Manmarziyan 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam asking Neil does he wish to keep her all his life. She goes with Arjun. Neil smiles. Prerna looks on. Neil clicks her pics. Teri meri dosti………….plays…………. Prerna gets teary eyed seeing Neil hiding his pain by his smile. Saral asks Radhika to get another drink for him. She says its enough. He insists and asks her not to disappear, he is waiting here. Radhika stops seeing Arjun. Arjun sees her getting wine and looks at Saral. Dastaan……….plays………… Sam poses for pics with Arjun. Neil clicks their pics and smiles seeing Sam. Radhika gives the drink to Saral.

Saral says we will take pics too and is drunk. He holds Radhika and takes selfies. Arjun looks at them. Radhika says keep the glass on side. Saral says how will my friends know I drink scotch

with high society people. Arjun turns to see Radhika. Saral clicks pics and checks. He says she looks good in saree, he will take her solo pic and makes her stand. It starts raining. Arjun and Neil get under the shade and Sam dances in the rain. She asks Arjun to come, does he have courage to come. Arjun says he will ignite fire in the rain, and gets his wallet and phone out. She smiles and asks Neil to come. Neil says how will I capture you if I come along. Sam takes Arjun and dances with him.

Neil looks on. Ansuon me bighaati…………..plays………….. Neil gets sad and holds Arjun’s wallet. He gives it to Radhika and says he has to leave, he is feeling sleepy. Saral asks Radhika to come with him and dance in the rain. She refuses. Saral asks why does she always ask him to leave her and pushes her down. Arjun’s wallet falls down and all the things out on the floor. Saral leaves angrily. Arjun looks at Radhika. Radhika gets his wallet belongings. Sam asks Radhika to come. Radhika refuses. She gets Arjun and Nandini’s pic. She turns it over and is shocked.

She recalls Nandini and his lies. Arjun goes to Radhika and she shows him the pic. Arjun holds her and asks how dare you. He moves her away from Sam’s sight. She asks about his pic with Nandini, why did he lie to her, she asked him and he denied of knowing Nandini. He takes the pic and wallet. He says stay away from me. She says I will not go away from you till you are in Sam’s life, Sam is my friend, and friend’s relation is of heart, you can’t lie to Sam.

Sam comes to them and asks what happened Arjun. He says its late. Sam asks Radhika is she fine. Radhika says Arjun is hiding something from her. She says I told him he can’t lie to her, and asks him to show his wallet. Sam asks what is he hiding. Radhika says Arjun is not alone, he has a family. Sam gets stunned and asks what, family? No this can’t be, he is grown up in orphanage, he said he is lonely. Radhika asks Sam to see herself. Sam takes his wallet.

Sam checks it and asks is this your family. Radhika says I knew this since hospital, and did not wish to tell you without any proof. Sam asks who is this Arjun. Arjun says my everything. Sam happily cries and says I love you Arjun. Radhika gets shocked. Sam hugs Arjun. Arjun looks at Radhika. Sam says is Radhika my friend or Arjun’s, why did he hide this. Radhika takes the wallet and sees Sam’s pic in it. She gets stunned. Arjun takes his wallet and asks Radhika is she happy now to tell his lie to Sam, is there any more truth left to say, say it now. He says Radhika has seen this pic in hospital and wanted to tell you, see I have everything, and I have no one to help me in tomorrow’s function, except this pic one. He says if their truth and dare is over, then shall we? Sam says yes and goes with him. Radhika turnsand sees the pic wall of Sam’s pics. She recalls Arjun taking Sam’s pic from there and keep it in the wallet.

