Manmarziyan 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun saying he will make Radhika’s life hell and asks her to stop marriage. He says he will hurt her and make her cry, and vows to have hatred for her. Nafraton me mili tu mujhe is tarah………..plays……….. The pandit asks Radhika to come ahead for the rounds. Arjun asks Radhika not to ruin her life for someone else. She asks whats life if she can’t live for others, and asks him to tell the truth rather than ruining his life in hatred. She walks ahead.

She says she won’t let him harm Sam ever. They take the rounds. Sam cries seeing them. She says she will not let Arjun and Nandini’s shadow reach Sam, even if she bears humiliation. Arjun says this is seventh round, and asks her to think again, can she bear his hatred all her life. She says she can’t bear

the pain of Sam’s tears and walks ahead. She vows to keep her friendship to Sam all her life. Arjun asks Radhika to fulfill the marriage and take another step towards her life ruining. They complete the rounds. Dastaan………….plays……… Nandini signs no to Arjun.

The pandit asks Arjun to fill sindoor in Radhika’s maang. Arjun fills her maang. The pandit asks him to make her wear mangalsutra. Arjun puts mangalsutra unwillingly. Radhika cries. The pandit says wedding is completed. Arjun gets up and says congrats for the marriage Radhika. Sam says Arjun.. Neil asks her to come. Sam says my friend and my love, my trust are here, its happy day that my friend married my fiancé, I should congratulate them. She congratulates Radhika and Arjun.

She thanks Radhika for saving her, she was going to marry a man who did not love her. She says thanks for showing that love and friendship do not exist, I hope you both stay happy with each other. She says congrats for the marriage. Arjun says I just love you Sam, this marriage is a lie. Sam asks him to shut up, whats cheat? This marriage, sindoor, mangalsutra? Its all true, your love was a cheat, your happiness will remind you of my tears, your love will remind you of the cheat done with me. Sam and everyone leave.

Arjun throws the ghatbandhan cloth in havan kund. ?He asks Radhika to know that he hates them, till they get divorce, the hatred will increase. She says even I hate you, I did this to save Sam, this will not end till save from you and Nandini completely.

Nandini throws things in anger recalling Radhika marrying Arjun. She screams and cries. Arjun comes to Nandini. Radhika tells Mala that she did acting to save Sam. Arjun says its all an acting, I did not know Radhika will go to this extent. Radhika says I felt Arjun will backout, and I did not backout to stop him. Nandini says Radhika saved Sam’s life, she broke my hatred nest, I won’t leave this bird, as she has come in our cage by her wish.

Radhika says everyone hates her, she is not having inlaws even when she has sindoor, she does not have her husband’s support, she can’t go anywhere, she will move off Arjun’s way and give him divorce, when he leaves Sam. Mala slaps her and asks her not to use this word, as she has taken seven rounds and vows, marriage is not a joke. Nandini says I won’t let this relation break. Mala asks Radhika to keep this marriage. Nandini says he has to keep relation and show everyone that Radhika trapped him. Mala says Dilip will die if she breaks marriage. Nandini says we have to prove Radhika’s truth a lie, and show Sam and her family how she trapped you, Sam will come to you if you do this. Mala asks Radhika to stay with her destination, her husband Arjun. Nandini says your destination is just Radhika, your wife. Dastaan…………plays…………

Arjun asks Radhika to come with him, and lifts her, saying her inlaws are waiting for her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tiyu

    OMG … They finally got married ?
    For the first time Nandini said correct Arjun’s future is Radhika , he has to concentrate only on her…
    Eager to see post marriage scenes

  2. ☆Twinkle05★

    Super fast ubdate tnk u so much AMENA 🙂
    Arjun ji u r married now how can u say sam i am only luv u hahaha dont do this 😉
    Radhika u r mom said right abt your marriage 🙂
    hey i want watch saral reaction : P
    Writers plz give some importance to neil plzzzzzzzzz

  3. sugan

    smtyms radz sacrifice makes sense n smtyms it feels foolish bt storyline is getting interesting waiting fr next epi

  4. happy

    Wow…super…nandhini crying scene….first time i am seeing her in this state…super….arjun and rad super pair….sam didnt understand anything…bt her speech today good after long time….marriage completed…then love ll start through hatred….hereafter each and every scene of ardhika will be the best…for example…today precap…amazing…arjun dress and look r good…super…and last 6 mins scenes super…nandhini one sentence…”your destination is radhika”…wow…again her worst plan….i cant tolarete her….in her plan she ll again trap…anyways ardhika love story started….

  5. Ira afroz

    Congratulations to Newly wed couple Mr. And Mrs Arjun Mehra.
    Wow…I just love the precap.
    Arjun left his Angry Wife in his harms.Awwwwwwww……
    Guys i m too excited for upcoming episode.

  6. Manu

    Well deserved slap radhika.. i know everyone is happy for tis marg.. even i would have felt happy if it was held by some other way not by this way.. they both played wit tis relationship.. only thing going through my mind as per the spoiler if sam turns negative wat will happen to neil??. He deserves some good role.. such an amazing actor. Cv’s are wasting him. One ay hatred will turn into love between ardhika.. bt wat about neil???

