Manmarziyan 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dilip asking Radhika whats all this. Radhika says its not like they are thinking, she just wants to stop Sam and Arjun’s marriage. Sam says its good way Radhika. She asks Arjun what is he doing here with Radhika. Dilip says he has come here on Radhika’s trust and asks her to say why she wants to stop this marriage, her family is with her. Arjun gets tensed. Radhika stares at Nandini. She sees the diary burnt. Nandini sees the diary burnt and gets shocked.

She asks Radhika to not be afraid of the result of truth, if she is going to say it. Radhika recalls the truth. Nandini holds her and says result is truth is always dangerous, friendship, family and everything ends by it, just think and say the truth. Radhika moves her hand and says the truth is Arjun and Nandini

has come here to take result. Sam asks but why, what did I do to Arjun, why will he take revenge from me.

Radhika says not with you Sam, from your dad, Samrat Sir. Sam cries and looks at Samrat. Radhika says Samrat and Nandini had a relation. But he broke this relation to save his family, and then was not accepted by Nandini, so she has used Arjun Sir to ruin your life and family Sam.

Arjun to marry Radhika; Fractious feelings to dwell in Manmarzian

Sam asks Samrat to swear on her and say its all lie. Samrat removes his hand. He says he did a mistake, and asks Sam and Piyali to understand. Nandini says it was not a mistake, it was true love Samrat, you promised to marry me and leave your family. She says I have seen my future in the ring which Sam is wearing now, by your saying. She says you broke all of your promises and my heart.

Sam says you snatched everything from me today Radhika, my love, my family, my dad…… She runs from there. Radhika runs after her. Sam takes a revolver and aims at her forehead. Radhika gets shocked as Sam’s shoots herself. Its all turns to be Radhika’s imagination. Nandini shakes her asking what does she want to say. Sam asks Radhika to say.

Radhika thinks everything will shatter if she tells the truth, now she has to take support of lies. She tells Sam that Arjun does not love her, as he loves me. They all get shocked. She says this is truth, Arjun can’t marry you, we both love each other. Sam says what nonsense Radhika. Radhika says this is the truth. Arjun looks on shocked. Rdhika says we have this relation since long time. Arjun says she is lying Sam, I love you. Radhika says if he loves you, ask him what is he doing here in this room with me alone.

Nandini says Radhika is lying, its her plan, trust me Sam, Arjun loves you. Radhika asks Sam to ask Arjun why he broke her and Saral’s marriage, and why is his name written on her hand, what was he doing with me alone in Lonavla. She says she blindly trusted him and loved him, she wanted to be away from him and said yes to marry Saral, but he stopped me. Sam recalls Arjun and Saral’s fight.

Radhika says Sam told me that I m after Arjun, you were wrong, Arjun did not let me go, is this not love, I was ready to leave this relation for my friendship, but he did not let me. Nandini says she lies a lot. She asks Dilip to take Radhika and leave. Dilip asks Radhika is this true. Radhika says Saral said right. Arjun and I have a relation. Mala asks Radhika to say its all a lie, her upbringing can’t be wrong, her dad’s trust can’t be wrong, did she come Mumbai for this, she made her dad’s head bow down, she can’t cheat them like this, just say truth for family.

Radhika says Arjun and I love each other. Mala slaps her and says her mum died, she trusted Radhika and Radhika proved her wrong today. Mala cries. Arjun tells Sam that its all a lie. Sam asks whats the truth, why are you always with Radhika, even today, why were you with her in this state, tell me the truth. Arjun says he was saving her from fire.

Radhika asks which fire, this candles fire? Tell the truth to Sam. Arjun says he is saving her respect. She asks with whom? She asks why is he doing this with her, she loved him and broke his relation, why is he punishing her, you told me that you won’t marry Sam, you sent me to Sam to tell her about Bonnie, I knew you and Bonnie did not had anything, why did you send me to Sam to lie?

Sam recalls Bonnie’s words. Radhika says today I accepted my love infront of everyone, you also hold my hand. She says if you don’t love Sam, why are you trapping her in marriage, whats in this marriage? If you don’t want to marry me, fine, but don’t let Sam’s life get ruined, please leave her. Nandini gets miffed.