Neil says he will leave Mumbai once Sam gets married and cries keeping their pic frames in a box. Prerna cries seeing Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Watched and saral how dare u throwed ur fiance down cheapo and news is nandini wil be paired with saral ha not gud

    1. Both the cheapstars will get paired up to separate our Ardhika.. I hate them!!!

  2. Sam I really feel sad for U because U can’t see TRUE love in Neil eyes or see fake love in Arjun eyes….

  3. Nyc epi. But feeling sad for neil :'(

  4. I am in my nerves with goose bumps on my hands seeing Neil in today’s episode … 🙁 aasuon mein bigathi … 🙁

  5. precap-oooh neil….sooo sad…..irritating saral as usual ……

  6. They r draggin t yaar..come on plz b fast in revealin truth to sam….i wish to see sam n neil as pair..

    1. Not tht dragging…. Its just few weeks aftr it started so if soooo soon they reveal the truth then v can’t enjoy more ….. Its actually going good ….
      Sorry to say it but the meaning of dragging u will come to knw from the serials like yrkkh , sns , dabh , kkb , etc etc etc
      Sory if I was rude ….

      1. Yes devga very true….I agree with you

      2. I get u….ts nt borin as sns yrkh dabh….ts a youthful series so i thought atleast they add more energy to show by increasin its pace….n ts nt rude n al yaar devga….ts ur view n dat was mine…every1 s free to express their views

  7. It’s really waste thing for sam to know the truth because she have not seen TRUE love in Neil,and stupid Arjun you have to do something to saral in order to save ur lover.

  8. Gud epi 🙂

  9. Interesting episode.

  10. Jaldi na karna yaaran ishq ki rahon pe thum
    Aaaasuoon mein bigathi ….
    But frankly speaking while seeing neil’s broken face with these two songs. … My eyes r filled with tears and I get goose bumps … ???

    1. Me too… shravan is actin really well!!

  11. this serial is definitely so stupid yar..i really dont know what cvs are doing..i think it is better for me to stop seeing this show and switch to other one…if this rate it goes on the day is not very far for the serial to have its last day very soon as already the trps are low even this week.

    1. Hey actually wat is the reason for ur hated ness towards manmarziyan ???

    2. wat made u think so??

  12. Salma♥♥♥??

    Any nice youth shows

  13. Have patience sona mohan. The pain in Neil eye cing sam with arjun and the pain in arjuns eye cing rads with saral so touching. Its just awesome show. Be more rude saral plzzz to ignite the fire in arjuns heart. Hurt sam more arjun to make Neil realise and come and fight for her.lov ardhika n mmz

    1. Agree with u …. Neil should come and fight for Sam and arjun should come and fight for chasni (the sweetness he didn’t like in his life coz of some evil devil) …..

    2. my patience level is gone yar…such dragging episodes for the past one week..non of the serials willl not do such dragging.

      1. Ooh my u r saying this is dragging actually the word drag doesn’t suite manmarziyan …
        This is dragging for u then wat if u would have watched sns yrkkh and kkb …… As kkb I watched I am saying u will not believe may b … Kumkum bhagya of zee channel telecasted one kidnapping drama the protagonists for more than a month ….. Yuck …. 😛

        And c yar manmarziyan is really awesome

  14. I lv ths serial its getting interested day by day

  15. Hey guys want to know the reason for low trp…… its not bcoz of the story but bcoz of timing…… its telecast is at 10.30 …… how can they expect huge viewers with that time…….and now there is only one retelecast that too at 8.00 am when we either go to class or to work……. so sad and unfair……..

    1. It is really very unfair but only star plus’s manmarzi will work yar …. But feeling bad as such a good show is lacking trp because of its timing … 🙁

      1. If the frequency of the repeat telecast is increased then may b the trp will get stable

      2. hey..devga..really only the timimgs maybe one of the reason…if the story goes like this thais show is gone..last week every serial got its trp raised except this one and cvs this week giving totally stupid episodes…today sam was ridiculous and neil is pathetic…and radhika cant get any proof of nandini and this arjun cant bare him in the screen for a minute in these days and above all saral what can i say about this character?

      3. Hey sona…. these characters can be related to real life people…. i myself know people like them… like neil who is hurt bcoz he didnt get back love and who cant leave sam as she is his bstfrnd……… like sam who is so blind in love with the wrong person that it will be too late to not get hurt when she knows the truth………

    2. Pls repeat episode again 5pm.4:30pm

  16. Thank u Mitty….

  17. This really is the best serial i hav seen after ipkknd and eht….in fact i hav stopped watching all others bcoz they jst dont compare with the freshness of mnmrzyn….

