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The Episode starts with Radhika and Tejh taking lift from Arjun, without his approval. She says I don’t know the routes, what will you answer Sam if I m lost. She asks Tejh to come, as its yes if anyone is silent. Arjun says no. Tejh sits in the car an Arjun takes them. He sees Radhika in the mirror and says he is her boss, not a driver. Radhika shifts to the front seat and smiles. He asks where she has to go. She says to any cow. He says get out of my car. They tell her mum’s story and she asks where will we find cow in Mumbai. Radhika stops the car and buys ground nuts for Arjun, saying he likes it a lot. Arjun looks at her.

Radhika asks him does he have change. Arjun pays. She gets the keys and a ring falls. Arjun looks at her and takes it. Radhika says she will go now, and asks Arjun to

have ground nut. She says fine, don’t eat, I will have it. She says we will leave and Arjun locks the door. She tries to open it. He says you don’t know Mumbai routes and drives ahead. She says she will use internet. He says he is better than internet and takes them far. Tejh says we will get down here. Arjun says no, all meetings are cancelled, I will find cow today.

They find a cow and stop. Radhika had hidden the keys in the flour dough and gets tensed. Arjun says feed the cow. She asks him to go, she will feed. He says how can I go, even I have some duty towards the cow. He holds her hand and makes her feed the cow. Arjun says lets leave. Radhika asks him to go, she has to stay here. He asks why. She says Gobardhan puja. He asks what. She says cow dung cakes have to be made. She asks will he make it. He says ofcourse and leaves.

Tejh says Radhika has great excuse, now lets leave for Bonnie’s home. She says we have to stay here. He asks why. She says the key is in cow’s potty. He is shocked and looks at the cow. Sam talks to Neil and asks is his GF coming or not. She asks his GF’s name. He says Roshni Tailor seeing the name board behind and lies. He describes her. Sam turns and sees the board. He says I really don’t know, I was just lying, Arjun is rude, irritating, you can’t take me along always, you should learn to spend time without me. Sam says she is not ready to give her life for Arjun, her love life can’t complete without him, so chill. Manmarziyan………….plays…………

Tejh and Radhika come to Bonnie’s home. He says his hand is stinking buy the cow dung, he has to bath. She asks him to bear it for some time. They get inside the house. She sees Bonnie hugging some guy’s pic, and keeps it back. They try to find some clue. She gets Maybelline products and call Bonnie a thief. He asks what proof are we finding. They hear some sound and get stuck.

They hide. Bonnie comes home. Radhika and Tejh hide in the balcony. Tejh asks her to come fast and gets down the railing. Arjun comes there and asks Bonnie why did he call her here. Radhika hears his voice and waits to see. Arjun hugs Bonnie. Radhika waits to see the guy’s face and is shocked seeing Arjun.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No precap what!!!!

  2. no dear.. precap was radhika saying to samaira something like she and teji was waiting for a long time and arjun sir didnt come out of bonnies house..arjun looking out of balcony..and neil was also with samaira..

  3. Precap..
    tejh asks radhika to ge down fast while Arjun sees radhika hiding n he goes to balcony to search

    n rdhika tells Neil n Sam that Arjun is still upstairs in bonnies room

  4. thank you sanyu

  5. Lil impractical episode who will help any office member to feed cow n give lift. But too funny lolllzzzzzz

  6. Hello,friends.i m back

  7. Thank u amena …. Y no precap

    1. Thank u sona and sanya … For the precap … I think in today’s epi radhu and arjuns part was awesome …. They both r good together … 🙂
      Welcome back ireena

      1. cm to nauc devu

  8. Radhika has become a detective.but soon playing hide and seek,cop and police will fall in love.

  9. hey Ireena..welcome back…agreed with you..and yes devga the ardhika part was fun..radhika somehow found out that something is wrong with arjun

  10. Ya ireena it is sure to happen tht thief and cop fights will gradually b turned into cute fights …
    Chk this link frnds … 😉

  11. So folks chkd the link ??

  12. Wow today’s episode was awesome n too funny egerly waiting arjun n radhika to fall in love

  13. Anyone here sona ireena ?

  14. Hello,devga

  15. Helo ireena now wat is the time over Thr ??

    1. I mean in ur place ???

  16. please update nisha aur unke cousins & yeh rishta kya kehlata hai………………………….

  17. hey devga..

  18. Its 2.30 pm at maryland.why r u asking

  19. what doescthe new promo says,i dont understand

  20. very interesting.Rad keep troubling Arjun and Sam please Stop torturing Neil

  21. I just took some time to read evry epi from start of manmarziyan 1/2 an hr timepass and i want to read more eagerly waiting for today’s epi

  22. such a serial
    the fun part is karnan is here arjun

  23. i am waiting for love between arjun & rathika

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