Radhika says Sam, even if Arjun does not accept my love, you know me, you will trust your eyes right, why will I do this by putting my respect at stake, if Arjun does not love me, what will I get doing this huge drama, if we don’t have true love, Arjun will leave me too after this marriage breaking, do I look fool to you, trust me, we love each other and want to marry. Arjun says its lie Sam. Radhika says this is truth, trust me Sam. Sam cries and asks is she not ashamed to use this word ‘trust’, she has trusted both of them, and they have…. She hates both of them. Everyone leave. Nandini looks at Radhika. Arjun looks on angrily, as Radhika cries.

Arjun drags Radhika to the mandap. She asks him to leave her. Arjun asks Radhika to marry him, as she said she loves him. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy

    Super…super…super…super episode….today only nadhini face good…i am very happy to see her today….arjun not good…rad super…super…bt her life turn hell…oh god…mala slap also good….sam never believe no one…tmr ardhika marriage…waiting for tmr episode…after long time so much excitement…nervesness….super….super….

  2. What an episode….. If anyone gets a friend like radhika they do not need anyone… Now ardhika will marry ?love this show soo much

    • viji

      Wow superb episode. Love it. I think radhu proved she’s right. Not nadhini. Then arujn will love more then now. But sam ——, ?

  3. Sindhu

    Whoa!! Wat an episode !! Epic !!! Dieing to c tmros episode.. Thanks for such a quick update too.. And yes !!! Arjun! Beta thu tho luck by chanc Walon me se nikle.. M glad d story had an amazing twist today !! A big big surpris indeed???

  4. mitty

    Just brilliant. …hats off to radhika nd the script writers. …excellent awesome super m nt getting enough word’s to express my happiness. ..cant wait for tomorrow. …now onwards the real love hate romance starts. …ardhika keep going

  5. ☆Twinkle05★

    Wat a super episode tottally luv it wowww♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Radhu sonnathu ellame true arjun did this all for radhu hahaha nandini ji u r every plan is helping to radhu 😀 and u r face looking gud 😛
    Writers plz give importance to neil give some stroy to him i miss him ♥♡

  6. happy

    Oh god…wat a friend she is….super rad…nandhini plans all r today only good to hear….her face wow….i am smiling for the past 45 mins….nw also smiling…sleep cant come today night….all r k…bt after marriage rad will a ball in arjun & nandhini’s hand….its so bad to think that…bt nw i am enjoying this moment ly….

  7. Ira afroz

    Wow…Such a thrilling precap.
    Best precap of Manmerziayan.
    Finally Arjun and Rads r married couple.
    So many Love moments and romancing moments r coming.
    Desperately waiting….But feeling bad for Sam and Rads friendship.It’s totally ruin.

  8. happy

    Rocking show…bt why people saying this ll go air….star plus dnt pressure others….we r loving this show….u pushed nauc…after some days….it had no story…they didnt know what to do….pls pls…dont push this Show also….its going nice ly….

  9. Nakshatra

    Woww….excellent..stunning episode ever…eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…..ardhika should marry….

  10. abi

    cant believe…..i luv it……..keep rocking …
    and pls dont turn sam into a bad women like nandhu……
    pls…pls.. use neil to help nd understand radhu……..pls
    but in di showw sam nd arjun only in apathetic conditin…….both of them fooled by others………….but pls dont draggggg to reveal d truth plssss…..

  11. kayathri

    what a episode……..very nice ………..finally radhika will marry arjun……… arjun was cute in todays episode…..

  12. Billionaire

    Hahahaha….. Now arjun is gonna ruin radhika’s life instead of sam…
    This is really high voltage drama… But maja aara hai… Kal ka n aaj ka plot dekh ke
    Tomorrow is gonna be more n more fun..
    If we fast forward the clips , it will seem as a comedy film…
    Love the plot writers different far away thinking…its going more good than expected!! :);):D

  13. Hamsi

    Wow wow fantastic, no wrds, speechles… Radhu u r jst vry briliant!! The way u set up ua own story ws fabulous!! Nd nandini ka mukh dekhne layak tha!! Hahahaha!! Nd d coincidence s tat jis kua ko nadini ne khola tha usi kue par vah gir padi!! Al the ncidnts whch nandini pland to mak sam disblv hs cum nto radhus advntge!!