  7. happy

    Guys tell me one thing…marriage completed…hereafter how radhika ll call arjun…again sir…it wont be good…one doubt…

  8. The way the marriage took place was not nice i,t was a unique marriage and sams reactions towards arjun and radhikas marriage was horrible afterall radu did all this for her and her curse that in their happy life they will remind sam tears was not nice at all…and nandhini proking arjun to accept his wife and marriage was the only good thing she did from beginning and I don’t want to see radhika s crying scenes in upcoming epsake her brave character as before and strength to defend nan and arjun and bring arjun in the right path.i don’t want to talk about sam if she realize r not its too late but neil I pity u t o have sam but what to do u love her.we will how much does sam change by neil and arjun by radhu…

  9. raashi

    Liked the shaadi wala scene but where did Radhika’s mangalsutra n nose pe sprinkled sindoor disappear to when Sam n Neil walked up to dem. Got to admit Arjun’s nerves..itna hone k baad bhi he’s trying to convince Sam..lucky him that he didn’t get slapped by her..

    N i was so not prepared for Nandini’s banshee act..i had my tv volume at its usual..bechare my dad was sleeping n he awoke with an yelp at her shrieking..n den i got d next dose for watching tv so late:-(

  10. sugan

    did arjun do this drama of nt backng out deliberately to get married to radz???
    just a thought haha

  11. Annie

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. . Todays episode was also good.. loved that scene when nandini said that she will destroy rads and arjun turned tensed..
    Neil should thnk rads … as way cleared. . Cv please give importance to neils charecter now.. just cant tolerate his devdas look…

  12. Abi

    Initially i got angry….abt watever happened……b/w sam nd ardhika….but…….

    After watching precap ……i don’t…know….wat happens to me ….single ardhika scene i fall….for that….awesome…….waiting for subsequent epi……

    Pls don’t drag serial… reveal d truth to sam……

    Happy……i hope u enjoyed a lot….i m very happy……can’t sleep………now trp ll increase automatically……..

    But pls

    • happy

      abi…in last line…whom u mentioned….i didnt understand….sry….bt today precap of ardhika super…

  13. happy

    Cvs….pls dont turn sam into negative character….instead make her to realize neil’s love….give some importance to nandhini’s worst plan Which ardhika closure….and last thing…we want again brave rad…dont do rad crying scenes….want perfect pair Of ardhika….

  14. anu

    star plus is giving repeat telecast of this show at odd timings… i think its morning 8am.. it will be good if u increase the repeat episodes to few times… repeat is only being telecasted 1time in a day… give another time slot for the repeat… expecting it to be atleast 2-3 tyms per day…

  15. Rads

    D epi was mindblowing…..dat too precap was juz awesome….n arjun’s worried look wen nandhini tells she ll ruin rads lyf shows his luv fr radika…..waitin fr more aradika scenes.. N plz cvs do give importance to Neil character…he s such an amazin actor

  16. Neev

    Guys amazing episode. I must say u actors did a great job….it was stependous fantabulously fantastical….Hats off!!!!!

  17. Lucky

    In precap he is smiling when he lift radhika… so cute. Love you arjun and radhika. Waiting for the romance between arjun and radhika. Guys pls give some more importance to Neil and don’t turn Sam in to a negative caracter.

  18. Awesome epii BT plss repeat timings must b more so we can also saw that
    Repeat episssssss plssss repeat the epi for 2- 3 tyms in a day

  19. Manny

    M sooo hpy n excitd ds week manmarziyan made its place at top 10 trp list by acquiring the 7th position jus hope it increases n makes its place on top 3

  20. Sia

    one would be surprised to see the requests on complaint board for starplus to air this show more often…so far no response…is starplus sleeping or doesnt bother?????? ;(

  21. Sia

    This episode highlighted the values that a proper family teaches (like Mala) and how the same values are twisted in a dangerous way by people who have no constructive goals in their lives(like nandini) …nandini is too smart–she does not want any mistake to shown on their part but still planning to destroy Radhika now.. i think both Arjun and Radhika will fulfil their vows but with falsehood in their hearts… and sam is not negative, she is a bitter woman like people who face failure with “why me” type of thinking…she doesn’t think of anything but herself, but poor Sam!! Good going MMZ…

  22. deepthiram

    i like arjun and radhika couple.they are on screen cute couples and also i like marriage track very very eager to waiting for todays episode arjun and radhika keep rocks

  23. shakya

    Wowwwww!! This is getting so interesting. 😀 I’m so happy that cant stop smiling while reading this recaps. I’m sure eventually Arjun will love radhika 😀

  24. rari

    its really intresting episode.Waiting curiously to see the next episode.ardhika pair will surely love each other after their marriage.nandini must be killed.

  25. Dimple

    When Ardhika will accept their love ?….. its going great ,,, but dont turn this drama into a negative dram like others….

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