl finally mak arj to accpt hs feelngs nd slwly reveal d truth..

  15. nish

    Hi sona it wasn’t worth watching me too din c saral is only been show n he is pathetic n ridiculous crappie.

  16. Pathanga

    Yeah nakshatra… I agree wid u… Sarals charactr s jst req 2 mak arj jealus bt nt 2 mak rads cry!!

  17. Sona Mohan

    Where did u get this news..I dont know anything about it..I just heard that neil is doi g the decoration work of the venue for the engagement of samaira

  18. nish

    What neil shall do decoration o god how much will cvs make neil n rads cry. Yeah saral is just required to make arjun jealous bas dats it.

  19. nish

    Manmarziyan Latest Gossips, Spoiler, News

    The current track of Star Plus Manmarzian shows that Radhika (Monica Sehgal) has found out Arjun (Aham Sharma) has lied about being an orphan and has some relationship with Nandini.

    She wants to reveal his truth to Samaira (Kashmira Irani) aka Sam before Sam and Arjun’s engagement to stop Arjun from hurting Sam.

    Well, on the other hand, Sam and Arjun’s engagement news has come as a shocker to Neil (Shravan Reddy)who loves Samaira. However, he will let go his pain and start preparing for Sam and Arjun’s engagement and make it a very special day for for his best friend.

    Meanwhile, Radhika will be busy to find out Arjun’s reality and his past.

    Neil will be seen commanding his colleagues and making them toil to decorate the place beautifully. The entire sequence will be a hilarious one and will have some sweet light moments for Manmarzian fans!

    Will Radhika expose Arjun’s truth to Sam and stop this engagement? What happens when Samrat finds about Nandini?

    Will Sam realize Neil’s true love for her?

  20. Ireena

    Rads parents will confront arjun about lonavla journey,nish.they shocked 2 knw that rad spent a day with arjun alone.dont knw whether it is true or nt.u may check it urself there

  21. U saral r vry cheap as usl anywaz I jus hop dat rjun wil revil d trut 2 rads !!waitin 4 nxt epi n misin espcily ardhika romtic senes bcoz of dat idiot saral pls rmov saral 4m our chasni’s life!!!!!

  22. riya

    what is this yaar……..was expecting arjun to teach saral a lesson for misbehaving with rads but what did he do today??????don’t get why’s everyone around rads whether it may be saral or arjun behaving so badly with her, cmon yaar she isn’t a toy to be played with,she’s our chasni……..

  23. raashi

    Though the Ardhika scene was short, I loved it. Hoping to see more of them and less of that creepy Saral. He is agony and torture past endurance now. Saral, I’ll book a ticket for u for Rishikesh plz go away. Where’s Neil? N Arjun stop misbehaving wid Rads and start misbehaving wid Saral n Rads how much more r u gonna tolerate? Puri duniya ko path padhate firti ho..give some of it to this idiot Saral as well!

  24. meetu

    Arjun will tell radhika full story.but story not about him and nandini .it will be the story of two,arjun & radhika’s journey together.then arjun will try to threate radhika by asking her which type of end of this story she want ??!!

  25. meetu

    In short arjun want radhika not to come in his path of revenge. Otherwise he will do very bad to her.!!!

  26. riya

    where is neil??????he is so sweet,caring & his love is so unconditional,where do we get such kind of pure love emotions at present date????????? i feel neil’s more better than arjun……..that silly arjun can’t understand how nandini is using him to fulfil her “so called” revenge??????????

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