  14. raashi

    Finally after days i was kinda enjoying one episode…it was fun to see both Arjun n Rads trying to outsmart the other one n their plans backfiring on themselves:-P

    Rads claiming Arjun loves her so that Sam breaks the marriage n then ofcourse she believes Arjun won’t marry her(Rads) but then she underestimated Mr Smart he’ll try one last time to convince Sam that there’s mothing between him n Rads by asking her to marry him if she claims herself to b in love ofcourse confident that she won’t but then our Mr Smart Pantd is wrong;-) if our Miss Goody two shoes can sacrifice her modesty for her friend den definitely she will take the marriage challenge head on..

    I suggest the cvs take an off n try n figure some good tracks..i’m asauming they initially wanted to inc their trps n hence tweaked the story a bit trying to please the trp audience..needless to say they failed miserably n themselves got lost in d hopeless revenge track..they just kept on going from bad to worse n now have successfully entered the cliched n predictable storyline zone:-[

    but i still want to keep my fingers crossed in the hope that they can redeem themselves n want to give this show another shot bcoz of Aham n hoping to see some good Ardhika scenes n story henceforth n also some progress with the Nesam track as well..

  15. Radhika u r too smart and clever and u handled the situation very well..hats off for this.nandini ab tum dekhoge arjun sadhi ki bad radhika ne tumse jaise handle kartha hai .arjun got stunned 2 times when radhu said she loves him and other u will see tomorrow by accepting to marry but he didn’t expect this frm radhu .sam waste u became fool today also accepting rad words .radhu after she should be bold as before and cvs don’t make crying scenes of radhu after this it will be toutine as other serials try to make rasu much smarter and arjun weaker matlab fall for her….rudhu u r the prince of the eps today aisehe dosti nibana ,sam ko chod she is foolish once u have accepted one has ur true frnd u should hold keep up that….waiting for tomorrow’s eps

  16. charu

    Very good…unexpected twist..waiting to see radhika and arjuns new relationship.. keep watching manmarziyan…

  17. Hamsi

    We cant predict wats gonna hpn nxt n shw… So many unexpctd twists alng wid tat mirch masala..

  18. happy

    I saw sbs…nandhini crying by fail of her revenge….arjun comes to her…nxt ly marriage scene….

  19. Aru

    Wat to say…i’m hapy as sams marriage broke up and as arjun ll marry radhu:):)…..but badly sad for radu and sams broken friendship:(:(:(

  20. Ardhika's fan

    what an amazing episode?? can’t stop smiling….what a performance by everyone hats off to them??
    yayyyy finally marriage of radhika and arjun already waiting for tomo
    rrows episode ohh god????

  21. Sia

    That was wow, wow, wow… Radhika what an act!!!…no wonder u are the protagonist and not Sam…wow!!! somehow it didnt even look like she was doing the scapegoat act…she can definitely look after herself…Arjun doesnt know what he has on his hands now…he he he he

  22. Ireena

    I know guys u may nt like my opinion. But I didn’t like d track. Feeling sorry 4 sam.rad why didn’t u tell d truth. I would have liked it then. ?????

    • Manu

      Even me too ireena :-(.. but i’m not feeling for sam.. i feel bad tat radhika and arjun marry each other in a very awkward situation..

  23. Jothy

    Wow radu well done every serial heroin s very dumb. But she s owsm. I think every weeks has bn moving fast nice twists eagerly waiting fr rad &arjun marriage

  24. Sona

    Really every one should be like u radhika
    You did not care for ur reputation and saved ur friend ship , at the cost of ur character…l have one request for my reader frnds not to see the serial for love story but to realise too what steps

  25. Sona

    Really every one should be like u radhika
    You did not care for ur reputation and saved ur friend ship , at the cost of ur character…l have one request for my reader frnds not to see the serial for love story but to realise too what steps they should take to improve their relations in every sphere of life.truth is that which is said tactfully at real time *

  26. Billionaire

    May be Nandini will break the truth of Samrat to get his family away from him..
    And seeing this Sam realise what Radhu was hiding and stop arjun and radhu’s marriage…
    Ab to serial ki trp aasman chune vali hai….
    Sam and radhu ki dosti itni aasani se khtam ni hogi kyunki serial hi dosti par hai….they shuld highlight friendship more.

  27. Ireena

    I want sam-rad reunion at any cost ?????plz cvs make it immediately. Otherwise I won’t watch it???

  28. ab arjun radz ko pain dega….bt us pain ko khud b feel krega…..radzz k aasu …arjun ko badal denge ….n tb hogi pyr ki shuruwaat……..NAFRATON ME MILI TU MJHE ISS TARAH DIL YE SAMBHAL NA SKA. …wow !!!!

