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Manmarziyan 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini and Radhika arguing. Nandini says you did big mistake to do this marriage. Radhika says she has learnt from her mum, she did marriage and will do all duty of being a wife and bahu. Nandini laughs. Radhika says no use if you want to scare me, my Dada ji says we should not run from fear, but make fear run away, I did not understand why Arjun got me here, and why you want to make me your bahu, don’t you have any answer, its fine, I will find my answers myself.

She says you said I like to become detective, and till I get my answers, I won’t go anywhere, I will stay here, you and Arjun can’t do anything. Nandini raises hand and Radhika holds her hand, this hand will raise just to bless from today. She asks does she not know to bless, its okay, I will teach you

whats the meaning of being elder. She gives the flower petals back to Nandini. She takes her blessings and Nandini leaves.

Nandini asks Arjun to go to his room. He says my room? You know this marriage is cheat, I hate her. She asks him to show his hatred, when she sees Radhika’s tears. She asks him to go to his room. Arjun comes in the room. Radhika holds the lamp, and he holds it. He pushes her and she asks him not to come to her. He asks why, did her wish to become his wife ended, he won’t come to her, see her face, she is bahenji, she has no class and style. He says you should die before I get thinking to do anything with you. He throws the candle stand on the bed and burns it. She gets off the bed and looks at her.

Suddenly, water falls there and the fire blows off. She says she has become a problem for him, he is stuck now, now they have to keep the hatred, till he moves off Sam’s way, she can’t leave him. She says she is stuck between him and Nandini, he can ignite fire, she will blow it off, he can increase his darkness, she will not let her light get less, she will not go anywhere.

He asks her to get out. She says you are forgetting this is our room. He leaves. She closes the door. Arjun comes to Nandini and sees her burning her hand. He stops her and asks what is she doing. Radhika sees her inner conscience, who asks her how will she stay here. Nandini says there is nothing left now, and cries. She says when Samrat left me, I did not lose and not when your and Sam’s relation ended, but today you made me lose, you ended everything.

She says you married Radhika and ruined everything. She pushes him and asks him not to show dreams, if he can’t fulfill her dreams. She emotionally breaks him, and sits crying.

Radhika says she won’t let Arjun reach Sam, she has no option that to win. Arjun tells Nandini that he is with her, he will make everything fine. He asks her to have medicines. She says Radhika will come again in your way, when you go to Sam. She sheds tears and says everything ended, you can’t do anything now. Arjun recalls Nandini’s words and promises her that he will make everything fine.

Arjun comes to knock the room, and asks Radhika to open the door, else he will break it. She changes her dress and goes to the door, asking will she really break the door. He says yes, open the door, Nandini is sleeping. He asks why did she wear his clothes. She says I did not have my clothes, I did not plan and marry. He asks how dare she touch his clothes. She says she will wash and return. He says its ruined now, burn it. He says the thing sh touches gets ruined, so she will go out and see what else can she ruin. He stops her and recalls Nandini’s words.

Arjun tries lighting the candle while it rains. Radhika lights the candle and says sometimes darkness also needs light, you would have understood this if you were a good person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode ws ok plz more ardhika scenes

  2. Arjun what happened to u?
    u were abt to burn Rads and when nandini was burning her hand u were lie shocked…….
    as nandini says u r sometimes a fool…..
    well done rads!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nice episode

  3. Nice reply to everyone rads.

  4. Thank u all for wishing me on my birthday. What about sam today?

    1. ☆Twinkle05★

      No sam or neil scene only arjun radhu and nandini scenes

  5. Arjun..uff this guy has turned blind n lost his sanity coz of d stupid revenge…completely trapped in d emotional atyachar ka web so brilliantly weaved by his sister who keeps on giving d emo atyachar ka dose from time to time n dis fool keeps on switching gears between his intense and moderate revenge modes…aaj thoda zyaada hi suna diya Rads ko but neways u r going to fall for d so called behenji as we all know.

    I lykd Arjun n Nandini’s acting though…Radhika..i feel d cvs need to give her thoda kam heavy duty wale dialogues…she’s getting a bit preachy n annoying at times..especially the conscience wala scene..

  6. @ Sam or Neil in today’s episode.

  7. Kya dialogue chasni hats off in the precap u r the only one who can change arjun …nandhini plan is going to flop again …I am happy and chasni don’t bore us by wearing saree like in other serials after marriage change ur appreal and be u unique. ..

  8. Radhika wears Arjun’s cloth.Wow..that’s the best part of today’s episode.And as usual Arjun was getting very rude to Radhika.
    They burnt their bad…It was their first night…without any surprise theg ruin it.
    Well…..precap is quite good.let’s see hw they continue their Tom and Jerry fighting.

  9. Hmm good one rads …. Superb I loved it …. Fantastic ….. Go ahead ….
    Hey Nandini u really burn ur hand fully then only arjun will come more closer to rads …. Hahahaha arjun try ur level best …

  10. ☆Twinkle05★

    I like fire and water scene its gud and asusual radhika attitude is super arjun jiii u will turn postive very soon but i like u r angry face 😛

  11. Nice. ….

  12. Today’s episode was super. .just loved it

  13. That sentnc he says” u shud die b4 I get thinking to do anything with u” will surely b used much later episodes ..when he’ll be in deep love but she’ll b not around and will be in danger

  14. Radhika still call Arjun SIR 😛
    Pls give some more scenes of Radhika and Arjun
    Hope to see some romantic seen oof ARDHIKA (soon)

  15. Where is Sam n Neil I really like them

  16. At least now radhu realize thru her conscience that she sacrificed her dreams and her family to protect her frnd but we viewers want to radhu fullfill her dreams please cvs do something don’t foil her dreams let her fight for both her dreams and sam always fighting for sam is litte irritaoing nowdays

  17. nice episode……oh Arjun when will u stop being ur sister`s and realize what is right and wrong. Come on sooner or later you will have to listen to your heart. Chasni what an acting…SUPERB plz we want romantic ARADHIKA scenes!!!!!!!

  18. Nice episode. Good story. Superb acting by Arjun and Radha.

  19. wat is mean by behenji? can anyone tell me

  20. I have read on wikipedia that arjun have another sister named priya mehra. And i have noticed that arjun’s name is arjun mehra while nandini’s name is nandini pandey. But why so? Can you explain me on details?

    1. Natasha I too have the same doubt
      Might be they have changed the name of the character…but titles changed is confusing

  21. Nice episode i like the conversation between Arjun and Radhika

  22. awesome episode. ….l don’t understand that why nandani acts as her saas Also she is doing weird things or villain like act with radhu. ….one day Will be come when your crocodiles tear will never changes arjun positivity….hope soon arjun knows about nandanis truth n her evil face
    Apart from that radz u r really good job ….if u do right thing than nobody can stop you…..and cvs plzz give some importance to Neil he is also part of serial. …..
    luv u whole team of Manmarziyan……
    I really happy for serial on top 6 position hope soon will be come on 1st position. ..

  23. Can’t wait 4 arjun and radhika’s love

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