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Manmarziyan 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam crying. Neil pacifies her. Neil tells Sam that he is her friend, her idiot and promises that these are her last tears, he will keep her happy all her life, and promises her. He wipes her tears and hugs her. Radhika sits upset. Manmarziyon pe kaise chale………….plays……………. She recalls her marriage with Arjun. Mala asks her to leave and go to her home. Radhika asks where is my home. Arjun says Radhika, your home is where I stay. He walks to them and touches Mala’s feet, calling her Maa. Mala blesses him.

He says I came to take my wife to my home, if you permit Maa. He says this relation started wrong way, it does not mean it ends wrong, it takes time to join relations, Radhika and I will try to make this relation strong, I know she is annoyed as I was

marrying someone else, I was wrong, she made me realize my mistake, come home, my sister will keep you as a golden bird. He asks Mala to bless Radhika and promises to keep her well. Radhika refuses to go with him. Arjun asks Mala to explain Radhika.

Radhika says she won’t go anywhere. Mala says she is not happy with relation made with lie and cheat, but this marriage is done, relation is made infront of the world, Radhika is his wife now, his house is her house now. She says Radhika took this step by thinking, she chose this life, its her aim to keep this relation now. Radhika says before stepping in new life, its right of a daughter to get mum’s blessings and holds Mala’s hand. Mala takes off her hand and goes to get their family pic. She gives it to Radhika. Radhika leaves with Arjun.

Radhika does not sit in the car. Arjun looks at her. She walks ahead on the road. Arjun follows her and asks where is she going. She says to die, will you come along. He says I have to, and tells about Savitri and Satyavaan. He stops the car and goes after her. He stops her and lifts her. She asks him to leave her. He says he did not marry her to leave her, her inlaws are waiting for her.

Arjun brings Radhika home. He lifts her and takes her inside. Nafraton me mili…………..plays………….. Nandini stops him and brings aarti plate. Arjun drops Radhika. Nandini smiles and welcomes Radhika. She says she has to do grah pravesh for the new bride. She does their aarti and tilak. She puts flower petals on Radhika’s face and brings a kalash. She signs Arjun. Arjun pushes Radhika and she hits the kalash. Nandini says you can’t do any work well, you spoil everything, spare our home please.

Nandini gets dark colored water tray. Radhika steps in it and gets hurt. She says Maa… Mala sees the diya blowing off near the Lord’s idol and worries. Nandini recalls putting glass pieces in that and asks what happened. Arjun asks the same. Radhika says nothing. Mala prays for Radhika’s safety. Radhika walks with her hurt feet. Nandini makes faces and smiles. Mala cries and asks Lord to support Radhika in her every step.

Radhika goes inside. Nandini asks Arjun to come. She smiles and thinks she will make Radhika’s life hell, she came by her wish and will leave by hernwish.

Radhika asks Nandini why are they trying hard to make her lie truth. Radhika says she will not go anywhere till she gets answers. Nandini and Arjun can’t harm her. Nandini raises hand to slap her, and Radhika holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. superbbbb episode.cute arjun..beatiful radhika….
    love u aradhika..but just am worried for arjun,he has to (try to) hurt someone he loves, how could he bear it….oh, my poor arjun..

  2. Thank u happy, dais, raashi, radhika and all for wishing me on my birthday and this really made my birthday special.

  3. This can’t be true. It’s really unfair to make a show going off air just because of not getting popularity. This will be a discourage for those who try to do something different and unique everytime

  4. i just loved to see arjun and radhika scence. arjun car chasing scence was too good. aham and monica doing fablous job.

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