  29. Ira afroz

    Yeah Sia@@@
    u are right.Arjun is now on fire.He is not thinking straight.But it’ll be good to see after getting married to Radhu how he react???
    Radhika is going to face huge trouble ….
    1)Sam broke her friendship with her.
    2)Radhika’s parents doesn’t trust her.
    3)of course!she is fire from Birdsong.
    4)And yeah Arjun will take revenge from her
    5)Nandini will create another evil plan to ruin Radhika.

    But If we all those part keep one side,and just enjoy Radhika’s and Arjun upcoming Husband and wife wala fighting will be more interesting.

  30. raashi

    Ohh i missed adding one other thing to my novel of a post so here it goes: cvs plz give us Sam n Rads friendship back…don’t turn Sam into a vamp n for heaven’s sake plz cheer Neil up n den have him cheer Sam up.

  31. Sia

    one angle everyone is missing is rads has made Arjun’s life easier…look, he was having second thoughts about the wedding and now rads has come up with all that khichdi…what better way to get out of that situation he didnt want??…and he is in love with rads anyways so no better opportunity to marry the girl he loves na yaar…something is definitely cooking up in this show….but nandini wont let things be easy…but then hats off to radhika…she is a marvelous friend…her sacrifice does not even look out of track somehow if u know what i mean…she acted out of impulse and just got into it…way to go guyz to help friends….happy friendship day in advance!!

  32. Sia

    i think Radhika as a character has made a name for herself…like ishita or akshara or sandhya…has gotten a grip on it all! just hope the trps hold although i think if they have another slot in the afternoon, most will have a chance to see the show, right now the timings are extreme night and extreme morning…

  33. anya

    I like todays episode very much. Arujun reminds me of Arnav from ispkknd. He’s so intense n manly n Radhika is more beautiful than Sam n suits arjun better.waiting for tomorrows episode

  34. Namrata

    Wow dis show rocksssss
    Luv radhika
    But one thing plss sam aur radhika ki jagare katamkigi plsss writters finish it
    But mu source tells me that sam will save rads from nandhu

  35. Grace

    Wow! Loved the episode, radihka didn’t need to lie tho but it worked and now it will backfire. Good for arjun thp, he gets radihka without nandini’s oppression.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  36. Jashi

    I didn’t like this episode. A friendship was destroyed to hide infidelity and a revenge plan. This is not the kind of message that should be promoted. Instead of showing a strong honest character, the program preferred to show a girl sacrificing her self respect and modesty. How long is it going to take for us to get a show that doesn’t pit female characters against each other?

  37. abi

    no….i dont at sam as a witch……if she turns like a vamp for this means……there s no difference betwen sam nd nandhu right……

    and also i like ardhika scenes but not this way… resembles IPKKND(our fav show)……but manmarziyan always has a uniqueness so……i dont want dis situation… somthing better writters……

    i want ardhika should fall for each other then marrige segment wit sam aproval………..plss yaar use neil also…..

    • Manu

      You r rite abi.. i dono wat role is waiting for neil if sam turns negative.. feeling very frustrated..

  38. abi

    because….if any friendship serial is there…that the climax is breking the trust of each other….it s common story…..we need somthing new……..pls give us some twist on mandap scens…….because we all ble to guess tat ardhika going to marry……we want love nd frienship both……..pls

  39. susi...

    Awesome serial awesome twist….
    Just awesome radhika….
    Super super…superoooooo super….
    Just loving the show……..
    Both BD nd manmarziyan …rocking show….. Without dragging….????????????

  40. Aru

    Jst read the spoiler:- sam,arjun nd nadini join hands to destroy radhika::(:(:(:(
    arjun metally tortures radhu the othr hand nandini brain washes sam and both ll decide to make each day of rads heavily problamatic!!!!!!
    So writers ll make sams charactr a negative one….
    There is no value for viewers opinion….v should accept watever they show….
    Feeling vry bad

  41. Show the same radhika who was brave as before marriage and after this track radhu should be super strong to face nandini and arjun .don’t show same as like other saas bhau ki type and let radhika fullfill her dreams don’t supress for which she should work in birdsong .arjun should not stop her from going to birdsong and after this all she is out of job but cvs make something so that she can prove her talent and for that she should join bsong and on other side sam and radhika ki dooriyan kam hone ke chances hi our chasni won’t leave even a single chance to leave her frndship as we can see in previous eps…

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