    1. Agreed with u …. Truly said …

    2. Ya ur ri8

    3. 100% true

  18. After EHT this the show which made me crazy ….. Enough …..
    Hope the sp change the slot … They better exchange the batameez dhil and manmarziyan slots …. But as I said only SP’s manmarzi will happen … 🙁

    1. Yeah eht made me crazy fan toooo….. 🙂 and now i jst wait for 10.30 eagerly…

      1. First and all wer evr I am or wat evr I am doing. … Even before exmz …. I dono how but sharp at 8 the remote would b on my hand … Sometimes after the remote in my hands I used to realise tht it is time for EHT … I am still a mad fan of EHT …:)

      2. Ya devga…. i find myself thinking about mnmrzyn at class times when lecture is going on and it was like this for ipkknd and eht….

  19. And today neil’s part was heart touching…. how can’t someone see love that clear in his eyes…. let alone his bestfriend…. i too hav a bstfriend like neil and neil reminds me of him so much……….. sam jst look into his eyes for once …….. please!!!!

  20. Itz better they remove boring serials like sns and yrkkh and replace it with manmarziyan…
    Sry sns nd yrkkh lovers if I m rude

    1. why the chanel will remove yar even after running for long years they are producing good trps for the channel..

      1. They r showing such trp’s coz they really hav 4-5 times re telecast is the prime slots ….

  21. actually 3 new shows are going to be launched by SP and better cvs pick up with the trps and the story by not dragging the episodes..otherwisw the channel is definitely going to pull the plug…acc to wikipedia source this show is not going to run for along time.

  22. And i also like that radhika hav not fallen for arjun so far….. she is jst doing this for sam bcoz she is a good friend and character that has a value…….

    1. Ya they should not spoil the image or the way they show cased radhika’s character …. Its really positive and good …

  23. Bye good night all….

  24. It would be ridiculous if thry stop mmz already they have eaten uo our EHT now they wan mmz then hate u star plus. Agree devgha kkb so horrible I juz read its spoiler but frm years rachna is pregnant. Bulbuls marriage rituals are onn and that tanu n aliya are on earth. Now really sns or yrkkh should happily end giving its time slot to mmz. Dabh also stupid story for few days wife will go toh kya all men will marry other women n veds stupid demands actually yhm also better then leap gives its time slot to mmz.

    1. I agree with u nish in both sns and yrkkh only v cn see leap aftr leap bt no story…..thn too they vl gt good trp bt manmarziyan with good story nd good actors is nt getting good trp…its only bcoz of timings

  25. Nw a days it’s like star plus serials means jst taking a leap nd boring storyline. …

  26. I don’t want to see arjun and sam together for a minute also….. I just didn’t like the way sam hugged arjun and dance etc etc…arjun should lost himself in thoughts of radhika… Change the timings..It’s a humble request from mmz fans…

  27. Will starplus & cvs see our comments here?Where we have to complain to starplus about timings?If they wouldn’t change timings,it is a huge loss to them also…Haven’t they seen this show? It’s such a nice show.. everybody will like it..Iam sure even most of the people don’t know about this show bcoz of timings…

    1. [email protected] nakshatra send u r message about the timings to the following I’d. ..I did nd got reply….plz guys everybody in this forum plz do it….If they get loads of mail they vill consider our request

      1. Thank u mitty…

  28. this show is amaaaaaazing…….
    but feeling sorry 4 neil 🙁 sam make it fast u r losing a true friend and love
    saral is doing a gud work.u know what, u r irritating but Arjun fumes when he sees u and I enjoy it.
    Ardhika is the best……….

  29. Ardhika!!!!!! 3 cheers to this pair.
    sam and neil is also gud
    today it was touching 2 c neil hurt
    mmrzyn rocksssss……….

  30. Nyc epi but aaj b sam neil ke aakon me pyar nahin dek payi par neil was so hurt lyk hiz hert juz broke in2 pices pls sam stop hugging dat rjun n c neil eyes u’ll c lov but u kn’t anywaz waitin 4 nxt epi

  31. hey writters change the track…….pitty neil,cunning arjun,innocent radika

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